Page 389: Festival Horsemanship
Festival Horsemanship
Summary: The first day of the Terrick's Roost Festival kicks off with horsemanship displays at the Green, kite making for children, and many colorful merchant booths!
Date: 14/Aug/2012
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The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
August 14th, 289

The day has broken fair and mild with a nice breeze coming in from the sea. A bright blue sky is dazzled with scattered bright white clouds. Colorful streamers have been attached to poles around the Green for children to play and dance around while many craftsman, merchant, and even a few food booths are gathered along the sides of the open space. Today is a celebration for the smallfolk of Terrick's Roost for the signing of the Accord with Highfield to bring in much needed food, planting seed, and other supplies.

Among those gathering are a few knights and Men-At-Arms from Four Eagles Tower. Ser Justin Terrick stands among them speaking low, himself half turning to skim his gaze over the field as more people begin to arrive with or without horses or ponies. As such animals are scarce, a few are held to one side to be lent out if wanted.

Overall permiates festival music as a few are set up to play or sing, children laughing, and the smell of good cooking lures the hungry. There are both boothes to sell foodstuffs as well as a few to hand out daily rations to those who have no money to spend but whom bring their vouchers.

Among the commoners gathered around the free rations is a girl who'd nobody pick out among a crowd - just a sturdy farmgirl like so many others in the Riverlands. Apparently someone is explaining the vouchers to her and after some to and fro she's handed a bowl of stew and a big piece of bread. Happy with her provision, she wanders on, watching the buzz with wide eyes. Eyes, that occasionally trail over the knights in their fabulous clothing.

Catryn cuts a path through the crowd, bright eyes taking in the gathered sights without the sort of wonder that might steal others her age. She and her father have a booth, somewhere. She'd spot it..but she's been at work. Busy minx. With a tankard in hand, while its twin wipes the froth from her lips, the girl pauses for a moment to speak a word to one of the knights on the outcropping of the group gathered there near Justin, her laughter easy with those often seen passing through the Inn.
"Right fine turn out, aint it?" Teasingly inquired, before she spots the sherrif proper and, with all due courtsey, offers a half bow and a wink; drink balanced without a drop to spill for her efforts. Now, where was the devil at, hmm?

Nathaniel is one of those few who have horses. He leads his slender dark chocolate mare easily through the crowd. Her coat is shiny and sleek from a good currying and brushing. She steps with an easy grace. Amusement ripples through some f the commoners when they notice that a small girl of perhaps six years is perching in the saddle, dressed in her finest clothes, which are not too fine for a commoner. She is beaming proudly and waving to some who know her. Nathaniel scans the crowd, and then leads the mare to the spot where one of the local leather smiths and his family are waiting. The courier stops the mare and lifts the girl from the saddle, lowering her to the ground so that she can scamper to her father, the leather smith, and hug him in greeting.

Justin turns when he notices Catryn, hearing her voice. He himself is also dressed a bit more nicely today, though he's yet wearing the black of mourning for his House's loss. A vivid blue-violet shirt is a stark contrast to his otherwise black and dark grey garments. "Good Fetsival to you, Catryn. I trust your booth location is suitable?" The Sheriff indicates a space awaiting her along the edge of the Green next to a vender selling small bubbly fruit pies and canned confections of fruits. A man likely come from Stonebridge. His wares certainly smell wonderful.

Justin's own horse, a pale dappled grey that is almost white with darker grey mane tail and legs stands quietly saddled. The Terrick holds the reins loosely and smiles faintly as he sees Nathaniel arrive. Justin raises his baritone to carry, "Ho, Courier. Good to see you join us."

Not a man to let an oppertunity to make a profit slip him by, Gerry Taken had set up a makeshift stall (he wasnt the best carpenter) along with the other vendors at the edge of the the open space of the green. He might not look like the most trustworthy of men, with his cool gaze that wandered and devil's charm grins that showed far too much teeth, but he still had a knack for attracting custom. Especially from women who really aught to know better than to fall for a bit of midnight coloured charm.
Sold in his stall were common knick knacks, pots and pans, needles and thumblers, leather belts and sharpning stones. But what likely got the most attention on a day of festivities where young (and old) girls and women dreamed of looking their finest, were his ribbons and combs, and little broches and necklaces. The cheapest were no more than seashells on a string, or bits of cheap fabric barely dyed. The more expensive were fanciful bronzeworks and polished bone. No precious metals or gemstones, of course. But if any noble lady were to step up, he had a special box with rarer things.
He'd not bothered to bring their mules. Foul beasts, anyway.

The commoner girl has been wandering unnoticed by anyone until she stops by a booth owned by a well-known fletcher from Stonebridge who's come to offer his wares. They chat for a while, then Jayana drifts on until she ends up at Gerry's stall, inspecting the wares. She's a girl, she can't help being attractd to necklaces and other pretty things.

Among the other vendors, there is one selling roast fowl (don't ask if some of them might be seagull, the answer is probably yes) as well as bird's eggs. Another vendor has herbs, both fresh potted and dried, another sells fragrant oils. The silversmith is in attendance with most of his wares in the center of his booth to be handed only to those who pay first and may look at the goods, and get their funds back if they do not wish to buy once they hand back the items. Among his finer wares are set pearls, some freshwater, others gathered by his sons who dive for oysters. The blacksmith also has a booth, and shared with him are a few pieces of the armoursmith's art. The leatherworker and his journeyman of course have various wares on display as well. Overall, it's a fine assortment and Terrick's Roost's fame for it's fine craftsman doesn't seem to have suffered too badly though the amount of wares available are yet thin do to reconstruction efforts being the primary focus of most crafters, yet.

Some are conspiculously absent this year. The whitesmith who crafts tableware, the local cloth merchant who oft had silks from Kingslanding to sell, several of the apprentices and journeymen of various trades are absent. Some due to the Ironborn having killed them or taken slaves, others have journied to Highfield as part of the arrangement with the Charlton Accord.

"Ah-ha!" The minx exclaims, following Justin's direction to glance towards where her father'd been set up and the Sherrif is rewarded a beaming smile, while the girl strolls a little closer and settles for the moment at his side. "I wondered where we'd be tucked. A bit o'yer kindness in tha, perhaps," Catryn muses, the tone inquiring. "Still though," the little blond continues on a sigh that was meant to be tragic and pull on just as many heart strings as those crisp blue eyes of hers when they turned up in the lords direction, "Might be better iffen I could find a proper partner te dance with. My friend doesn't dance an tha other…Pa would have fits over." Her nose wrinkled. "Don't suppose it falls in ye code o'honor te protect wee poor innocent girls from tha heartbreak o'no gettin' te dance wit anyone but their fathers, does it?" She teased, smile sly and eyes gleaming with mischief.

Everywhere there are children! Laughing, eating sweets, speaking in excited voices about the lady of Kites who's to help them make and fly them at Festival!

Nathaniel leads his mare to the area where the spare horses wait. Whether he will ride in the competition or loan Molly to someone else who wants to compete is unclear. Then he checks the water in food in the troughs before strolling around the edge of the green to see what vendors have to offer. He stops at the stall offering the pies, and buys two fresh fruit turnovers before he continues down the line.

Justin notes Gerry's puncuality to get set up early and not be a slouch as well. He twists his mouth wryly as his attention returns to Catryn, "There will be two dances tomorrow. One on the beach for the smallfolk, and one at the Tower for the nobles. I fear I shall be engaged at the tower. However, there will be plenty to choose from. Ser Kell, Ser Hardwicke perhaps, Courier Nathaniel, Ser Keelin, and many another who surely would be pleased to offer you a turn."

The grey gelding blows out softly, then turns his head to wuffle at Catryn to see if the girl will scratch him or offer treats.

Gerry's eyes swept over Jayana, a direct appraisal that took in the girl from toes and all the way up to the state of her hair, gauging every bit of worth that might be squeezed out of her. Then he flashed one of his most winnsome smiles, handsome as dusk and with all the suggestion that they were the best of friends.
"Pretty blue eyes like yers," said Gerry in a commoner's rough drawl, made somewhat smoother for the pleasent turn of his voice. "Aughta have somethin' like this te match it. Bring out the colour, y'know?" A bit of blue ribbon was held up, the lean sellsword stretching across the booth to lay it neat against the side of Jayana's face. Then he, like the conniving bastard he was, brought out a polished metal mirror, no bigger than a palm, but fine enough that she'd be able to see her reflection and the ribbon's effect more than most peasents ever could hope for. "Makes a boy's eyes be drawn to yer hair, an' then the likeness in yer eyes, an' lost there. Makes every other girl envious, too!" it wasn't the finest of his ribbons, no embroderies or such, and the blue was one of the more faded versions.

Jayana blushes almost as red as her hair when Gerry compliments her on her eyes and offers the ribbon to her. "I ain't got no money for fancy stuff.", she declines though, "I mean, it's right pretty an' all, but… I just can't, Sir, I'm sorry." She eyes the ribbon longingly, but steps back from the stall nonetheless.

"Kell don't dance," Catryn grumped, "Dun asked. Aint dance wit strangers either, only them as pa approves but I see how it is," replied tongue an cheek, eyes gleaming, before she was distracted by the gelding. "An there is a right fine gentlemen, knows as whats what, dont he," hse cooed; a slim hand extended first so he could gather a more proper notion of her scent before she dared reach further and offered up a long healthy scritch to the length of its neck and tips her forehead for a moment to rest against its jaw, breathing in its scent. "Aint go no treats fer ye though. But I promise I'll bring ye one next time I slip up te see Havok."

Nathaniel has come close enough to Gerry's stall to overhear the girl's lament. He steps forward, and nods to the same ribbon. "How much is it, please?" he asks the hawker. Then he points to the combs and adds, "And how much are the combs, please?"

The grey gelding is a fine animal, a courser but of heavier bone - perhaps mixed with Destier in his background. Justin's horse is not a flighty animal, pleased to be scratched by Catryn and quite content to stand with one back leg cocked, tail swishing lightly. His velvety white ears swival around, big brown eyes watching Catryn.

Justin huffs a breath softly, "No feeding him treats. I have enough problems with lady Muirenn sneaking him some." The Terrick looks around to see if there are enough horseman gathered to get things going. To Catryn he adds low, "Time for me to mount up and start this event. Enjoy the festival." Justin takes up the slack in the reins and steps over to check his saddle in preparation to mount.

"I'll give ye a good deal," Gerry carried on, bullying through that initial refusal. After all, what trader in his right mind accepted a 'no' that easily? His eyes were bright blue, sharp and intense and drilling into her soul. "I'm sure ye've got a lil coin in hand. I'm sure ye don't want te go te the festival without somethin' nice an' new. Wouldna be proper, pretty girls like yerself. A crime against nature. 'S why I'm willin' te cut it down a touch." He was about to press further when Nathaniel's voice interrupted him.
All smiles in the courier's direction, pearly white teeth flashing within his dark beard. He dipped his head in welcome. "Goodman, tha' here ribbon be.." and he upped his price straight back up normal, rather than the half he'd intended to offer a moment before. "A fourpenny. Combs be a star o' this kind, but stag iffen ye be lookin' fer this 'ere lovely bit o' work. See how fine the craftsmanship? Lovely waves, like them's be crashin' against yer beautiful Roost."

Jayana hesitates as Gerry is trying to talk her into buying the ribbon. Perhaps he'd succeed, but suddenly a sranger interrupts them and she quickly takes a step back to not get into the man's way. Though she does look a bit wistful when she sees Nathaniel buying that very ribbon oh so easily.

"S'whatcher sayin' is, dun do it when yer lookin'," Catryn replied to Justin's 'no' with a grin and one last lingering little scratch to the gelding. "Don't worry, handsome, I won't forgetcha." Though she moved to step clear, when Justin said he'd to go play conductor for the crowd, "Aye, an good festival te ye, too, Sherrif."
With a dip of her head, she danced away again, leaving plenty of space for the man to navigate as she settled back to watch. Damn but she loved horses. She'd be useless too, until they were no longer on display.

Nathaniel eyes the ribbon, and then the combs, and nods. He already has his hand on his pouch for security, so he has no difficulty in opening it and then fishing out the barker's price for the ribbon, and then nodding to the combs. He knows how protective and twitchy some vendors can be about customers touching the merchandise. So he asks, "Can you … spread those out for me to have a better look? I'm particularly interested in the wood and bone ones." Then he glances to the girl standing nearby and looking almost mournful over the sale of that ribbon, and advises, "Stay near."

There is only so much a man can do against the tide of a woman's will if she's made her mind up. Justin eyes Catryn over his shoulder, more amused than showing any sign of annoyance. Catryn gains a smile from him at her well wishing, "Thank you." Now let's see if he's going to break his neck, shall we? The Terrick steps up into the saddle with practiced ease. Now that Justin's cracked ribs have had time to heal since the tournament at Seagard, he no longer shows stiffness in his posture. He turns the gelding easily and rides out to the center of the Green. There upon he stops his nearly white horse and lifts his baritone to carry, "Greetings and welcome to Festival! We will now begin the horsemanship demonstration part of our fair. Each rider is welcome to display their skill and small prizes will be awarded per catagory. One for children, one for women, and one for men." Justin pauses there to wait and see that he has gathered some attention before he gestures to a man and a woman to step out and join him. "Our prizes have been donated by the finest of our craftspeople here at Terrick's Roost. A handmade leather bridle with brass accents, a brightly woven saddle pad, and a small set of saddle bags!" These goods are held up to be displayed and several among the crowd clap or cheer (especially the leather worker's family!)

Once things quiet back down, Justin continues, "I will ride a display first, though I am not in the running for prizes."

"Aintchu a lucky one," Gerry said to Jayana with a grin, as Nathaniel made to purchase the simple ribbon he'd offered the girl. "Havin' a proper gent at hand te prove jus' wha' I been sayin'." He tilted his head just a touch in consideration. "Tho', I'll say tha' on second glance this 'ere is a much better one. Captures the vibrancy tha' the other ain't quite able. The -sharpness- I see in yer spirit." A second ribbon was smoothly produced, this time a much deeper blue, one that had a far better likeness of Jayana's eyes, and of a fine linen. He flashed an apologetic look in Nathaniel's direction as he added: "Tho' it does be costin' twice as much." As if it was something Gerry had -just- remembered.
While the second ribbon lingered on display, he nodded. Took a moment to arrange a bit of a space beneath some protective cloth - to keep the combs from scraping against the wooden planks beneath - and spread out his merchandice. The wood and bone combinations were among the more expensive, the contrast between different wood and the white and yellow of bone making the most out of the combs' patterns. From simple abstract decorations on a couple, to a pair that showed off fantastical animals.
After a bit of hesitency, he also produced two made in the style of Tyrosh and Myrish craftmanship, dragons and mythical beasts from Valyrian legacy. "Exotic prizes from beyond the narrow see, these. Me finest wars. Cost more'n most be willin' te offer, tho'." After that he fell silent, his eyes flashing towards Justin as his voice carried over the background noise.

Jayana blinks a little when Nathaniel first buys the ribbon, then orders her to stay close, but she nods quickly and whispers: "Yes Sir." And then Gerry produces another ribbon and she looks completely confused. "I don't think the gentleman wants more ribbons, Sir.", she tells Gerry, "And I sure can't afford the fine ones." She turns away again, this time to watch Justin parade about on his horse, though her eyes keep going back to the trinkets at the booth and the two men haggling over them.

Nathaniel glances for a moment as well at Justin and the horse. He grins proudly, almost as if the horse were his and not the sheriff's. "He's a fine one, and usually quite well behaved," he comments without thinking at the moment that the comment might apply to either horse or rider. Just when Gerry might think that the young man has forgotten the trinkets, Nathaniel returns his attention to the table. He offers a lower, well-calculated price on three of the wood and bone combs, knowing that his mercantile adversary will counter with higher prices. When he hears that new offer, he nods and prepares to pay for his new purchases. "You drive a good bargain, master," he congratulates Gerry. "If you're here for the rest of the festival, I'll be glad to spread word of your wares."

Cat, meanwhile, began a slow circling path around the green, watching Justin on his mount before she angled in on the stand that her father was running; casually sipping on her tankard and smacking her lips, rather like a kitten with a bowl of cream. There's a moment taken though, to judge those standing on the outside of it; the courier who'd been responsible for a free drink once, even if it'd been on someone else's coin and the woman that she knew to be looking for work.
With a little whistle for the Tyrosh comb that he put out on display, the girl's brow climbed high and she wiggled in behind to stand at his side. "Lucky's tha lady who inherits such a thing," Cat remarked, looking from Nathaniel to Jayana. "Oh!" She exclaimed in a fit of girlish delight, "Oh and that ribbon matches your eyes just perfect," she cooed, "And with a comb like that," the minx gestured towards one that Nathaniel -hadn't- picked; another wood and bone piece, with a flower carved against it, its petals painted a shade of blue that *almost* matches the ribbon, "I betcho'd look right fine enough t'be hired on by that lady as ye was seekin' employment with!"

A post with out stretched 'arm' is set up with a rope depending from it to hang a small ring about 6 inches across. Just beyound that is set a mound of straw tied tightly roughly in the form of a large man and set upright. Justin guides his horse over to take a spear from a house retainer, not a formal lance. He turns his horse about and then sets heels lightly to the grey to spring the gelding into a canter.

<FS3> Justin rolls Animal Handling: Good Success.
<FS3> Justin rolls Spears: Good Success.
<FS3> Justin rolls Spears: Success.

A post with out stretched 'arm' is set up with a rope depending from it to hang a small ring about 6 inches across. Just beyound that is set a mound of straw tied tightly roughly in the form of a large man and set upright. But before them both is a low wall of straw with a log laid on top of it to represent a low fence.

Justin guides his horse over to take a spear from a house retainer, not a formal lance. He turns his horse about and then sets heels lightly to the grey to spring the gelding into a canter. With ease, the grey takes the fence to leap it, Justin staying poised in the saddle with his eyes intent upon the fast approaching ring. He lifts the spear and successfully snags the ring to rip it free of the rope it was tied to with a thin bit of twine. Staying on course, the Terrick knight hefts the spear as he rides past the straw dummy to skewer it in the torso!

People gather along the edges of the Green to watch, and cheer as he takes each obstical in turn successfully. Other riders stand ready to go with their horses, ponies, or are already mounted - both a few knights, but mostly regular smallfolk and a few women and children.

He flashed Jayana an amused look at her confusion. Not more ribbons, but a better one! And more expensive one. Thankfully Nathaniel had caught on, so he didn't have to explain it.
"Nothin' tha' ain't fair, goodman," Gerry responded companionably once the deal was made. "Honest 'n fair, those be me proper feckin' words, ye see. Gerry Taken. Gots all kinds things a maiden, goodwife or a lady might need. Soaps an' herbal perfumes, too. Fer spreadin' word, why, ye jus' lemme wrap these here things up fer ye as well. In seperate bundles, or all at once?" Once he'd taken the coin from Nathaniel's hands, and made them vanish liek they were never going to see the light of day again, Gerry produed some very plain bits of fabric. Some truly old worn dress, probably, bartered for once it was too gone to even patch up anymore, and then cut into small squares for wrapping. Some coarse strings finished it up, and he'd tie the string into neat little bows over the parcels as Nathaniel directed; whether just one big bundle, or several smaller ones. He was so flawlessly helpful, you wouldn't think he'd ever done a bad deed in his life.
When Cat wandered in, he flashed her a somewhat shrewd smile, his dead eyes taking a bit of life to them. Whatever he was said was lost when he realized Justin was about to make his demonstration, and words were useless anyway once the people started to cheer. Gerry didn't cheer. He only watched.

The appearance of yet another person makes Jayana shrink back even further, especially when she recognizes the fast-talking woman from the Inn. When she points out the comb with the blue flower, Jayana offers Catryn a faint smile. "It's pretty, aye, but I got no money… I… I hope that when I find a position I can afford to buy pretty things. I got my cap anyway and hiding my hair's the best I can do with it anyway."

"One wrap should do," he answers Gerry. "Then you'll have the other customers." When Cat talks about the girl searching for work, and coos over the comb and bit of finer ribbon, He looks at the merchandize, and nods to Cat in agreement. "You have a point," he admits. He bites his bottom lip for a moment, and then he questions, "How much for that comb and the fancy ribbon?" Again, they haggle to come to a good price, lower than the original, but higher than Nathaniel's two bids. Still, the man produces the coin without complaint, and even smiles and says, "Well met, Master Taken. You've earned it."

Kamron has arrived.

Long distance to Kamron: Justin is riding a horsemanship display and just leaped a fenceline of straw and logs, speared a small ring, then cast the spear into a straw man sized dummy. He's coming around to do more. Gerry's manning his booth selling goods to Nathaniel who's possibly buying for Jayana. Catryn is upselling and trying to encourage sales.
You paged Kamron with 'Among the other vendors, there is one selling roast fowl (don't ask if some of them might be seagull, the answer is probably yes) as well as bird's eggs. Another vendor has herbs, both fresh potted and dried, another sells fragrant oils. The silversmith is in attendance with most of his wares in the center of his booth to be handed only to those who pay first and may look at the goods, and get their funds back if they do not wish to buy once they hand back the items. Among his finer wares are set pearls, some freshwater, others gathered by his sons who dive for oysters. The blacksmith also has a booth, and shared with him are a few pieces of the armoursmith's art. The leatherworker and his journeyman of course have various wares on display as well. Overall, it's a fine assortment and Terrick's Roost's fame for it's fine craftsman doesn't seem to have suffered too badly though the amount of wares available are yet thin do to reconstruction efforts being the primary focus of most crafters, yet.

Some are conspiculously absent this year. The whitesmith who crafts tableware, the local cloth merchant who oft had silks from Kingslanding to sell, several of the apprentices and journeymen of various trades are absent. Some due to the Ironborn having killed them or taken slaves, others have journied to Highfield as part of the arrangement with the Charlton Accord.'

Admist pushing sales, which the girl could do in her sleep, Catryn has her eye on Justin out there on the green and when he completes the demonstration flawlessly, her fingers rise to her lips as the leggy blond stretches up high up on her tiptoes and lets out a loud shrill whistle of approval, before offering Jayana a wink.
"Aww now, ye gots lovely hair, thick'n lush an made perfect fer combs as like tha. Wish mine was. S'te thin, slips through like silk. Dun much like bein' bound," and neither did she, so it worked. But that same warm smile was turned in Nathaniel's direction, those come drown in me blues taking in the way he worked his bottom lip over between his teeth. "Aww, yer a lil sweetheart, is whatche are, buyin' somethin' nice fer the lady." Her smile turned wistful then, dreamy like her sigh, "One day I'll fine someone as so sweet te do such a thing fer me." As if she weren't already wearing a small fortune of myrish glass work in the bracelets she wore, or the belt and you can bet that Daddy certainly hadn't given them to her.

<FS3> Justin rolls Animal Handling: Good Success.
<FS3> Justin rolls Animal Handling: Success.
<FS3> Justin rolls Animal Handling: Great Success.

Kamron has been talking with several of Lady Saffron's group of little orphans, while one or two of the older boys drive Percy to distraction as the squire prepares the knight's courser and defends a rack of tourney lances from eager young hands. Kamron points out each point in the exercise in horsemanship as it's made, noting particularly the difficulty of the spear-work. These children being little minions of the Banefort lady, they are, in fact, particularly interested in the nasty violent stuff. As the Sheriff finishes his first run, the Mallister rises from his crouch, clapping loudly and encouring the children about him to do the same.

"I got a comb back home.", Jayana explains shyly for Catryn, "My brother made it fer me from a bone. Didn't bring it though. Maybe I should have. Oh well.", she shrugs, watching Gerry preparing the sales for Nathaniel for a moment, before smiling faintly at the man. "I guess yer wife will really like them, Sir.", she says, then turns away to watch Justin showing off his horse-riding skills.

Having finished with the spear, Justin sharply halts his horse and performs a roll back where the animal lifts his front end and turns in a single movement upon his haunches to change direction 180 degrees, the inside back hoof not leaving the ground. The pale grey gelding's dark mane whips out like a veil as the horse turns sharply, then canters back to the center of the Green. Justin keeps his hands only lightly upon the reins, using his legs and seat for the most part to control his animal. When he stops the gelding, he once more lifts the front end in a low rear - a very difficult move to then /hold/ poised with rider raised but still low on the back end in the classical 'levade' pose used by calvery to gain a better view of the field of battle. Justin's horse isn't strong enough to hold the half rear long but it looks elegant.

Last of all, with a sharper cue - this one verbal, the grey then leaps up into the air and kicks out as hard as he can with his iron shod back hooves in a beautiful display of the capriole! The movement used to kick men, a shield wall, another rider, delivering a potentually deadly blow. If nothing else, it comes off looking very showy and makes the red hearts of the horse's nostrels show with flaring nostrels blowing from his exertion.

Nathaniel accepts the impromptu sack from Gerry. The man might have some dark past, but sacks like that have their benefit. Because they don't look like anything fancy, they might not tempt thieves so much - a good point for any sale at a festival. He thanks the merchant with a polite bow, and then turns from the table. He opens his courier's pouch and nestles the wrapped items inside. His hand emerges, holding the two pies that he bought. He offers one to Jayana, and invites, "Would you walk with me, mistress?"

Kamron silences his little group of common children as Justin starts in on further horseback maneuvers, although a little gust of applause comes up from the kids at each movement. Once he's finished, the knight begins clapping again, cautioning the children to remain back and away from the horse as he moves to greet the Sheriff as he comes off the Green. The Mallister reaches up one hand to offer it to the other knight, "Well ridden and struck, Justin. A very neat opening."

Ah, thank goodness he didn't screw up any of those movements, and neither did his very willing horse who isn't the best suited to the levade as some. The Terrick rides on over to where the Mallister is located and stops the grey, hopping from the saddle once he's thrown a leg over the front. Justin looks pleased, "Thank you! I hope it sets things off to a good start." He lifts a hand to direct the field marshal to allow the next riders to come out onto the field, a group of four children of various ages riding two different ponies bareback. Don't let those kids fool you though as a very fine display of bareback gymnastics and vaulting is about to make several mother's in the crowd catch their hearts in their throats. One of the children will fall off, but spring back up with nothing more than dirt and bruises. One can easily imagine these racals, two boys and two girls, running break neck races on their fat little ponies against all commers, even if one of their ponies is actually borrowed.

Jayana stares at the pie Nathaniel offers her and by the expression of her eyes, it's obvious that all of her mother's warning about strangers offering candy to innocent girls are running through her head. But the pie does look delicious and there are plenty of people around, so she accepts the gift and nods to the young man. "Yes, Sir, if you like.", she says and falls into step with him.

Gerry hid his look of satisfaction until Nathaniel and Jayana had moved off, pretending up until that point that Nathaniel had grudgingly managed to barter him down to a price that was only semi tolerable. Even once they were off to eat pies, he kept the smirk on his lips fair small while he counted up the coins. Some went into the purse he kept for the business, another few went into the purse that was meant for drinking. The last little sleight of hand he made sure to keep out of sight from Catryn. Damn busynose that she was, always harping about him drinking away their coin.
"Ye aughta ask iffen they'll yet ye borrow a horse fer a ride 'round the green," he told the blond girl, flicking a look in Justin's direction, and then from Justin to the children and their ponies. "Better'n me aback one, anyhow." Not that it took too much. He paused to deal with some more smallfolk looking to make purchase.

Nathaniel bluhses deeply when Cat praises his generosity, and he replies, "I remember you from the inn at Highfield, mistress." He comments. "I'm sure that you won't languish without attention from sources far nobler than a common courier." He gives her a wink and a knowing smile. Then he is off with Jayanna, offering a warm smile when she accepts the pie. "I know that look," he murmurs to her. "Don't worry. I've seen how some mistreat people, especially the poor like us. You're safe with me." He nods to Justin. "I work for the Terricks, including Ser Justin, the Sherriff."

Kamron chuckles softly at Justin's words, "And you wanted a chance to show off a bit, eh?" He nods his head out toward the crowds now watching the children tumble and bumble around on their ponies. "Maybe get a little attention from some of the common girls?" Now he's just teasing the younger knight. The Mallister seems quite at ease with the crowds about, dressed up for the occasion, but he still carries his heavy-headed axe at his right hip.

Jayana still looks a little suspicious even as she takes the first bite out of the delicious pie, but brightens when he mentions working for the Terricks. "You do? I was hoping to meet them.", she admits, "I came to the Roost to seek employment with them. I met a kind Ser yesterday who wanted to take me to another place to meet a lady looking for a maid, but I'd rather stay here if I could… I promised my parents to visit them from time to time, see?", she explains, with obvious effort to speal properly and clearly.

Justin actually laughs at what Kamron says, "Well, maybe a little showing off. But you know I'm not afraid to take a tumble, either." For he certainly took one or two at the tournament at Seagard, still having ended up a champion in the joust. The Terrick places a hand briefly to his now mended ribs in good amusement, then leads his horse a bit more out of the way so that he might turn back and watch the children. Justin smiles, "It is good to have something to celebrate. And our craftspeople have made a good turnout." Ah yes, there are also a few bean counters going around to remind the 'locals' who didn't have to pay for booth spaces that they are expected to keep track of sales and pay their small tithe to their Lord.

Looking back to the Mallister knight, Justin adds more quietly, "Are you going to ride, Ser?"

Cat slid a look in her Pa's direction, after the courier had walked off, his words only leaving her with a baffled expression. She'd seen him in Highfield? How strange. She didn't -remember- him from Highfield, she remembered him from the Inn here, the day she'd met Kell, but not there. Oh well.
It was his suggestion about her going to ask to ride and the sentiment in her that left her smile going soft around the edges, leaning in to offer a little peck to his cheek. "Tha's a sweet thing fer yet ye te think of Pa." And for it, the girl offered him what was left of her tankard, a good three quarters still full because it'd been for him, to begin with. To make up for being late. "Only…I juss dun think I'm in tha mood te ride today," the girl replied and, when he went quiet to deal with business, she eased herself back to perch on a crate, toying with the scarf around her neck and running the soft black and yellow fabric between her fingers.

Kamron reaches up to clap Justin on the shoulder at the other man's laughter, "If you were, I wouldn't have whacked you on the shoulders with that sword." Which is about the most casual reference the man might ever make toward knighthood. Looking out over the faire again, the Mallister nods, "You and Lady Anais did particularly well getting us here, Justin." The question, however, draws a shrug, "Three and I aren't much for fancy riding, but I might take a tilt or three at the quintain at some point today."

"Somethin' botherin' ye, lil kitten?" He might have frowned too, when Catryn's Pa asked it, except that it was difficult to frown when he had a nearly full tankard of ale to satisfy himself with. There were probably no easier way to get the man distracted than offer him something to drink. His shoulders lowered and his lips pursed with the first real smile of the day, and that natural tendency to wards violence prone tension he had about him slowly eeked out. When he finally stopped swallowing down, he'd taken half the ale and left a great big mess of foam on his beard. But he looked happy!
"A nice scarf ye got there. Ain't one o' mine, tho'. Yer be spendin' coin on other traders?"

Nathaniel nods to Jayana, and eats some of his own pie while they walk. "I'd be glad o introduce you. Lady Anais handles much of the administration at the tower," he explains. "I'm not sure whether she would want to talk to you herself, or direct you to someone else." He looks around the crowd, and frowns. "This might not be the ideal place to talk. We could meat later at the inn, if you like, and decide what's best."

"Naw," the girl shook her head, letting go of the scarf with her father's question and just watching the way he smiled. It had her returning the gesture, happy and oh so very content, for all that she sat easy. "Juss don't feel like goin' beggin' so some rich man can feel pleased an proud fer helpin' out tha poor wee smallfolk as just cant do no better," came the reply, and it was a pride thing that, entirely. "Aint go wastin' good coin on nothin' either, when ye ever seen me buy somethin' more'n ale fer myself? An old man, give it te me, tha's all. Thought I looked cold."

"I think the lady would want to meet me, if I am to work for her?", Jayana wonders with a nervous smile and looks down her plain shift, "Though I'm not much to look at, I know. My Ma taught me manners though. And I can cook an' sew…" She nods in agreement to a meeting later. "That would be nice, Sir. I don' wanna impose on your time. I just came to look at all the pretty stuff and the knights and horses and everything… we don't get much like this in Stonebridge." She points to the well-dressed knights on the Green.

Ah, he hasn't laughed in so long it feels almost awkward. Things have been so grim since his return from Riverrun some months back. Justin smiles though at Kamron's comradery. "Lady Anais, especially. I think she's busy assisting lady Nedra with kite making for the children today. She isn't likely to miss the dancing tomorrow. I hope you'll bring out your betrothed to join us." The Terrick tugs off his riding gloves and tucks them into this belt.

Meanwhile the children have cleared the field and a woman on a palfrey is working through a series of movements before she stops, dismounts her side saddle and then sets the mare to stepping up to prance in place, then rear, then back, turn and do various other simple things by voice command.

Kamron shakes his head, "To my own horror, love of dancing seems to be a Banefort family trait." He rubs one hand over his short-cropped hair, setting it to disarray that isn't so much artful as artful-dodger. "I've even bent my mind to re-leaning a few of the steps I was taught as a page. Did some instructor of yours try to tell you that it would help you learn to use a sword? My father tried that route." Laughter bubbles up behind his lips, "I wasn't the most receptive student." And his right hand pats at the axe at his side. His eyes spot the father-daughter pair of merchants across the Green, and he points them out, "Have you met…" there's a long moment as he drags up the name, "Master Taken? He had some rather delightful scents for sale when I saw him in Stonebridge. My Lady is most pleased with the two I got for her."

Nathaniel stops jayana and points toward the lady and her parching horse. He grins. "That's a wonderful sight. I've seen Ser Justin at work, and his grand success at the tilting doesn't surprise me. He's very good. But that." He sighs. "Some horses are born to such things. My Molly can't compare. She's swift, and sure on her hooves, but nothing like that for tricks." He shouts, "Bravo!" several times.

"Hah. Cold in feckin' summer? Ye blasted minx, can sell feckin' sand in' Dorne iffen yer jus' put yer mind te it." Gerry rolled his eyes dramatically, but even if he'd pitched his words as criticism, there was pride in his eyes and his expression. That was a proper little trader-to-be. "Good, then. Old men's affection is nice an' harmless, anyhow." He returned his attention to the horsemanship, watching while he drank. It didn't stop him from showing off his wares to the occasional prospective customer, either, though most were just watching and peeking, and perhaps dreaming about scrounging up a few coins for some later visit.

Jayana watches the horse as well and smiles. "Aye, it's fine. Ain't seeing our plough horses doing fancy stuff like that.", she replies, then bites her lip when she realizes that her fine voice has slipped somewhat. "I'm sure your horse is fine, though. But I should go now. Perhaps I'll see you later at the Inn, Mr…?", she fishes for a name, since he never introduced himself. "My name's Jayana, by the way, Jayana Felton, from Stonebridge."

There's a look to the stall Kamron so indicates, "Yes, more or less - I saw him in Stonebridge when I was asked to ride escort for the lady Emylie Erenford, and more recently I saw him briefly at the Rockcliff." Justin studies Gerry a bit longer before he glances back to the Mallister, "Of course, I have no gal to be purchasing nice things /for/ nor coin anyway. Or not much. But I should like to stroll the stalls and see. It is good to know what folk make their living among us here."

The next riders are several young men, al of them on borrowed horses including the two fat ponies from earlier that are much too small for them. Nonetheless, the group begins a rough engagement of some sport with a ball and sticks that is quite a feat of horsemanship if they can stay on the bare backs while colliding with one another, whacking each other with sticks, and generally having a great time in young commoner buck fashion! Of course the young smallfolk girls oooh and ahh at this manly display! Maybe their small team will win a prize!

Or, perhaps the last rider still seated as the game rules seem to be mixed. Get the ball or unseat all the other riders!

Kamron shakes his head slightly at Justin's not-really-complaints-at-all about not having a lady, "Just because you don't have a betrothal doesn't mean you can't buy pretty things for pretty common girls." He shrugs a little helplessly, "At least, that's what I've always been told. I have to admit I tended to avoid the ones who might get attached — or who I might get attached to." He looks back to where Percy is keeping the children away from horse and lances, then gestures for Justin to join him in walking about the Green a bit. The play of the young men with sticks draws a laugh from the knight, "Is that a Roost game, Justin? I would have loved that as a squire, but I fear I'm a bit too old for it now."

Nathaniel has finished his pie by now. He bows to Jayana, and answers, "I'm Nathaniel Corbitt, but no Ser, as you so kindly mistook earlier. I'm a master if you must, but with my friends, I'll answer better to Nathaniel. It's your choice. In either case, I'll be at the inn when they begin to serve dinner." He bows once more, and then departs from the girl to stroll further along the line of stalls and watch this sport which someone in the distant future might call polo.

"Aint my fault folks don't pay attention, an it -was- special sand, held tha water better, didn't let it slip away. Right easy te get seeds te take root." Because she'd dyed it. Idiots. Still those bright eyes flashed warmly in his direction, and it took…"Damn but I love ye, Ger." Because what else could she say? She did. That grin was a mile-fucking-wide. "An custom seems good today." Always was with the womenfolk when he was behind the stall. "Certainly plenty about te enjoy a look at." Merciful gods only knew who she was talkin' about with that one.

Jayana nods to Nathaniel with a shy smile. "Thank you, Master Corbitt." Then she wanders off and is soon lost among the swirl of commoners strolling about.

Jayana has left.

Justin looks guilty actually, "Ah, yes, it is .. but I fear I may have been a bad influence. It's a game I learned myself down in Riverrun when I was a page and squire to Ser Haffrey Tully." The Sheriff confesses to the slightly older knight as he walks with Kam. Hooking his thumbs into his belt loosely, Justin smiles, "It's basically how I learned to both ride and take hard knocks. I hear it's a big sport in the far south, or maybe it's from Dorne but I don't really know." Then again such a game could originate with any group of young men eager to have spontaneous fun, making up the rules as they go! The best kind, really.
Talk of buying pretty things for common girls gains Kamron a sideways glance from Justin. His own father certainly is known for siring a bastard that angered his Lady mother. Rather than comment, the Terrick comes to Gerry's stall and starts to have a look at the wares. "Ribbons do look fine in a gal's hair."

Hey, like father, like son, right? Kamron doesn't look any more abashed about mentioning taking up with common girls, but he does laugh at Justin's admission of bringing the rough-and-tumble game to The Roost, "Looks useful. Especially if any of those young men think to join the Terrick Guard." Since they sometimes serve as cavalry. As the two knights approach the stall, Kamron nods politely to the proprietor and the young woman with him, "Master Taken. Mistress." He gestures to his companion, "Ser Justin Terrick, Sheriff of Terrick's Roost."

"Ye'd be a poor feckin' lass who didn't love her pa," Gerry said with a smirk that had just a hint of the cruel in it, too. "Never doubted tha'. It's jus yer feckin' lip, respect an' obedience issues tha' sometimes earns ye cuffs. Iffen I were a better Pa, I'd prolly beat it outta ye, but whoever's got the feckin' will te chase ye coltish self 'round a room te get that business done?" He snorted with dry amusement, then fell silent as Justin approached.
All at once he had on his most companionable smile, bobbing his head low and knuckling his forhead to boot. "G'day good Ser. Aye, ain't nothin' te bring out a girl's natural shine than a bit o' ribbon. Match it te her eyes, an' tell her some sweet nothin' 'bout how ye saw the ribbon an' couldn't think fer nothin' but they were such a perfect match.. an' how ye jus' -had- te buy it te her.." he made a mock dreamy sigh, then chuckled roguishly. "Works like a charm, good Ser."
"Ser Kamron I hope yer fiance took well te yer gifts? An' thankye fer the introductions, tho' I've had the pleasure o' meetin' yer Sheriff already. I've promised te donate a bit o' merchandice fer his festival," nothing actually expensive. A few ribbons only a step above the cheapest, "te the dancin. Fer the loveliest lass spinnin' round."

"Something I fondly remembered when I was having a bit too much ale on my Nameday. If you recall, I had no lack for drinking companions." Justin adds low to the knight who was one of those companions part of that day.

Justin's attention goes to Gerry and he smiles thinly, "I wouldn't know what color to match. How about something else? Pale purple, or rich yellow gold? Not embroidared." There are so many colors on display, that surely those are among them and even as he asks, Justin is looking to pick them out. "It /is/ good of you to donate some ribbons. When the horsemanship prizes are awarded by the field marshal, we'll be certain to direct folk to the leatherworker's stall and the weaver's to appreciate their efforts."

Ah, and there's Catryn near by. Justin glances to her, possibly self conscious of the topic the Mallister had so casually brought up. He looks away again quickly to feel how smooth and slick a ribbon is or whether it's rough.

Nathaniel stops to cheer at the boys galloping around the field in their impromptu game, and then he watches with keener interest when he realizes that one of the horses is his own Molly. Her rider seems to be handling her well, although when the boy whacks one of her dark chocolate flanks with that stick, he winces visibly and grits his teeth. His eyes narrow when the youth again tries to goad the mare with the stick. Nathaniel's face begins to redden with anger. He hooks his fingers into the corners of his mouth and unleashes a high-pitched whistle. The mare bucks hard, unseating her abusive rider. Then she trots across the field, dodging other horsed players to return to her master.

<FS3> Nathaniel rolls Animal Handling: Success.

Self-consciousness, thy name is not Kamron Mallister. He laughs lightly at the younger knight's murmur, nodding his head, and then looks back to the merchant, "My Lady has rarely been without those scents, Master Taken." A crooked grin slips across his lips, "I would say she is most taken with them, but I suppose that would be uncooth." The sharp whistle causes him to look up sharply, his right hand dropping to his axe to belie his easy grin. Still, the merry expression returns when he looks back to the merchant, nodding at the mention of donating prizes, and he chuckles, "But My Lady needs no more prizes." There's a teasing air to the words, for all that they're a claim that Saffron Banefort is the loveliest lass about, sight unseen of the competition.

"S'cause yer te old te catch me," Catryn teased, offerin' a lil smile in return with it, almost wicked that where it taunted, for all that it was playful. "But aye, I'm workin' on that whole…respect an obedience thing." And then…she went quiet, following his lead and lookin' to the lords as they approached. "Milords," she's sitting, her pa can knuckle his forehead all he wants, Catryn meanwhile, offers a polite lil half bow from her seat. And she'd have toasted them with her ale too, had she not given it away. But then Justin's talking about foundering with matching ribbons and that, is Catryn's cue.
Up to her feet the girl slides, with a ginger swat to her skirts, "Ye dun want yellow ribbons, Sherrif, yellow ribbons on a girl with yellow hair, such as mine, gonna make her look sallow. Purple's a right fine choice, but ye'd be safer with blue, or green. Red's a slattern's color," oh so glibly explained.

Catryn wasn't implying that -she- was going to win any sort of ribbon, he'd already cruely and coldly stomped on the poor girl's dreams of dancing. But she was at least attempting to help him make a good decision!

"Ah," counters Justin smoothly in his baritone to Catryn's advice, "But rich golden ribbons would look good in brown hair and maybe even in red, don't you think? Blonde is so less common, here." Catryn and a few rare exceptions otherwise. He moves a long fingered hand from the ribbon he had been touching, "Or perhaps to lace a boddice instead of going into the hair." The young Terrick finishes, "Besides, they are my House's colors."

"Ah, tha' makes fer an easy choice, good Ser," Gerry said to Justin with a companionable grin, already having the answer for his objection: "Yer jus' need te buy enough ribbons tha' ye've got one fer each potential eyecolour, then ye can't ever go wrong." How simple wasn't that? STill, he didn't hesitate in finding those the knight had requested, without embroderies, and in a couple of different materials and quality of dye. The richer ones cost the more, as a rule. "Ah, m'lord," to Kamron. "Well, we'll have some runner up prizes, too, iffen yer Lady shows her face."
He smiled a touch when Catryn interceded, bobbing his head when she explained the various qualities of colours, though he did add: "Hardly slattern's colours. Some jus' like bein' bright an' eye catchin'. Ain't nothin' wrong with tha'." Though no, Catryn wasn't allowed to wear bright red. But for entierly different reasons, surely.

Gerry also frowned just a little bit at Justin fingering the ribbons after having been handling horseflesh and the Gods knew what else. Making sure they weren't being stained.

Kamron waves off Gerry's assurances of additional prizes with good humor, "I bet My Lady would refuse prizes anyhow. This event is for the people of the town, not the nobles of the Keep." Even when the nobles are providing a good deal of the entertainment. He grins crookedly at the mention of matching ribbons to hair color, "Be careful with the yellow if you're to be around any redheads as well, Justin. It can work, but it has to be the right tone." And he's becoming practiced at matching colors to redheads. "But it is traditional to present a fair lady with items in house colors. Justin here will just have to avoid courting any Lannisters."

Nathaniel takes Molly's reins and leads her far from the other spare horses, under a tree where he carefully inspects her flank to be sure that her temporary rider did not inflict any permanent injury. Once he is satisfied for the moment, he ties her to the tree and ventures once again toward Gerry's stall where he sees several familiar faces. He overhears Catryin's comments about the different colors of ribbons, and opens his courier's pouch again to look at the ones that he bought. He sighs with relief. Neither are red. He sighs with relief and carefully returns the bundle to its safe place. He hangs back, content for now to listen and perhaps learn a tip or two about buying fine things for a woman.

Insulted twice! For a moment the girl just gaped wide eyed at the Sherrif, surprised that he'd dared, "Was it juss me," Catryin inquired, her gaze focusing this time on his companion, "Or did tha kind Sherrif juss imply tha I'd no be havin' a chance te win a ribbon, since hair like mine's rare here." There was an edge to the words, one that claimed insult even if there was amusement in her eyes. "Old man seemed te think I wore yellow juss fine," an that earned an affection little stroke to her scarf. But Justin, he was offered no more help, nope nope.

"Unless I sell my partial mail or go and win more tournament ransoms, I hardly have the coin to afford a single ribbon, just now." Justin's good mood isn't diminished. "There will be more tournaments to ride." Though he might loose and have ransoms to pay! "How much for the pale purple ribbon, two arm lengths?" Wait, what? Justin laughs a brief laugh at Kamron's quip, "No Lannisters for me, I think. What interest could they possibly have in the Roost? We are nothing to them."

Uh oh, back track! Justin's track record with the womenfolk certainly isn't showing improvement yet! He needs to work on this. "No, no! I mean only … it's a rare color and it's uncommon. I happen to be fond of golden hair." In any event he's asking about the purple ribbons, not the gold now.

Gerry named a price, and for once cut down the usual hundred percent mark up he gave to nobles. After all it didn't hurt to give a fair deal to the Sheriff. Especially when a man had a tendency to look as guilt of.. everything.. as Gerry did at times. Not that he didn't have his own kind of charisma when he put it on. Jovial and with an easy smile and a chuckle, but even then it didn't quite cover up the dark residue of his aura, perhaps even fed a little from it. After all, only a fool might really trust a rogue, but that didn't mean you couldn't like them?
"'S as good a price as ye'll get in these parts, good Ser. I'd offer it fer free, but I fear there's a limit te how much goods I can pass on fer nothin'. Gotta eat, ye know. An' tha' one there might not look it," he jerked a thumb in Catryn's direction. "But she eats fer two."

"Dances right beautiful, tho'. Wouldna be surprised iffen she carries on the prize." Gerry added.

Kamron glances over to Nathaniel as the courier moves near, nodding briefly before he looks to Justin with amusement, and then shrugs at Catryn, "I bet he didn't mean anything like that, Mistress. For all Ser Justin's skill in the lists, he is always unhorsed when tilting with the fairer sex." The elder knight shrugs helplessly, "Everyone has to have a weakness somewhere. Otherwise we might think ourselves the equal to the gods."

Justin looks up from checking his meager coin purse. He could skip some drinking in the coming weeks and keep the ribbon in reserve against a hoped for use, couldn't he? "It seems a far fairer price than I was expecting to be honest." Justin counts out the coppers and drops one of them to the ground. Kamron scores! Go team Kamron! The Terrick gives the older knight a /look/ of good humored annoyance and picks it up to hand them over to Gerry, "Well, practice makes perfect. I just need a lot more practice in that art." He clears his throat. "I intend that the ribbons you are donating will be for the smallfolk dance on the beach. I think they will have a wonderful time with a bon fire and night swimming." Probably a hell of a lot better party than the nobles will get but this isn't about the nobility this time.

"Aint his fault," Cat agreed with Kamron, "I use a sharper blade'n most," and a smirk with it too, for the way that Justin foundered, her head canting to the side, those bright blue eyes staring up so inquiringly in his direction, "But as fer ye…Sherrif, I might be more inclined te believe ye meant no insult iffen ye'd have accepted me offer fer a dance," the girl shrugged, mischief dancing in her eyes. And somberly, ignoring Gerry's remark on just how much she could eat, addressed Kamron with the last of it, "Of course, I reckon he's afraid I'll embarass him an tha's fair. Couldna have that no, could we."

"Wasn't thinkin' they'd be fer the nobles," Gerry murmured somewhat drily as Justin made his intentions clear. "I carry a wide assortment o' goods, but don't got the means te provide tha' kinda quality fer free." And noble girls were unlikely to have been particularly impressed with the ribbons he were donating. He accepted the Sheriff's coin, then replaced that absence with a rolled up bit of ribbon at the proper length, a light purple that hadn't tasted too much dye. Though it was an even job of it, at least. Decent quality, wouldn't shame anyone to wear it, even if it wasn't Gerry's finest goods.
"A pleasure doin' business withye."
He scratched at his cheek, flicked a glance to Kamron as if tryign to judge just how lose -his- coinpurse was.

Kamron answers Justin's look with a helpless shrug and his trademark crooked grin. He nods to Catryn's words, chuckling, "It makes me quite glad I'm spoken for, Mistress. I wouldn't care to cross blades with you, I think." Looking back to Justin, he makes a patently false attempt to measure him for a moment, then shrugs again, "I think, Mistress, he is more worried about embarrassing you rather than the other way around. Most knights who practice enough for the battlefield are not particularly skilled on the dance floor." Gerry's look goes unnoticed, the simple fact that the Mallister is not eying any merchandise speaking to the fact that his purse is either tighter, or emptier.

Justin rolls the ribbon up around his fingers then slips it into his coin pouch, "Thank you, Mr. Taken." Well, he's young yet and only just turned 20 recently so he's things to learn yet outside of knightly things. Clasping his hands loosely behind his back, Justin watches Catryn, "I certainly mean no insult, Catryn. As it happens, I'm a lousy dancer. I've been taking lessons from Lady Anais when she can spare the time. I might not object if you were to show me a dance or two sometime and perhaps in exchange I can shoot you a bird or two for your supper." Oh, yep, there goes Kamron backing up his lack of skill. Thanks, buddy. His grey eyes narrow at his friend, "Tis true they tried to tell me it would improve my swordplay but like you, it didn't particularly work on me, either, Ser."

"S'funny," Catryn replies, though she wore a cheeky little grin for the compliment, it wasn't that which particularly engaged her in the conversation, "A man moves on tha battlefield te stay alive, te avoid tha blade and deliver the right sort of blow. A good dancer, is a good warrior. Man walks a horse in a dance much the same," pointed look. Because that she knew Justin could relate to. Oh but then the poor picked on man chose to speak for himself, "Might offer ye a lesson, though…how bout we go huntin' an I get te use ye bow an keep tha bird, too? Er maybe we'll juss dance wit blades an that'll give ye somethin' te relate too. Course, wouldna wanna embarass ye, tradin' steel wit a commoner either, so shall we just say te first blood?" Smirk. Oh, was Gerry still there?

There is a soft stir in the crowd as folks glance speculatively towards the path towards the vendors. Taller than most, Lady Muirenn Mallister is seen within the center of a protective circle of two guards, an elderly Septa, a handmaiden near her own age, and a smallish but well behaved hound pup that is leashed. The girl drifts here and there, pausing to give a giggle or smile to various folk..commoner and noble alike. Just as she is about to reach the market, she is hailed by a young mother dragging along two runny-nosed children.

The teenager seems oblivious to the stares and murmurs as she stops and with a wave of her hand moves past her guards and greets the woman. "Erlene, how fare the children?" Gracefully, she carefully kneels before the two children and laughs "Hello there you two! You seem to be feeling much better. The fever looks to be all gone." The two girls laugh and crowd around the puppy, giving it hugs and enthusiastic scritches, all of which are readily and patiently accepted.

"Aye, they are much better milady. Just a bit of the sniffles is all. I'm still givin that there tea ya brought for us and puttin the hhherb poltice on their chest at nights." Erlene gives a low curtsy and nudges her daughters, "What say you to Milady Muirenn?"

The girls giggle and curtsy, "Milady! Thank you Milady! Can Brengy come see us still even though we aren't sick anymore Milady? Please Milady?" Waving everyone off with a laugh, Muirenn rises and dusts off her skirts "Oh…I am sure something can be arranged my dears. Now, you go have fun alright?" A finger subtly beckons and the handmaiden Miniella is at her elbow handing her some copper coins. Divided evenly between the girls, the teenage healer instructs "Now go have fun and buy yourselves something sweet or pretty." Turning, the willow-wisp of a girl is once again encircled by her entourage and wandering towards the stalls leaving the young mother curtsying and breathlessly thanking her as the girls squeal and run off into the crowds.

"As it happens, Ser Kamron," Gerry said oh so helpfully from where he was leaning against one of the rather unstable pillars keeping up his stall, arms over his chest. "After yer lovely fiance inquired in the direction of jewelery of Myrish glass, a contact o' mine mentioned he had some. Now I took the order mostly cause they're good trade pieces, a bit o' exotic east fer showin' off yer style, but I thought I'd mention it as long as I'm in town."
The trader was briefly distracted by the increasingly rapid trade of words between Justin and his daughter. That a bit of suspicion might settle in his creasing forhead and narrowed eyes was only natural, wasnt it? A little bit of interest from a noble was all well and good. Too much, and only left a lot of problems. He leaned forward, and delvered a cuff to the back of Catryn's head. Not a very sharp one, mind. Even if it landed - and the girl was annoyingly apt at dodging them - it was more for shock value than pain. "Bah. Dontchu botherin' the Sheriff. I'm sure he's gots himself too much work te drag ye 'round."

Kamron shrugs at Justin again, "I'm quite willing to admit that I've next to no skill on the dance floor. It's not something to be embarrassed about, unless you claim to be a skilled dancer." He starts to respond to Catryn's words, but it's the last point he addresses in the end, "A knight does not strike a woman, nor does he attempt to cause her harm, Mistress." Gerry gets a sidelong look then, and he shakes his head, a wry smile settling onto his lips, "You're a temptor, Master Taken. Perhaps we'll take a look at it at a later time during the Faire. I wouldn't want to take the opportunity to purchase it away from any of the locals." The attempted smack to the back of the young woman's head draws his lips together in a frown, but the Mallister minds his tongue.

"/Can/ you use a bow?" Justin counters, starting to warm up to this little game. "I might take you up on that, though it's the dancing lessons I need." He eyes her, perhaps not trusting Catryn with a blade, thank you very much. Even if he's passably good with one himself. Swat her with a stick he might do, but not with Gerry standing right there. In any event, Gerry beats him to it. As it happens, Justin was just then turning to look back ove rhis shoulder to notice that the horsemanship events have ended.

Out on the Green, surrounded by happy smallfolk and a few knights shopping the many merchant stalls set up around the edges, the field marshall is even now calling out the winners selected for the riding displays. The saddle bag set is awarded to one of the young men who played especially roughly but not cruel to his horse or others mounts and was one of the last riders on the field still mounted. The woman who's palfry did the voice commands is awarded the fine bridle. And to one of the children is awarded the brightly colored red saddle pad with the woven pattern. The crowd cheers and the marshal announces who made and donated the prizes, and urges all to visit their booths.

Cat's head bobs forward beneath Gerry's warning light hearted cuffing, for all that the girl seems to pay it absolutely no mind. And it looks…from the way Catryn draws in a breath, that she's about to say something she probably shouldn't, but thinks better of it at just the last moment. They're in mixed company, after all. So her focus bounces on to Justin instead, that cheeky little grin still dancing on her lips, "Can use a bow, 'n a blade, an a bit more'n that, iffen yer ever feelin' brave. But I suppose, iffen ye asked real real nice like, I'd see that ye had a dancin' lesson er two. Learned a few in Lys too, that ye'd never see done here." And this time, she is pre-empting Gerry's cuffing, however well earned.

Following the loud announcement of the prizes, grey eyes shift towards her Septa as Muirenn says, "I want to find something for Ser Otto. He has been so wonderful. Do you think something for his horse perhaps?" Her hands claps tightly together, "Or mayhap something customized…a dagger sheath?" Fingers relaxing they begin to flutter erratically as the girl begins to feel a bit overwhelmed, "He knows me so well…but…." the girl's pink lips purse in sudden thought and then she gives a delighted clap, "I know exactly what to get him!" Without further comment she plunges through the crowd.

While still oblivious to the sidelong glances and whispers, it is a fact that around her throat rather than the Mallister purple ribbon and silver eagle there is now a rather ornate, antique necklace adorned with freshwater pearls, opals, and silver.

Gerry might have nodded with just a touch of pride to his daughter listing up the fact that she could shoot a bow, use a blade and break a man's arm if she had to. Yet in the blink of an eye pride was replaced with dangerous stormclouds in his eyes as she boasted of dances learned in Lys, Lys of all places, his mouth a thin pressed line of harsh disapproval as he growled at her: "Tha' be feckin' enough o' ye, lass." He snapped a look at the knights, his eyes hard, his expression completely closed as he said in a stony tone: "She ain't mean it none. Girl thinks it's feckin' funny te test boundries. Gods knows she don't actually know anythin' from Lys. Tha' bloody mouth'll get her into trouble one day she ain't gonna walk outta proper. Beggin' me pardon, an' hope ye'll ignore her ill feckin' choice of words an' not think harshly o' her."
He scowled at Catryn again. "Off ye feckin' go. Enough lazyin' about. The mules'll need wipin' down about now, I'm thinkin'. Their stalls cleaned out, so we don't gotta pay extra fer it. Go. -Now-. We're gonna have a talk o' this later, an' yer feckin' joy o' shockin' people."

The sound of horse's hooves is what heralds the coming of Dania. She is sitting astride her patient gelding Sparrow and her hair as always is pinned up and hidden underneath a wide brimmed straw hat that has been decorated with various shades of blue ribbon. She is wearing brown linen gown that has embroidery of blue bells and phlox an it is done in blue floss that matches her pale blue apron dress. A smile graces her lips. She sighs despite the smile and shakes her head. "It would appear that we missed it Sparrow." She says to both herself and the horse as she signals the horse to move into a walk as they moves towards the crowd. A glance is cast to Lady Murienn as she dashes into the crowd and a nod of her head is offered to Catyln.

Kamron half-turns at the announcement from the field marshall, adding his polite applause to the wash and buzz of the crowds. Catryn's claim draws a faint frown from the Mallister knight, although his reaction is mild compared to that of the merchant. Nodding his head slowly, he notes, "The young always want to test their boundaries, Master Taken." Not that he's more than a few years older than Catryn. Spotting Muirenn moving through the crowds, he bows his head, "If you'll excuse me." The Mallister claps Justin on the shoulder as he moves to intercept his cousin, "Lady Muirenn." There's a quirk of a grin to his lips at the formal address, his tone coy as he continues, "That's a lovely new necklace you have…" Oh, someone's definitely fishing.

The afternoon is fading into evening and the day has been most pleasant with a brilliant blue sky, fluffy white clouds and a breeze coming in from the sea. There are children /everywhere/ laughing, eating sweets, playing with the colorful streamers (mostly in purple and golds) hung from poles at each of the four corners of the Green. The horsemanship displays have just finished and been awarded but the day is yet Festive. Musicians play or sing, merchant and craftsman's stalls line the edges of the Green selling cloth, leather goods, metalworking, ribbons and spices, and far, far more - including food! Bubbling fruit tarts, spiced meat roasted on sticks, with vendors come from Stonebridge as well as local. Perhaps some from further.

At this moment, Justin and Kamron are by Gerry's stall, the Terrick having just purchased some purple ribbon. Catryn has been scolded by Gerry. Even the Terrick knight looks a little surprised, if only for a moment, at what the girl said. Justin glances to the Mallister and turns in time to see Muirenn and her /very/ eye catching new necklace, "Lady Muirenn, Good Festival unto you! I trust you are enjoying the day? You look radiant."

Having arranged a table near enough to where the horsemanship display was being held, Nedra led a rather chaotic group of children in the basics of building a kite and followed that messy display (glue EVERYWHERE) with even more mess as she passed out kites that are ready to be taken aloft so that the children could paint them. Brushes and fingertips were used alike, colors of every shade imaginable, some that defy the imagination and designs that run the gambit and back were worked onto the surfaces of the kites. To be fair, Nedra is just as glue splotched and paint splattered by the time the horsemanship display is over, and by the time most of the children are done with their works of art and setting them to dry, Nedra has paint streaked beneath her jaw, along her arms and more, but from the amount of laughter to be had, she clearly doesn't find any of this disagreeable. The sound of applause at the end of the display coincided nicely with the kits being set to dry in the early evening air, children scampering back to their parents for more food and sweets, leaving Nedra and both of her armsmen and the petulant ladies maid to tidy up the remains of the chaos zone.

"Sorry, Pa," Catryn dutifully supplies, looking for all the world a properly chided thing. Her eyes downcast, to better hide the amused gleam in them, her foot toein' against the ground. "Lords." It was added as an after thought, for all that it didn't seem to matter. And in an attempt to make up for herself, wrapped her arms 'round her father's middle and offered him a squeeze of a proper chided hug. "They'll be clean," the girl straightens her scarf when it threatens to slip, ensuring that her neck is bound up properly. Childish thing surely that, just a little pride in somethin' that was to her fancy and new. "Promise."

Pulled up sharply as her cousin materializes out of the crowd, Muirenn ohs! as she nearly runs into Kamron. It takes a moment for her skirts to realize that the girl has stopped and they continue to foam and float about her long legs exposing the giant poofs of silk roses upon her shoes. Laughter greets the Mallister noble's words, "It is a most beautiful necklace isn't it! And it was most charmingly and romantically given as well." A mischevious twinkle dances in her eyes as her fingers lift to brush at the antique piece that rests sweetly, if a bit too dressy for the surroundings, against her collarbone.

With the horse now at a halt, Dania moves to dismount with some grace. Her stirrups are the run up and she loosens her horse's girth before she slides his reins over his head. Gently she strokes the gelding's neck then his large head. She holds on to her horse as she watches the crowd. She moves around the crowd now. Her eyes do look over at Nedra's Chaos zone and there is a twinkle in them. For the moment she is people watching.

There is certainly a lot going on! Justin looks past Muirenn briefly to see the Lady of Kites hard at work surrounded by at least a dozen delighted children making and painting festival kites. Jerold Terrick's son looks very pleased at the site. Still, before he might start to walk off to go and speak to either of the Mallister women, Justin looks back towards Catryn once more, remembering her comment about dances and Lys. He licks his lips and turns his attention back to the others.

Kamron steps around Muirenn so that he can offer her his left arm, for all that she's several inches taller than him. "Quite beautiful, cousin. And it's making you purely giddy, which I am quite in favor of." He starts to direct Muirenn's steps toward where Nedra is recovering from the kite-based whirlwind. "Am I going to have to ask Mistress Miniella to get the details…?"

Gerry was impervious to the hug, though he did use the fact that she was up close and with her hands around him to make sure -this- time, the cuff that bounced off the back of her head was not nearly as light a tap as the last one she'd suffered. "We'll see jus' how sorry ye are, later. Gods know this ain't the end o' this. I'm pullin' this nonsense up by the root, I am. Tha' feckin' cunt waterdancer o' a Charlton be a bad fekcin' influence on ye. No more hangin' around him, ye hear, if this is the kinda thing ye start thinkin' is fun."
Firmly he pushed her off him, then made a shooing gesture in the direction of the inn, and the stables there. "Linger too long, an' ye might not get it done in time te enjoy the rest o' the fun."

"So off ye go." Gerry added.

Nedra is listening intently to several conversations at once, nodding as she follows each brightly spoken remark while wiping some of the paint way from the little face of a baker's daughter and helping another small boy to get his fingers un-stuck from having applied to much glue in the process. Each of the painted kites holds some small symbol or special mark for each child to find his or her own unique creation so that they can fly them on the morrow when the wind picks up again early in the day.

Allowing Kamron to lead her towards her cousin Nedra, Muirenn giggles softly "While I am sure that Miniella would be only tooo glad to share every detail" a sidelong glance is cast towards her handmaiden before she looks back to her kinsman. "Let me tell you when we are over by Nedra. I want her to hear the details too!" A little skip and she reaches Nedra's side saying "Dearest cousin, will you forgive me if I do not give you a hug? I didn't bring my apron with me to put over my gown." Unable to keep from adding in a rush, "The banns will be announced soon, making everything official!"

Moving around the crowd Dania then heads off in a different direction. There is a skip in her step. She has a light smile on her face.

"He left anyway," Cat replied, pulling away when Gerry shooed her away. A faint sway to her steps as she departs. For all that he might have been upset, she doesn't seem to be and with a muttered, "Fine, fine, I'm goin', I'm goin', mercy but I'm goin'." An with that, Cat ambled off towards the inn.

Otto makes his way to the green, walking casually and whistling a cheerful tune. Black leather doublet over a white cotton shirt. His legs were covered in black woolen trousers tucking into a pair of worn leather boots with matching gloves tucked into the belt. A pair of silver spurs are attached to the boots, a bit of mud caked upon them from the walk. He had his head held high, and just seemed in a generally joyful mood as he looks out over the crowd.

Kamron casts a grin back at Muirenn's maid as he and Muirenn approach the scene of kitely disaster, and then he's letting Muirenn's arm free and stepping carefully back, out of sticky-painty-sistery arm's reach. His warning glance ito Nedra is only tempered by his light smile directed at Muirenn, a slight expression of surprise flashing across his features, "I'm glad to hear it, cousin. Now I'll certainly have to get to know the knight a bit better."

Nedra wipes some of the paint off of her hands as more of the children are disappearing into the crowd until all that's left is to keep an eye on things and make sure the kites dry evenly. She looks up as Muirenn and Kamron approach the table, a smile already upon her face, and it's the words from Muirenn that make Nedra's eyes sparkle as she laughs. "I had one," she admits, "but there was a incident with glue and then a spilled pot of paint and," she gives a small shrug, "everything washes." She rises to her feet, and there really is paint in small (and maybe not so small) smudges on her gown and even some in her hair, alas. "If you're speaking of what I think you're speaking of, I'm so glad for you, Cousin!" is declares and she makes a half step forward before remembering that no everyone wants to be smudged with paint. But the half step back that Kamron makes and the warning glance is enough to make her eyes gleam with mischief, "To spiffy to be hugged by your sister?" she wonders, barely holding back a laugh.

Justin was heading over towards the kite booth as well but he's been snagged. A woman has come up, quite upset because she can't find her daughter and there's the Sheriff, the very man who can help her! She begs Justin to get his men to help search so of course he's busy listening to her and calming her. "Easy now, how old is she, what's she look like? What's she wearing and where were you when you saw her last - how long ago was that?" Justin is careful to space his questions and to wait for an answer to each one rather than overwhelm the poor woman. Then he's being lead off to go and get a few of the Men-at-Arms and others to help look for the little girl. Most likely she's found a baker's tent or a toymaker.