Page 291: Feline Introductions
Feline Introductions
Summary: Rutger tries to make nice with Barristan. He is less than successful.
Date: May 6, 2012
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Chamber Corridor — Tordane Tower
This straight corridor terminates with a narrow archery slit and two doors to each wall divide the four rooms within the circular tower. The ceiling is higher here to allow for the burning torches that sit between the doors on either side. A rug, threadbare and worn in rich greens runs down the length of the wood flooring.
May 6, 289

"Yes, you are a very fearsome warrior," a light, feminine voice coos in the hallway. Rosanna is crouched down just outside her door, freshly-dressed for the morning in a gown of deep forest green, the skirts pillowing against the floor. She's scritching a proud-looking Barristan underneath his chin, encouraging a rather loud purr to rumble from the lean, fluffy tabby. The dead mouse on the floor between them is clearly the source of pride.

Dressed for riding, far more than politicking about the Tower, Rutger Nayland does manage to cut a fine figure of himself. Pausing in the corridor as he comes from his own quarters, the Nayland takes time to look to the sight before him. An amused grin slowly growing bolder as he swaggers slightly closer to the great hunter and his mistress. Pausing short of the purring cat and Lady Groves.

"He is a handsome tom you have there, Lady Rosanna." Apparently someone has remembered manners this time. "I had such a fine example of cat myself once."

"Oh!" Rosanna straightens up to her feet rather quickly, the slightest hint of color in her cheeks. And then she smiles, the expression warm as it crinkles her eyes. "Lord Rutger." She tosses her hair back and lifts her chin with an imperious glint in her eye as she offers him her hand. Yes, she is favoring you with permission to kiss her hand, Rutger. "Thank you. I've had Barristan ever since he was a small kitten. Ser Tommas found him for me when he felt I needed cheering." The cat looks up to Rutger with an impassive, ice-blue gaze, tail lashing slowly where he sits.

"You may call me Rutger if you wish." Rutger says before he is coming closer towards her, his hand taking her smaller. A chuckle, before he leans down and places a kiss softly upon her knuckles, before he lowers himself into a squat. Her hand finally released, he brings fingers slowly, closer towards Barristan's nose. "Barristan? Named for the great Ser Selmy, I do hope?" he asks. Should Barriston not hiss, he might even chance to pet after whatever cursory sniffs are needed. "A wonderful cat.." he muses before looking to the mouse. "And I see, such an accomplished hunter and warrior as well. His name fits."

Rosanna's gaze lingers on Rutger's eyes as he kisses her hand, her bottom lip catching briefly between her teeth. Day, drawn from her business inside her lady's guest chambers as if by chaperone radar, draws close enough to the doorway to keep an eye on them and make her presence known. Acutely aware of her septa's proximity, Rosanna says, "I don't think that would be very seemly, Lord Rutger." She hesitates a beat before continuing. "I was very young," she says as if to excuse herself for the idle fancy of her cat's naming. "I was — very fond of the stories of Ser Barristan's feats." Barristan does not quite — hiss, but he offers one of those low, warning growls felines are wont to that might precede one. It is not the most inviting sound.

Rutger pauses as eyes slide up to catch the Chaperone's gaze. A nod gifted to the septa. "Perhaps someday it will be. And to that, I look." he states boldly, before he is looking back to the tabby in question. His grin growing. "Do not apologize for naming your cat after a fine man. I believe cats either are their names, or make the name unique to their own. A dog- a dog is fine, a good loyal animal. But there is something to be said for a cat." he explains, before the unwary growl comes. "Hmm." And carefully he pulls his hand back to rest on his knee, as he studies Barristan. "I like cats, because they are particular about their company."

Barristan's growl quiets when Rutger pulls his hand back, though he continues to watch the knight with that unerring feline gaze. As cats are wont. "Barristan, stop that," his lady chides in a quiet undertone. "He is very picky," she says. "He takes quite a while to like people. I hope you don't take offense, my lord."

A glance back over to Rosanna, and Rutger smiles softly. "I do not, my lady." a grin worn easily. "I expect him to be. After all it seems he has found himself only the best lady. Fairest by compare to others, smart and gracious." he says before looking back towards Barristan. "If I were a cat, you would be the best lady to serve."

"Well, I assume he likes me best because I picked him when he was born," Rosanna says in a careless manner. "But I'm sure he also manages to recognize my overall superiority." She smiles in a teasing fashion. "Cats are very superior creatures themselves." She cants her head, looking down on Rutger. "Are you on your way somewhere, my lord?" Barristan sinks down to stretch on the ground and begin eating his quarry.

Rutger smiles back towards Rosanna. "Clearly, my lady. You indeed do carry a canny load of superiority. Anyone can see it." he gives back before he looks back to the cat, watching it while it eats, for a moment. The question does bring a raise of his brows. "Oh I was going to try and help clear some time with my brother and take on a few administrative duties today, as He is overwhelmed, and my cousin is still quite wounded." A brief pause. 'Why, Lady?"

"I am sure your brother will be very grateful for your assistance," Rosanna says with a small slip of a smile. "I thought it only polite to ask, my lord. You had the look of a man with a destination, but I probably needn't have asked: surely you always have business to attend to." Barristan swallows down the last of the mouse and stands to prowl over to Day and begin rubbing up against her ankles.

Day bends to scoop up Barristan, her eyes still on the couple in the hall. Briefly, they go to the feline. She slowly scritches his head and ears. "You already have breath that could kill," she murmurs to the tom, her tone doting and sweet despite her words. "Now it will be even worse. You are absolutely disgusting." Cuddle cuddle cuddle.

"Indeed it was. I had thought you meant to see if you could come." Rutger says as he follows Barristan's movements, before he is slowly rising up as the cat rubs itself against the Septa's ankles. "Which, I would have said, please do. Though I am merely inspecting logs, and checking tariffs. I do not know if you would find that interesting, Lady Rosanna?" A faint nod to Day before he looks towards the Lady. "If you do, I will wait by the stables." he adds, before peeling himself away. " Thank you for introducing me to Barristan. He is a wonderful cat." a wry look given to Day "Even if his breath can kill."

"I would never be so presumptuous, my lord," Rosanna replies. His offer freezes her smile a bit. "I am sure I would only get in the way, Lord Rutger. Please do excuse me." From your boring administrative work. Ugh. Barristan curls up against Day's chest and resumes to purr loud enough for two cats.

Rosanna's septa glances up as Rutger speaks to the cat and arches a cool eyebrow. That is all.

Rosanna makes her polite farewells to Rutger and watches him leave from underneath her lashes, chewing gently on her bottom lip. Then, without taking her eyes from the end of the hallway the Nayland disappeared from last, she asks, "When do you think Kittridge will let me visit the Mire?"

Day narrows her eyes, looking in precisely the same direction. "I'm sure I don't know, my sweet," she says, bending her head to kiss the top of Ser Barristan's. She sighs, giving her head a shake. "Come back inside. We need to work on your arithmetic. Your last set of problems was barely satisfactory."

"Yes you do," Rosanna says a bit sourly, unconvinced of her septa's supposed ignorance. She sighs, finally — reluctantly — dragging her eyes away from Rutger's exit to draaaag herself back inside for far less entertaining pursuits. Stupid math.