Page 308: Favored Arrow
Favored Arrow
Summary: Katrin and Rafferdy speak near the tourney grounds about their past few weeks.
Date: 23/May/2012
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Katrin Rafferdy 
Near the Tourney Grounds
A grove of trees not far from the tourney grounds.
May 23, 289

Rafferdy is standing in the grass beneath a large oak tree a little ways away from the main tourney grounds, dressed like a dirty peasant. At the base of the tree is a large satchel, looks like packed bags from a trip, along with a long bow and two cross bows. There is also an open, empty old vielle case. Rafferdy has the vielle, which is far nicer than the case would indicate, under his chin. He's playing, an old folk song from the Mire, his eyes closed as his fingers press the strings and his arm moves the bow back and forth to the bittersweet tune. He's quite skilled.

Moving away from the main grounds and seeking refuge in the outskirts, Katrin walks with her maid. It appears that her Septa has retired earlier, leaving the Haigh noblewoman to her own devices for at least a little while longer. The two young women chatter back and forth to each other, a soft giggle escaping the higher born woman as she nods in agreement. The sound of music caught along the breeze and brought to her ears makes her stop and scan the area, finally finding Rafferdy. She hesitates, hanging back.

Rafferdy finishes the song, and then lingers with the bow on the vielle for another moment before he opens his eyes and lowers the instrument. He wipes a bit of sweat from his brow, and then notices he's being watched. He tilts his head a bit, "Hello?"

"I did not mean to disturb you," Katrin replies stepping closer so it is easier to identify herself. "I heard your melody and I found it so lovely that I had to stop and listen." A hesitant smile appears. "It is nice to see you again."

Rafferdy slowly nods, "Thank you." He sighs, and lays the vielle back in the case before flopping onto the grass and leaning against the tree. "Yeah. Sorry about that. I kind of… left." He shrugs a little, "Sorry."

Katrin shakes her head, "I did not even know," she replies. "I was summoned back to Broadmoor by my father. You needn't concern yourself over that." She looks aside to her maid who gives a small bow and backs away far enough to allow them some privacy. "My father was angry with me over what he deemed inappropriate behavior."

Rafferdy tilts his head, "Inappropriate behavior?" He furrows his brow a little as he uses his boot to move his sack away from the tree to make room for her to sit if she wanted. "How so?"

"Midnight wanderings through Stonebridge. Secret meetings with a man while being unchaperoned." Katrin gives a thin smile. "He was not amused. I apparently have too much time on my hands and am not behaving as a Lady of House Haigh should." A dark shadow appears in her eyes and she just shakes her head.

Rafferdy sighs, shaking his head, and he picks a bit of dirt from his palm and tosses it aside. "I'm sorry. I never meant to cause you that kind of trouble, My Lady."

"Those were paltry offenses," Katrin replies. "To my apparent disregard to his point of view. I openly supported Ser Gedeon's claim to Stonebridge and verbally spoke of it. He was furious at my choices. So I was sent home for some re-education."

Rafferdy lifts his brow, "Ah." He glances at the empty seat beside him, then to her, a silent invitation. "How did that reeducation work out?"

With a smile, Katrin slides down into the spot, tucking her skirts beneath her. "I sit in an open field with naught but a maid at a distance to watch over me with a man," she observes. "The re-education was enlightening in different ways but perhaps not in the ways he desired. I have wanted to see you again since I was sent away."

Rafferdy tilts his head once more, "You've… wanted?" He smiles, leaning a bit more against the tree. "To what do I owe that pleasantry, My Lady?"

"You make for very pleasant company, My Lord," Katrin replies, mirroring his smile. "In such a world where we spend so much time caught in the presence of those who do little more than bore us, would you not wish to be in the presence of those who you enjoy being near?"

With a laugh, Rafferdy nods, "I suppose so." He looks at her happily. "It's nice to spend time with you as well. I um… I've upset my brother rather much, so I left to leave him space." He sighs, "It's odd, but I've come to rather like Stonebridge. Didn't realize it until I'd left."

"What did you do to upset your brother?" Katrin asks with a lifted brow. As she leans back against the tree, one shoulder bumps gently against Rafferdy's. "I must admit that the idea of returning to Stonebridge knowing that you will not be there does lessen the enjoyment of going back."

Rafferdy sighs yet again. "I did something I felt was wise given the information I had. He had failed to tell me some things that would have changed what I had done. But…" He shrugs, "All he wishes to see is that I'm simple and did something wrong."

Katrin tilts her head, "So where have you found yourself wandering now that you are free of Stonebridge?" she asks curiously. Her nose wrinkles a bit. "It seems that no matter what you attempt, families will always disapprove of something."

"I just sort of… wandered." Rafferdy shrugs again, "Spent a little time in the Roost. Heh. Enemy territory," he makes a spooky sound and wiggles his fingers playfully. "I suppose that's true of family. Thankfully, I don't have to worry much about pleasing mine. I'm kind of the outsider."

"The Terricks that I have met have always been kind to me, but then again, I do not bear the Nayland name," Katrin muses with a smile. "So what shall you do now? Continue to wander?"

Rafferdy shakes his head, "I don't know…" He knocks his head against the tree, looking skyward. "I don't know."

Gently, Katrin leans closer. Once more, their shoulders brush against each other. "Raff…" she says quietly. "You will find your way. Of this, I am certain."

Rafferdy looks over at her, kind of seriously, and he nods, then glances downward once more. He nods a little, and looks once more at her. "Yeah. I usually do, I suppose." He finally offers a little grin.

Katrin chuckles. "And I am certain that you will do it in good spirits and with that smile continuing," she teases. "If I am any judge of character."

Rafferdy rolls his eyes, "Which, if I'm the kind of fella you sneak off after dark with, we've proven you are NOT." He chuckles.

"Perhaps," Katrin agrees contemplatively. "So if you are the bad sort, should I be seeking the company of others then?" she asks, lifting up one brow.

Rafferdy laughs a little more, "Probably. But, they aren't as much fun." He smiles at her, "I don't suppose your father betrothed you while you were home, did he?"

Katrin shakes her head, "No, he most certainly did not betroth me," she replies. "Though I am certain that he is looking. I suppose it is only a matter of time before he finds someone willing to take me."

Rafferdy rolls his head a bit, "You want me to put a word in to my father? You know Rutger is a rather strapping fellow…"

"You would wish to see me betrothed to your brother?" Katrin asks, tilting her head to look up at Rafferdy. "How unpredictable you are, My Lord," she muses, leaning back against the tree and placing a more appropriate distance between them.

Rafferdy laughs, "I was just looking out for your best interests." He smiles her direction. "He gets the Mire when Father dies. AND, he's a better dresser."

"I believe I am capable of looking out for my own interests," Katrin says primly. "I have no need for yet another person trying to stick their nose into my affairs and attempt to marry me off to a person I do not even know."

Rafferdy nods, "So be it." He shrugs, "But, you could do a lot worse that Rutger." He begins to push himself up to his feet. "Lord Rickart's decided it's time to betroth ME." He closes his vielle case. "You certainly can do better than ol' raggedy Rafferdy, My Lady." He tosses her a playful wink.

Katrin rises to her feet as well, brushing bits of the earth from her gown. "If you believe so much that such a match would be beneficial for both Nayland and Haigh then by all means, speak with your father. I am sure my own would be pleased to see me betrothed to such a catch. I will do my duty."

Rafferdy hefts his sack up onto his shoulder, and picks up the vielle case, looking over at her. "Beneficial, maybe. Preferential?" He shakes his head, "Not at all." He smiles, "You can do better than me. But why would you WANT to?" He gets a playful, confident grin, "I'm where the fun's at."

"Yes, because with all of your modesty, it is hard to truly understand what you think of yourself," Katrin replies. She attempts to look stern and gruff but cannot help but let a smile cross her lips. She steps in long enough to steal a fleeting kiss from Rafferdy. "Perhaps politically, I could do better than a son so far down the line of succession. But I also know that in so many years, only you have made me feel butterflies in my stomach just by looking in my direction."

Rafferdy smiles wider, "I like butterflies." He reaches over to the quiver of arrows leaning against the tree and pulls one out. He steps over to her. "Will you give your favor to this arrow, My Lady, in the form of a kiss?"

"You would wish me to kiss your arrow?" Katrin asks, looking up at Rafferdy with mild confusion appearing.

Rafferdy nods, "I would."

"Will this be the arrow you use to win the archery tournament then?" Katrin asks, her fingers brushing lightly over the shaft of said arrow.

Rafferdy nods once more. "It is." He smiles a little, liking that he didn't have to explain it to her. "And with your favor, you may know that such a victory is one I have done for you, My Lady."

Katrin nods, "Then for such a promise of victory, I would be honored to do such a thing." She plucks it from Rafferdy's hands, pressing a kiss against the arrow's head. "I shall endeavor to stay here until I have seen such a victory."

Rafferdy takes the arrow from her, and he smiles. Without another word, he gathers the last of his things, and he moves to leave. Then he pauses, and moves back over to her. His hands are rather full, so he just leans forward boldly, and if she allows, places a gentle kiss on her lips, before then turning and stepping away into the forest.

With a smile, Katrin accepts the kiss, a faint blush appearing. She just waits and watches him disappear, the smile refusing to leave her lips.