Farrell Keane
Farrell Keane
Christian Bale
Christian Bale as Ser Farrell Keane
name: Ser Farrell Keane
father: Master Rory Keane
mother: Mistress Calia Keane
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 34
height: 5'10"
weight: 200 lbs
eyes: Dark brown
hair: Dark brown
honorific: Ser
house: Ashwood
position: Household Knight


Ser Farrell Keane was born in Flint's Fingers some time in the middle of 254, son to Flint retainers Rory and Calia Keane. One of many children, Farrell's father was a guardsman and he himself eventually became one. He served as a guardsman in Flint's Fingers for five years until his father was thrown out regarding a public bribery scandal and Farrell was thrown out with him. Farrell left and went south, wandering the Riverlands and beyond as a sellsword for eight years. He became known for his professionalism and skill, eventually fighting in Robert's Rebellion on the side of the rebels. He was knighted by Ser Cormac Bolton during the Battle of the Bells after the sellsword and his fellows saved the knight via a fortunate intervention, even though Farrell was the only survivor of his group in the aftermath.

He nearly went on to fight in the Battle of the Trident, but was knocked unconscious by future associate Ser Lorcan Bluekite on a preliminary scouting mission. Although Farrell also knocked out the other man, they both remained unconscious until the battle was long over and Farrell's services were no longer needed. When they woke, the two men struck up a rapport and began working together as hedge knights after the war. The partnership continues to this very day, the two even returning to the King's service for a time to fight in the Greyjoy Rebellion.

Both Farrell and Lorcan have begun working as sworn swords to Ser Harold Charlton, Master-At-Arms of Highfield.

Master Rory Keane, father
Mistress Calia Keane, mother
Other children

Physical Features

Farrell stands at a slightly above average height of 5'10, carrying a sturdy frame of someone well-aquainted with labor and hardship. He looks as if he's seen his fair share of life, carrying the weathered appearance of someone on the edge of their prime in their mid thirties. Fair skinned and peppered with small scars, he wears his dark brown windswept hair relatively long to brush across his shoulders at times. Strong features accentuate his bearded face with a tall nose and focused eyes of deep brown. He is in peak physical condition, his build fit, well-muscled and indicative of someone who spends a great deal of his time on athletic pursuits.

Recent Activity