Page 448: Farewell Tender Herons
Farewell Tender Herons
Summary: Young Lord Ser Brennart and his young cousin Roisin are interrupted as Maldred takes his leave.
Date: 14/10/2012
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Study, Heron's Landing, Heronhurst
14th October, 289

Brennart's sitting at the writing table/desk contraption with some patrol reports on the table in front of him a pitcher of wine and goblet is on the table as well. He's lightly scratching behind his right ear while he's reading over the reports every now and then reaching over to take the goblet and take a drink.

The door to the study creaks open just a tad. Just enough for a pale face and swinging red braid to peek through. "Oh!" Roisin exclaims, her cheeks pinkening slightly. "Cousin. Am I disturbing you?" Her blue-gray eyes widen a bit but she looks rather hopeful she might be invited in. "I was just trying to find something to do." she tries to explain, opening the door a little bit more and inching her way in. "Raina is practicing her flute and all the fiddling I was doing was distracting her."

Brennart glances back and nods, "Please come in and relax, you're not disturbing me at all. How are things with you?"

Roisin relaxes noticably once she hears that she isn't disturbing Brennart and so enters the study fully now, leaving the door slightly ajar. She smiles, her eyes sparkling. "Thank you for the invitation, cousin." she says happily to him, walking over to sit down in a chair. Her eyes travel around the room in interest before looking back at him, and then at the wine. She licks her lips, but quickly looks back to her cousin, sitting up straight and folding her hands in her lap. "I'm very well, thank you." she replies to his inquiry. "And how has your day been?" She tilts her head slightly as she asks this, and her eyes sparkle just a bit more. "I hope very well." she says poilitely. Her fingers are fiddling ever so slightly in her lap and a light flush has graced her cheeks. She seems now a little nervous. "Actually…" she says after a moment, her eyes darting away. "I kind of have a request." she murmurs.

"A musical family," a cool, dry, voice observes, apparently in response to the Erenford maid's exclamation. "Would that I could say as much for my own. I'd freely admit cousin Alesander's the only one among us with an ounce of talent, and he had to go all the way to Braavos to find an audience…"

Despite the patrician edge with which this cheerful family anecdote is related, the newcomer is decidedly shabby in appearance, dressed, you might say, to avoid being looked at. His leather hood is lowered, revealing paleish hair, skin, and eyes, but by the cowl's weatherbeaten, rained on look it usually spends more time raised. The fellow is not tall, nor other than his unusually light hair (for the Riverlands) is he at all distinguished looking, bearing in fact a marked resemblance to some specimen of large rodent or lithe vermin. Ferret, weasel, stoat…

Then again, he moves in a way that indicates total confidence, and there's a prominent House not so far off quite famous for looking like stoats. "Ser Brennart," he goes on, "I must thank you for your recent hospitality. I won't prolong it any further; I'm soon for the road."

Brennart nods towards Maldred, "That's fine Ser, any kin of Lady Bryliesa's welcome in the halls of Heronhurst." He chuckles as Roisin enters the study, "My day's been…" He looks out the window and blinks, "Wasted in the study for all of it. I did not expect it to be so late already."

Roisin inclines her head in curiosity at the sound of the newcomer's voice. She then promptly blinks at his appearance, which is in such contrast compared to the way he speaks. Her nose twitches a little, barely noticable and she cannot keep from raising a brow slightly or looking him up and down. However, she quickly realizes that such a reaction is probably rude and blushes again, her chin raising. She slowly stands and attempts a nervous smile. "Good day…uh…er…" For a moment she appears unsure on how to address the man, finally, though, her smile returns, as she reaches a decision. "Good sir." she greets. She then looks back to Brennart. "Oh, Lady Bryliessa's kin?" she asks, before looking back to Maldred. "It is a pleasure to meet you then." she says, but then again looks confused. Her brow wrinkles and just to be on the safe side, she bobs a very quick curtsy of greeting, one that could also be seen as a lame hop if the man really isn't nobility, and even adds a gracious nod. She then clears her throat and smiles shyly. "Yes, we are rather musical I suppose you could say." she murmurs. "Though I, myself, don't play an instrument."

"You have no need of one, equipped as you are with the fair melody of your silvery voice, my lady," the blond ferret replies with genial and only slightly sardonic flattery. He has noticed, and seems to enjoy, her tangle over his rank, but nonetheless moves quickly to assuage it:

"Ser Maldred Rivers at your service. Soon to be our good Ser Brennart here's good-brother. As such, my lord," he teases, "would it not be knightly of you to introduce me to your lovely kinswoman here? Especially as I am shortly vowed to the road. When a weary rider muses on the last pretty face he saw, he likes to put a name to her…"

Brennart nods and chuckles, "Ser Maldred this is my cousin, Ser Otto's sister, Lady Roisin." He glances back at Maldred, "So it looks like Marvish was killed out of his own pride. Rode down some bandits without his armor nor supporting knights."

Roisin 's fair cheeks flush bright red at Maldred's words and she blinks a half dozen times, steps back once. "…" she she stammers, her chin, and thus her nose, raising a tad. "Again…it's…a…a pleasure to you, Ser Maldred." she finally is able to say before looking helplessly at her cousin. "And I…um…hope you have a very…very safe journey to wherever you may be going." She then nods and turns her face away, falling silent, but listening closely, as Brennart begins speaking about Marvish.

"Accursedly unfortunate, that," Maldred sums up the Marvish debacle. "You and your remaining brother must take the lesson to heart, Ser Brennart. I'm sure Lady Roisin's brother is a man of irreproachable character, but let's hope, nonetheless, he isn't forced to inherit Lordship. As you seem to be discovering, it's a mixed blessing…or just mixed, anyway. Mixed of anxiety and boredom, I fear!"

Looking more apologetic the bastard Frey hangs his head slightly, "I'm sorry I wasn't able to be of more use to your brother when the bandit was…", responsive to Roisin's gentle presence, he picks the next word carefully, "interviewed. From the moment I peered through the captive's filth and matted hair to spot a *female*…" Maldred's laugh is a joyless, bitter croak, "I knew I could be of little help. But I have taken your kind welcome to heart anyway, and I'll hope to repay it…some other time. For now, I go in search of…other sisters."

It's something of a running joke for Maldred that he finds a sister in every townstead and holdfast…

Brennart nods slightly, "You were a pleasant guest Ser, and I'll be sad to see you take your leave as I know Lady Bryliesa was happy to have some of her kin visiting. I wasn't much help either but when I talked to the knights that were involved." He shrugs, "Stupid pride and a great deal of luck on the side of the bandit. And yes it's a mixed blessing and curse. I'm praying for my father to have a nice long life now, I'm in no rush to step up into his seat."

Roisin had remianed silent and respectful as the two men discussed the fate of Marvish, though at the words that a female was involved, her ears do prick up a little and her brow furrows. She looks troubled by the whole ordeal, and nods quietly as both men voice their hopes that nothing else tragic should occur. When Ser Maldred announces his departure, however, she looks up again and offers him a shy, though somewhat warmer smile. "Once more it was a pleasure to meet you, Ser." she says to him, with a little more confidence now. "Please have a safe journey."

"You'll be wanting to hear your cousin's sweeter conversation now," Maldred jokes, "so I'll get on my way. Oh, there is one thing…" There is a rolled up scrip of parchment in his left hand, such as ravens carry. It is there very swiftly. Could it have been furled between his fingers all along…?

"A short missive for my father, but it needs the utmost speed. I wonder if you could hand it over to your Maester's rookery? If that's alright, I shall be off at once."

Brennart nods, "I'll see to it that it's sent out immediately. Is there anything else that you required before you left? Food or drink for the road?" He glances over towards his cousin and lets her just become a wall flower while Maldred's around

Roisin does indeed become a wallflower for the next few moments as the men discuss the missive Maldred has given to Brennart to be delivered. She takes a step back and lets her eyes wander over the room once more.

"Oh no," Maldred answers quickly, right back in courtly mode. "The good wishes of you and your lovely cousin here shall be as drink and provender to me. Farewell, gentle lord and lady both!" And he delays that long-announced departure no longer, whipping around and pacing out into the warren of corridors beyond.