Page 458: Family Reunion
Family Reunion
Summary: After his return from the Roost, Einar and Tiaryn catch each other up on events.
Date: 24/Oct/2012
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Tiaryn Einar 
Gardens, Tanglewood Manor
Much of these gardens remain largely untouched, since the construction of the Keep; enclosed now by the towering wall and overlooked by the rear of the building. Trees yet linger, old and strong with sprawling boughs and unruly roots in places. The ground remains uneven, as well as set in a lazy slope, with little rocky outcroppings dotting the lush grass here and there. The main body of the lawn is well enough tended.. but these ancient guardians of foliage and flora lend the impression of being far, far removed from the troubles of the Riverlands. Further off toward the east, led to by a neat path along the top of the hill, a rather less wild expanse of growth can be discerned through the trees.
Wed Oct 24, 289

Noble ladies should probably not do what Tia has. Which is - she's climbed a tree, finding herself a nice nook in one of the older trees, and settled decorously in it. Then she got Jacob to pass up her harp, so she's sitting there, perfectly proper, playing her harp. Bethy is sat on a blanket near by, on the lawn, frowning at Tia's escapade as she calls it.

Possibly they shouldn't, at least not in public, but then these gardens are not quite so public as other places. Having returned from exercising his horse Einar was just putting away his tack and gear when his ears had picked up the sound of the harp. Putting two and two together and hoping he doesn't end up with three he has followed his ears until the sight of his good-sister's maid and guard gave away the position of his good-sister herself. Four it is after all then. Closing the distance between them he offers a brief nod in greeting to the two on the ground before glancing up to Tia. He has to squint a little due to the sun but he offers a cheery, "good morning" anyway.

Jacob bows his head politely, still on his feet, while on duty. He smiles, recognizing Einar, but doesn't let it detract from his work. Bethy gets to her feet to curtsy, and then settles back down, staying quiet as is her usual. Tia's harp stops for a moment, and then she glances over at Einar. "Hello, good-brother," she says, warmly. "How are you faring today? It's a lovely day, don't you think?" The harp music starts up once again, a gentle sound suitable to the location. "You aren't going to tell me I'm too old to be up here, are you?"

"As if you'd listen to a word of it if I did," Einar responds with a relaxed grin. A quick glance confirms that yes, it is a nice day so he nods in affirmation at that. "I am doing well thank you, and yourself? Things are certainly calmer here than at the Roost, or so it seems anyway."

"Things are calmer here now," Tia says with a nod. One foot kicks gently in time to the music, not audible really against the bark of the tree. "Though poor Cherise!" There's silence for a moment after that, since it's not a happy thing, all in all. Insanity just isn't pretty. She frowns a bit, and then she says, "I do feel sorry for her, all in all. Though I am not certain if she would appreciate that." She takes a breath and then says, "I am doing well. Lady Aeliana is helping to plan my wedding, and Lord Aleister has been quite pleasant." Carefully she avoids the topic of her fiance.

Maybe it's the mention of Cherise, maybe its something he was going to ask anyway, but the next words out of Einar's mouth are, "And how about Corrie? Anders mentioned things are still.. difficult." He glances down at that and studies the grass for a moment. "She can not have long left now can she?" He asks, figuring that Tia may have a better idea than he has, "Anders is hoping to be back in a few days, although if there are developments then we've agreed I'll send him a fast rider."

"I don't know, I was kicked out of Corrie's room," Tia says, looking worried. "Though with Cherise gone, I should see if I can get in to see Corrie and maybe help out. It shouldn't be long." She takes a breath, the music stopping totally at that topic of concern. "I want to go see what Anders is building one of these days," she adds, after a moment or two.

Einar hmms at that, not entirely sure he likes the idea of Corrie having no family to visit her. Straightening a little he states with resolve, "I shall visit with her this afternoon, say I have words for her from her husband if any one objects." Relaxing a little once more he glances back up to Tia and continues, "the port? Myself and Master Vis are planning on riding out there in the next day or so to check on progress. You should join us." Before the wedding gets to close.

"I will," Tia says, brightening immediately. "That would be very much appreciated." She pauses only briefly to ask, "Is it okay if Lord Saethwyr comes, if he should wish to?" She won't even ask him if it will make Einar uncomfortable, and that much might even be clear from her asking the question. "Let me know when you are leaving and I will be sure to be ready."

Smiling at Tia's reaction Einar nods his agreement. "Lets say tomorrow then, will an hour after breakfast give you time enough to prepare?" He knows well enough that he and Pariston could manage that, but women? He just doesn't know. As for Saethwyr? He pauses for a moment the offers ever so slightly more formally, "if he wishes to then he would be welcome." It's not so much that his presence would make him uncomfortable, more he had just envisioned actually spending a little time with his good-sister again.

Tia watches Einar's reaction and then she says, "Then I won't invite him," she suggests simply. "I am sure he would be welcome, as you say, but - it seems to me that maybe we could do with ourselves to guard us?" She isn't quite sure what brought that pause and bit more formality to Einar's voice, but tis obvious it was related to Saethwyr. "He can always come see the Port next time."

Einar looks faintly guilty as Tia makes her statement, but then she ways always good at reading him. He almost says that she should, but realises that they would run the risk of bogging the conversation down in uncomfortable areas. To move things along he states simply, "I reminded some of the Terrick that they are invited, while I was at the Roost. I am not sure about the new Lord and his family, but both Lord Justin and Lady Anais are hoping to attend."

Tia grins at that, the smile on her face lighting it up. "Did you? Thank you very much for that, I appreciate it. I don't know the new Lord and his family at all, so if they don't come, I can't say I will be offended. I'm not sure we ever met even once." She takes the new topic easily, letting the previous one drop for now.

"I wouldn't think so," Einar answers, "since I heard they have been living in the Vale for a number of years." It is possible though, now he considers it, maybe when Tia was very small? He just doesn't know when they left well enough to say. "Lady Anais is here now," he then adds, "myself and Master Vis rode with her here on our way back. There are talks relating to the agreements between Highfield and the Roost now there have been upheavals at both ends. I think she was hoping to visit if you were available."

Tia considers that and then says, "It would have been when I was very small, you are right. And I doubt I'd remember them or they recognize me by now." She passes her harp down, the quiet of the tree roost perhaps losing its appeal somewhat. As she gets down, she is somewhat leafed and twigged. Her hair of course gets the worst of it. "I should be glad to visit with Lady Anais if she is here," she says softly. "That would be quite welcome."

Einar takes the harp and passes it off to Jacob before offering his aid to Tia's descent should she require it. He can't help but continue to look faintly guilty again though, given how content she'd been in the tree before he arrived. "I'll let her know should I see her," he replies with a faint nod, not really sure if he should make his excuses and leave his sister in peace once more.

Tia doesn't really need Einar's help, but she takes it. And uses it to her advantage so she can give her good-brother a big hug. "I'm glad you are back, Einar. I have missed my family." She smiles as she pulls back, once the hug is done. "And so, what were you and Master Vis doing in the Roost?"

Einar knows better than to resist or try and pull back from the hug, instead using the time to ponder how best to answer Tia's question. He can't just pass the business off with a generic remark about helping Justin, even if he wanted to, not with Anais around. Once she pulls back though he sighs quietly and figures pretty much straight up is the best way forwards, however unpleasant it may be. "Lady Anais' husband, Lord Jascen, had gone missing so we both rode to help with the search. Unfortunately we were too late to save him." He's faintly surprised the news hasn't spread this far yet, given it is nearly a week since his body was discovered. News can be a fickle thing sometimes though. Details however, are not something he's going to share, he doesn't want to put Tia through that.

Oh, the news might have made it here and Tia just was oblivious, that's been known to happen a time or two. "Oh," she says, and then "OH!" A pause. "I'm so sorry to hear that. Lord Jacsen had seemed to be helpful and kind the few times I met him," she says. Yes, she knows there are rumours and yes, she she knows they're not pretty, when it comes to him. But she can really only judge on her own experience. "I am glad that you went to help. You are two of the best in the woods, after all."

"That's certainly true of Master Vis," Einar admits, "although I think the Terrick's hunt master has me beaten by a fair way." He almost mentions that it was Pariston who found teh body, but then decides that that is far to much like details Tia probably doesn't want. "We did what we could," he offers instead, "and at least he is no longer missing and Lady Anais can move on." He stops there though, suddenly conscious of the whole widow link. Hmm, awkward. "Do you think perhaps," he asks, "I should go make that call on Corrie?" To avoid digging a deeper hole and all that.

Tia takes a breath, and then she pauses, a wry smile on her face. "There is that, though it will no doubt take her a bit of time," she says. Her thoughts are now on Anais, for sure, and she gives Einar a long look. "You can if you wish," she says, simply. "Don't let me stop you, I'm hopeful that she will be looking for company. And that I can go visit her again now."