Here find a list of the main houses currently on the game, along with very brief overviews. For more detailed info about a house, click on the house name to go to their individual page.

(This list represents the main PC and NPC houses currently on the grid, but there are many more houses that ICly exist in the Riverlands. You can find a list here.)

The Riverlands


House Terrick of Terrick's Roost

The Terricks, loyal vassals of House Mallister, rule the lands from near Stonebridge to the Cape of Eagles. They have a long-running feud with House Nayland, most recently over control of Stonebridge, long a Terrick vassal but now in Nayland hands. The current lord is Bolland Terrick, Lord Terrick Roost.


House Nayland of Hag's Mire

Their castle of House Nayland, the Fortress of the Sevens, commands all landward passage around the Blue Fork of the Trident. They are still the poorest vassals of House Frey, but known for their aggressive ambitions. They have a long-running feud with House Terrick. The current lord is Rickart Nayland, Lord Nag's Mire.


House Tordane of Stonebridge

Now extinct, House Tordane once ruled Stonebridge, a market town on the river between Seagard and The Twins. Its lord and heir were both killed at the battle of The Trident, leaving only a daughter. It has since been absorbed into House Nayland through the marriage of that daughter, Lady Isolde Tordane, to Lord Ryker Nayland. Following the death of Lord Ryker and a pursuant claim by Lady Danae Tordane, widow to Isolde's bastard brother, Stonebridge currently rests under the Stewardship of House Nayland via Ser Tyroan Nayland under the appointment of Lord Walder Frey.


House Charlton of Hollyholt

House Charlton is the richest and most powerful vassal of House Frey, and the most loyal to their lieges. The heir, Ser Andrey Charlton, is well-known as a frequent, and skilled entrant in local tourneys. Their seat is at Hollyholt, a well-maintained keep surrounded by one of the largest towns in the area. In October of 289, Ser Keegan Charlton, Lord Hollyholt, took the entire Riverlands by surprise when he seceded from the vassalage of Lord Frey to swear his fealty directly to House Tully.
Due to their switched allegiance, this house is now officially an NPC house.*


House Ashwood of Highfield

In October of 289 AL, following the severing of the vassalage of House Charlton of Hollyholt to House Frey, House Charlton of Highfield severed its ties with its former liege, taking the name Ashwood. They are sworn in fealty and service to House Frey. The lands of the newly established House are located upon the vast fields and hills that can be found directly to the east of the forest where Tall Oaks once resided. House Ashwood is currently ruled by Ser Aleister Ashwood, Lord Highfield.


House Erenford of Heronhurst

Another vassal of House Frey, the Erenfords' seat at Heronhurst is immediately southwest of The Twins. Closest neighbor to the lands of House Nayland as well, they are known to support that house's control of Stonebridge and the new trade policies enacted as a result. House Erenford is currently ruled by Ser Miraz Erenford, Lord Heronhurst.


House Haigh of Broadmoor Keep

From their seat at Broadmoor Keep, House Haigh looks also to House Frey for leadership. They are somewhat in competition with Houses Erenford and Nayland for Lord Walder's favor, jockeying for second position behind House Charlton, and always looking for a chance to gain in fortune and standing. House Haigh is currently ruled by Ser Leslyn Haigh, Lord Broadmoor.


House Groves of Kingsgrove

House Groves is vassal to House Mallister, and though poorer than the Terricks, they are rich in history, boasting a long and storied past stretching back into the Age of Heroes. Their lands are also along the Cape of Eagles, south and west of the Roost. House Groves is currently ruled by Ser Campbell Groves, Lord Kingsgrove.


House Mallister of Seagard

The Lords Protector of the Riverlands, House Mallister commands the fortress at Seagard, first line of defense against raids from the Iron Isles. Though not as rich as House Frey, they are generally better respected. The Lord of Seagard is Patrek Mallister after his father, Lord Jason Mallister, hero of the Trident, was slain in single combat by Prince Rodrik Greyjoy before the walls of Seagard during the Ironborn Invasion on January 28, 289.


House Frey of The Twins

The Freys are known as Lords of the Crossing for their seat, which from its location at the base of the narrow swamplands known as The Neck gives them control not only of river trade, but of the only passage between The North and the rest of the kingdom. They are the richest house in the Riverlands, but Lord Walder Frey is not held in very high regard by their liege, House Tully.


House Tully of Riverrun

The Lords Paramount of the Riverlands, House Tully is widely held to be the least powerful of the Great Houses of Westeros, though they have powerful allies. The present Lord Paramount of the Riverlands is Hoster Tully, his son and heir Edmure is a youth of 15. They answer directly to the king. This is a strictly NPC house.

The North


House Flint of Flint's Finger

One of several houses Flint, this one sits on the peninsula north of the Cape of Eagles. Somewhat isolated between the swamps of the neck and the Flint Cliffs, they are forced to do more traveling and trading by sea than land.

The Westerlands


House Banefort of the Banefort

The Banefort sits on the coat just southwest of the Riverlands, and the family that rule it are staunch opponents of the Iron Islands whose raiders frequently trouble their ships and shores. They have recently begun looking for connections in the Riverlands. Their current lord is Erik Banefort. Their liege is House Lannister.


House Wyncliff

Located south and just a touch west of Seagard, House Wyncliff finds it's home amongst the cliffs of Ironman's Bay. This has served to both hinder and help their township, Wyncliff Port, for the cliff's that surround them protect them from invasion or attack by land, but by the same token, it prevents travellers and traders from coming in along the same path. As such, the only viable route to reach Wyncliff Port is by sea. Their liege is House Mallister.


House Westerling of the Crag

House Westerling of The Crag is located further down the coast, but is equally troubled by raiders. They also face declining fortunes, which are causing them too to seek new friends in the Riverlands. Their current lord is Gawen Westerling. Their liege is House Lannister.