Page 553: Familiar Faces
Familiar Faces
Summary: As a few last minute arrivals trickle in before the wedding, there's a moment or two for light conversation in the stables
Date: 27/Jan/2013
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Mortimer Nedra 
Stables, Broadmoor
Broadmoor Keep's stables are beautifully tended, with roomy stalls and mangers stuffed full of sweet-smelling hay. At one end of the airy building lies a tidy tack room, where many a squire has spent his afternoons polishing leather to a high sheen. The constant sound of contented equine munching and swishing of tails provides a rare respite and quiet, compared to the general bustle of the fortress.
Sun Jan 27, 290

It's hopefully not yet time for the actual wedding, or it's possible that the newly arrived Terrick lady will not have time to freshen up after the ride. Cutting it a little fine maybe, but sometimes things just come up that get in the way. Of Lady Faline herself there is no sign, no doubt she's off settling in, or having her arrival announced, or whatever it is that nobles do when they go somewhere new, but her arrival is clear enough in the stables. Haigh grooms are tending to the horses and a couple of Terrick armsmen are helping the Broadmoor servants with what luggage has been brought. One such Terrick man is Mortimer. A remarkably unusual sight anywhere but Roost lands and certainly not one who'd been expected here for the festivities but here he is none-the-less, accepting a pair of saddlebags off a groom and shifting them on his shoulder until they are comfortable.

Leading her mare toward the stables, Nedra is accompanied by her maid and one of her armsmen as they wind their way through the light bit of traffic that surrounds the stables. The crowded stables, at that. Many nobles from the cape are in attendance, though most of them are already in the gardens in anticipation of the wedding and the following ceremony. Nedra, for her own reasons, is not with the large crowd that continues to grow in size, and is - instead - enjoying a bit more of the clear afternoon air. She spots the deputy sheriff as she leads her mare to the side, allowing the passage of a matched team of coursers and the open carriage they're towing to pass toward the stables to be unhitched.

Mortimer thinks that that's everything sorted and on it's way to whatever rooms have been set aside, although he does pause to have a quick glance around both the horses and the floor to ensure that nothing has been missed. Maybe it's just been so long since he's done this particular job but Seven help when did Ladies start needing this much stuff for a few days away? He'll never understand it, but then he doesn't have to really, he just has to make sure it all gets to where it needs to, the rest is up to the maids. Oh, and he has to make sure no one attacks, takes advantage of or otherwise interferes with Faline. Although right now one of her regular guards has that particular job. Everything seeming to be in order he moves to follow the others, spotting Nedra as he does so. Theres nothing quite like seeing a familiar face amongst a sea of chaos and he pauses a moment to offer a respectful bow and "m'Lady."

Nedra lifts one hand to wave some of the dust in the air away from her face, standing patiently with Jinx until the dust settles, literally, and smiles a greeting to Mortimer. "Master Trevelyan, good day to you," is offered in return, her words echoed by those of her maid along with a nod from Ser Allain, the captain of her guard. "I wasn't aware that anyone other than myself and Lord Lothar had traveled here from Terrick's Roost," she says, surprise in her tone of voice. "Though my brother and good sister arrived late last night, and Martyn," added with a mild shake of her head.

Mortimer nods briefly to both maid and guard before returning his attention to Nedra herself. "Lady Faline has made the trip," he answers, glancing briefly out towards the courtyard to indicate that the lady in question is about somewhere. He seems to relax slightly now that he's amongst people he knows rather than the Haigh's own servants but he still doesn't look entirely at ease as he suggests, half to Ser Allain, "perhaps it might be an idea to ride back as one group rather than several." Then back to Nedra, "I am glad that all have arrived safely then m'Lady, those are all I knew that had departed by the time we ourselves left."

"How wonderful, I've had so little time to speak with Lady Faline, I'm glad she's made the trip," Nedra replies with a smile, passing the reins of her horse to Ser Allain. "And that would be a grand idea, to be fair, I'm just not quite certain that I'll be returning to Terrick's Roost after the ceremony. But it would, indeed, make a great deal more sense, and better safety to boot, if everyone were to travel in one large party instead of several smaller ones." She nods at Shalla, knowing how close the hour is, "I'm so sorry. But i must change before the reception. Will you give my regards to your son?" she wonders, "I have a new kite model that I'll be flying in a few weeks, perhaps he'll be free to lend a hand and running legs?"

Mortimer nods silently at Nedra's response, making a mental note to bring it up with Lothar should he get the chance, or maybe one of the Mallister lords. As she starts to make her departure Mortimer glances to the maid as well, after all, if Nedra has to go change then so will Faline and he'd best get a move on with the gear he is still holding. "I will m'Lady," he offers sincerely, "he's had Master Corbitt out and about with the one you gave him for most of yesterday and maybe even today as well. 'am sure he'd be more than happy to help with any others you might need flying." There's possibly just the faintest hint of a grumble in his tone there, not at the kite flying mind, more that that's what he would have been doing if he hadn't been shanghaied into playing escort instead. "If I don't see you around then have a safe journey where e'er you ride m'Lady," he then offers slightly more formally and with a departing nod, "the roads are still a dangerous place, even this close to the Kingsroad."

"The trick, I hope, is to appear inconspicuous and ride faster than those who would plague the roads," Nedra suggests, pausing long enough to rest one hand on Jinx's neck, patting lightly as she smiles fondly at the fleet hooved mare. "But, you're quite right, I'll be sure to take reasonable care when traveling. I'll be returning to Terrick's Roost shortly, I'm sure, either way. so long as my brother and goodsister are in residence it just makes sense to return there," she explains before Shalla tugs lightly at her sleeve. "Yes, yes,I know, we must away, there isn't much time," she gives Mortimer another quick smile, "thank you for your words of advice though, and pass along a greeting to Courier Corbitt if you would?" she wonders before moving with Shalla toward the Keep.