Lady Faline Terrick


With the tight reigns upon those beneath House Terrick, particular of Lord Ser Bolland's lineage, Faline was raised to embody the perfection of what was required of a noblewoman. Gentleness, wit, intellect, and cunning. All well honed traits to support her betters and while she may call upon these skills when necessary Faline had other plans for her own life.

As the youngest daughter at the moment, but by far from the youngest as a whole, Faline looked up to her elder siblings with awe. Each one possessed their own strengths carried down through the genetic strengths or weakness from either parents or both. In her early years Faline was often in trouble when it came to satisfying her curiosity. She sought pleasure in all things be it sneaking through the halls of the keep to spy on her older siblings, parents, or those who discussed private matters behind closed doors that a young girl had no business listening to. Due to this Faline was careful, ever cautious not to allow her true desires to see the light day and endeavored to keep her lips sealed. As such this young Terrick is reminded well to fall in line with the aspirations that befitted her house. Even if they go against her better judgment.

As the years pressed on from a young child to a blossoming young woman in the Vale, Faline became well acquainted with her mother's half of the family. Cousins aplenty, along with aunts and uncles that all carried high their own ambitious torches against who's can shine brighter. It was safer to remain aloof of such things. Women were pawns, she came to understand this early on.

Upon the news that she and her family, brothers, sister and beloved parents were about to relocated to the western regions of the Riverlands Feline barely contained her excitement. Travel was among one of her aspirations. The mummer's troupe received her envy as they came and went as much as they pleased. This voyage, to reside in the Roost, was marked as a start to a great adventure by the rumors that have reached the Vale. Faline was so very curious of her cousins in the Four Eagles.

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