Page 211: Facing the Past
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Summary: On the Flint trip to the Roost, Tia makes a side trip to the ruin of Tall Oaks, alone but for the Flint guards and her maid.
Date: 13/02/289
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Tiaryn Pariston 
The Ruins of Tall Oaks
Charred ashes. What else? Oh. Okay, there's some trees and stuff left over outside the charred ash.

Tall Oaks. Or well, Fallen Oaks now. The road from the Roost takes about half a day, if you take the road. There are back trails that can get you there faster, but this time, it's a ride along the road. Tiaryn is riding Gethin, the overly wide and somewhat cranky horse that she managed to inherit, and is refusing to give up. As they get closer to the area of the keep and the town, she slows Gethin to a walk, dread riding her. At least there's been no sign of any remaining Ironborn. Well, since they razed the place to the ground, there wasn't much here for them to stick around for. And now that she's made it to the ashes and ruins that are left, she just stops dead in her tracks, unmoving. There are signs that someone else has already been here, signs that someone has been back to bury the dead properly. Tia's eyes are burning, as she sits atop her mount, stock still, and just stares.

Pariston rides upon the mare that he got after his brother died. The horse had survived, but his brother didn't. Now looking after the horse. The black and grey mare, Thatra, named after their mother. He follows Tiaryn and Gethin. Eyes looking around to the ashes, the atmosphere just as dead as the fallen city. Riding up next to Tiaryn as his own eyes looks to where she is looking. Seeing what she is seeing, that they're not the first ones here after the attack. Eyes going to Tiaryn, studying her. "M'lady…" His voice is calm and soft, almost in a whisper, trying to comfort her.

Tiaryn's face is pale as she looks over the place, carefully. She and Pariston are of course not the only ones here, Adara and her sworn also here and perhaps a couple others. Regardless, they are all ignored, every last one of them, as Tia gets down off her horse now. She pauses to look over at Pariston briefly, and he might be the only one to see the absolute sadness on her face, the tears starting to fall, as she looks at the remains of her home. "I'm sorry, Vis. This is not one of my better moments." The words are broken and desolate. She heads over to where it seems that a burial of some sort has been accomplished, kneeling down there, and not caring what it does to her dress, as she takes the opportunity to mourn.

Pariston let his eyes follow her as she moves off her horse and even turns to look at him. Offering a small nod to her before getting off his own horse. Carrying his usual outfit, but also a leather jerkin and sword. Serving as a guard on this trip. It's an easier weapon on these kinds of trips, even if he prefer the spear. He gently moves closer. Stopping a few steps behind her and to the side, kneeling down. Paying his respect as well as being close for support, would she need it.

For a long while, Tia just cries silently. No loud wails or horrible shrieks. Just a silent sobbing. Eventually she cries herself out, alone. She'd have prefered to be here with her niece, but that just wasn't to be. So, now she's here with mostly strangers, people she's known a couple months at best, or only distantly in the past. As she stops crying, her head aching, eyes burning, and cheeks wet, she reaches her hands to rub at her face. Then she gets to her feet, moving away, just a bit into the trees. It's further away perhaps than it should be, but she finds some flowering branches, off some small bushes. They have thorns but she ignores that, tugging to get them out of the ground if she can. No, she's not asking for help, but she could probably use some.

Pariston wouldn't expect her to ask, but he will still help out. Following behind her as she moves. Eyes keeping a look on her, moving to take hold of the branch. Taking a hold and help her to pull it out. Staying silent for now, though he does look at her. Knowing that she most likely isn't taking this too good. But he does what he can to be the support that she needs. It's true that they haven't actually know one another long, even if they've most likely seen each other in passing during the years. But he still believe that he can understand her feelings at the moment.

Tia is glad that there's someone here, that's for sure. At the unasked for help, she gives Pariston a grateful smile, through the tears on her face. "Thank you," she says softly. She wants to take the flowers and branches over to the burial site, resting them there as an offering more or less. It's fairly obvious what she's doing. And as she realizes, Adara moves to help as well. And after a moment, so too does the other guard, Tia's sworn. Paying their respects as well.

Pariston nods and offers a kind smile. Continuing to help. Had she not been a noble, he might have gotten rid of the tears from her face, and perhaps given her even more support. But seeing as he isn't, nor anyone that actually has anything to do with her, he just helps her with what he can. Nodding to Adara and the sworn as well. Eyes still looking around the destroyed city and the ashes, every so often glancing to Tiaryn.

Oh she could use a hug, but well, she's not going to ask for that either. Once the branches and flowers are set down, she returns back to the horses, leaning against Gethin and getting a sort of horsey hug from him. He whickers at her - he might be cantankerous and not like anyone or anything touching him, but that seems to not apply to Tia.

Pariston moves over to Tiaryn and the horse. As she has his back to him, while leaning against Gethin, he put a comforting hand on her shoulder. That is pretty much as close to a hug as he can get, unfortunately, then he moves towards his own horse. Bowing, in respect, to the burial site. Holding the reins to Thatra in his hands. Eyes still looking to the ashes of the city.

"It wasn't a big place," Tia says, looking up. That touch on her shoulder means as much to Tia as a hug would, really. She knows it's all that can be done. "The keep and the town - we weren't as big a place as the Roost or Stonebridge. We didn't even have as many men - just farmers and hunters with bows and no training or experience of war." She dusts her skirt, automatically, not really paying that much attention, and then mounts, stopping. "It was so beautiful, with the trees growing up around and through the keep." And it's all gone now, including the godswood, cut down and used as a battering ram. "Thank you all for coming here with me," she says, and she pauses a moment. While they're still here, she digs into her saddlebags and then to each of them she passes out a small favour. It's just simple, the Flint grey, but in blue and gold, it has the motto of the Camdens, "Patience Unbent" embroidered simply on it.

Pariston listens, looking to Tiaryn as she speaks. Moving to mount his horse as she does. Bowing his head deep when she offers the small favour. Eyes looking to the others around. Then it's back to her. "Lady Tiaryn, I think I speak for all of us when I say that this favour won't go unappreciated." Then moving closer. Close enough to keep the talk between them, yet with enough distance to keep things appropriate. "Don't hesitate on coming to me if you need anything. Be it only someone to talk to, other than your sworn or your maid."

Tia keeps her hands decorous, not going an inch past propriety in any way, shape or form. "Thank you, Vis," she says, inclining her head. She is, for all that she told Corrie once that she runs a bit on the wild side, a proper lady. Mostly. "I will remember that you said that, in future." She takes a breath, giving one to the Sworn, to Adara, to whoever else is there that wants one. Just a few folks, perhaps. Not very many at all. Say there's only 5. The five brave folks who came with Tiaryn and put up with her crying fit at Tall Oaks. And all they got was this silly little favour. Tiaryn however has a calmer look to her now. "Let's head for the roost. We might even catch up with Young Lord Anders."

Pariston nods to her, looking to the others as they are to start on their way. How the others feel about the favour he can not know, but he do know that it isn't just silly thing. Keeping it close as they start off. Keeping his usual position, to the side a bit behind lady Tiaryn. Eyes keeping watch to the sides, there shouldn't be anyone around to attack, but one never knows.