Page 332: Everybody Out
Everybody Out
Summary: Rutger releases the non combatant Charltons due to a threat from Hollyhort, arriving in Ser Andrey and men.
Date: 13/06/2012
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Tordane Tower Hall
The entrance to the tower opens into a larger common room for receiving guests. Effort has been made to bring warmth and light to the interior, as well. Rugs have been hung from the stone walls as well as placed on the floor to bring at a welcoming ambiance. There is a large table with several chairs off to the left of the door, a cooking hearth against the back wall, and a wooden staircase that leads up. An antechamber behind the stairs is where the servants live and bed down.
June 17th 289AL

Ramsey is sitting in a chair at the table, a somewhat bored expression on his face as he leans on his right elbow and with his free left hand twirls a copper penny. He watches it spin about until it falls over, then takes it up and sends it spinning again. It doesn't always spin on the first try. There's some dexterity involved in doing this one-handed with one's offhand.

The multiple sounds of footsteps echo from the curved stairs as Cherise is shadowed by the Nayland guardsmen. Her intentions to tour the gardens, again, had been derailed once setting foot into the Tower's great hall and spying with her eyes a seemingly bored Charlton. Both arms were folded across her abdomen, a pale red shawl wrapped about her torso and limbs, vibrantly standing out against the pale yellow silk tafetta attire that was appropriate for warm days such as this. "Good day cousin." She greets, drawing a few steps closer while her eyes briefly narrow on the spinning copper. "You seem like you may benefit from some company."

Ramsey lifts his pale eyes to focus his gaze upon Cherise. A smile slowly spreads across his lips. "Fair Cherise. The lady brings sunshine itself into the hall." He says warmly, actually sitting up a bit. Then he glances down at the coin. "There is a little game I know. Would you be interested in playing?" Be wary of the mischievous glint in his eyes.

As he usually does, at least once a day, Alric has toured the tower. At least the parts that he is allowed entry to. Now coming to the tower hall and his eyes are looking around the area, followed by four Nayland guards as usual. Quick to spot the Charltons that seem to have started to talk with one another. Making his way over there with a warm smile on his face. "Lord Ramsey, Lady Cherise. Pleasure seeing you both, as always."

Wandering the halls of the Tordane Towers finds Alys and her maid walking into the great hall. Her long red curly hair is down and slung over the shoulder of her mistletoe red gown. She turns from a conversation she was having with her maid when she hears Ramsey's voice. A smile lights her face when she spots Cherise and Alric there as well. "Cousins, my lord." She says with a little curtsy. "It has been some time, how fare you all?"

"I do not believe I have that capability cousin, however the compliment is no less appreciated." Catching that peculiar glint in Ramsey's eyes, Cherise inclines her head thoughtfully before pursuing to join her kin at the table and sit across from him. "I may." She says at first, lowering both hands unto her lap and asking, "What sort of game is it?" Something with coin.

No sooner had she sat down, her gaze turns to Alric then Alys now entering the Tower's hall. "As you m'lord Fenster." Now addressing her lady cousin, "Well for the time being. Lord Ramsey's here was just about to show me game to play. But what of yourself cousin? My dear Aerick has not known your company for quite a few days."

Alric nods to the words of Cherise and then grins as he looks at Ramsey about the game. "I see. Sounds like it might be an interesting game." Then looking over to Alys and a bow is given to her. "Lady Alys. Wonderful to see you as usual." Then he moves a bit to the side as he continues to look to the others. "So, mind if I join you?" He asks, seeing nothing else to do for now.

Ramsey's grin widens as Cherise sits down. He casts a glance towards the new arrivals and offers a pleasant nod. Then his focus is back on Cherise. "A simple game." He snatches up the coin soundlessly from it's spinning and claps his hands together, the penny hidden between them. Then he draws his hands apart, fists clenched tightly. "A guess is made to find the coin. If the lady guesses correctly, the man takes a drink and she keeps the coin. If she does not find the coin? She kisses the man. Easy, yes?" He flashes his charming smile, the humor still in his eyes. "A man can play till he runs out of coins." He adds.

Other might be enjoying a day of lax captivity, but it seems that that moment of calm and peace is about to be broken as the doors to the tower come open. Out in the courtyard, men are scrambling it seems, as Ser Rutger Nayland storms in. "Crossbowmen out there!" barked, before he is looking to his squire. "Go and fetch my arms." he bellowing to the lad before he's turning his head a look to the stairs and now to the prisoners in the hall. "You." pointing to the guard. "Round up the other important prisoners. Now." What is going on? Hard to say.

It wouldn't take long for Aleister to be rounded up, for he's already descending the curved stairs that lead into the Tower Hall, hands clasped almost idly behind his back, as if he were a simple guest and not a prisoner. Of course, there's the guards that never let him from their sight and don't seem too inclined to give him too much freedom.

Boots on flagstones both herald and follow Rutger's arrival, guards scrambling about everywhere, and men trailing after him at a quick march, heading for the knot of Charlton prisoners, rapidly moving to surround them.

Alys gestures to one of the chairs near to Cherise, and takes a seat when she is given leave to do so. "A game?" She asks with interest, "What sort of game, cousin?" she says to Ramsey. As he explains she shakes her head. "No drinking for me today, my lord." She smiles to him before turning to smile at Cherise, "I am well, Lord Alric has been keeping me company. Dreadfully dull place this is, especially when one cannot just go on her horse and go for a ride." She shifts uneasily in her chair before continuing. "How is the little lad, Lady Cherise? I cannot deny I have missed his little coos." Alys brightens a smile to Alric. "It is a pleasure to see you as well, my lord." Though Rutger and Aleister draw her attention now, she bows her head to both of them looking over her cousin as she has not seen him in quite some time. "My lord, what is this about?" She says with a bit of a frown to Rutger.

"Of course, Lord Alric." She invites as a graceful gesture indicates to any and all vacant chairs at the large table the pair is seated at. After Ramsey explains the game, the lady Cherise is tickled with laughter. "Easy yes though practical I should disagree. I would be laden with guilt to bereft you of all your coin cousin." Her lips curl into a playful smirk until a commanding shout had echoed in the halls which drained all the pleasure from her face almost immediately. Large blue eyes dart over the flurry of movement, concern causing her to rise. "What is the meaning of this Ser Rutger?"

Ramsey looks around as things suddenly get very crowded and his grin widens. His eyes find Cherise, "It seems many are wanting to play this game." He comments with a wry twist of his lips, but the amusement in his eyes has chilled a bit as he flicks his gaze over the commotion. He stands at a slower pace, unfolding himself from the chair and absently twisting the coin around in the fingers of his right hand.

Alric smiles and nods to those around as he takes a seat. Grinning at the rules of the game. Having quite figure it would eyes catches sight of Aleister and offers a nod to th man. But that lasts only a second as he turns to Rutger and seems to try and get a hang on the situation, though he isn't saying too much. Just wanting the information from the man. Though he does rise to his feet.

"Shut up and sit down." Comes the bark from the Nayland Lord, as he is looking back towards the open doors. "Get me a Serjeant." he barks over towards one of the guards, as he awaits the return of his squire. Once sword and shield are brought back, the knight is strapping them on, and then glancing over towards Aleister. "Separate him, from the others. Keep his knights In chains, as with his armsmen." A motion over towards Ramsey and Alric is given "Those two, are going outside, as are the women.." A brief pause. "And someone get the baby." Because it's all hands on deck. Only then does he look over to poor Lucamore Cox. "Get the Lord Regent down. NOW." No explanation given, yet.

The commotion that begins to arise in the Tower Hall draws a lift of Aleister's lips and without a chance to greet any of his kin, he's simply shifting his eyes in the direction of Rutger, watching as the sword and shield come to be strapped on. The command to seperate him, from the rest, draws a slight curve of his lips to a smirk before he's finally calling out, "And what, good Ser, is the meaning of this?"

Alys had remained in her seat until now, as Rutger barks orders around her and her companions. She raises a brow as he mentions bringing down Riordan, and shakes her head. Walking slowly, she moves over to Cherise and takes her by the hand to comfort her.

The guards spring into action, moving to separate Aleister as ordered. Another servant runs off to send the message to the dungeons, and one more up to try to rouse Lord Riordan from his sick-bed, and one more to get baby Aerick.

"OOooh, more guards." Alric offers up and grins as they are surrounded and then it seems that they are to be led out. His face turning a bit serious at that. A nod to the other Charltons before looking to Aleister. "On what grounds are you keeping him?" He asks and looks to Rutger.

Had she been in lighter moods Cherise might have acknowledged Ramsey's quip with a sidewise smirk. Upon seeing her husband's arrival the lady was near ready to gravitate towards the man though actions had paused at a new set of commands barked at all the Charltons. Swords gathered and wielded had weighed the pleasantries upon Cherise's features. At least her son was arriving. Ser Wayland Frey carried the babe bundled in a blanket, trailed by the four handmaidens and Septa Enya as part of Cherise's usual companions. Their hurried steps came to surround the pair of Charlton women while the child passed arms, from guard to mother as Wayland whispers words of comfort to the lady. Once Aerick was secured in her posession, Cherise accept's Alys' hand, squeezing a little during the questioning and gathering of her household.

Ramsey slips the coin away into his pocket now as orders are being barked. He glances over at Alric when the man starts questioning things and loudly whispers, "Shhh.. We are going with the ladies. We do not argue this." Though for all the joking around, the man does have a slightly …concerned look on his face. Family round-up is going on with a lot of weapons and he's pretty sure it's not for an afternoon picnic. So rather than argue, he'll embrace the command and head for the door, planning to stroll on out. "It is about time we are let to leave this place."

Once the babe and the additional attendants are delivered, they are incorporated into the circle of prisoners surrounded by guards, several for each of them. "Ready, ser? We've got a wagon and cloaks waiting, just like you ordered."

It isn't hard to seperate Aleister from the rest, after all, he is unarmed and unarmored and can't offer up much of a resistance. His eyes do flit in the direction of his family, watching them for a moment before his eyes return to Rutger and then to the other guards. Now, the smirk has shifted into a slight sneer at the mention of a wagon and cloaks and with a step forward, he's almost growling out, "What is the meaning of this?"

"Baby, to the mother." Rutger states once the babe is brought down. And there's a glance given to the man who brings him the report. "Yes, load them up." For now Aleister is ignored, And he is looking back to the open door, as he starts to head back outside. Though there is a pause. "Place Lord Charlton, back in his room-Oh and see that Lady Alys' guard is brought out with her. I'll not deny a lady her safety." he states briefly. "Lucamore-my horse.." Called out, as he is marching outside to see to the loading.

Cherise has one hand as Alys' maid has another. She spares a glance back to Alric as he speaks then back to bouncing between Rutger and Aleister. A heavy sigh is loosed as Cherise squeezes her hand and a woosh of handmaidens, septa and finally Aerick comes around them. "Cloaks?" Is what Alys offers the Heir to Hags Mire. "Do you think that if you cloak us, the rest of Stonebridge will not believe we were here." She snaps her mouth shut as her maid squeezes her hand to the point of pain and Ser Jac is to be taken along with them.

"Yes, my lord," the guards nod and, on that order, move quickly to try to hustle the prisoners towards the exit. Aleister has four on him alone, pulling him in the opposite direction, back to his room/cell. And someone is sent running to fetch Alys's guard. Out they are marched (hopefully).

A low growl begins to sound in his throat and as his guards begun to converge upon him, Aleister is shifting his body a touch, "I'm going no where until I know what is going on." Feet stand apart and it would seem that the Lord Charlton is fully intending on resisting his guards for the moment.

Alric would punch Rutger in the face for ignoring his question, but it seemed unnecessary to put the others at risk. "I demand the same" At least he wants to be loyal, as he crave the same thing as Aleister.

Her eyes dart to Aleister, a look of pleading for any understanding as to what is happening. His protest to comply strengthens the lady Charlton's resolve, her own refusal to move so easily with Aerick in her arms. Even when a guard attempts to gently guide her for the door Cherise jerks her torso away which startles the babe to cry briefly.

"Wagons?" Ramsey asks, his brows lifting. Then he glances back towards Aleister. "A man guesses that we are being taken to Nayland's home, yes? Moved while all eyes are away at a tournament?" He presses a hand to his chest, "I will watch over your wife and son, cousin. Do not worry." There's a little bow of his head, but he also has a little bit of a smirk on his face.

"You all, will find out, as to what is going on soon enough." The Nayland lord reports. As to what he is infact doing. "What I can assure you is, that the cloaks are not for secrecy, but to keep you warm." Rutger states. "Everyone, move." And there's a glance towards Aleister. "Should any man or woman resist. Though mindful of the child, help them along, gently-please."

Alys is pulled by her maid ever so lightly, though by lightly it would mean she isn't pulling but digging her nails into Alys' hand. She gives a gentle tug to Cherise. "Come my lady, I do not like this as much as the rest of us but it is best if we do as they say." The look she gives Cherise is slightly pleading, or it is just pain as her maid gives her hand another squeeze. "Please, my lady." She looks to Alric and Ramsey and nods tilting her head to the exit. Though she stops and looks to Rutger, "My lord, please permit the lady a chance to say goodbye to her husband, and he his wife and child. You would do her a great kindness."

A low agitated sound leaving Alric, but there isn't much he can do at the moment. Without risking the safety of those around him, and he isn't about to do so. Just sighing as he looks to Aleister. "I'll make sure that things will be alright. I should be able to get things sorted out somehow." He suggests, wanting to calm Aleister down. Though he does nod to Alys' suggestion to Rutger.

If Aleister had any chance to say good-bye to his wife and child and his family, it's gone the moment a guard moves to lay a hand on him, for the Charlton Knight is seizing that hand, only to draw the guard in close. His free arm lifts, seeking to draw his elbow into the nose of the guard, felling the man before he realizes just what the Charlton Lord is doing. A second of the guards is dealt with just as quickly, finding the Charlton's fist in his throat, followed by another against his nose. Unfortunately, that's as far as Aleister gets, for while he had the initial movement of surprise, the other two guards have more then recovered. One of them seeks to move in to distract the Lord, while the other draws his sword and cracks Aleister over the head with the flat of the blade. This causes the Charlton Lord to stumble a step before he's falling to his knee's, well and goodly stunned.

There's a brief glance given to Aleister, and as he seeks to break free, Rutger draws his sword with a ringing sound. But, luckily the situation is taken care of, and the Nayland's jsaw tightens. "Everyone. Outside and into your ride. NOW." Whatever patience or such he had or offered goodbyes he would have allowed he is not waiting on. "I will apologize later for my rudeness. BUT." And he points with drawn sword. "Now. MOVE THEM" this more or less to the guards.

Her unwillingness to move is apparent however she eventually complies and no longer offers resistence. "It is alright Alys. My husband and I will not be parted for long." She tells her kin, wearing a small smile. Once Cherise initiates her steps to comply she catches Aleister's brawl with the guards and instinctively embraces the young Aerick against her bosom while crying aloud, "Stop it! Cease your men!" She'll not stay for long as the guards continued, gently but strongly encouraging her to move. She couldn't see how the scuffle had ended once inside.

Ramsey watches as Aleister suddenly reacts in rageful violence and winces a bit in sympathy. He sweeps his fingers through his hair, frowning for a moment, then looks to the guards around him. "So let us go. The monkey has spoken and I am eager to be free of this place." He'll head out swiftly, looking for the transports, or squad of crossbowmen that will murder them where they won't bleed on the rugs.

The other guards look back at first in shock as Aleister tries to flee, and then a couple smirk a bit as he is put down. Then they're back to their duty, marching the rest of the prisoners out at a quick pace, keeping them closely watched less any others try to make a break for it. Out of the tower they go by a back exit, not secret but not high-traffic either. Just before the door, plain, rough cloaks are passed around and guards order them, "Put these on. Quickly now!"

A loud gasp comes from the fiery haired lady Alys, she comforts Cherise and follows the direction of the shoving guards as Rutger gives the command. "Come now my lady." And she is pulled and pushed by maid and guard nearly tripping and falling to her face. She catches her self and makes way for the door, casting a glance to the kneeling Aleister before making her exit.

Alric looks to Aleister as he falls to his knees, wanting to help but for now will pass on that. There are ladies around, as well as a small child. So he just moves along instead. Muttering something for himself. Continuing to move until he has exited the place.

Once the ladies and the other cargo are ushered out there's a glance to the Serjeant. "Please let him know, when he can speak-that his wife has been returned to his family." And with that the Knight is moving to get on his horse which has been pulled around. Once in the saddle, Rutger will nod to the others to follow suit.- so he can lead them out, before the storm comes.

A tight-lipped Cherise stood outside the hall with her gaze slightly lowered, perhaps staring at her son while her Septa Enya accepted the cloak and draped it across the lady Charlton's shoulders. The devotee to the mother offered to aid others as well, handmaidens and nobility alike. Cherise does briefly scan over those who have been gathered, the household was lessened by one.

Ramsey will take the offered cloak and sweep it over his shoulders in a gradiose fashion. Then he'll move onto the wagon and offer a hand to the ladies to help them up. It's the chivalrous thing to do, afterall.

A cloak placed and tied about Alys' shoulders as she puts a hand to Cherise' arm. "All will be well my lady." She places a hand on Aerick's little belly and coos at him a bit. She looks around for Ser Jac not spotting him yet she casts Ramsey and Alric a flutter of a smile.

Alric sweeps the cloak over his shoulders as well, when the cloak is offered. He looks to the others, nodding once to Ramsey before walking to Cherise. "My lady, I will do what I can to help your husband. It is my duty to do so." He offers softly to her and glances to Alys as well, offering a small nod to her. Then he tries to move his eyes to Aerick, to see how the little child is doing.

Once the guards have hustled the prisoners into their cloaks, it is out of the tower, down the steps to a waiting wagon. "Go on, get in," say the guards, a few of them climbing in, hauling the prisoners up if they need help, and then more climbing in after.

Alys looks to the guards and nods, taking the hand of one and hefting herself up into the wagon. She goes and finds a seat, swiping the cloak under herself before she takes it. She watches as the others are helped up into the wagon and hefts a sigh as she looks about, half worried, half confused.

For now she chooses to accept the offered hands of aid without allowing the removal of her son from her arms. Cherise does come into the wagon, still quiet and tight lipped over these whole proceedings. Within she is soon seated and the cloak around her shoulders is pulled together to enclose her son from sight.

Once all the prisoners and guards are loaded up, there comes shouts and calls. And with that the sound of horses hooves can be heard, followed by the lurch of the wagon as it is brought to life. A simple ride? possibly, but they are heading out of Stonebridge-the direction though. Uncertain for those trapped in the wagon.

Minutes might feel like an eternity, but soon enough the wagon would come to a lurching and shuddering stop. Once there the guards would file out and seek to help the prisoners out as well. Clearly they are along a wide spanse of the road leading towards Stonebridge, but from where?

"Keep them close, and we will move them when I say." Rutger's voice is a bit calmer than when in the Tower, and then he is moving to ride and place himself a bit better. "Just be ready, and pelase be quiet. I'll speak with Ser Andrey.." the Nayland knight intones.

Alys jolts when the wagon stops, she climbs out when instructed to. Listening to Rutger's words her eyes widen, "Andrey. Thank the Seven." she sighs with a small smile. She turns back to the wagon and waits for others to be ushered off the wagon.

Not knowing where they are going or how long they have been going has made Alric start to whistle to pass time. Though as they are helped out he takes a lokk around before hearing Rutger's words. Raising his brows at that. "Ser Andrey, that sounds promising." Though he is still wary about what is going on.

Ramsey is quiet for the ride, keeping his mouth closed for a change. For a few minutes there's a calculating expression on his face, but eventually he just settles himself and picks absently at his nails while they're pulled along. As they come to a stop and are all brought off the wagon, he looks around curiously, but there's minimal recognition on his face. "Andrey?" There's no recognition in his voice for that, either. He looks around in suspicion. After all, they could just be placating the prisoners to get them to go along calmly.

Sword has been resheathed, and as the prisoners come out of the Wagon, Rutger moves his mire roan over to where he can watch them. A brief raise of his brows as it seems everyone is okay. And look, the baby is fine too. A nod is given before he glances towards Alys Charlton. "Lady, I pray you forgive me my harsh words earlier. I was intent on seeing you out the door, as quickly as possible. I know you all have questions, but I will ask that you trust me in this for now, and be quiet. Please. I only say this as I would hate to insult you or your house further."

"I understand." Is all Alys offers back to Rutger as she goes to stand beside Cherise and Alric. She casts each of them a smile and takes Cherise's hand once more. Smiling down at the mostly concealed Aerick and giving him a finger to grab ahold of.

Alric is silent, looking between all of those of the Charlton house. A nod offered to Ramsey before he looks to the two ladies, hoping they are alright. Especially Cherise, after she just had to part from her husband. But then he turns back to Ramsey. "Andrey Charlton, most likely. The heir to Hollyholt, and Lady Alys' brother." He explains, though it might very well be a trick.

"Ahhh…" Ramsey says with an appreciative nod for Alrice. He probably should have known that, but he's only just getting to know the family. He looks to Rutger and asks in a pointed, but quietly pitched voice. "What of my sword?"

It does not happen right away. For a while it seems as though they may just be left to stand there alongside the road. Then, the sound of boots in the distance, and a company of men march out of the woods from alongside the road. They are dressed plainly, without markings, but beneath their cloaks can be seen brief flashes of armor.

Cherise stands beside her kin, soothing the apparently calmed babe in her arms that tries to suckle on the rough cloaks. Every now and then she has to remove it from his mouth and wipe the thin layer of drool off of Aerick's soft cheeks. For the entire ride the lady was quiet, simply observing even as the mention of Lord Andrey had been circled in whispers along the prisoners. Her chin high, she casually glanced over Rutger and poised her eyes straight ahead. Waiting for all this to play out with no further incidents.

There's a glance back over towards Ramsey, before he raises a brow to the Lord. "I believe, you will get your sword, My Lord, when you bend over, and someone shoves it up your ass." Rutger replies calmly. "Until then, I believe it is going to stay right where it is." And Rutger now eyes Ramsey, his hand resting on the pommel of his sword.

Alys clears her throat at Rutger's words and gives him a bit of a glare. She huffs a bit and casts Ramsey and apologetic glance. Shaking her head she turns back to watch and wait for her brother. Shifting her weight from foot to foot she seems impatient. She wrings her hands a bit and slides Alric a glance before flicking it back to Rutger and his illy spoken words that still seem to make her uneasy.

Ramsey? He stares at Rutger for a long, hard moment. Then starts laughing and claps his hand over his mouth to muffle the sound, snickering extensively. Finally he gets his humor under control and casts Rutger a mirthful glance, "I could tell you a story of something like that, yes?" Then he takes a step closer to the man, speaking in the same low tone with a seriousness taking his face, "But, I must have my sword back or nothing will be forgiven." He turns his gaze to the approaching soldiers then, taking his eyes off of Rutger, for good or for ill.

"Need someone remind Ser Rutger that it is hard to accept his apologies when his tongue waggles filth so freely." The first time she speaks in a long time is to chide another, the lady was soon returning to her old self as she focused on the faint glimer from armor far off in the distance. "We will see that your sword is returned cousin." Cherise tells Ramsey, her head turned just slightly but eyes still remained elsewhere.

There's a half shrug back towards Ramsey, from Rutger. "I am sure your Lord and Ser Andrey will mourn that fucking sword." the knight says, before he's briefly glancing back towards Cherise. "And someone will need to remember that I said to be quiet…" and with that he glances to Lucamore. "Go down the road, and ride back if you see him coming." The youth is ordered

Alys' eyes sparkle and a smiles as glints of armor can be seen and marching boots heard. She looks to Ramsey and Cherise and smiles, sniggering to Ramsey's words and nodding to Cherise's. She clamps a hand over her mouth as the group is chided for speaking.

Alric offers a smile to Alys to try and calm her down. Then his eyes moves to the others. Offering comforting looks to them as well. Though to Rutger he tilts his head and raises a brow. Speaking low to Ramsey. "Think he needs the same advice you gave me." Being a bit vague about what advice, mostly since it might not be proper advice really. To be speaking of in company of ladies. Then he is silent once more and just looks around.

Ramsey keeps his lips clamped together now, willing to respect at least the need for silence. There's a smirk for Rutger's response and he just gives the man a short nod in acknowledgement of the statement. Then Alric is whispering in his ear and the young Charlton gives him a quick nod in agreement, clapping the other man on the back.

The men head towards Rutger and the prisoners, and then Young Lord Andrey Charlton rides out as well, along with several other knights and enough extra horses for the imprisoned. "Ser," he says to Rutger with a bare, tight nod, his expression stone-faced. "Come, all of you," he says, "Mount up and we will be away."

There is a look over towards Andrey. "Ser." Rutger replies before he is shifting in his saddle. "Thank you for the time allotted. You did not have to give us that." Rutger replies before he is nodding back to the guards, and prisoners. "You are free to go." Back over to the Charltons. There's a glance back to Andrey. "Seven be with you and yours, Ser Andrey."

Andrey (I just typed 'Angry' by accident and that would not be inaccurate) nods stiffly to Rutger once again. "And you, ser," he replies, a bit grudgingly. His men move to assist the ladies in mounting the horses, if needed.

Alys takes the reigns of a chestnut brown mare when she is handed them. She is an experienced rider so swiftly she mounts the horse and waits for the others to ready. Shifting in the saddle until she is comfortable, and when she has she will urge the horse forward to join her brother. "Brother." Is all she offers him for the time being, taking a look back at the rest of the group to make sure Cherise and the babe are well taken care of.

Pressed lips return, responding with quiet rather than a pointless tongue lashing. Aerick, on the other hand, was defiant, cooing and gurgling loudly as if something had gained his attention and the babe was trying to communicate with it. There was a flash of relief in Cherise's features upon seeing Lord Andrey and company. For now she walked, with her Septa and handmaidens until arriving near one of the horses. Listening to the exchange back and forth between kin and captors her eyebrows knit together, moreso over to Rutger. Most certainly confused. "What of my husband?" She asks as one of the men offer to hold the babe for whereever they may go.

Rutger remains there with his men, though to Cherise's question an amused look filters on Rutger's face. "He is remaining our guest for a bit longer, as it was he who committed the crime." Whether Andrey agrees with that or not.

Ramsey will slink over to one of the horses, but watch the reactions of the others before pulling himself up onto the beast. He gives the stirrups a bit of tugging, then brings the horse around with some familiarity for riding, watching the others in silence, now.

The way Andrey's lips press into a thin line indicates that he does not agree. "Ser Aleister will, I am confident, be joining us soon enough," he replies, "As I told you earlier, Ser Rutger, I do not agree that you have any right to hold him either. But at this precise moment… we will get you all returned safely first." AND THEN HE WILL BE BACK.

Alric will just be silent and do as he's told for the time being, moving to mount one of the horses. His eyes do look around quite often, listening to Cherise's question and also Rutger's answer. He wants to say something, though Andrey speaks first. "I agree, I see not where the crime was. As no one actually said anything about it all, you just captured us." He then falls silent and offers a nod to Andrey as well.

Cherise turned away from Rutger's display of amusement only to accept the offered hand that aided her mount upon the steed. She took the reigns in hand, settling atop of the saddle as all noblewomen had been properly trained to compose themselves upon. To Andrey she nods, quiet confident herself that her husband will return soon, accompanied with every Nayland head on a pike.

"And I have told you, Ser. He committed a crime. Until a Court can be called and the charges brought, he will remain with us. If you ride again, I will see it as hostile." Like this wasn't. Still Rutger remains where he is on his horse. "I do however, agree that these had no hand in his actions, and thus are free." SO LET IT BE WRITTEN SO LET IT BE DONE.

"He would have committed no crime if he was ever asked to leave." Mumbles Alys. Her cheeks flash red before flashing her brother an abashed look that begs her apologies. She turns to Cherise. "My lady, join me if you will, Lord Alric, Lord Ramsey as well." She back-trots the horse a bit to meet the rest, ignoring Rutger all together for she has said enough.