Evelin Erenford


Born the second daughter of Lord Miraz Erenford and Lady Aislynne Erenford, Evelin struggled to find her place in the family. Her elder brothers and sister both showed such promise in their respective fields of combat and politics, and Joyeuse was an unexpected blessing who captured everyone’s hearts. But Evelin was just so… ordinary.

This is not to say that she does not have gifts of her own, for surely she does. She has been granted all the education due a lady of noble birth, and she has applied herself studiously to the standard lessons. But while she has shown great aptitude for the more intellectual pursuits, she seems unable to demonstrate any skill with the more courtly graces… at least, not when it matters. In her rooms, with none but her closest confidants, she is graceful and courteous, the very picture of a noble lady. But in public, the Lady Evelin is simply hopeless, and her parents have begun to despair of her chances at securing a favorable bethrothal.

For this reason, they have sent her to be fostered at Stonebridge, in hopes that her somewhat meager charms may develop under pressure and perhaps secure an alliance with one of the great banner houses of the Riverlands.


Lord Miraz Erenford: A shrewd and congenial patriarch.
Lady Aislynne Erenford nee Blanetree: His Lady wife, the very picture of gentility.
Diarmud Erenford (deceased): The eldest son, slain prior to the Rebellion.
Ceinlys Erenford nee Haigh: Diarmud's young widow, now returned to her family.
Hafwen Erenford: Diarmud and Ceinlys' young daughter.
Marvish Erenford: The second son, now reluctant heir. A swiftly developing talent in war tactics and strategy.
Emylie (Emy) Erenford. The eldest daughter, a charming political prodigy.
Joyeuse (Joy) Erenford. The youngest daughter, age 6. An unexpected burst of sunshine, beloved (and doted upon) by the entirety of House Erenford.

Evelin has a limited relationship with the majority of her family. Since she was never outstanding in any particularly valuable field, the attention of her parents frequently fell on the more exceptional offspring. If you asked her to describe her place in the family, she would likely say, "Invisible."

Physical Features

Evelin is a young woman, only just past her 16th nameday. She is of middling height, with a body tending more towards the straight lines of a girl than the lush curves of a woman, and she still moves with the thoughtless enthusiasm of a child. Her wavy brown hair generally falls unkempt around her face, often falling into her warm hazel eyes. Though she is of noble breeding, she does not boast the extravagant beauty of her female kin; she has been kindly described as “pretty” or, by those less inclined towards sympathetic lies, “interesting.”

She tends towards simple garb and little jewelry, a curious choice for a young lady of a wealthy house, but Evelin is most comfortable blending in, and she has not yet mastered the ability to respond gracefully to the attention of strangers, so she avoids anything that might make her stand out.

Allies and Foes

None yet. Though both are welcome!

Recent Activity


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