Evangeline Terrick


Evangeline Middleton is the last of her family line, the Middletons effectively dying when she married into the Terricks. Before that, she killed them by taking the life of her own mother in childbirth, her father never to remarry. Sent to be a ward of the Terricks', she has lived at the Roost most of her life. She brought the Middleton wealth into the Terrick family with her marriage to Lord Jerold, and gave him four sons and a daughter.

Evangeline passed away in February of the year 289 from complications of a miscarriage.


Jerold_icon.jpg Lord Ser Jerold Terrick : Evangeline's husband of 22 years, not always loyal.
Revyn_icon.jpg Ser Revyn Terrick : Evangeline's goodbrother, they were closer in their youth and have drifted apart since.
Jaremy_icon.jpg Ser Jaremy Middleton : Evangeline's eldest son, she worries for him being self-exiled.
Jacsen_icon.jpg Lord Jacsen Terrick : Her second son and her husband's heir.
Anais_icon.jpg Lady Anais Terrick: Her gooddaughter, married to Lord Jacsen. She is not quite sure what she thinks of her yet.
Lucienne_icon.jpg Lady Lucienne Terrick: Evangeline's only daughter. She passed her looks onto her daughter and tends to spoil her for it.
Jarod_icon.jpg Ser Jarod Rivers: Not actually of her blood but a by-blow of her husband's, nevertheless Lord Jerold has seen fit to make him one of the family.

Physical Features

Dark hair and dark eyes almost seem out of place on this Riverlander, the wild curls that Evangeline has tried years to tame grown long and framing a delicate face that has begun to show its age in the laugh lines about her lips and the wrinkles accenting wide, chocolate dark eyes. Her skin is pale and pampered, like the bow of wide, pink lips. With a square jaw and curved, sharp eyebrows, her features manage to come together in a way to accent each other rather than detract. But perhaps that is simply the illusion that the falling curls and the petite, thin frame make.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity


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