Erik Jast


Born into the House of Jast to Lord Antario Jast and Lady Lanna Lannister, Erik was not lucky enough to be the first born and heir, or perhaps he is lucky to be born second. It seems like with a mother being a Lannister has some benefits as the youth had a very nice upbringing, privileges not reserved for those who are common born or even Houses of lesser standing or fortune. Since he is not the heir of the House, Erik also has the opportunity to have a little bit more freedom on what he wishes to learn and he was dead set on being a Knight, most likely from stories being told of how heroic they were.

Starting at the young age of ten, Erik became a page so he can start learning the basics of tending to a knight, learning about the armor and having to be humbled at the side that wasn't told in the stories of the valiant heroes. It was definitely not a fun or exciting time for the young boy but he endured because there were times that he learned other things that are much more to his liking. Gifted with a good physique and quick reflexes, the young noble spent a lot more of his time on learning the arts of martial prowess and the horse, excelling in those areas while slacking on subjects that are more related to the books or numbers. At age fourteen, he is named Squire to the knight and has more responsibilities which includes tending to the knight's armor. But he also begins to learn and practice more advanced forms of swordsmanship, putting earnest effort in that as well as learning how to joust.

The Knight that Erik was squiring for responded to the call that the Lannisters made during Robert's Rebellion, the army leaving for King's Landing instead of the Trident where the real battle is. That was fine for the young Squire because he knows that is where the glory will be, understanding that the seat of the capitol is more important than some bloody wetland. To him, attaining glory is much more important as that is how famous heroes made their names and going for King's Landing would be key to winning the Rebellion. It was only easier when the Mad King opened the gates for them and the slaughter was easy, which was where Erik's first bloodletting occurred without much risk, the perfect scenario for the youth.

At the age of eighteen, he was finally knighted and discharged of his service to the knight, thus able to return home to House Jast in the Westerlands that was east of the Crag. However, his stay was not long because he had told his parents that he is to leave home to make a name for himself, to make his parents proud, to have his name etched into history. Given his own squire, Erik starts off into Westeros as his adventure begins and it just so happens that the Ironborn had begun their invasion. So he went north, joining the other banners that are answering the call of their Lords, to fight the invaders, knowing that this would be the perfect chance to start his path to glory.

Physical Features

Standing at just over six feet tall, Erik has the physique of a warrior or a knight as he has broad shoulders and certainly an athletic build. The second thing one would notice is that he is still young, probably one who had just recently gained his knighthood not too long ago. He has short brown hair as well as grey eyes that usually holds a hint of confidence or arrogance.

Allies and Foes


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