Page 531: Erenford-Mallister Wedding
Erenford-Mallister Wedding
Summary: Guests from across the Riverlands flocked to Heronhurst to witness the union of two Houses. The celebration is joyous with much feasting and dancing.
Date: 05/01/2013
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Heronhurst - Great Hall

At first glance the sheer artistic wealth and talent illuminated by a quartet of chandeliers is evident in the detail rich scenes painted along the paneled tiles of the vaulted ceiling of the great hall. Warm candle light gleams from the tall beeswax candles whose flames cause the shadows to dance with each brush of air that circulates throughout the hall. More candles and brightly burning torches are placed along the length of the hall to highlight the many tapestries and paintings that warm the walls. The same candle light plays a trick of shadows with the mural that covers the pale floor, a mural intricately rich in depth and detail that is often startling at first glance. Spanning the width of the castle, the great hall boasts many tall windows along the western and northern walls that offer a stunning view of the river and the woodland to the north. Beneath each window is placed a beautifully detailed bench of pale wood softened by cushions of a pale hue to compliment the marble columns.

Along the eastern wall, up a trio of stairs, another set of tall windows cast morning light into the hall and upon the dais from which the lord of Heronhurst receives guests and holds court. A solid piece of pale wood, the same that frames the benches that are found beneath each window, the heavy chair is exquisite in detail and further suggestion that the Lords of Heronhurst place great value on the craftsmanship not merely the appearance of. Slender columns of rose hued marble, veined ever so faintly with silver that gleams softly in the light cast by the countless candles, run the length of the room to support the vaulted ceiling and the small balcony placed just above the dais along the eastern wall. During feasts and times of great import the balcony often hosts a small group of musicians to fill the air with the sweet sound of music.

Saturday January 06, 290

The ceremony at the Sept progressed quite typically. Quite unusually, in addition to the traditional wedding vows, the tall couple gave their own vows to each other before the Septon. The only hitch, where it seemed the entire Mallister contingent held their breath, was when it came time for the lady Muirenn to swear fealty to Lord Miraz and House Erenford. There was a bit of a pause, but the auburn haired girl knelt gracefully and offered her oath of loyalty to her now good Uncle and her new House. Touchingly, for the last ceremony, Lord Hale removed his cloak from his baby girl's shoulders allowing Ser Elrick Otto Erenford to place his own cloak about the slender young woman. With all the formalities addressed, everyone adjourned to the great hall to celebrate a union that clearly is a love match.

The vastness of the the great hall at Heronhurst has been transformed from its normal glory into a realm of fantastic splendor. With branches, moss, stone, sweet rushes, and fallen logs collected from the forest the hall has been transformed into a wooded glade. Bunches of pretty, but common, wild flowers and sea grass have been woven in and around the branches and are strewn in fragrant profusion across the tables, their fragrance and charm accented with small bowls of red, white, and pink roses and myriads of candles. The tables have been arranged to accommodate the large numbers of guests who have come to witness this rather rare occasion of House Mallister giving one of their own to a Frey vassal. A large space has been left open in the center of the room presumably for the dancers.

Course after course is brought out, spit-roasted goose, haunches of venison, roasted boar, trout caught fresh from the nearby river, oysters from Seaguard steamed in almond milk, fish stews, a variety of cheeses, breads, and fresh fruit are given to feast upon. While the fare is not overly exotic, the presentations are quite splendid and each dish is spiced to perfection with combinations of saffron, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, savory, and rosemary.

Settled at the high table with most of hers and Otto's family, Muirenn nibbles only lightly at the food set before her. Sipping at the wine, she looks deliriously happy seated close beside her new husband. From time to time she laughs at something said, but overall seems to take everything in stride. There are still flower petals and bits of grain clinging to hers and Otto's hair from the shower of blessings given them by the smallfolk on their way from the Sept to the keep.

Daryl Ashwood arrives with the Ashwood group, and has found himself a spot at their table, the nobility-stripped Deputy clean-shaven and well dressed, bearing a faint smile as he leans over to say something quietly to Lyanna and raise his brows with a 'please' sort of look afterwards. He looks away then, clearing his throat and biting just a touch at his bottom lip. He looks around observantly, noting where everyone's seated, gaze flitting from table to table, perhaps searching for someone. He hasn't yet touched his food and barely his drink. Eyes shift towards Tiaryn and he offers a warm smile, one that shows no semblance of worry, but with close inspection…His eyes might.

Sitting near his sister, Martyn eats some of the food, a bit slowly for now. Leaning a bit over towards Muirenn, he offers her a smile. "See, I told you everything would go well," he says, with a smile before he looks out at the other people present for now.

Perrin arrives from the Sept, trailing most of the others as he paused to talk to one of his retinue. Only after their brief words did he make his way into the Great Hall. A goblet of ale was claimed and he now stands back a bit, content it would seem to look over all that has gathered to witness the wedding.

With a glass of watered wine in one hand, Nedra is seated at the table with a great many of her family, laughing quietly as she observes some of the other party guests and waves a warm welcome to those she is happy to recognize. Having retained a plate that holds a sampling of the cheese, bread, and fruit, Nedra nibbles on the selections while listening to the sound of the conversations swirling about and the music being played.

Kamron picks at his own food almost as much as the bride, avoiding the richer and more heavily-spiced dishes entirely. He's not shy about pulling over those rich and exotic dishes for his Lady Wife to look over and see if they fit her ever-changing dietary wishes. He leans forward, looking past Martyn to add in his own, "Drink up, drink up, cousin. A little more whirling to your head can only make the evening brighter."

A Frey amidst a horde of Mallisters. Who would have guessed to see such a sight as this on this particular day celebrating the union between Lord Otto Erenford and … well, the Mallister lady. Although Lyanna Frey is present - despite the huge crowd of attending Mallisters. Clad in the distinctive blue and grey of her House, the dress of course elaborately styled and echoing the pattern of waves from House Frey's sigil with a silver thread, she offers Daryl a reassuring smile in response to his quietly uttered words and a nod, although there is a little hint of doubt in her deep blue eyes as she looks at him. The food before her untouched as of yet, the Frey lady sips from her glass of wine, as she lets her gaze wander about the hall, brushing the other guests of this feast, and perhaps searching for a certain familiar face as well.

Turning suddenly to flash a grin at her brother, the heron and eagle feathers woven into one of her braids tumble across Muirenn's shoulder, "Indeed, you were quite right dearest brother. And everything is just perfect." Absently she plucks a rose from one of the bowls and turns it between her fingers as she chats with her family, "The Erenfords have been wonderfully kind and I know that I shall be happy here. I hope that you all will visit us often though." Taking Kamron's suggestion to heart, she lifts her goblet and takes a long sip as she looks out over the guests. Grey-green eyes sparkling she turns to Otto and murmurs, "I have been quite patient, let us start the dancing soon."

Tia is inded at the table with the rest of the Ashwoods, including her husband Saethwyr, who still is not letting her go places without him. She's dressed in Ashwood colours, looking lovely and still as slender as on her wedding day. She returns Daryl's smile with one of her own, though she too is worried about her new family, and those missing members. Still, this is a wedding, a time for feasting and congratulations. Not maudlin worries. Tia eats well, but politely, not too much or too little. There's only one or two things she sneakily puts onto Saeth's plate for him to finish for her.

Daryl lets out a slow exhale of breath through slightly parted lips, eyes still jumping from table to table, person to person before he spots Perrin, and the Ashwood waits until a moment presents himself where he can offer a dip of his head to the other man, held down longer than one normally might. He returns Lyanna's smile with one of his own, before moving to finally take a few bites of his food and wash it down with smaller, measured sips of ale. Dabbing his lips with a napkin politely as his attention is grasped by Tiaryn, in which he offers softly, "How've you been, m'lady?…With the search for Hafwen and then the Flint camp…I've not seen you for some time." He ingests another sip of ale, setting it back down lightly before idly glancing to see if he can find Lord Brennart as well as his…Postponed betrothed. He swallows down the ale hard.

The Mallister wife is in the mood for rich, soothing, warm foods. Gravys, cream sauces, crisp vegetables, meats that are redder than she customarily indulges, and she has been having watered wine mixed with a bit of juice now and then. She is dressed in a gown that speaks of the sea — dark greys, cool blues, pale greens. Ruffs of very fine lace mimic that of seafoam at her elbows. Her belly is heavy between her and the table, and she sets her fork down abruptly as one of the twins gives her a swift kick. "Settle," she says down at her swollen front.

There is a hint of a smile on Perrin's features as he bows his head, with a slight tilt to it, in response to Daryl's. It is a warm greeting that is given. None would mistake that. He still makes no move to join the other's at their tables. He is the only Haigh in presence and perhaps the troubles with his House and that of the Erenford still lingers. Dressed in finery, his normal leather coat has been replaced with a finely woven surcoat emblazoned with the Haigh colors. On one breast is their sigil. With the first ale gone he looks for a waitstaff for another. As none are close by he makes his way to where one is busy giving out fresh drinks. He offers his empty and says "Ale," to the woman before he smiles to the nearest table. A table that the Mallister's. He offers a smile to those there and nods to each. "My Ladies, Sers," he says in greeting before the ale is handed over.

Martyn grins, "I've still got my moments," he offers to Muirenn, before he nods. "Of course I will visit every now and then. I can't let you go yet, even though you're all grown up now, little sister." Spoken with a bit of a grin as he looks around, gaze falling on Perrin for a few moments now. Offering the Haigh knight a smile and a nod at the moment.

"Another wedding…" Lyanna says, shaking her head lightly as her gaze connects with Tiaryn's. "To think… three months ago I attended your wedding, Lady Tiaryn and Lord Saethwyr." A glance and a pleasant smile is spared for Tia's husband as well. Yet her pleasant smile seems to freeze slightly as Daryl mentions the Flint camp. "Lady Tiaryn, you are connected to House Flint through your first marriage?" A hint of envy might be spotted in the Frey's eyes, but with the poor light in this Hall with the torches and candles, who can be sure? "You surely must be worried." Lyanna adds, shaking her head again. "Dreadful are the news that arrive every day." She does look a bit pale today, having arrived only a few hours prior to the feast. Her attire and the care that has been taken in her dress of hair are perfect, of course.

Giggling, Muirenn beams at her good-cousin "Lady Saffron, I think that you and my cousin shall have your hands full. Perhaps some dancing will lull them to sleep?" It is with much laughter that the now Erenford bride, known for the absolute joy she takes from dancing, rises and tugs at Otto's arm. "Come, we should not let your practicing or the exquisite talent of the musicians go to waste."

Adoring eyes upon his bride, Otto stands and with a deft hand begins to guide her to the dance floor. As Perrin approaches, Muirenn regards him silently for a long moment and then the fullness of her lips curves into a warm smile, "We are pleased to have you in attendance my Lord Haigh. My brother speaks quite highly of you. Be welcome."

Tia's gaze follows Daryl's over to Perrin, and she inclines her own head properly. Then back to Daryl. "I'm fine, just worried on several counts." Including the Flint camp, perhaps unsurprisingly. She takes a breath, and then says, "It has been some time, and a fair amount seems to have happened. How are you faring?" Not perhaps the right place for the conversation, but Tia's friendly concern does show. She glances at Lyanna and smiles, for the thanks. "You are kind, and yes, I am very much connected to the Flints through my first marriage," she says. "My goodbrother - well, on the Flint side, Einar, is there, and I've not heard any good news." She has however been good enough to not even try to go there and see if she can help, no matter how badly she wants to. So far.

Kamron raises his glass in silent salute as Muirenn takes his suggestion. Saffron's sudden motion causes her husband to turn toward her, arching an eyebrow before her words, "Ahh. Restless?" There's an unmistakable fondness to his tone. As Perrin approaches, the Mallister looks up, raising his own glass in greeting, "Ser Perrin." Looking back to Murienn, he nods, "Movement does seem to help."

Saffron leans back into her seat as she rubs comfortingly at her belly. "They take after their father," she says to Kamron. "Their mother wants rich, warm, heavy foods… they would be happy with thin broth, potatoes, and thin slices of simple meats." She offers him a small smile before her gaze falls on Perrin and she brightens at the sight of the Haigh Lord. "Ser Perrin, good to see you." Then she casts a glance toward Muirenn, and she laughs. "As long as Kamron minds my toes…" She casts him another glance before she takes another brave bite of rare beef and gravy.

Putting on his finest smiles, Perrin dips his head to the newly wed "My Lady, Ser. I offer you, as well as my House's, congratulations on your wedding. May you have a happy and long life in each other's company." With that said he steps back a bit, allowing the two unhindered access to the area for dancing. He once more find's himself standing back, watching once more.

Seeing Perrin moving near the Mallister table, Daryl quickly puts down the rest of his ale, making it look easy, and is by no means improperly 'chugging' the drink, rather steadily letting it glide into his gullet. He looks towards Tiaryn then, casually offering, "Been better, M'lady. But now is no time for grievances. I've seen the Flint camp with my own eyes and…" He pauses, choosing his words carefully, "..They are in capable hands. Excellent healers…And I met with Lord Einar. He is a good man. He wanted me to tell you he is doing alright." A look to them both, and he dips his head in apology. "Excuse me, M'ladies." The Deputy rises with his empty mug, moving to fetch another ale and catching Muirenn and Otto along the way, "Congratulations to the both of you. My best wishes." His eyes find Otto's a moment before continuing to Perrin and nodding his greeting again. "Thought I might find you here, my friend." He gestures to the tray of ales in explanation, and reaches for one, trading empty, "How've you been?"

Watching hs relatives heading for the dance floor now, Martyn remains where he is at the moment, carefully watching the happenings for the moment. Getting himself something to drink, and working on finishing the rest of his meal, it would seem. There's a smile on his face, though.

Beaming widely at Daryl, Muirenn gives a slight nod of her head "Thank you my lord. I don't believe that we have yet been introduced. Perhaps there will be time for conversation later, for now there is music and a floor perfect for dancing." She tugs Otto's hand with another musical laugh and moves closer to the dance floor, her gaze focused entirely upon the tall man at her side.

Of course Perrin has seen, his eyes followed, Daryl coming over for an ale. "I am well, my friend, and you? Though I have been amiss in offering a thank you." He turns to face Daryl straight on "If it were not for you I do not know if my niece would have survived her ordeal. For that I find my self in your debt and gladly call you friend." Again Perrin bows his head, full of respect. His eyes cut over to Martyn before returning back to Daryl "You and another I did not know before the taking of Hafwen, so some good has come from it. Now two I shall always be in debt and gladly call each my friend."

Daryl smiles a touch as he watches the newlyweds move for the dance floor, and when Perrin speaks to him about the search he just tilts head humbly a touch, replying, "I am glad we were able to get her returned safe, M'lord. I did what any man would do in such a situation…" Whether that be true or not, he insists on it. A widening grin rises from the deputy, "…I admit, I am a bit scared to climb trees during the night, now." A hearty sort of laugh as he recalls their adventure, before looking to Martyn and nodding his respect. "We did what we set out to do." He takes another sip of ale, before he seems almost distracted looking through the Erenford tables. His jaw tenses some.

Kamron grins crookedly at his wife's commentary, "And bread. The bread's really quite important." He reaches out a hand to rest it on Saffron's shoulder, "And it's the bread that gives me the energy to stay on my feet and off of yours, My Lady." He rises to his feet in the wake of the newlyweds, turning his hand over to offer it to Saffron. "Shall we see if I've eaten enough bread?" He nods to Daryl and Perrin where they stand just short of the table the Mallisters have been gathered behind, excusing himself silently.

Tia nods to Daryl, glad to hear the message from Einar. "Thank you for that," she says, with a nod of her head. "And of course, we can speak later." She lets him go, turning to her husband for a moment, as he murmurs something in her ear and then goes to get drinks. Tia's attention goes over to the dancing newlyweds, as well as to the Mallister table, where she offers a smile. She's quiet, but still looking incredibly content.

After listening to the Ashwood's words, her demeanor darkening slightly at the topic being discussed, Lyanna's eyes follow Daryl as he leaves the table to greet the newlyweds. She finally does attack one of the courses that are offered - the variety of cheeses with a loaf of bread. And turns to Tiaryn with a concerned frown, uttering in almost a whisper: "I am so worried. What has happened to Lord Aleister. And moreover, Lady Miranda?" Lyanna hesitates before she adds: "To top all this off, my aunt Firth has fallen off a horse. I actually have visited Stonebridge to see how she fares…" So far, Lyanna has ignored the call to dance quite successfully.

Martyn finishes his meal, before he looks around the entire hall rather carefully, expression seeming to suggest he's looking for someone he already knows isn't present. Getting to his feet, he steps further into the room now, offering a quiet nod to a few people as he passes them. Just mingling with the crowd for now, it would seem.

There is a moment of recall before Perrin laughs deeply. "I would guess you would, My Lord. For I do not look favorably at the trees in the dark since that night." Yes, he does know of the recent tribulations of Daryl. Yet he still uses the title. "The two of you," again he glances to Martyn before returning to Daryl "did more than what was expected. I do not like to find my self in anyone's debt. But gladly I accept such debt when it concerns you and Ser Martyn" His voice rings true, the conviction of his words rests easily and sincerely upon him. He looks out across those that are gathered "But enough of this, you have kin and well wisher's here. I am sure that one of the Ladies present would gladly accept your offer for a dance, My Lord." But the topic of the camp causes him to lower his head. "If I were not engaged in family duties in Stonebridge I would, of course, be offering my help at the camp."

"Let's see it then," Saffron announces to her husband as he helps her to her feet. She loops her arm with Kamron's as he starts to guide her toward the dance floor, though she pauses to nod and dimple to Perrin and Daryl with that delightful smile before she is guided toward the dance floor. Her gown allows her waddle to be minimized a bit, and she holds her head high. She glances toward the Ashwood table that also has Lady Lyanna. There is a touch of curiosity in those pale blue eyes before she regards her husband once more.

Out on the floor, heedless of any eyes upon them, Otto takes Muirenn into his arms and they begin to dance. Without having a Septa hovering over them for the first time ever, the couple whirls and dances joyfully to the music. The tall groom is a bit awkward with his steps, but avoids stepping upon toes. For her part, the tall bride just loves to dance and her feet move deftly in the appropriate steps.

"Your aunt Firth? Oh, goodness. I do hope she will be well. Is there anything i might do for her?" Tia asks, She smiles as Saethwyr returns with watered wine for both Tia and Lyanna, and then settles in beside his wife. Tia glances over at the dance floor, and then she says softly to Lyanna. "Do you suppose anyone would take it amiss if I were to go liberate that harp from that musician who is torturing it? Said musician is more than adequate, really. He's quite good.

While Nedra has been quiet thus far she has been enjoying quiet conversation with several cousins, while enjoying the lovely music and the truly delicious food that's been offered. She'd slipped away for a few long moments, helping one of the young flower girls who'd had a few too many sweets take care of a unhappy tummy, before escorting the flower girl back to her mother and taking her place at the table again. Having been a flower girl, once upon a time many eons ago, she'd recognized that expression long before it'd become embarrassing.

Daryl politely returns Saffron's smile and Kamron's nod at the same time, and is about to protest Perrin's 'Lord' title when he just shakes his head with a small, humble smile. "You are most welcome. And…" A glance back towards the Ashwood table, where the two ladies sit along with his cousin. "I am sure they'd accept your offer as well. Join me, hm?" Another look towards Perrin, and he tries to guide the man that way before he can speak a response even, insisting. He whispers to the Haigh before stepping towards the Ashwood table and giving Perrin a little nudge and grin as he answers Tiaryn, "I would take it amiss, m'lady."A small grin and the Deputy offers a hand towards Tiaryn, "Cousin, might I borrow your wife for a dance?" Daryl also takes ventures a glance between Perrin and Lyanna.

Tia glances up as Daryl returns, and she flashes a smile his way. She glances at Saethwyr who simply gestures with a small laugh. "By all means," he says, "But have a care you don't step on her feet; I'm certain that is mine to do, when I get a chance to dance with her." Tia chuckles, a hand reaching to rest briefly on Saeth's arm, before she rises to her feet, reaching to accept the offered hand. "Thank you, good cousin," she says. "I would be pleased to dance with you." A glance over to Lyanna and then to Perrin, and Tia says, "That is, if Lady Lyanna will excuse me?"

Music tumbles and spills from the musician's balcony filling the hall and mingling with the laughter of the children that play amongst the guests and dance in their own corner. The young flower girl gives Nedra a hug before joining her parents on their bench.

Giggling, Muirenn tucks the rose she had been holding behind one of Otto's ears and whispers something to him. Whatever politics were involved in this marriage and though there was talk of Muirenn marrying beneath her, it is clear that this was a permitted love match.

And yes, Perrin was going to decline. Perhaps Daryl knows him better than Perrin thought. But the insistence of Daryl as well as the softly spoken words causes Perrin to look at him for a moment. "Indeed I do, My Lord." He follows the glance to Lyanna and moves a bit closer. Bowing "My Lady Lyanna, it would honor me if you would accept my invitation for a dance," he says as he straightens back up. A hand sweeps out indicating the open space where the dancing continues.

After the wedding Aemy had gone to her room to get the gift for her cousin and his new bride. On the stairs up, she had unfortunately stepped on the hem of her dress and the small rip may not have been noticeable to everyone but it bothered her and she had taken the time to change into another. Still dressed in the muted tones for the mourning, the dark green complements her golden hair and fair skin. Upon entering the
great hall she is accompanied by her handmaid, and she immediately looks towards the table of her family, a smile blossoming on her face.

"No promises," Daryl offers to Saethwyr with a chuckle, while looking towards Ser Perrin as well as Lyanna. "Oh, she'll be joining us I think." A charming grin offered to Tiaryn before he moves to lead her to the dance floor to join the married couples, and initiate dancing to the well played music. "I will inquire on Lord Einar's
condition next I write to the sheriff," he murmurs to Tia, and then looks toward the Erenford table, and an uncontainable smile rises. There she is. He takes heed not to look too long, returning his gaze to Tiaryn.

Having done his round through the crowd, including a step outside to get some fresh air, maybe even calming himself a little bit, Martyn has made his way back inside now, and making his way over in the direction of where he was seated before. Pausing for a few moments as he sees Aemy, he offers her a bit of a smile now. "Lady Aemy, lovely as always," he offers in passing, before he returns to the table. Offering a smile and a nod to Nedra as he sees her. "Cousin. Would you care for a dance?" he asks, after a few moments of pause as his gaze wandered to the people already out on the floor now.

Brennart has finally come to the feast as he makes his way to the head table he pauses to greet folks along the way before he offers his condolanc… congratulations to the man and woman of the hour.

Kamron leads the way to the dance floor. Taking a very pregnant wife into your arms is a little more difficult, but he does it happily enough. He is at least as awkward as the new groom, but not so awkward as he once was. Whatever couple of times he may stumble over a step, however, he smiles the whole way, even managing to laugh once when he misses a full step and has to take three to catch up.

Saffron Mallister is all laughs as her husband tries to find the best way to dance with his pregnant wife, but once he finds a comfortable position, she relaxes into comfortable steps. She has always proved to be an incredible dancer at the other Cape weddings, and despite having a rather swollen belly in the way, she is doing quite well again. "You've improved," she comments to her husband happily as she is swirled about, her dress proving to be quite a pleaser in that regard.

Once at the table, Aemy takes a moment to approach her cousin and his new bride, smiling at the rose behind his ear. "My lady, welcome to the family," a curtsy, deep and polite is given. "I am so happy for the both of you, truly I am." Not wanting to take up too much of their time, he straightens, smiling at Martyn. "Thank you, Ser Martyn. it is wonderful to see you again as well." Smiling when he offers Nedra a dance. Finally she ventures a look around the remainder of the room, resting on the Ashwood table. A smile is given them before her gaze settles on the dance floor.

"Are you sure you're willing to entrust your delicate toes to my lumbering grace?" Nedra replies with a grin at Martyn, referencing a joke that appears to be on-going between the Mallister cousins.

As the song ends and a new one begins, Muirenn and Otto move towards the edge of the dance floor. Taking the offered goblets of wine, Muirenn's dainty slipper taps cheerfully as she settles into a place where those who wish can greet them. Lifting her glass she takes sip of the wine. As Aemy draws near, the girl gives her new good-cousin a quick embrace, "Thank you! I am glad to call you family my lady Amey."

Tia's smile increases in wattage as Daryl says he'll ask about Einar. She catches his glance over towards the Erenfords and chuckles softly, mischief on her face, as she and her good cousin get to dancing. "Thank you," she says, softly. "I had thought to send a letter as well - do you think someone might deliver it, if I write one?" And it is, with all that, far too easy to lose herself in the music, and dance.

Martyn offers a bit of a grin to Nedra as he hears that question. "Well, I'm sure it will go well," he offers in return, smiling a little bit now. "I have faith in you, after all," he adds.

Nedra rises to her feet and rests one hand on Martyn's arm, miming a kick at Martyn's shins - not quite connecting that is - before she laughs. "Just try to smile even if I do step on your toes," she advises her cousin as she smooths her gown with her other hand and accompanies him to the dance floor.

Returning the quick embrace, Aemy gives her a warm smile. "I am so glad this day has finally come. You both are truly inspirational to me." Clasping her hands together, she remains near her new good cousin. "Such a beautiful wedding." There is perhaps a slight wistfulness in her voice though it is gone with her next words. "Anytime you wish a break from my cousin, please do not hesitate in seeking me out. I will be at home for quite awhile longer."

Although a bit taken aback at Perrin's asking to dance with her, Lyanna accepts, and does not blunder, contrary to her own expectations, maybe….

Daryl dances well enough not to make a fool of himself and good cousin, but he is by no means out of the ordinary, the rare-occasional misstep made just like the other male counterparts on the dance floor. He smiles warmly towards Tiaryn, and ventures a look to the newly wed bride and groom to offer another happy, almost envious smile. His eyes avert then, and return to Tia to murmur a few more words before smiling as the dance ends, tilting his head down. "Give me the letter…I will see it delivered. If you'll excuse me, I…Have something that needs doing." He releases the woman then, swallowing hard as he steps towards Muirenn, and thus the Erenford table. Go time. With a straight posture and confident but humble demeanor, he marches up to Lord Brennart. His eyes meet the other man's before he bows his head formally. "Lord Brennart. I am…" Damn it, not a great start, "Deputy…Daryl Ashwood. I attended your wedding, yet we never had a chance to be properly introduced." He keeps a cool countenance, despite standing in front of the entire Erenford table as he swallows his pride," I humbly apologize for the actions I have committed against Lady Aemy, yourself and your House. They were inexcusable, rash and improper. I intend to show you through my actions thenceforth, that I am a man capable of change. I have been informed of the arrangement, and look forward to meeting your approval. If there's anything I should hear, please say it now…Else I will kindly see to it that Lady Aemy gets to dance and otherwise enjoy herself tonight." Is that a bead of sweat threatening to drip down alongside his ear?

"I will enjoy that greatly. For while my husband.." the phrase is uttered with a soft laugh and a squeeze to Otto's hand, " allowed time to spend here at the keep with me, I am sure that soon enough he will have to start the border patrols again and I will be grateful for distraction and company." Muirenn smiles as she takes a sip and gives Aemy's hand a squeeze. Leaning in she murmurs softly to the other woman and then straightens. After a moment she blinks and then with Otto watches the tableau that is taking place. Her hand remains fixed upon her husband's arm in a no nonsense grip that keeps him at her side and not taking part in any theatrics that are about to occur.

You whisper, "Your time will come. Your family loves you and a good match will be made. Be patient dearest." to Aemy.

With the dance ending, Tia gives a curtsy to her good cousin, and takes advantage of her opportunity to meander over by Muirenn and Otto. "Lady Muirenn, Lord Otto," she says, "I thought to offer my congratulations to you both. May you both live many happy and long years together. With many children." And so it puts her in range to hear Daryl's speech, that's not so noticeable, right?

A few steps are enjoyed by Perrin. First upon getting to the floor with Lyanna he bows and then dances. Yes, there are a few missteps here and there. But he does recover fairly gracefully. When the song ends he again bows to Lyanna "Thank you, My Lady." When he stands straight he notices Daryl heading to the Erenford table. His attention turns back to the Frey Lady with a smile.

"I've had a good incentive to practice, My Lady." Kamron smiles as he — very carefully — twirls his wife off the dance floor. He stops by Muirenn and Otto, giving his cousin a quick hug and Otto a short nod. He nods as well to Aemy, offering up a smile, and then ducks away so that Muirenn can talk to her new family. Leading Saffron slowly back toward the table where the Mallisters were sitting before, he inquires, "Is there anyone in particular you would like to speak with, my dear?"

Martyn chuckles at Nedra's words, offering her a bit of a grin. "Don't worry about that. I'm good at keeping the smile on my face after all. I'm more worried if things are the other way around," he admits as he leads the way out onto the floor now.

"Ahh, so, if you step on my toes I shouldn't make a huge grimace of dismay, hop around on one foot, crying?" Nedra wonders.

The look is unmistakable, when Muirenn says husband and glances at her husband. Indeed a match of love. Aemy returns the gentle squeeze, smiling at the whispered words, "Thank you, my lady. I am sure of it. And I look most forward to spending time with you as often as you like." Just then Daryl approaches and… he apologizes to her family in its entirety. While there is a flicker of admiration in her blue eyes, she looks away,
not wishing to see such a usually proud man humbled so, it was painful to watch. "My lady, Ser Otto, might I steal away my cousin for a dance?"

Giving her Mallister cousins a tight and gentle hug respectively according to their conditions, Muirenn smiles as she releases them to move back to their table so Saffron can sit down.

"Absolutely, please dance with him!" Muirenn adds to Aemy with a wide grin, "I would not have all his practicing go to waste." It does not seem that the bride will be lacking in a partner though as her father moves away from the table and strides towards his daughter. Impressively, throughout the entire ceremony in the Sept, Ser Hale Mallister managed not to glare or glower at Otto once and even now gives his good son a manly thump on the shoulder before whisking his daughter back into the dance floor.

Saffron laughs as she is swirled off the dance floor, and she also pauses to give Muirenn a kiss to her cheek and a gentle hug before she bobs her head to Otto with a warm smile. When she looks toward the rest of the hall, her gaze falls on those present. "I would like to say hello to Tiaryn," she says quietly to her husband with a gentle smile.

Tia stands and watches as Muirenn gets pulled right back onto the dance floor, and it seems Otto will as well. Her words spoken and gently so, the quiet Ashwood Lady drifts back to her own table and her husband.

"Something like that, yes," Martyn replies with a bit of a grin, before he adds, "I'll have to make sure to avoid stepping on your toes, though." It's offered a bit lightly now. "Quite an enjoyable day," he adds, after a few moments of pause.

On her way back out to the dance floor with her father, Muirenn pauses and turns to give Tiaryn a tight hug "Thank you my friend. Many congratulations on your marriage as well. I wanted oh so very much to have been there. I hope that you will be staying in Heronhurst for a little while so that we might speak and perhaps make music together. It has been so long since I have seen you." And while Ser Hale is a patient man, the music is starting and so he gently prods his daughter to the dance floor as Tiaryn moves back to her seat.

Kamron nods to Saffron, "Of course." And so he gives her an arm over toward where Tiaryn and Saethwyr are just sitting down. As he approaches, he bows his head, offering up a smile, "Ser Saethwyr, Lady Tiaryn. It's good to see you both." Gesturing to his wife, he adds, "My Lady insisted on coming by to see you. Not that I particularly mind. Not in the slightest."

"So, no hopping, no grimacing, no kicking, what else?" Nedra wonders as she tilts her head slightly, listening to the music playing, observing the other dancers to determine which step is being used before settling into the same pattern. After all, it's like Simon Says on the dance floor.

Tia takes a sip of wine and then she gets on her feet to give Saffron a hug, assuming that Saffy will let her. "Lady Saffron, Lord Kamron, it is so good to see you both. And my you look very good, Saffron. Congratulations to you both, as well. Are you enjoying yourself? It is quite a good party, though there is one harp player who could use some additional practice." She says. Well, whether or not anyone else can hear anything at all amiss with the well played music is debatable.

Saffron is glowing when she is brought over to visit with Tiaryn, and she releases her husband's arm to step closer so she may press a kiss to her friend's cheek — despite the belly obstruction. She then looks after Muirenn. "Lady Muirenn knows how to throw a good party. Seems as though we will be attending more of these… we should be heading to Kingsgrove next." She then brightens to Tiaryn as she regards the woman, hand on the top of her belly. "How are you enjoying Highfield? Making a good home of it?"

As Otto leads her out to the dance floor, Aemy steals a glance back over to where Daryl is, near Brennart. With a covert smile, she offers her silent encouragement, until they begin dancing to the music, her talented partner keeping her attention as she quietly offers her best wishes again, As they near Nedra and Martyn, Aemy winks at the Mallister lady, seeing the good time her and the knight seem to be having.

"Well, I wouldn't mind if there were no elbowing," Martyn offers a bit lightly, as he starts moving to the dance pattern as well, looking around for a few moments gaze falling on his sister and father for now. Offering them a smile for a few moments, before he focuses back on Nedra again now.

Daryl remains standing in front, jaw tensing instinctively in response to the nervousness eating away his insides, unable to be shown save for that one indicator. His normally proud demeanor humbled, the Deputy bows his head and retreats from the table, stepping back to find a spot somewhere between the dance floor and his old table, off to the side. He takes a longggg pull from his mug then, eyes going to Aemy with an appreciative smile and nod. He nearly drains his mug again.

With years of practice and a charmer in his own right, Ser Hale twirls his daughter upon the dance floor beneath the approving eye of Lady Aduilana. It is clear that no matter though she is now a married woman, Muirenn will ever be the doted upon baby girl of her family. Wreathed with blushing smiles, the girl hugs her father as they speak in quiet undertones and dance slowly to the music.

Tia will even give Kamron a hug, if he lets her, considering them both good friends. And her husband is Right There. It's not improper, so there. She grins at Saffron, reaching a hand out and stopping to say, "May I?" Meaning to touch that big beautiful pregnant belly Saffron is wearing. "And yes, I like Highfield," she says. "And I'm fitting in very well, I think. At least, I'm getting to know everyone."

"You are picky, cousin," Nedra remarks of Martyn, laughing, deliberately NOT stepping on his toes, elbowing him, grimacing, hopping out comically on one foot or any other sort of antics that (while vastly entertaining) would have made the dance even more fun.

"Please," Saffron says with a laugh as she presents the large belly to be given affection. "They are both good kickers, so I apologize for any bruising they incur." She smiles softly toward the woman as she engages with her stomach. She gives her some time to relax in her wide stance, always feeling as though something is trying to drive her feet through the floor.

Out on the floor with Otto, the song is just ending and Aemy smiles, dipping into a curtsy, "Thank you, Ser Otto, that was most enjoyable." Allowing him to lead her back to the Erenford table.

Kamron returns Tiaryn's hug briefly, then steps back to put a hand on Saffron's elbow, "It can be quite stressful moving into a new holding. Settling in at Terrick's Roost was a little trying on the memory, and now we've been going through it all over again." The new Terricks, of course, "I may not have met all of the new branch of the Terricks yet, but at least they haven't tried to force us to move rooms yet." He gestures with his free hand to Saffron's belly, "I think they may have something to do with it."

As the music draws closer to an end, and a new song begins, the new groom leans over and gives his much smaller cousin a gentle kiss on the cheek. "Your day will be coming soon enough," he says to her with a smile. "Granted, we must find you a suitable man." It was bad enough he had so many damned sisters and the family was like to go broke just paying their dowries, but taking a deep breath, and realizing that his
cousin, Ser Brennart was distracted, Otto moves towards Daryl.

"Deputy," the massive Erenford knight says to Daryl as he draws closer. "My cousin is likely a bit lost on words at the moment. Family business is strenuous enough without insults from men like you." He glances back at Aemy, then turns a stern gaze back to the Ashwood. "You are not a man, you are not a noble, at least you show no signs of being one. Blood be damned, you are not worthy of an Erenford bride, though I do believe there is a house of ill-repute along the road to Highfield that you might find a suitable bride." taking a deep breath, he gives a glance to his new wife, then to Aemy, then back to Daryl. "Now, sir. Should you choose to act a noble, and prove yourself to be one, then maybe it can be considered. I cannot speak for Lord Miraz or Ser Brennart, but I can speak for my family when I say that while contracts may be made, you are not worthy to lead my horse, much less marry my cousin. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a beautiful bride to attend to and a large flagon of wine to down."

Martyn raises an eyebrow a bit lightly now, as he looks to Nedra, offering her a grin. "It took you this long to realize I'm picky, cousin?" he asks, sounding quite amused. "What did I do wrong, then?" There's a bit of a chuckle after the words now.

"Well, no," Nedra admits with a laugh, "but in light of all the other words.. I figured picky could wait," she teases her cousin in return with a grin. She does nudge the toe of one slipper against Martyn's shin, "There. Now I've kicked you. We're officially even."

As the dance ends, Muirenn brushes a kiss to her father's cheek "Thank you Papa…and yes, I swear that we or at least I shall come visit often. I will miss you both too much."

Ser Hale embraces his daughter tightly before leading her over towards her new husband's side. He pauses a few steps away as he sees the situation beginning to occur. Glancing towards Muirenn he seems to question her wishes, even going so far as to say discreetly "I am sure your mother would like to have a word?" Though truthfully that is an understatement as everyone in the Mallister clan knows Lady Aduilana *always* has something to say on every subject and in that, her daughter does not fall far from the tree.

With a shake of her head, she disengages herself from her father and says softly "I am a child no longer. I will stand with my husband in this." With an inward sigh, Muirenn moves towards Otto's side murmuring to herself.

Tia nods her head to Kamron. "It can, but I was already staying in Highfield, in a guest room, prior to my wedding. so it was only a slight shift of locations, rather than a huge change. And I've kept my maids and guards, for the most part. It makes it easier to adjust." She does gently touch Saffron's belly, amused when and if she gets kicked. Laughter. "They're very enthusiastic," she says. "Seems they enjoy parties too."

Daryl stares down at his mug. Usually he'd be on his tenth by now, not his second. Raising his head up as Otto approaches him, the Ashwood keeps his jaw clenched as insult after insult crashes against his will, one once so proud that halfway into the Erenford's speech he'd consider throwing a punch at the man…But not this time, he wouldn't be baited so easily. The Deputy forces a thin line of a smile, and the lines of his jaw are visible as his patience is tested. Taking a deep breath near the end of it, his tone even and neutral, "You'll find i'm quite capable of acting as such. We will speak more then." There's a fire in his eyes but his countenance is a picture perfect form of cool, calm and collected. "Until then, Ser. And again, my sincerest congratulations and wishes for you and your wife." The Deputy steps away then, moving to take a breather outside, mug clenched tightly, frown set on his face when he's out of eye shot.

"Oh great," Saffron says with a laugh. "All I need is a pair of party Lords." She looks down at her belly, scowling at it. "You hear me… I will have none of it." Says the girl who defied her parents daily. She then glances toward her husband with a small smile. "Why don't you see if Lady Tiaryn would like a dance, Love… certainly you would prefer not having a giant belly in the way of your ability." She does not seem to notice the hubbub around Otto and Daryl.

"Even," Martyn offers with a smile to Nedra as he hears her words. Starting to lead her from the floor, he pauses as they passes his father. "Seems our little girl has gone ahead and grown up, father," he offers a bit quietly to the older Mallister, offering the man a bit of a smile, before he leads Nedra the rest of the way back to the table. "Thank you for the dance, cousin. I really enjoyed it."

Ser Hale gives a thump to his son's shoulder as Martyn passes and gives him a fond smile. "So she thinks, but I am not entirely sure that your Mother shares your sentiment. You will stop by our rooms later son? I think your mother was hoping to have some tea with you."

As Muirenn draws near, Otto places a large arm around her shoulder. Fortunately, she was taller than most women and it didn't cause him to stoop down. Still though, he stands there, looking at Daryl, awaiting a response from the man. Had he been trying to bait Daryl? Not really, he just wanted to make damned sure the man understood where he was coming from. "I wish I could say I look forward to that future conversation," Otto replies before just shaking his head and turning away as Daryl begins to walk off.

Otto looks to Muirenn, and gives her a gentle kiss on the forehead before turning to her father. "Ser Hale, I apologize, but it had to be said to the man. I am sure you would agree that should one so insult one of your house that you would expect no less of Ser Kamron or Ser Martyn." He then looks back to Muirenn. "See, my love, no blood spilled, not even a fist swung. All is peaceful and the merriment continues. I've been waiting a long time to express those words and now that I have, I feel much better." He winks to Muirenn and motions towards the table, "Shall we have a glass of wine before dancing some more?"

Somewhere in the crowds is Alric having done his best to try and congratulate the newlyweds but seems to just find himself ending up standing around and he sighs before wandering. Looking towards Daryl and his company though he seems to be wandering into a certain Mallister as his attention is shifted and he walks into Martyn on his way to the table.

Kamron shakes his head at Tiaryn's description of the unborn children, "Seven send it's not so." His fingers brush Saffron's elbow again, and he laughs softly, "I have enough problems getting good simple foods without children demanding suckling boar stuffed with mussels and oysters." Saffron's suggestion draws a soft laugh, "I think everyone already knows that you have the family dancing talent." Bowing his head to Tiaryn and offering out his left hand — with a glance to Saethwyr as well — he adds, "But how can I refuse so charming a directive?"

With an incline of his head, Ser Hale flashes Otto a faint smile and says only "Ensure her happiness. That is what I expect." Turning he heads back to sit down beside his wife.

For her part, Muirenn relaxes as Daryl replies with relative calm and walks away. Looking up at Otto she gives a sigh, "I am glad you feel much better dearest. I would greatly enjoy a drink and you know that I will never turn down an opportunity to dance with you." The young woman's eyes twinkle as she twines an arm about her husband's waist.

Once the song had ended and Otto had kisses her cheek, Aemy walks with him back to the Erenford table, a glow to her cheeks, quite happy and radiant. His mention of finding a suitable man gets a furrowing of her brow, only a slight indication of confusion. Visibly, she pales wincing with each word uttered by her cousin. Her gaze flies between Otto, Muirenn and Daryl, remaining silent, attempting to keep her demeanor as always, calm, graceful and polite. As Daryl replies, perhaps she sees the fire there as he turns away. With a warm smile to her cousin and goodcousin, she bows her head politely, "Please excuse me, I see a friend I would like to greet." Reaching out to gently squeeze Muirenn's hand briefly before moving towards Alric… trying not to follow Daryl's withdrawal with her eyes.

Saethwyr gestures his approval, amusement showing in his eyes as that errant lock of hair falls over one. "Tiaryn has already promised me the final dance, so it would be churlish of me to deny her any of these," he says. Tia chuckles and does accept Kamron's hand, as she steps away from Saffron. "You know my weakness too well," she says to her friends. "How can I turn down a dance?"

"I am rather charming," Saffron says with a laugh as she steps toward a chair at the Ashwood table, sinking down into it with a heavy exhale of breath. She offers a smile as she settles onto the cushions, arms crossed over her belly. She waves down one of the stewards to get her some wine, and a bit of something sweet. Okay, perhaps maybe a bit more than a bit. "Be gentle with him, Tiaryn."

Martyn nods a bit as he hears his father's words, along with a quiet smile. "I'll make sure to stop by for tea, father," he offers, before he looks around for a few moments. Blinking a bit as Alric walks into him, he stumbles back a few steps, but manages to stay on his feet for now. Looking to see who it was that bumped into him. "I think attention is the hard part when walking in such crowds, Lord Alric," he offers, sounding slightly amused.

Alric chuckles and nods to Martyn's words, "Oh, I think you might be right. A lot of people and just at times you miss thing. I am sorry though." He offers and bows his head. Turning to see the approach of Aemy, letting her get closer first as she is still a bit away. Studying her as she comes closer and bowing to her. "My lady, how are you?" He asks once she does come over. Studying her for a moment.

"Always." Kamron leans over to give his wife a kiss on the cheek, then nods to Saethwyr, "And it is definitely the last dance that matters, Ser." There's a bit of mischief in his smile, then he's turning away to lead Tiaryn out onto the dance floor, "You think that the harpist is what…" he pauses a moment, listening, "A little slow?
Or just off?" His steps are more cautious than with his wife, but they are… competent. "Everything else is quite delightful, however."

As Aemy approaches Martyn and Alric, she offers the two a curtsy, "Ser Martyn, Lord Alric." Her gaze rests on the latter, "A pleasure seeing you here, so glad you could make it." Already she had greeted Martyn, but her warm smile includes him as well. Just trying to keep some semblance of normality at the moment with her betrothal or lack thereof being called into question again so publicly, to a practiced eye of good friends, perhaps these two, her composure is remaining by sheer force of will and natural grace. "How are you finding Heronhurst since your arrival?"

Tia's gaze goes to Saethwyr at his comment, and then she laughs at Kamron's mischievous egging the man on. "Ser Kamron," she says, trying to protest, but too amused to succeed at it. As far as dancing goes, Tia is competent and exuberant, enjoying the chance to dance to the music and not play it. She pauses at Kamron's comment on the harpist, listening for a moment, before she says, "He's a hair slow and one of his strings is not turned right. It's close though, and the rest sound wonderful. I am perhaps too picky." The harpist really is most definitely competent, good enough and then some.

Accepting the goblet of wine, Muirenn lifts it and takes a long drink. With the crisis averted the girl watches the guests celebrating with a wide smile, clearly taking pleasure in everyone enjoying themselves.

Seeing Muirenn - for the moment - not actually dancing with anyone right now, Nedra turns to Saffron and suggests. "Lets go share a drink with Muirenn?" She rises from her chair and offers one hand to Saffron.

"True," Martyn offers to Alric, before he nods to Aemy, offering her a bit of a smile now. "Lady Aemy. It's good to see you," he offers, studying her for a few moments now.

Otto takes his own glass of wine and drains half of it in one gulp before looking to his wife. "So, my love, how does it feel being wed? May I kiss my bride without worry of a septa hitting me in the head with a cane?" He smiles broadly and seems to be at ease, unlike the last couple of days leading up to the wedding when the large Erenford was quite nervous.

With a soft giggle, Muirenn replies shyly "I am rather sure Septa Waldsteinia would be rather disappointed if you didn't kiss me." There is a pause as she adds softly, "It is strange Otto. I have spent my entire life surrounded by chaperons and we have spent the last six months apart. It is hard to believe we are finally wed."

Having been called out of the Hall, Perrin returns once again tucking a small parchment away. There is a bit of a smile to him. Perhaps it was good news that took him from the festivities. First on the agenda is an ale then he heads once more to stand at the side of the tables, watching once more.

Alric smiles and nods to Aemy, "It has been good, my lady." He tells her. Studying her for a bit longer, "My lady, could I offer a dance?" Perhaps seeing the state she is in. Looking to Martyn then, "I will let you take over later if you wish." He says and does look towards Nedra with a smile.

Kamron laughs softly at Tiaryn's response, "I complain at sloppy work with an axe as well. And you're far better with a harp than I am with an axe, Lady Tiaryn." He doesn't try anything fancy with his dancing, just simple steps, and he bows as the song comes to an end some time later, "You're a delight to dance with. Your husband is really quite lucky." He lowers his voice conspiratorially, "And I really should get you back to him before people start to whisper." Someone is in a rare mood.

Saffron looks up toward her good sister at her words, and she offers a bit of a smile even as she finishes nibbling on a bit of sweet almond pastry. She offers a bit of a laugh before she takes the hand, using it to lever herself up onto her feet once more. "I need to start asking others to come to me from now on," she half-groans as her ankles protest to the return of the weight. "Lead me onward."

Tia simply laughs at Kamron's teasing but she does not demur, especially once the song comes to an end. She curtsies gracefully and then she says, "I am not convinced that I am better but the point is made. You are most gracious, Ser Kamron, if a mischief maker. I should actually be pleased to return to my lord husband, as I suspect the last dance might be coming up soon." She doesn't keep Kamron for long, instead letting him bring her back to Saethwyr and then releasing him to his freedom once more.

Nedra grins as she helps tug Saffron to her feet, more playful the gentle tug than anything else, "We'll get you a tall chair with wide arms," she suggests to her goodsister with a wink. "Have people line up to visit, they can bring you sweets and drink, we'll let you waddle off every candle mark or so. It'll be fun," said with another grin as she smooths her dress with one hand and tilts her head in a nod of greeting to Lord Alric, aiming another warm smile at Lady Aemy as well.

"I would adore a dance Lord Alric, thank you," Again dipping into a curtsy, Aemy smiles as she looks up at him before rising, allowing him to lead her out on the dance floor.

Otto smiles to Muirenn and leans in to give her a full kiss upon the lips, smiling broadly when he pulls back. "My lady, may I ask you for another dance? I know that I can not match your grace, but I vow that I will do my very best."

"Ah, the teasing! I'm certain my sister never had to deal with such teasing," Saffron says goodnaturedly as she twines arms with her goodsister to relieve some of the weight. "I might write a firm letter to your mother… who will probably respond with more teasing." She then widens with a smile in time to see the full kiss Otto gives his blushing bride, and she winks to Nedra.

Kamron shrugs a little helplessly at Tiaryn's accusation, "You should talk to my sister about it some time. Although, truth be told, she was far worse — or better — than me." He reaches across to pat Tiaryn's hand on his arm, then releases her to her husband, "Enjoy the rest of the party." And then he's moving over to where Nedra has pried Saffron up to her feet. Offering her his arm, he notes, "You mean the usual, Neddie?"

Alric nods in return to Nedra before moving with Aemy out on the dance floor. "You look great as usual, my lady." He offers and starts the dance. Smiling and trying to offer a bit of small talk. "IT's good to see you again. And I did say that I owed you a dance." He says a bit playfully.

Nedra is laughing, head tipped back slightly as she grins at Saffron, "Quite likely. That is, if she doesn't send me a raven with all manner of single word admonishments wrapped neatly," she admits, chuckling still before she - too - sees the kiss that her cousin and new husband share. "Aww, they're so cute," she says, and maybe not terribly QUIETLY says, as she and Saffron get close enough that she gives a carefully balanced curtsy to the happy couple. "Felicitations upon the day, cousin, Ser," she offers, the tone lightly teasing, "and welcome to the family, Ser Otto."

Nedra also aims a look past Saffron to her good, dearest, beloved, brother and bares her teeth in a sort of smile (the sort that promises she'll probably kick him in the shins later): "Precisely," said with a gleam in her eyes that is all humor all the same.

Relishing yet another of many kisses today, Muirenn laughs softly "I am so very happy my lord." The approach of her cousins causes her cheeks to flush, but she maintains her grin "I think he is an excellent addition to the family don't you?" The young woman continues to lean against her taller husband.

It's not long after that dance with Kamron that Tia can be spied up on the dance floor with her husband, and then the two retire, at the end of the song, slipping off together, as if they're still newlyweds.

Aemy follows the Fenster's lead, her skirt swaying between them as they remain at a proper and polite distance. when he mentions owing her a dance, she gives a light melodious laugh. "I believe, my lord, you promised that when Ser Kamron and Lady Saffron were wed." Happy for the moment, content to be dancing. "I thank you for remembering and whisking me away." It had been some time since she had spent any time with her friend and it was good to see him again.

Aemy somewhat belatedly looks over at Nedra and offers a warm smile, hoping she would be here a little later, after the wedding or tomorrow.. enjoying the other lady's company.

Otto smiles, arms pulling and holding Muirenn close. "It is my honor," he says with a grin to the Mallister women. "I was just asking my wife to dance, but if you were wanting to steal her for a moment, then now is the time for after the party I do not plan on sharing her company for at least a couple of days. I know it's being greedy, but I feel it is justified that I want to keep her to myself."

Raina has actually been here the whole time really! Somehow she just managed to stay quiet and out of the way. A wonder is that. Milling about as if she can't quite decide where to go yet she looks at the couples dancing and then over to her older brother and his new bride as they are being greeted a wide, happy smile crossing her face at that and a laugh at Nedra's not so quiet words as if she quite possibly agrees before she continues to just weave her way through the people there before making her way over to Nedra.

"Oh look, he still has both feet… he must have not disappointed Lady Tiaryn," Saffron says with a laugh as she loops her arm around his own. She relaxes against her husband, and there is a bit of a smile. "That'll be you soon," the redhead says mysteriously to her goodsister as she presses a kiss to her husband's cheek. Then she glances back to Otto and Muirenn with a beaming, dimpled smile. "Yes, welcome."

After awhile of dancing Alric is coming back towards the Mallisters, towards Kamron first it seems. "Ser Kamron, it is good to see you again." He tells him and bows.

Kamron looks up at his cousin's new husband, stepping from Saffron's side just long enough to extend another hand, "You're going to have such tall children." Says the man who's only just a hair over average height, and who is nearly towered over by his cousin, let alone her husband. Looking back to Nedra, he adds, "The usual for her," and he gestures to his very pregnant wife, "I think she's enjoying the attention." Stepping back to Saffron's side, he grins crookedly, "You realize that if you don't make my cousin exceptionally happy, Ser Otto, that Martyn and I are going to climb those tree trunk legs of yours to reach up and crack your skull in, right?" By his grin and his tone, he's joking. Mostly. Almost entirely. Kamron looks over to Alric as the other man approaches, nodding his greeting, "Lord Alric."

Otto can't help but laugh heartily. "My good Ser," he says to Kamron, "I'd expect and deserve no less. I hope that she will be forever happy until our final years. And yes, it is likely that our children will be able to reach things placed upon high shelves with ease."

With a bashful laugh, Muirenn's cheeks flush brightly but she lifts her face and presses a tender kiss to Otto's cheek. "Soon enough." Turning a red brow arches as she catches Saffron's words and tilts her head questioningly before looking to Kamron and laughing loudly "Perhaps, but I rather think that your two may end up being the trouble makers of the family?"

"We don't mind the greedy claiming of Muirenn's company," Nedra promises, relinquishing Saffy's hand so that she can slip forward and hug Muirenn again then, because it's the thing to do, hugs Otto next, family! She steps back and spots Lady Raina making her way over and waves a warm welcome to the young Erenford lady, "Lady Raina, you look lovely this evening," she offers along with the wave. Saffron's words, for what ever reason, make Nedra laughs and shake her head, obviously disagreeing but not putting it to conversation for debate. "Perhaps stack a few chairs, is what my brother means," she remarks (editorializes) to Otto after Kam's words make her laugh before giving Otto a faintly appalled look: "You're one of those people who use the very top shelf of things don't you?" she says, or rather accuses.

Turning towards each near Kamron he greets each one of them and after saying each person's name, "It is a pleasure to meet you all." Keeping his posture and then he does look to Nedra. "If I may, Ser Kamron. But I do believe I owe your sister a dance, if she will allow it." Looking between the siblings and smiling still. Though he will wait if Nedra seems busy.

Saffron looks a bit tired as the conversation washes over her, and she finally smiles toward her husband. "Kamron, if you see me to our room, you can come back to make sure no one misbehaves during the bedding." She offers a grin toward Muirenn and Nedra before she steps forward to press a kiss to both their cheeks. Though she does take a pause to see how her husband responds to Alric's rather bold request.

"Raina!" Otto says spotting the youngest of the twins. "I had expected so much more from you," he says jokingly to her. "You're so clean and prim and proper, not covered in dust from the roads after riding that horse of yours," he says chuckling a bit, happy and high on both life and maybe a touch of wine. "And you missed the fine words I had with that pompous little prick of a man who thought himself noble enough to marry into our family." He smirks a bit and releases his wife long enough to give his youngest, and most likely closest sibling a hug before moving back to his wife and putting an arm around her. "I'm so happy you are here, Raina. I thought I had seen you about earlier but it seemed as if you'd vanished off before I could speak with you."

Kamron makes a dismissive wave at Otto, "High shelves are overrated. Everything good is kept at a reasonable height." He nods to Nedra, "It's only uppity tall people who put things so high that only giants can reach them." Alric's query causes his good-natured laughter to stop. He tilts his head slightly to one side, crossing his arms slowly as he studies the nobleman. After a long, silent moment, Kamron looks over to his sister, "I do believe that my answer is up to you, dear sister."

Of course, Otto returns the hug to Nedra, and laughs at her comment of him using the highest of shelves. "But of course, have since I was nine," he says jokingly.

"Dearest Raina!" Muirenn gives her new good-sister a tight hug, "Have you been enjoying the festivities?" She gently smooths the younger girl's hair and smiles, "Ignore your brother, you look exceedingly lovely." Turning to Otto she bends her head and murmers something softly into his ear before looking back to all of her family members, both new and old.

Muirenn whispers, "Is it wrong of me to feel impatient for us to be away from all of this and together?" to Otto.

Otto whispers, "Not at all my love, for I feel the same." to Muirenn.

"Thank you. Same to you as well," Raine replies to Nedra first, clear blue-green eyes sparkling from the festivities. Then Otto is addressing her and she laughs. "I don't like getting dirty!" she exclaims with an easy laugh. "I just make exceptions for riding that horse." At the next words she gives him a grin, "That's a shame that I missed it." Then she's being wrapped up into a hug which she readily returns before he moves back to Murienn's side. "Perhaps you just need to get better at catching me!" Another exclamation at her vanishing, "It's a skill that'll come in handy for when you have your own children." She's just about to greet Muirenn and give her a hug herself, but her brother's new bride beats her to that, the hug from her is already in motion as Murienn reaches out for her. "I am! You look beautiful. I'm glad to see you both so happy." With that she lets her go giving her a bright smile.

Nedra makes a laugh that is more of a snicker of sound than not, "misbehaves" is echoed from Saffron's words, her head shaking, amusement clearly stamped upon her face. "Nine?" asked in that same tone of voice that is humorous/appalled, as Otto's own words to his sister nearly sent Nedra into more laughter, and it's a close call but she manages to keep from simply dissolving into laughter by sheer dint of will alone. She is smoothing one hand lightly over her hair, eyes sparkling, when Alric joins the small gathering buzzing around Otto and Muirenn. "You, my lord," Nedra begins, her tone faintly ominous, "owe me at least one dance," finished with a smile. She turns and hugs Saffron again before nodding at Alric, "But we'll settle on the one and negotiate over terms," she decides and steps forward to accept Alric's offered hand, her words made clearly in the light tone of friendly banter.

Saffron glances toward Raina as she joins the gathering, though she waits until the others have greeted her to add a gentle bob of a nod to the young Erenford girl. The very pregnant Mallister braces her hand against the top of her belly as she regards her goodsister at Alric's request being tipped toward her. She offers her husband's crossed arms a gentle squeeze, as if comforting him as Nedra takes the offer. She then glances toward Nedra, and she accepts the hug, though it lasts a bit longer than it normally would. When the girl parts from her, she offers a bit of a helpless smile.

Alric smiles and nods his head to Kamron before looking to Nedra, "Oh, I am sure that we can work something out." He offers before looking to Muireen and Otto. "Again, congratulations." He offers before he starts to lead her towards the dance floor. "I think I actually owe you two." He admits with a small and amused grin.

Kamron shifts his crossed arms, but nods at Nedra's decision. He gives Alric one more warning glance, then nods to the happy couple again, "Cousin, goodcousin. Enjoy." He nods a greeting to Raina as she approaches, then moves to escort Saffron off, "Let's get you to bed then, My Lady." And then he's off to put his pregnant wife to bed.

Looking to Muirenn, Otto smiles. "My sister does bring up a good point, should our children be as conniving and cunning as she, we're going to have our hands full. Might be good to bring Raina and Roisin in from time to time to assist in keeping an eye upon them." He smiles broadly and lays his head against Muirenn's. "Thank you all for coming," he says with a smile to Kamron and Saffron, then looks to Alric. "Thank you Lord Fenster."

"Two? Hm," Nedra replies, apparently weighing Alric's counter-argument as he leads her toward the dance floor and the other dancers already upon it. Nedra glances over her shoulder at smiles at Saffron and Kamron before turning back to Alric. "Lets start with the one and we can always save the next one for the next wedding we all get invited too." She again tilts her head slightly, listening to the music, glancing around, then nods once at Alric to confirm she's ready and lets him lead her into the steps of the dance. "I didn't have a chance to greet Lady Ilaria, did she attend with you?"

Alric nods to Kamron and Saffron with a smile and as they make their way out to the dance floor he will offer a small grin to Nedra, "I think your brother is starting to like me." He says a bit sarcastically. Listening and nodding to Nedra's words. "One first, the second one most likely at my own wedding." He tells her. As for Ilaria, he shakes his head. "I do not think so. I arrived from Highfield and will return there until my sister is back with me." He explains and sighs a bit. "Perhaps lady Ilaria has come though, but I think she is still in Broadmoor or so." He tries to explain before shrugging once more.

"Thank you for coming cousins. To have my family here to help me celebrate the happiest day of my life made everything perfect. And thank you Lord Fenster for your good wishes. I am glad to celebrate with my friends as well as family" Muirenn's smile falls warm on Kamron and Saffron, and Alric. As Otto pulls her in, she gives a soft sigh and rests her cheek against his shoulder. Another soft murmur is given.

You whisper, "Do you think we can steal away?" to Otto.

"Really, you think so?" Nedra asks of Alric in return, her own tone of voice is faintly arch and more than a trifle wry and amused. "If that qualifies as 'starting to like' what do you supposed 'starting to seriously dislike' would look like?" she wonders, her voice quiet and wavering slightly with laughter. "You will have many people to dance with on that day, the Lady Ilaria, your own Lady Sister, it will be a busy day, but a good one, of this I am sure," she says, or - rather - promises. Confident. "I haven't seen her, myself, but I had hoped she would be here. How is Lady Arabella? Have you any word at all from beyond the barricade?"

Otto smiles to his wife, then looks to the others. "I thank you all for attending, but the night is growing late and I would love to steal my wife away so that we may spend some time alone before the sun rises."

Alric grins, "I am not sure. Nor do I think that I want to know." He says a bit amused. Smiling and nodding. Listening to her words about his wedding. Though shaking his head about Arabella and looks truly worried. Trying to shake it by changing subject, "I miss lady Ilaria as well."

With a blush, Muirenn offers smiles to the guests and under the pleased but amused looks from both of their families the newlywed couple takes their leave, accompanied by scores of the guests cheering and teasing the pair.