Page 496: Erenford-Frey Wedding
Erenford-Frey Wedding
Summary: The wedding feast celebrating the union of Young Lord Brennart Erenford and Lady Bryliesa Frey
Date: 01/12/2012
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Heronhurst, Sept Garden
The gently worn path of wind and rain weathered river stone meanders along the Sept garden, the path lined with bright flowers that bloom year round and cast a light fragrance into the air. Fresh herbs and vegetables that grow in season are arranged in neat rows within the garden boxes that are lined with bitter herbs to ward off pests and bugs. A fresh water pump is positioned over the cap of a well, a wooden bucket resting on the stone ledge surrounding it along with a long handled dipper from which a cool drink of water may be enjoyed. To either side of the door to the Sept are wooden benches that face the garden, the view of the weeping willows that mark the edge of the garden and the entrance to the training yard. Warm sunlight bathes this courtyard during the best of seasons, a gentle breeze whispers through the garden carrying with it the scent of flowers and sun warmed grass. To the west the noise from the training yard carries easily during the day and, just barely, the traffic along the river is but a murmur of sound.
December 1st, 289

Late afternoon finds the silence of the day punctured by the peel of the sept bell, tolling the proclaimation of the end of the ceremony. Though the flags of the estate and Heronhurst are still kept at half-mast in honor of their fallen 'son', the grounds have been meticulously groomed in preparation for the event. While the main Courtyard has been reserved and set with places for servants and various villagers to partake in the feasting to honor the event, the Sept Gardens has clearly been orchestrated for the heart of the affair.

The sweet scent of summer roses mixed with honeysuckle wafts through the air with a degree of enchantment. In the center of the gardens rest an oversized banquet table in the traditional U-shape bearing seating for numerous persons, each reserved with a fine goblet. The servants chosen as attendants for the affair wear crisp clean linens bearing the colors of both Houses Frey and Erenford with a plethora of dark navies, golds, silver, and rose. Music plays courtesy of a quartet of minstrels upon a makeshift dais near the rear of the gardens. A receiving table has been set nearer to the riverbank for the gifts and well-wishing.

Tiaryn and Saethwyr Ashwoood are both in attendance, Saethwyr obviously humouring his new wife. Who certainly does not look at all pregnant in any way, shape or form, squashing any such rumours about her that might have started up. In fact, the cut of her dress, in Ashwood colours, shows off her slender waist and ample curves nicely, though tastefully. She's an old married woman now, after all. Ahem. In any event, she politely waits her turn for the recieving line, letting all the important folks go first.

Among the Nayland brood is a woman in red. She is standing tall despite what most consider a rather average height, presence alone adding inches to her voluptuous frame. She is arm and arm with her husband, her hand gently folded over the old silk shirt. "I don't see why I couldn't have just gotten you a new shirt, Tyroan… I nearly made the seamstress girl cry when I asked her to repair this old thing." Though it might have been Anathema herself that made the girl well up with tears. The Witch has a reputation after all. The Naylands have entered the feasting grounds, and a gift was left at the table.

After leaving their gifts at the table Miranda turns to smile at Aleister, speaking quietly. The two walk to the receiving line to stand near Tiaryn and Saethwyr. As they come up to the old married couple, Miranda lightly touches the other woman's hand, "Good day, Lady Tiaryn, Lord Saethwyr." The touch is gentle and brief and her attention focuses then on the lady, "It was a lovely ceremony, wasn't it?"

Attending the second wedding in the course of a month, Lyanna Frey looks marvelous in her elegant dress in the Frey colors blue and grey accentuating her slender form and wears no jewelry apart from a silver pendant in the form of the twin tower, hanging from a fine-chained necklace of the same material. Her dark brown hair has been braided and artfully twirled into the form of a snail at the back of her head, held in place by several pins of silver.

Lyanna stands with the rest of her kin of course, more particularly beside her dear aunt Firth, and although her attention seems to be fixed on groom and bride she smiles broadly at something Firth said just now, a remark about the ceremony that has passed.

In stark contrast to the woman in red is the lady in black. While a woman still clearly in mourning, she is impeccably dressed for such an event. Fine black silk wraps its way around her slender body in a gown appropriate for a woman of her youth and standing, though with perhaps a little less skin being shown than usual. Visenya's hair is pulled back neatly in a tidy bun, resting at the nape of her neck. Apparently she's not the outgoing type like her mother. The Goodbrook lady walks a few steps behind both Anathema and Tyroan, hands clasped together and perhaps looking a tad nervous to be in such a crowd.

Otto had only gotten in from patrols earlier during the day, with the problems in the forests, concerns of bandits, and difficulties for merchants getting upstream, he'd been busy of late. Stepping into the gardens, the largest of the Erenford knights makes his way to his cousin, gifts in hand. No way he was going to miss this part of the celebration. One of the gifts is long, almost as tall as Otto himself, and narrow. The other is boxed quite smaller, though elegantly wrapped in fine lace and a pink bow with golden yellow trim for the newest member of the family. "I apologize for my tardiness," Otto says with a smile as he lays the presents amongst the others.

(OOC: More poses might be missing between Visenya's and Tyroan's pose, as I DCed for a short moment)

"I don't need a new fucking shirt, Ana." Tyroan's steely gaze sweeps the guests, hardening here and there. Looking back to his wife, he adds to the grumble, "And this one didn't need so much repairing." Only a new cuff, a few buttons, and some work along the hems. He looks back over his shoulder to his elder daughter and his niece, smiling faintly before he gestures about, "People to piss off and people to butter up. It's always work, work, work."

Wearing the somber colors of mourning, Aemy Erenford has already placed gifts on the table and has turned to survey the collection of nobility all dressed in their finery. The distinct lack of bright colors is noted as she looks around a moment, with a contented smile. Seeing the group of Ashwoods she arrived with, she approaches them. "My lords, my lady. I trust you are enjoying yourselves? I am so glad you have come."

Having made his way in with the rest of the Mallisters, Martyn's currently clad in clothing of a dark shade of purple, one of the colors people might know he tends to prefer more often than not. He's carrying a cane with him, although he may not be using it too much to support himself at the moment. Pausing a little as he listens to Saffron's words to Kamron, he shakes his head a little bit. "You'd better do as she says, cousin," he offers to his male cousin, unable to hold back a bit of a grin. "I mean, otherwise it would mean lots of trouble for every one of us, right?" Spoken quite lightly now, as he looks around the area rather carefully for now. "I never knew this garden could be so lovely," he admits, after a few moments of pause. Offering a nod in Otto's direction as he spots the man as well.

Balancing duty an attending events is something Erik Jast has had to juggle as of late. From the lands of the Kingsgroves to the recovering Roost, the Jast Knight finally arrives at Heronhurst after a good hard ride. Though arriving later than most, he was at least early enough to bully or persuade his way into one of the more refined rooms at the inn and had taken the time to make himself presentable. Shedding armor of steel, Erik dons the armor of court and is wearing formal finery for the wedding. Tucked under his arm is also a small present which he must've just picked up as well and he heads to the gift table, adding to the pile.

Tia turns as she is touched, smiling at Miranda as she does so. "M'lord Aleister," she greets first, with a curtsey. And then, "Lady Miranda, Lord Robben." A smile for her new relatives. Saethwyr bows of course, murmuring his own greeting, and yes, that lock of hair manages to fall in front of one eye as he does so. Their gift already left on the table, she turns as Aemy comes over to great them. "Lady Erenford," she says softly. "It is good to see you. We are glad to be here, though I hope you won't mind if we do not give any old married couple advice to the newlyweds, being almost still newlyweds ourselves."

Quiet as mouse Firth takes her place as is proper. She is dressed in midnight blue and grey silk. Gold embroidery adds a splash of color to her gown and her long auburn hair has been braided and held in place with a gold clasp. She holds herself regally as she stands there with her cane and contents herself with people watching at the moment until it is her turn to either move forward or find a much needed seat.

Brennart's near the receiving table and should have posed this ages ago accepting wellwishes from folks and the condolences from some (Mallisters mostly) and will occasionally steal a glance at his young bride with a slight smile on his face. Unlike many who have shown up here Brennart however does /not/ wear a dress but is dressed in somber dark colors in respect for the death of his brother.

Spotting Tiaryn and Miranda , then Aemy and the Sheriff of Highfield, Ser Erik Jast, Lyanna turns to her aunt with a pleased smile. "Oh, there are apparently others who have come all the way from Highfield. A couple of pleasant new acquaintances." She pauses as she recognizes Aleister, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Oh, and even the Lord himself. Funny that I would have to travel all the way here… for this unexpected pleasure."

Nedra turns toward Saffron, the amused smile that begins to curve her lips as her goodsister begins to speak, even the hint of laughter that escapes as she hears the stern warning from Saffron to Kamron - regarding the prompt appearance of a chair. That is, of course, until Saffron's words make Nedra's eyes widen slightly before she laughs - again - and reaches out to rest one hand on Saffron's arm. "I don't really think that's necessary, Saffron," is murmured in return. "Lets focus on something much better, say, rather, potential names, and decorating a nursery. I found the most exquisite pair of shoes and all this adorable clothing, I must confess," and she looks a bit sheepish, "I've been picking up little things for the last few months and now it's not exactly a little bit of a collection."

Alric is moving rather far behind, most likely with his sister and betrothed there. Smiling at those nearby. His sister perhaps on someone else's arm, who knows. Himself seems to be moving with his betrothed. Her sister perhaps closeby, not that he is keeping close eye on her right now.

Alric being clad in nice blue garments. A smile on his face as he is moving along slowly. Wearing the blue in nice combination with his rest. Glancing around at the other guests as well as at his betrothed. Seeming to compliment her in low tones while they walk.

House Groves arrived with the representation of one, one cane wielding nobleman dressed in dark grey surcoat with long sleeves and a collared neck. Nikolus. He's managed to attend however all movement was cautious, wary of disrupting the stitchings. Baryl, his ever present travel companion delivered the gift upon the table along with the others before returning to Nikolus and together they went on a hunt for a seat, any seat that was vacant and closest to him. "Lady Ambassador." He greets, exhaling deep and long once his rear flattened against the wooden seat of his stolen chair. "Aren't you looking lovely." He smiles easily to Firth as Baryl makes himself sparse in the background.

Wearing countless yards of fabric is something that the Frey bride is used to, but wearing a cloak amid those countless yards of fabric is just plain encumbersome. Leaving her groom to attend to the receiving table and well-wishing there, Bryliesa sees her father off before returning to her own bridal feast with cautious steps. She eventually rejoins Brennart at the table in preparation to greet the various guests, hand lighting gently upon his arm as she settles in at his side.

Kamron shakes his head at Saffron's 'threat,' "You should have thought of that before now, My Lady. I don't know that you would be much market even for you in this state," the Mallister knight teases quietly, patting his wife on the shoulder once she's taken her seat. "Of course I should, Martyn. That would be the smart thing to do." Chuckling softly, he shrugs a little helplessly, "Does that mean I'll do it?" Looking back to Nedra, he adds, "We thought we might ask Lord Mallister permission to name the child Jason if it's a boy." Despite the Freys around, the Mallister knight seems in good enough spirits. Of course, he's surrounded by family, and not a few friends.

Katrin Haigh, who has not been seen out at too many social functions of late, does indeed make an entrance amongst the Haigh-Fenster party, walking in step with her sister, Ilaria, and whispering away in her ear, a wry grin on her scarred face. Wearing the colors of her House - a dark gold gown that brings out the highlights of her hair, trimmed with rich chocolate brown at the edges. Her medium-length hair is curled in such a way that it curves against her face, with clearly a great deal of time and effort put into it. "A beautiful ceremony," she comments to the entirety of her party, which has even spilled over to Alric on such a festive evening.

"You really needn't be so grumpy, Husband," Anathema says with a touch of fondness toward her husband, as well as a bit of amusement. Then she glances toward her daughter and niece, shaking her head. "Do try to tell your Uncle and Father that he does not have to work tonight, that he should dance with all the women present, get drunk, and for goodness sakes start acting like a proper Nayland." Without getting kicked out of a party, mind, because there is still a reputation of Rowenna and Rafferdy's outburst at the last Frey affair.

Miranda's gaze flickers around to take in those entering. She smiles at Lyanna when she spots the young woman and her eyes sparkle a bit at the gruff frankness of the gnarled elderly Lord in the mended shirt. Her gaze flickers briefly over the fellow, then darts to his wife and those who follow him. Then it is off to light on Otto with the packages and away again. Taking in the sights, the people, the setting. Turning to Aemy as she walks up to them, Miranda's smile is warm and bright, "Very much so, Lady Aemy. The ceremony was lovely." She does give Tiaryn a quickly laughing smile. She fades back a little to let Robben join their little group, then nods a bit toward Erik when she spots the Sherrif.

"My darling Lyanna, you do not need to stay by side, but who are the ones that have your attention?" Firth asks her in a gentle warm tone and she is smiling. She looks over at Nickolus as he moves by. "Why thank you Lord Groves, would you be kind of enough to get myself and my lovely Niece here a goblet of wine?" She asks him and her tone is equally warm and kind. "Perhaps the two of you would care to dance later?"

Robben smiles a bit at Tia's greetings, offering her a nod and a smile. A smile that remains in place, maybe even growing a little as Aemy makes her way over. "Lady Aemy. So far it's been quite enjoyable. And I'm glad to see that Heronhurst is at least as beautiful as you have said it is." Looking back to Tia again at her words, "Ah, none of that kind of advice? Really?" Spoken with a grin as he looks between the others for now.

"But Mother, are we not always working in some way, shape or form?" Visenya asks softly, her blue eyes bright with contained amusement. "That does not mean we cannot enjoy ourselves immensely at the same time, however." The girl quickens her pace enough to touch Anathema's arm lightly, followed by Tyroan's, providing both with the dutiful smile. And then she tilts her head aside to Jocelyn. "Perhaps more enjoyment for the younger generation, however?" she inquires of her cousin.

"Do shut up, I am very important," Saffron announces to her husband with a wry smile on her lips and warmth in those icy-colored eyes. "I suppose I'll keep you if I must." Then she looks toward Martyn and promptly sticks out her tongue in the most unladylike fashion imaginable, but pregnany noblewomen tend to get a 'get away with anything' card once their ankles start to swell. She rests happily in the very seat she had just a moment ago renounced. She then looks toward Nedra, nodding her head in agreement. "Jason, or perhaps a name from my side of the family if Lord Patrek does not approve."

Otto walks to Bryliesa and gives her a hug. "I'd say welcome to the family, but you've always kind of been one of us," he says warmly. "Congratulations though." With that said, he moves to Brennart, to grab the man's forearm and put a hand on his shoulder in greeting. "Cousin, congratulations are in store. May your bedding be fruitful and produce you a son. If you cannot manage, then we'd have to rely on Nevan, and that would be miserable."

With her brother and several others, Arabella is watching everyone with delight, admiring dresses, baubles and the lovely, fragrant gardens of Heronhurst. "You were right, Alric. The beauty of Heronhurst is unmatched!" Okay, so maybe he had not used those exact words, "Will we linger here long or must we leave so soon after? I would want to explore!" Having filled most of her time in Broadmoor wandering the keep and lands.

Glancing around the garden and idly playing with the bottom of her braid, Jocelyn takes note of the Haigh-Fenster party, tilting her head and looking around them to see who is in their party. Comepletely taken for a moment, that her Aunts voice jolts her out of her thoughts and brings back to her own party. Glancing between her Aunt and her Uncle she smiles, keeping the laughter that treatens in her throat. "She is right, Uncle, you should enjoy yourself this days." Then her cousin is quickening her pace and she does the same to keep up. "Dancing." she suggests. "There will be plenty, I'm sure of it."

Erik's gaze looks over the pile of gifts for a moment before he steps away from thet able to straighten his doublet, the adjustment unneeded but a habit when in formal clothing. Eyes then begin to look through the various groupings that have formed, narrowing when he spots the Naylands who have chosen to attend this ceremony. There is an old man and an old lady who has retained her beauty, then the two young ladies who one he recognizes. However, the Jast Knight is smart enough to keep his distance from that family and lets his gaze move on.

It is then that Erik spots the Ashwoods which follows with his feet on the move, destination the group of the House he serves. Catching Miranda's nod of greeting at a distance, the Jast Knight flashes the lady a smile in return and when he finally nears the group, offers them a respectful bow of his head, "Good day My Lord Aleister. Lady Tiaryan and Lord Saethwyr. Lord Robben." Then he looks towards Miranda and smiles again, "Lady Miranda, I believe I owe you some stories." And finally his gaze settles on Aemy who visiting the group, "Good day, My Lady."

Brenn chuckles and nods, "I swear by my honor cousin that I will not stop in attempting to produce a son for we must not leave such a task to my brother it just wouldn't be proper." He grins as he looks over to Brylie to try and judge her reaction to his cousin's teasing… Their cousin's?

Robben is unable to hold back a bit of a grin at Kamron's words now, shaking his head a little bit. "Well, if you'd do the smart thing, I'd be starting to doubt that we're related," he offers, a bit lightly. Shaking his head a little bit at Saffron as he sees her action, he offers her a smile now. "So, how have you been doing lately?" he asks to both Saffron and Kamron now. Looking around at the crowd for a few moments, his gaze stops very briefly on the Haigh-Fenster party, before moving back to his own relatives now.

Chuckling lightly at her aunt's dry reply, Lyanna greets Nikolus with a curtsey. "I am not sure we have met. I am Lyanna of House Frey and glad to make your acquaintance, my lord. As for the dancing…" she adds, biting her lip at Firth's suggestion. "I have to warn you, as it is clearly not one of my strengths. But if you are brave enough to take up the challenge, I will gladly oblige." Lyanna smiles pleasantly at Nikolus before her gaze wanders to the quartet of minstrels entertaining the gathering with an unobtrusive yet very tasteful display of their art. "I am happy Master Garion did not take the voyage upon him for nought." she remarks again in Firth's direction. "It seems Brylie has taken my recommendation into consideration, for there he is. I am sure he will entertain us with a song of his later during the feast."

Martyn is unable to hold back a bit of a grin at Kamron's words now, shaking his head a little bit. "Well, if you'd do the smart thing, I'd be starting to doubt that we're related," he offers, a bit lightly. Shaking his head a little bit at Saffron as he sees her action, he offers her a smile now. "So, how have you been doing lately?" he asks to both Saffron and Kamron now. Looking around at the crowd for a few moments, his gaze stops very briefly on the Haigh-Fenster party, before moving back to his own relatives now.

The large Erenford laughs loudly, slapping his cousin on the shoulder with a heavy hand. He gives a bow to the newlyweds and Otto makes his way to go socialize with the others, making his rounds to his future inlaws, the Mallisters.

Tia grins at her family, and those looking their way, and smiles, mischief gleaming in her eyes. "If you will excuse me, I am going to go congratulate the bride and groom, and then mingle. YOu should too, of course." She stops herself short of a shooing motion, but she does start off towards the bride and groom where they are standing, pausing as Erik arrives. "Lord Jast, do please excuse me, but say you will keep a dance for me later." Before she continues over to offer a polite curtsey to Bryliesa, Brennart and Otto. Catching just the tail end of the conversation so far between Brennart and Otto, Tia's cheeks go a little bit pink. "My apologies," she says, "I did not mean to interrupt, just wanted to come offer my personal congratulations."

"Well, it is a formality long overdue and most welcome," Bryliesa replies with a warm laugh as Otto sweeps her into a hug. She withdraws from the hug as he moves on over towards Brennart. The exchange about heirs and sons summons a suitable flush to her features as she all but chokes in reply, "I.. well, we shall do what we can." Brennart is given a faint nudge at his own reply, with a slight tease, "Do not even consider passing me to your brother or I might redecorate the entire keep in pure Frey colors in retaliation."

Tyroan snorts at Anathema good-naturedly, "If I acted like a proper Nayland, we'd be thrown out." He does, however, snag a glass of wine from a passing server, offering the first out to his wife, then following it with another for himself, "I'll do the rest though." Visenya's words and Jocelyn's get a sharp nod from the bald head, "Both of you should enjoy yourselves. Just remember who we're supposed to be nice to, and stay away from the rest." He grunts once more, then gestures toward where the bride and bridegroom are, "We should present our compliments to the happy couple." He's doing enormously well at not cursing, but there are slight hitches to his words, where he's carefully editing the unsuitable ones out.

"I think it's a lovely idea," Nedra murmurs to Saffron in return, a small smile forming on her face, "and a fitting tribute. Perhaps you could honor both families, though," she suggests. "Jason, for one, but perhaps a name from your father's side as well?" she wonders. Now that Saffron is seated, swollen ankles taken into consideration, Nedra simply stands at her goodsister's side, glad to have a chance to observe the room at large instead of attempting to wade through it.

Katrin laughs quietly at a response from her sister before giving the younger girl's arm a gentle and loving squeeze. "Do enjoy the attentions of your betrothed, Lari, but I do feel very much like the unnecessary leg here and so I believe I shall depart and mingle with the crowds a bit." She passes Alric a grin. "Do take care of my Lady sister this evening, Lord Alric, and do not forget that you did indeed promise me a dance." And then the Haigh girl floats off, dark green eyes scanning the crowds in hopes of finding someone that she knows. Success! It's Lady Aemy. And with a small sigh of relief, she wiggles her way through the crowd to try and reach her cousin's side.

Alric chuckles and nods to Katrin, "I will, and I haven't forgotten. But I will spend time with your sister first." He offers before looking back to Ilaria with a bright smile. "Do have fun, ldy Katrin." He offers before his eyes looks around a bit.

Kamron nods to Martyn, grinning crookedly, then looks back to Saffron, "Yes dear." If it weren't for the bright smile on his lips, and the light squeeze on her shoulder, one might think him a henpecked sort of husband. Nedra's words draw a little laugh, and he nods, "For the second one, we'll choose a name from the Banefort line." As Otto approaches the collection of silver eagles, Kamron nods and steps forward to offer out his hand, "You and yours have done quite well, Ser Otto. Heronhurst looks beautiful."

Miranda's smile brightens as Erik arrives, then grows to laughter, soft and low, "You do indeed, Ser Erik. I look forward to hearing them." She nods as Tiaryn excuses herself, then turns back to those around her. "We should do the same, I think." She nods to something Tia says and laughter dances in her eyes, "Please save one for me as well, Ser Erik? Robben?"

Aleister nods a greeting to Robben, then to the others. He acknowledges Erik's arrival with another nod. At Tiaryn's departure, he turns his attention to the happy couple. As Miranda suggests that they should also make their way to the table to give personal congratulations, he extends his arm to her, "Shall we?"

"Visenya, I thought you loved me," Anathema announces to her daughter with a small smile. "But yes, you are right. I would just like to see your father relax, and be merry." Then at the touch and words to Jocelyn, Visenya is given a smirking look. "Too old for you are we, daughter mine? Come now, I have not embarrassed you in some years, though I suppose I could make up for lost time." Her expression wears a motherly threat before she waves the girls off. "Go, find a dance and a bit of wine. Ser Tyroan and I will go sit down before our hips give out, hm?" Though she does not in agreement to well-wishing the newlyweds.

It just wouldn't quite be an Erenford affair without some measure of alcohol, even if the house does seem to have reappropriated some of the Otto-approved swill for all the guests. Servers bustle about those gathered offering ale, whiskey, wine and other beverages while others place the finishing touches upon the feast itself. The minstrels continue to play a light number in the background.

"I quite understand, my lady, though perhaps by the time it is my turn there will be advice aplenty," Aemy replies to Lady Tia before watching her go to greet the couple. As Miranda greets her she smiles graciously, "I am looking forward to showing you all the sights." Looking up at Robben, "You as well, my lord. So many thing to show you." Transferring her gaze back to Miranda she leans in slightly, "Hopefully we can talk long into the night about so many things."

"I won't keep you long," Tia says to Bryliesa and Brennart, "for I am certain that the entire party is waiting to speak with you both. But congratulations to you both. The ceremony was lovely, and this looks to be a beautiful party. I wish you many long and happy years together." Saethwyr places a hand at his wife's waist, and echoes her good wishes. She does give Bryliesa a sympathetic glance.

Otto accepts the offered hand and smiles to Kamron. "A bit somber for my tastes, but all the muted colours are better than seeing all the pink," the large knight says with a smile. "Soon, Lady Muirenn and I will be having a similar ceremony, though I'm thinking of keeping it a bit smaller. Family of both sides only, but then again, why am I thinking I have any say in the matter?" There's a bit of a pause as the large man stretches and looks for a server. "You, mugs of the dark red around these noble knights," he says when he catches the attention of one. "And don't even think of bringing around the watered down stuff. Raid Miraz's cellars if you have to."

Its after she heard her Uncles words about who to be nice to and who not to that Jocelyn's eyes look up to see Erik, reconginzing him immediately. The surrounding faces near him get a glance and then she is quickly looking away, "Doubtless I'll forget something like that, Uncle." Stepping closer to her cousin she links her arm with Visenya, giggling at her Aunt and looking back to her Cousin. "Yes, lets find you a dance partner shall we?" leaning her head a little closer to her lowers her voice to say, "It would be better that I help you find a dance partner then have you Mother and Father pick one out for you." patting her arm, she starts to scan the area again.

"No I am afraid we have not." He intentionally prolongs the servant's request from Firth. "Nikolus Groves." An introduction for the lady before calling for one of the finely dressed attendees, part of his 'fetching of wine'. He was kind afterall. "I would M'lady however I used to be a fine dancer, until I took a not so pleasant boar to the knee." He indicates to the wooden cane fashioned with a boar's tusk forming the grip.

Brennart grins and shrugs, "Blue and grey instead of Pink? I think I could live with less pink and more blue although I don't know you do look rather beautiful in all four colors." He chuckles and tilks his head as he hears the musicians starting a new song… He offers Tia a nod, "Thank you m'lady and m'lord I'm glad that you both were able to attend." He nods towards the area set aside for dancing, "Shall we finally have that dance my young lady Erenford?"

Gently, Saffron rubs her pregnany belly as she listens to the talk between Otto and Kamron. Her gaze shifts over across the crowd, and alights on the sight of Katrin Haigh. She lingers on the girl for a moment before she glances back over toward Nedra, nodding her head. "I had thought of perhaps finding a name that hasn't been used in my family for a time, though Quentin did jest that his name would make for a great young Mallister." She smirks in amusement before she looks toward Otto. "Muirenn has been adjusting well to Heronhurst for the prearations?" She asks even as she glances back toward Katrin idly.

"Lady Aemy," Katrin greets warmly as she approaches the group her cousin has settled in to. "I do hope that I am not interrupting but I could not come to an Erenford affair without tracking down one of my favorite cousins." She offers a polite smile to those she has just interrupted in her task. The Haigh may have noticed the Mallister party, but so far, her back remains resolutely turned to them, instead focusing on the conglomeration of Ashwoods before her.

Alric then turns to his sister, "We probably will only be here a day or so." He tells her, not going into details about why. Then leaning in towards his sister to whisper. A smile given at that before he looks back to his betrothed and keeping her close.

Nodding a little as he hears what's being said, Robben offers a smile to Miranda. "Of course," he replies, before he adds, "But I do believe I have promised a dance to Lady Aemy here as well," he offers, another smile to the Haigh lady in question. Offering a polite nod and a smile to Katrin as she approaches as well.

As the Ashwood appears to be ready to go and congratulate the newly married couple, Erik plays his part by nodding his head and gets ready to move into position as the escort for the group. He does watch as Katrin approach the group, nodding his head respectfully to the Haigh lady if she glances his way. But for the most part, the Jast Knight appears to be relaxing and resting on his feet, after the long ride. He does by chance snatch a glass of wine from a passing servant, taking a long, thirst quenching, first sip.

"Thank you, Lady Ashwood, and congratulations on your own recent nuptials. I am so sorry we were unable to attend. Perhaps once we both have a chance to settle into married life, you might accept an invitation to tea?" Bryliesa offers towards Tiaryn, pausing as Brennart draws her attentions once more, "I believe we are supposed to eat first, Milord. Your Lady Mother would be most upset if we tossed her schedule out the door. I am more than certain there will be time plenty for dancing before the night is done."

Visenya looks stricken at the very idea of her mother embarrassing her or trying to embarrass her. The results could get nasty. "Yes, cousin, let us away before she starts in on this embarrassment thing," she murmurs a bit faintly. "A dance partner?" Her expression wavers toward the uncertain. "I do not know if I should be dancing so soon into my mourning period. It somehow seems wrong. But I would be so happy to watch you dance." Yes, anything to avoid that terrifying thing known as socialization.

"Well then the two of you can take it slow and my lady niece will be certain to know and understand the limits of your injury." Firth tells him as she offers a smile to Lyanna then her gaze goes back to Nikolus. "It is good to see that the boar did not take you from us and that you are healing well and you were able to attend. Or perhaps the two of you would rather keep each other company for a time." She smiles as she says this to both. "But first I think the three of us should pay respect to my younger sister and Lyanna and you Lord Groves are to remain where I can see you, as it is proper." This is said with a sweet smile. She takes her wine downs it and then starts to move at her own slow pace towards her younger sister.

Tia curtseys again, Saethwyr bows, and the couple then backs off, leaving the happy couple to greet the rest of the guests. With that done, Saeth snags a glass of wine for Tiaryn and a mug of ale for himself. And then Tia directs her attention to the Naylands, or at least one particular one. She drifts slowly over towards Anathema.

Before starting off, Miranda smiles at Aemy, her eyes bright, "Oh, I do so hope so, my Lady. I am looking forward to it, to tell the truth." She glances over to the reception line, hand settling on Aleister's arm. Seeing that the couple is heading off to the dance floor, however, she does not start off after all. Her attention turns to Katrin and she inclines her head to the woman. Looking from Katrin to Aemy and back, Miranda releases Aleister's arm. He takes a step back to let the others talk.

Smiling a bit as he looks between his relatives, Martyn offers a bit of a grin as he sees Otto approaching. "Otto," he greets the man, not using a title at the moment. The man's soon going to be family, after all. "Well, I think the one you would need to convince for a smaller ceremony would be Mother, I suppose," he comments, a bit lightly. The mention of raiding Miraz's cellars makes him laugh a bit. "You mean you haven't emptied those cellars yet?"

Nedra aims a smile of amusement at Ser Otto, his words seeming to strike a quick laugh from her. "Of course you have a say, Ser Otto, I'm sure Lady Muirenn takes your preferences into consideration as the arrangements are being made," she says, managing the words with a straight face in fact. She's just THAT good at keeping her face straight! "And," to Saffron she turns back, "Quentin would be a lovely name, as well."

Lyanna nods to Nikolus shooting the cane in question a quick glance before her deep blue eyes seem to darken a shade with concern. "I hope your leg does not cause you too much discomfort, Lord Nikolus. This happened recently, I suppose?" As Firth suggests going over to the newly weds she nods again. "Of course, Aunt Firth. Would you join us, my lord?" she then turns to the Groves lord again, waiting for his reply before she follows Firth, matching her aunt's pace as she catches up with her.

"Exactly my thoughts, Cousin." Jocelyn murmurs letting the distance between them and the /older/ Naylands become a bit more distant. Sighing and nodding, "Alright, if you thin it would be. I'll not try to convince to you to dance. But I'll have you come meet some that I know. You've not been back all too long. Do you know many here? I'll introduce you." Trying to be helpful she beams her smile and shows off the dimple in her cheek. The hand that played with her hair now moves to a necklace that hands around her neck. Lifting and holding it in three fingers she rubs it gently over and over again. "I'm not worried about finding myself a dance partner, I was more concerned for your enjoyment. If you'll not dance, I'll not go seeking out to dance either." A servent walks close by with a tray of goblets of wine. "Ooh! Wine!" she squees and points, showing her cousin, and then like that the servant comes towards them and Jocelyn unlinks herself from her cousin so that she can take two goblets, offering on to Visenya.

"I believe so, my Lady," Otto says to Saffron. "But what man is suited for telling the mind of a woman?" He smiles and looks to Martyn and Kamron. "Not for lack of trying," he tells Martyn. "Lord Miraz has locked up part of it."

Tyroan drinks from his wineglass, grimacing as he does. It's not beer, after all. And then a tray of ale goes past, and he hands the wineglass back to daughter or niece, whoever takes it, and takes a tankard instead, "Much better." Looking between Jocelyn and Visenya, he adds, "Find someone for you to dance with as well, niece, or I'll let Anathema find you a partner." And then he waits for the girls to meander off to do their thing, and guides Anathema over towards Bryliesa and Brennart, speaking up as they approach, "Young Lord Erenford, Young Lady Erenford. A lovely ceremony." He eyes Tiaryn and Saethwyr, nodding slightly for all that he doesn't speak up.

The Nayland in red looks after her niece and daughter with a bit of a smile on her lips. "To be young again," Anathema says softly. "Even the Flints of the Mountains had wonderful dances. I remember my heart fluttering when that Stark boy asked me to dance." She glances toward her husband before taking a sip of her wine. "Do you remember trying to decide which noble girl to dance with and in which order? You must have had one you fancied." Raise hands any who think that's a trick question? She squeezes his arm before she starts to guide him toward the newlyweds. Though it is by that simple forward step does she draw closer to Tiaryn. Never has Anathema denied a Flint, and though Tiaryn is truly a Camden by blood and now an Ashwood by marriage, to the Witch, she is always a Flint. "Tiaryn," Ana says warmly, though her attention is soon captured by the newlyweds.

Brennart shrugs, "Ahh well yes there is my mother and her timeline… How long til the feast anyways? Now that you meantioned it I'm a bit hungry forgot to eat this morning."

Aemy blushes at the reminder of the dance, "I look most forward to it, my lord." Hearing her cousin, she leans in for a brief hug. "Lady Katrin, you look radiant as ever. I am happy you could come!" The hug is brief, and she looks between them. "Lady Katrin Haigh, this is Lord Robben Ashwood and Lady Miranda Ashwood." Uncertain if they had met yet. "It looks as if the dancing has begun."

Tia's smile warms and she actually doesn't use a term that most would expect, as she says, "Auntie Ana, it is always good to see you." There is a warm affection there, but she pulls back, letting the reception continue. She raises her wine glass for a sip, and pauses to glance around and take her own turn looking over the nobles present and the lovely garb they are all bedecked in.

Saffron glances over toward Nedra, and she laughs. "Don't tell him you said that, or he'll insist." Then she shakes her head, still stroking at her belly — the gesture relaxes her. She refuses wine, though a servant does bring her a bit of water. And perhaps some food. Though the servants don't seem able to sate her odd cravings tonight.

Katrin is only too happy to return Aemy's hug, turning now toward Robben and Miranda, dipping into a curtsey in greeting. "Lord Robben and I have had the opportunity to meet, but I have not had the pleasure of meeting Lady Miranda yet by name. Though I do believe we may have crossed paths briefly during my stay in Highfield. It truly is a pleasure, my Lady," she says brightly. "One thing I will say for you Erenfords, cousin, is that you all do know how to throw a party," she notes, eyes gleaming. "And oh! That does remind me that you must come to Broadmoor sometime soon. Cousin Perrin and I are attempting to persuade the powers that be of Haigh to throw a Tourney at home sometime soon. I have high hopes for it." She beams. "I am sure that we will be inviting everyone-" Nose wrinkles only a tad. "Possibly even the Naylands," even if their name is spoken like something foul. Her voice drops a little, into a secret conspiracy that only the small group gets to be in on. Her grin takes on a more wicked edge.

"That I am Lady Firth." Nikolus relays easily. "This has only caused a slight delay, nothing more." With the serving of wine brought and before his lips could touch the glass this small party of three was encouraged to move elsewhere. "With both eyes I hope Lady Ambassador." He quips, casting a glance over towards the newly wedded pair, "It comes and goes, my lady," answering Lyanna. "A hunting incident and all in good fun. A few of us had taken some injury, my cousin, Lord Stafford, is still in recovery." Explaining in short detail the misfortunate events that had befell a good hunting gathering. "I do not see why not." The grunt was silent while pressing up from his chair, relying completely on the cane to serve as his third leg. He takes his time to join the two, both Firth and Lyanna on their way to greet the wedded pair.

Turning to regard Brennart with a shake of her head, Bryliesa laughs softly, "You are always hungry, milord. It probably would have been best to eat something, even if only a bit of cheese and crackers. That is what I had." Almost as if on cue, her own stomach starts to rumble a little bit. The approach of Tyroan and Anathema summons a warm smile in return as she dips her head in greeting to the elder Naylands, "Lord Tyroan and Lady Anathema, thank you so much for coming. It was a nice ceremony, yes, but I was beginning to think it would never end. It all still feels completely unreal."

Visenya's eyes gleam with delight as she departs with Jocelyn, squeezing her cousin's arm. "I suppose you might be able to tempt me into a dance if you introduce me to the right partner, Jocey," she teases. "So I leave it squarely upon your shoulders to find the perfect young gentleman. That will be no easy task, I assure you." She is all too grateful to accept the wine and she sighs in small relief and her voice drops so only Jocelyn might here. "It has been quite some time since I was at a social event and single. It is a very strange feeling, cousin and I fear I will flounder tonight without your guidance."

Noting Aemy's blush, Miranda's brows lift just a little, though the look fades a bit as the Erenford lady hugs her cousin. Turning just a little, she curtsies gracefully and rises again, "The pleasure is mine, Lady Katrin. I do believe that you are right, my lady. We did cross paths, albeit briefly." She looks around for a moment, her laugh rising once more to dance above the small gathering, "It is a lovely party." Then, she tilts her head, "A tournament? That would be very exciting. Do you think that they will allow it?" She blinks twice at the sound of the Nayland name and her gaze flashes toward Tyroan and Anathema then back again. Leaning forward a little, she prepares for whatever secret conspiracy may be imparted.

"Hmm, I will have to take that under advisement," Nedra teases her goodsister in return. "One exchange for another," she suggests with a grin. She rests one hand lightly upon Saffron's shoulder before studying the crowd again, "Now, I believe I'll fetch myself a glass of wine and mingle a bit," she adds with another wry glimpse of a smile before slipping into the crowd.

Kamron chuckles at Otto, "Wait a few rounds, Ser Otto. It'll get much more entertaining. And yes, I think you'd better let Lady Muirenn handle the arrangements. I did that with my Lady Wife, and it all turned out wonderfully." He nods to Nedra, "Please do, Neddie. We'll make sure Ser Otto drinks enough that he has a good time."

"You are a lucky wife, Lady Bryliesa… I remember thinking I thought it was all happening far too quickly." Though, Anathema and Tyroan were the typical political marriage, having not seen each other until a mere three weeks before the wedding. "May Gods Old and New bless you both on this day," she offers with a gentle curtsey. "You should come and visit Stonebridge now that most repairs are done—" Or at least mostly so. "And I could use a few more honest women around." She gestures for Tiaryn not to wander off too far, intending to speak with the dear woman in just a moment.

As the group of Ashwood slows to mingle with other guests, Erik looks on silently though the expression he wears is one of perhaps boredom, that or the weariness of travel is getting to him today. His glass of wine is downed rather quickly and when he brings it up for another sip, finding nary a drop left, he looks into and frowns in a displeased manner. Looking around, the closest servant with alcohol is a bit away. Giving the Ashwoods a quick glance and seeing that they are just fine, Erik detaches himself from the group go to search for the servant with the wine.

Hearing Otto's words about the locked up part of the cellars, Martyn is unable to hold back a roar of laughter now. Shaking his head a little bit as he listens now, "Ah, he'd probably do something like that sooner or later, right?" The talk of wedding planning simply makes him nod and smile as he listens to what's being said for the moment.

Saffron seems momentarily sated now that she has had a bit of water and the servants will do their best to find a way to put the main course into a pie crust for the Mallister woman. She will probably find it disgusting once it shows up, so hopefully they won't be too invested. Now she begins to stand, reaching for her husband. "Kamron, dance with me," she insists.

"You are in good company my Lord Groves as I move slowly and my dear sweet niece is kind enough oblige me. Lyanna you are dear, I have said that many times but I will continue to say it." Firth says as she takes her time. She really does move slow as she walks with her cane and she comes to a halt and stands there regally as she moves their turn.

Having heard her uncles departing words, Jocelyn's eyes widened. No, No, lets not start making arrangements now. Thankfully Visenya and Jocelyn have made their escape in time. But with cousins words she smiles again, "I always do love a challenge." Yes, the challenge to find the right partner was going to be difficult, but.. challenge accepted. "We'll find you someone very lovely to dance with." Her wine is sipped and over the rim of the goblet she searches through the males that are present. Hmm… Able to mutlitaske she listens to cousins words and lowers her goblet to speak: "Do not worry, I have loads of experience being at these social events single. I'll keep you by my side. I wouldnt let you flounder, Cousin. That would be wrong of me to allow something like that." Spotting Nikolus, Jocelyn looks him over and smiles. Then, she notes the cane. Ah. No. "He might have been a good one, but he seems to have injured himself." she relates and gestures for her Cousin to see who she was speaking of.

Lyanna smiles and nods to the Groves's reply, but shakes her head in light amusement as she catches up with Firth. "What men take upon them for the sport of hunting… Relishing in the danger and wearing their wounds like a badge of honour afterwards. I truely do not comprehend them." she murmurs to her aunt, while they wait for Nikolus to join them.

Otto chuckles a bit and looks to Nedra, giving her a bow. "Where is my wonderful betrothed anyway?" he asks before lowering his voice. "Likely too many Freys for her liking," he adds with a smirk before looking back to Martyn and Kamron. "I'm only surprised it didn't happen sooner. It's amazing though how far a few pennies go when you have a steward with a key around."

Tyroan smirks dryly at Bryliesa's greeting to him and his wife, "If I had to stand up there so … " that was going to be a 'fucking,' but he resisted "long, I would have wanted it over too, Young Lady Erenford. At least we could sit down." There's something of avuncular amusement to his tone that suggests he isn't criticizing the ceremony. Looking over to Anathema, he smirks harder, "That's just because you were staring at some bald son-of-a-bitch," which is true, for anyone who has met Rebekkah, "instead of a strapping Young Lord."

Brennart has gotten lost in all the poses (I blame it on the kids acting cute) and lets Brylie do all the talking while he smiles and makes nice nodding motions.

Kamron nods to his wife, "Of course, My Lady." No, he's not even going to protest that she shouldn't be dancing 'in her state.' He offers his hand to help Saffron up, even as he grins to Otto, "I've my axe back in my inn room if you've a need to get into locked parts of the winecellar, Ser Otto." And then he's nodding his head to excuse himself from the group of Mallisters, and leading his wife out onto the dancefloor.

Visenya follows Jocelyn's line of sight toward Nikolus, head tilted as she examines the Groves from a distance. "Handsome, to be sure, Jocey," she gushes to her cousin while sipping at her own wine. "But did he fall from his horse to be limping about with a cane? If he managed to injure himself, I would almost fear for my poor feet," she teases. Her eyes sweep the room. "Who else?" It's turning in to a fun game for the young woman. After all, it's been five years since she's been allowed to look at other men without feeling guilt, even if she does still feel the twinge of it deep in her stomach. But only small hints of that shine through when it gets to be too much.

Nodding at Katrin's word about the two of them having met, Robben offers a bit of a smile now. "Indeed we have, Lady Katrin. I hope you are feeling better now than back then, my lady?" Looking between the others for a few moments, he nods with a bit of a smile as he listens to what's being said at the moment.

Finally tracking down the servant, the Jast Knight manages to wave the young servant down so he is able to grab himself another glass of wine, replacing the full one with the empty that was in his hand. Then with a nod, he shoos the commoner away and takes another long sip from the chilled liquid, releasing a satisfied sigh as he does so. However, with his transition from where he was, Erik is looking around and sees that he has lost sight of the Ashwoods and may even be in enemy 'territory'.

Tia catches Anathema's gesture and she stays near by, perfectly content to do so. Saethwyr meanders off, leaving his wife in the hands of her good-aunt, and rescuing himself from the girl talk.

Saffron is off with her husband toward the floor, though on the way she happens across Jocelyn and this unknown Nayland lady. She brightens to the former, that wonderful dimpling smile sending light into her pale eyes. "Lady Jocelyn," she bubbles fondly, guiding Kamron to a stop beside her. She rests her free hand on her belly in reflex, almost protectively.

"Always knew you were a resourceful man," Martyn offers to Otto, with a bit of a grin now. Looking around the entire area for a few moments now, then back to the Erenford knight again.

Hobbling like a crone with cane aided Firth and Lyanna, Nikolus dares not to challenge the pace of their movement. "A rare treasure given the times Lady Firth." He agrees, flattering on some level but courtly civility none the less. To Lyanna he grins slightly upon overhearing her hushed tones. "A testimate of survival. We are only made stronger by our setbacks are we not?" A small glance was given to the Lady Firth before continuing on a light tongue. "Men have been grunting and challenging beasts for thousands of years, it is in our blood to be stupid."

Otto laughs at Kamron's words. "Have fun, Ser Kamron. As always, it is a pleasure to see you and your lovely wife." He turns his attention back to Martyn. "Of course I'm resourceful, it comes from being the nephew of instead of the son of Miraz. One is forced to find alternate methods for getting things done when they're not an heir." He chuckles some more. "It was good seeing you again, Ser. If you see your sister floating about, please tell her I am around. Sadly though, one of us is forced to work on this day. I pulled the short piece of straw and must attend to our defenses, which sadly means I can't have but the one bottle of wine tonight instead of the three or four I'd prefer." With that said, the large knight claps Martyn's shoulder and nods his head to the man before sauntering off.

Servants start to bring out the feast little by little. Roasted wild boar, poached trout in lemon sauce, roasted potatos in dill weed, hearth baked bread with sweet butter and all sorts of other dishes find their way upon the table as other servants begin to corral the guests to take their seats. The mintrel quartet shifts gears in their music and plays an unobtrusive tune by which to eat by as the bridal couple take their places at the head of the table next to the Lord and Lady Heronhurst. Goblets are laden with wine while carafes fill other glasses with water for those not partaking of the spirits.

"I've always found you quite strapping, My Lord," Anathema says to her husband with a wry smile. "Though I must say that Northern men do not go bald, so you still had quite an impressive fault." Then she flashes a broader smile toward Bryliesa before she bows her head gently. "Enjoy this night, Young Lady Erenford," she says, not willing to hold up the line of well-wishers, especially not with Tiaryn standing close by. She guides Tyroan toward Tiaryn once more, and she smiles softly. "Sweet girl, you are still glowing." Then she frowns a bit. "I heard some rumors about the Flint camp. A sickness of some kind… I take it that all are well? Nerys, Anders, Einar? Do I need to send a letter to the Flint's Finger and request proper healers sent?" And since Anathema is a proper Northern woman, she must also be suggesting proper healers who follow the Old Gods.

This was becoming far too entertaining of a game, Jocelyn eyes Nikolus and nods her head in agreement with her cousin. "Indeed, he is. But I agree, injuries do not make for a most willing partner and you could be hurt with that cane of his. No, he wont do for you at all." she sighs, "Dancing with a cane, is like having a third leg." she shakes her head, and is glancing away to find the next to be looked over. Briefly, she spots that the Jast Knight has moved closer and was about to say something to her cousins when her train of throught is happily interrupted by Safron. "Lady Safron!" she exclaims completely delighted. "Oh my! Its been so long, I'm so pleased to see you!" a glance given to Kamron, "You as well, My Lord." looking down and noticing the belly bump, her eyes widen and mouth falls open. "Why, My Lady youre Hu-uh With child! How wonderful! Congratulations!" she looks back at Kamron, he had been a busy one. Quick too. Looking to her side she looks to her cousin to share in the joy, but then realizes they dont know one another. "Oh, forgive me. Allow me to introduce my cousin, Lady Visenya, she is my Good Uncle Tryroan Nayland's daughter." and to Visenya she says, "Meet a dear friend of mine, Lady Saffron Mallister and her Husband, Ser Kamron Mallister." Pausing then to allow them to greet one another.

Martyn nods a bit at Otto's words, offering a bit of a grin. "I'm sure we should be able to find a good time for having a few more bottles of wine later," he offers to the man, before he adds, "Be careful out there. And I will tell her." Looking around at the others now, he looks around at the various people, then to the cane in his hand, looking unsure of where to go at the moment.

Tiaryn pauses, and then she smiles. "I thank you, Auntie Ana. I am still quite happy, and I am certain it shows." She does glance over to Saethwyr, unable to avoid it, and then she returns her attention to Anathema, her expression sobering. "The family is within Highfield, with Corrie and the twins," she says slowly. "Though I think that Einar has gone to help. It would not go amiss to make sure that we have good healers, I think. It is not my strong suit, and while it is Corrie's, she is still recovering from a difficult pregnancy."

Katrin giggles softly, squeezing Aemy's hand lightly. "I do hope the Haigh party lingers here in Heronhurst long enough that we might talk, cousin," she says affectionately, before turning her attention back to Miranda and Robben, dipping down another curtsey to the Ashwoods. "I do hope that we might have the opportunity to speak further, but I fear we shall all be pushed off soon so we might eat our meal," she says with a bright flashing smile. "Lady Miranda, I do hope that you might one day find yourself down to Broadmoor so that we could become better acquainted. You would be most welcome there, I am sure." She dips down into a curtsey. "I do hope you all have a wonderful evening!"

"Ser Kamron won't let me out of his sight lately, as if I might just spontaneously combust into wild fire. What would the alchemists say?" Then she steps forward to embrace her Nayland friend before she turns that bright, dimpled smile toward Visenya. "Lady Visenya, what a pleasure! I have not had the chance to meet your Lady Mother and Lord Father, though I've heard… good things about them." Minus the witchcraft rumors, and this storyteller isn't touching that with a ten-foot pole. She instead smiles toward Jocelyn. "Though, yes… our first son is on the way," she says with confidence.

A hand clamps down over Visenya's mouth at Jocelyn's near slip up and it takes a moment or two before she can swallow her laughter enough to give a solemn curtsey to both Kamron and Saffron. "Ser Kamron, Lady Saffron," she greets. "It is a pleasure to have met you. I heard of your nuptials as quite a grand affair, all of the way from Goodbrook lands. A true testament to your party-throwing abilities, I am sure." Seven and Old Gods help her, Vis is able to keep a straight face when Saffron mentions her parents. And instead of delving into the peculiarities of her family, she just accepts the semi-compliment. "Congratulations on your first child," she says gently. "My firstborn was a girl and she is three now. Nothing changes your life quite like motherhood."

Arching a brow at Nikolus' reply, Lyanna seems far from uncomfortable that her words were not hushed sufficiently to escape his notice and can not help but chuckle with amusement. "Indeed they are. Yet this primitive behaviour seems an incredible source of fascination to us women. I have observed many a blushing from more than one noble maid when men show off their prowess with lance or sword. So it does indeed serve a purpose."

"My dear girl they will be doing that until the mountains crumble into the sea and rocks melt in the sun. Lord Groves has a point." Firth says this with a lot of amusement in her voice as she whispers back loudly enough to Lyanna that Nikolus can hear. She cannot help but laugh at Lyanna's other comment. She offers them both a charming dimpled smile and it not one that is normally seen. Spotting her prey now that others have moved on ward and now that her prey is stuck at the table and is not moving she walks forward.

"My dear Sister and lady Erenford, do you have but a moment?" Firth asks her.

Alric is much keeping to himself, and his betrothed on his arm, after the gifts and congratulations. Glancing towards the different people around the area. For some reason it does go to a certain Groves as well. Though it also goes to very many others as well. His sister, his future goodsister, all the Mallisters and Ashwoods, the Erenfords even to some of the Naylands.

Robben smiles a bit as he listens now, offering a bit of a bow to Katrin. "True. It'll be interesting to see what kind of feast they have prepared, though." A brief pause, before he adds, "Enjoy your evening, my lady."

Miranda curtsies for Katrin, "Thank you for the invitation, Lady Katrin. I will see what can be done about coming for a visit. I hope that we can linger here a while as well, but that is not up to me, more's the pity." She looks to Aleister, then back to the lady she is speaking to. Lifting a hand as she rises, she claims a glass from one of the servants, then lets herself be turned toward the tables. As she turns, her gaze once more flickers over those nearby, seeking family and friends in the throng. Lyanna is once more given a smile and a nod, perhaps a silent promise to catch up soon.

The approach of Firth beckons Bryliesa to stay her own seating as she turns to regard her older sister, not really waiting for proper behavior as she immediately welcomes the eldest of the Frey's present with a hug, "Firth, you made it after all." She clings tightly to the other woman, displaying her affection openly and without too much of a care.

Tyroan shakes his head at Anathema, "You mean that all the bald men in the north freeze to death when winter comes." Tyroan takes a sip of his ale as they move on to Tiaryn, the Nayland eying the former Flint's new husband for a moment, then shifting his attention to the woman, "Congratulations." Otherwise, he keeps quiet enough, letting the ladies of the Old Gods catch up.

Anathema shakes her head, a frown building on her lips. "I will head to the encampment, see if I cannot offer a hand to the sick, and a letter will be sent." Tyroan will at least allow her to do the latter, as the former might cause some argument. She sighs, bringing up a hand to worry at her brow. Then she glances to her husband briefly. "Though, I would not wish to overstep the Lord Ashwood if he intends to offer aid," she says in her best diplomatic tone.

Kamron follows Saffron over to the Naylands willingly enough, bowing his head, "Lady Jocelyn." And when the other Nayland is introduced, he adds, "Lady Visenya. A pleasure, I'm sure." The mention of her own child draws a broader smile to the Mallister man's lips, "She must be precious, Lady Visenya. I do have high hopes for our own."

"I have not had a chance to ask him," Tia admits, with a glance over to Aleister. She takes a breath, and then says, "though I did offer to help with my herblore, and I suspect he might be glad of your aid, Auntie Ana, even if he might not admit to it. It - from the Flints would be better," she says, honestly. Whether she's right or not, she is at least trying to keep the peace.

Surprisingly enough, Lord Daryl Ashwood has been on his best behavior tonight, and has only offended a minimal amount of people, mostly common folk. Clutching a mug in one hand, Daryl moves through company, peeking about as he nonchalantly notes people he may know about. A hand set on Miranda's back, he retakes his seat beside her, offering a nod to Aleister as he settles in, though…One more look about. Perhaps looking for someone in particular. His mug is lifted for a casual sip.

"We all have our roles to play my lady Lyanna." Nikolus tips the crown of his head slightly as though it was an honor to be casted into the role. While near the new bride the Groves male wears a simple enough smile. "Congratulations from House Groves Lady Erenford."

Remaining where he is, Martyn still looks around at the crowd for the moment, one hand reaching for the front of his shirt, where something seems to be hanging underneath it now. Watching people rather carefully for the moment, before he starts on a course to mingle with the crowd. Making sure to avoid most of the Naylands if possible, though.

It might have been funnily entertaining, Jocelyn's slip of the tongue. but she'd fixed it and was so glad. Her cheeks her flushed with her blush of embarrassment. Looking up at her cousin and noting the laughter that was clearly registered on her face, Jocelyn's eyes widen at her and then close for a moment, dont laugh. She tried really hard, but in the end, a small spot of laughter came out from her lips and she quickly cleared her throat to rid it immediately. Ah, her Aunt and Uncle. "I think you would like them." she tells Saffron with nod. "The stories of them are mostly true, minus some of the inflamed tails that seem to get out of hand." Oh boy, a boy! "Oh, how wonderful!" she says and reaches out to clasp Saffrons hand, "A boy. You must be so excited." looking down again at the roundness of her stomach. "How soon will he arrrive to meet us all?" and the mention of Visenya's daughter, she turns up to look at her, nodding her head. "Indeed, she is one of the prettiest little girls I've ever had the honor of laughing eyes on."

Firth warps her arms around Byliesa and she holds her tightly, the cane has clattered to the ground. "I would not miss for all the flowers in our world and all the jewels in our fathers vault, little Bry." She smiles. "Lyanna also traveled with me, and Lord Groves is kind enough to play our escort tonight." She continues to hold her as long as she can. Her embrace is motherly.

More and more nobles seem to have taken a seat by now, as the first courses are being served and the chatter of the wedding guests dims slightly as they start to eat.

From one of the minstrels, a tall man with accurately ungroomed brown hair and a bright, bold smile, a humourous little song spreads through the garden before the Sept to honour the bride.

„A Frey, a Frey, he married a Frey!

There are plenty of them, like mice in hay.

There are tall ones and small ones

There are slight ones and bright ones

There are grave ones and brave ones

To watch and support her, night and day.

So be careful, good Lord and treat her well,

For this is a kind one and pretty as…

The Maiden herself.“

The minstrel, a certain Garion of Fairmarket, bows as he perceives the cheering response of the wedding guests and then blends again with the three others for an instrumental piece.

Tyroan looks over to Anathema, nodding at Tiaryn's words, "If the Flints asked for our assistance, Ana, I don't see why we would refuse them. We've always been friendly with the Flints." Now isn't that politic of him? Of course, there's nothing there at all about asking or waiting for agreement from Aleister, whose lands the Flints are technically on.

As Miranda turns toward the tables, Aleister steps forward. Unclasping his hands from his back, the Ashwood Lord offers his cousin his arm. Looking up, Miranda smiles at her cousin and rests her hand on his arm. Nearing the table, she lets him hold her chair for her, curling into it with a graceful sort of movement. Smoothing her skirts as he assists her with her chair and claims the one beside her. Miranda looks up as Daryl touches her back. She smiles at her brother, then looks beyond him to the others in their party. The goblet she claimed is settled at her place and she leans a little forward to speak to Aemy. "Listen to the music…" A light dances in her eyes and a smile lights her lips as she turns to look over at the minstrel singing.

Lyanna stands before Bryliesa, hesitating for a short moment as she wonders how to greet her - they are relatives but have never been that close. So after Firth and Nikolus have offered their congratulations she offers a light curtsey for both bride and bridegroom. "Dearest aunt, Young Lord Brennart. All my best wishes for the both of you. Happiness, good health and… heirs, of course." Blushing at the last, Lyanna offers a genuine smile to both before she follows Firth to the table.

"In a matter of months… five the Maesters and Mistress Dania are saying, which is plenty of time for us to prepare," or so they think. Saffron is bright as she looks between the two, and then she glances back to her husband. "I will have to come again to Stonebridge, but for now, my husband owes me a dance." And she wraps her arm around Kamron's. "We will talk again soon," she promises Jocelyn, and she nods her head toward Visenya with that dimpled smile. Then, off the Mallister pair go.

Tia smiles at Anathema and Tyroan, giving them a curtsey as Saethwyr catches her attention, gesturing to the tables being set up. "I should go join my husband for dinner," she says, her cheeks flushing a becoming pink. "If you both will excuse me?" She slips away, her hand finding Saethwyr's arm, and the two move to join the rest of the Ashwoods.

Katrin is taking the long way back to her table of Haighs, hands clasped behind her back as she surveys everything that is happening, and all of the different people who have arrived to attend the wedding. Her lips are curved upwards into an easy smile. It looks as though she were born for this type of interaction and splendor. She does not seem overly eager to join any particular party or group of conversation, only offering smiles to those she is acquainted with, and polite bows as she crosses paths with those she is not. Her eyes brighten on finally seeing Saffron and Kamron and the girl waves a hand to try and catch the redhead's attention, mouthing that they must meet again very soon should she be successful in catching her eye.

"If the Flints ask," Anathema agrees with a bit of a frown. Then she steps forward to press a kiss to Tiaryn's cheek, squeezing her arms gently. "Take care, sweet goodniece. You are always welcome at Stonebridge." And now she steps back toward her husband, nodding her head. "You should have a word with Miraz while he is still sober, Husband… and I am off to find a young knight to dance with." And there is a little quirk of a smile on her lips.

Saffron does catch Katrin's eye, and she taps the side of her nose to let her know she understands.

It takes a lot for the the bride not to tear up at the words of her sister or lyrics of the minstrel, but she barely manages. Nikolus is afforded a genuine smile as she slowly withdraws from her sister's embrace, "Thank you, Lord Groves. We are so pleased you could share this day with us." Her blue eyes slip to take note of Lyanna, lips curling warmly as she moves to initiate a hug for her niece as well, "I did not think so many of the family would actually be able to come. You must visit more now, I insist completely upon it!"

Whether it is the most familiar smell of roasted boar or Erik satisfied himself with another glass of wine but the young noble knight had departed from the opposing territory and returns to the friendly area of Ashwoods and friends. Finding that some are already getting ready to be seated for the feast, the Jast Knight joins the group of nobles with a new glass of wine in hand again. Perhaps they did not notice his brief disappearance and he pretends not to notice himself as he looks for which seat which he should occupy.

Visenya offers another small curtsey to Kamron and Saffron, bobbing her head up and down. "Yes, she is my most precious treasure, Ser Kamron," she offers before smiling. "It was a pleasure to have met you both," she says and looks back to Jocelyn once the Mallisters have departed. "For Mallisters, I suppose they are not so bad," she muses with a grin.

Once Miranda has been settled into her seat, Aleister is claiming the one beside her, his hand reaching forward to claim the goblet, even as his eyes survey those that sit next to them. There's a hint of a smirk that dances to his lips and at the mention of the music, he's casting his attention over in the direction of Miranda, "It would seem that most weddings have music of excellent quality. Would be a .. shame to have otherwise, I do suppose."

After having seated herself, Aemy looks up at the arrival of the trio with a radiant smile. "It is lovely, I has the fortune of hearing him singing at the inn in Highfield very recently. I must admit, it was a most intriguing performance there as well." Murmuring in response to Miranda. Seeing Daryl assisting his sister, she offers a greeting, "I am so glad you have made it in time for the celebration, my lord. How was your stay in Terricks Roost?"

"Lord Brennart. It has been far too long. You are a lucky man." Nikolus passes on the practice of well wishes for the pair. To Lady Firth and Lyanna he politely excuses himself to continue mingling with some of the interesting faces. The minstrel's poem received a half hearted chuckle as he continued onward, returning for the tables at his slow pace.

Tyroan nods to Tiaryn, nodding his… perhaps grudging agreement at the invitation. "Enjoy yourself, Goodniece." It's not exactly the right familial connection, but close enough. Turning away with his wife, he drains down his tankard of ale, resists wiping his mouth with his sleeve, and smirks at his northern wife, "Perhaps I'd like him drunk before I talk to him, Ana. And don't dance too well. I'm getting a little old for angry boys chasing after me looking for you."

Robben has also made his way over to seat himself with the rest of the Ashwoods, offering a bit of a grin and a nod in Daryl's direction as a greeting. Looking around for a few moments now. "One thing can be said for sure, this is quite a feast," he offers to the others, with a bit of a grin.

Daryl chuckles just a touch at the Frey song, seeming in good spirits, or atleast better than most recently. Something seems to occur to him, and he leans past Miranda to speak quietly to Lord Aleister for a brief second, looking his way after for reply, and then offers a nod of greeting and small raise of his mug Erik's way. As Aemy addresses him, Daryl grins softly and speaks, "Wouldn't miss it. It was…Eventful. Though i've been doing quite a bit of riding as of late." He leans in to say something a bit softer, and notes Robben's approach with a small nod, his green eyes following him briefly.

Returning the hug, although perhaps taken a bit aback at first, Lyanna beams and nods to her aunt. "I will, Bryliesa. Gladly." Her gleaming eyes confirm she means it. And with that said, she finally moves to take a seat at the table, keeping close to Firth.

Kamron nods to Visenya and Jocelyn, "I don't know that there is anyone My Lady does not like." The words are spoken fondly, and with a glance to his pregnant wife, "And yes, it was indeed a pleasure. Perhaps you can come to Terrick's Roost at some point if you wish to get away from Stonebridge." He laughs lightly, "Although I suppose the invitation is not exactly mine to give." And then he's turning about to walk off with his wife. After a half-dozen paces or two, he admits quietly to Saffron, "For a Nayland, I suppose neither of them is so bad."

Continuing wandering around a bit with his betrothed, he looks to her and smiles. "Can I offer a dance?" He asks her in a sweet tone. Still having her on his arm. Slipping out to dance with her properly if she accepts the dance. Glancing around a little before actually starting on anything of a dance.

Parting from her brothers side much earlier, Bella meanders through the well dressed nobles, greeting those she has met previously. Pausing, her slippered foot begins tapping to the merry tune and with delight, she applauds the bards offering. Noticing a certain Groves lord, she eagerly makes her way over, offering a curtsy, "My lord Nikolus, a pleasure meeting you once more." Giving a smile to those near him.

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