Emrys Flint


Emrys Flint is the youngest of Lord Trentin Flint and Shada Flint of the Mountains. As such that places him as a Great Uncle, already at the age of thirty five. At a young age, his mother sent him with her people in order for her to have the upbringing that she made sure her daughter had, as well as her other children.

For his formative years he spent with his mother's people-till his father had him plucked from the mountains and sent out to the Dreadford-there to be under the tutelege of Lord Roose Bolton. Thus learned the grim ways of war, from a rather grim lord.

However Emrys' early years did not nor go without merit. As a young man he made a name for himself in performing the melees at tournaments (usually in celebrating weddings or other festivals, he was no professional.) And did quite well. He was once named a Champion at the Dreadfort, once in his Youth.

At the tournament in Harrenhal when the rumblings were coming about Mad King Aerys, and other such political turmoil showing itself in the North, and all over the seven kingdoms, Emrys requested of Lord Roose to return back home with his kin-which was granted. If there was bloodshed to be had in the kingdom, he would serve with his own blood and kind. And when Lord Eddard called his banners to fight against the mad King, Emrys answered the call, along with other Flint men.

He did well in the Rebel lines of battler, serving at Stoney Sept, as he would come with the fresh Northern troops. At Stoney Sept, Emrys was recorded killing a knight of the crownlands and injuring several other lords in the process of coming to the rescue of King Robert. As reward, Emrys was given the fine armor of the dead knight he slew, a coat of plates, and his horse.

When the lines charged at the Trident, Emrys was amongst his cousins, when his older brother would be cut down in the midst of battle. Still though the Fist of the Fingers as he would be called proved his worth, despite the Royal lines holding through each charge.

In the end, The Royals would break and try to run after the Prince's death. Emrys would follow on down to King's Landing to beat the Lannisters and remain amongst the fighting until the end of the war. From there he remained with the Boltons again, until the call for men to fight the Ironborn was brought out. He went with the Boltons and slew many a man on the Isles.

When his tour was done-he returned for home. And thus would have to go through the riverlands.


Physical Features

The man before you stands at about six feet even. An unruly mop of dark brown hair, that shows flecks of grey is left mainly to it's own devices. His face is devoid of a beard-though stubble clings to his face. One would easily notice his slightly crooked nee, and the small scar on his lip, which gives his face a rather crooked countenance. His face is complete with dull green eyes.

The man is currently clad in a Long leather surcoat, which trails below his knees, and already the thread of a thick grey tunic can be seen dipping beyond the surcoat's skirt. Dark trews are tucked into roughshod boots. About his waist belt is worn, where a long dagger can be noted. A pauldron of leather is strapped over his left shoulder, while bracers are affixed to his arm. A cowl of black hangs down the front, as a pin of a silver hand is tucked neatly and stuck over his heart. Given the weather, a cloak of Wolf-or stag hide is oft worn.

Allies and Foes

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