Einar Flint


Being the second son of a minor branch of the Flint family, the Stewards of Blind Lord's Tower, Einar was never really groomed to lead. Thats not to say he didn't get a comprehensive education in weaponry, horse riding, etiquette and all the other related skills needed to set a young nobleman up for his future, just he had a little more freedom in focusing on those parts he enjoyed than he brother or some of his cousins managed.

As it turned out, the main area he enjoyed was his faith. He would do his utmost to be at every service and as a boy had spent a lot what spare time he had following the Septon round, and offering to run his errands or help out. Accordingly, it came as no surpirse to anyone when he expressed an interest in becoming a priest himself. It was a calling he followed devoutly or several years, learning the deeper aspects of the faith of the seven, along with the more practical side of priestly life. He's always had a good ear and gained some instruction in musical composition and arrangement for services, as well as oratory and herbalism.

Then came Robert's Rebellion, and suddenly all though of fighting age were off to answer the Starks call to arms. Being himself, still on the young side, and not having kept up with his martial practice, he himself was left behind to help keep the household until the others returned. The house's loses, while not numerically great, did however include Connell, his older brother, and upon his father's return, it was made very clear to Einar that he could no longer be afforded the luxury of choosing his own path.

His martial training restarted with haste as Tulketh, his father set about seeking a Knight to take him on as a squire. With the chaos immidiately surrounding the end of the rebellion, this proved a tricky task, even with the massed ranks of newly knighted man returning from the Trident. It was something that Tulketh wanted sorted quickly though, as he was starting to get on in years and wanted his succession sorted. In the end though, a knight was found, although it was an unconvential match. Einar was not sent to another noble house to learn the knightly ways, but to the leading branch of his own, under the stewardship of his cousin, the newly knighted Ser Anders Flint. Freshly returned from the war.

That was six years ago, and now he's nearly done. He's blade work will probably never recover from the years of neglect in his early teens, but he's shown to be a dab hand with the crossbow particularly.

Physical Features

A young lad who appears to be in his late teens or early twenties, its hard to judge. He stands around an inch shy of six foot tall but only of moderate build and as such his presence is noticeable, but not overly imposing. His face betrays his youth, even if his figure does not and it's readily apparent that he has more growing yet to do. Possibly the most noticable of his features are his ears, which protude from beneath short, brown hair. It's not that they're huge, they just stick out that little bit more than the norm. His eyes are green and alert, but his expression is geneally cheery enough.

He wears sturdy black boots and unadorned black trousers which contrast with the white shirt tha covers his upper torso. Its not a flouncy shirt, but it's definatly a decent cut and made from decent material, in keeping with the dark grey suede tunic that sits above it. At his waste is a re-enforced leather belt, from which hangs both his sword on his left hip and a small dagger on his right.



Allies and Foes

"Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires but according to our powers."

Henri Frederic Amiel


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