Page 049: Earnest Profit
Earnest Profit
Summary: Loree discusses her business in the Roost with Lucienne and Anais.
Date: 31 August 2011
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Iron gate. Stone. Its big pimpin.
31 AUG 288

One of the sworn or guards would probably notify the first member of the family that a 'Mistress Loree Brooke' is at the portcullis and respectfully requesting to speak with a member of the house about permissions and a potential purchase. She's declined to come inside without the word of the family and stands properly to the side of the stone hallway with her hands folded in front of her. There is a man with her who is armed with a sword but looks friendly enough. The two are standing in polite silence, Loree lifting her eyes to look over the courtyard further in with a light smile.

Lucienne arrives from the courtyard, either the first to be found and notified or the only one not other occupied. Either way, she's dressed well, her hair mostly loosed under a gauzy veil held in place with a silver circlet, her dress fresh and clean. Shadowed by a guard of her own and two handmaidens, she dips a shallow curtsy to greet the woman and her… boydguard? "Mistress Brooke," presumes the Terrick girl, with a polite smile. "I am Lady Lucienne Terrick, daughter of the Lord Jerold. I have been informed you wish to speak with us?"

Loree watches the approach of Lucienne but blushes slightly at the curtsy. The woman returns the gesture, her head bowed as she does so. This commoner is quite well aware of her place in the heirarchy. "M'Lady," she greets. "Its an honor." Rising from the bow, her eyes settle on Lucienne. "I do, if you would be so kind. I spoke to your Young Lord brother a few days ago about potentially purchasing or renting some property from your family that I might build myself a home of sorts here within the town. I mentioned that I would be seeking out an already built structure to suit my needs, but I have opted to build if your family would be willing to grant me permissions." She smiles easily, the expression seeming to come naturally to the woman's features. Loree is one of those people that just seems to enjoy being pleasant.

Lucienne seems pleased by the other woman's manner, her head tilting just slightly to one side as she listens intently. "I see," she grants as Loree finishes, with an interested lift to her brow. "And did the Young Lord indicate already to you whether he would be amenable to such an arrangement?"

Loree shakes her head gently. "He did not say either way, no m'Lady." She lifts her chin just a touch with her brow. "The Young Lord and I discussed mainly my potential intent to invest in Terrick's Roost and the potential to bring a lot of trade here. I got the impression he was amenable to my possibly building a small structure, but I would never be so bold as to assume that such a thing was proper without an explicit 'yes' from the family." She tilts her head. "The Young Lord has shared none of this, Lady Lucienne?" Rather than anything else, she almost looks embarassed by the question.

"Of course," allows Lucienne with another blithe smile, not committing an answer to any question. "Why don't you follow me in to the courtyard and we can discuss this matter further where it is more proper to do so, Mistress Brooke? There is shade there, and I will have some refreshments brought to us." If the way she turns swiftly on her heels is any indication, there's no room for argument.

"As you bid, m'Lady," Loree says gently, bowing her head once more. The woman rises as Lucienne turns to go. There is a crook of her finger for the man with her to follow and they both move off, heading to the courtyard.

Lucienne leads the way over to the shady table that guests are often recieved at, one of her handmaidens scurrying off in the opposite direction. Only once they're near the table does she turn to fix her pleasant expression back upon Loree, a grand sweep of her hand indicating the businesswoman to take a seat at her leisure. The courtyard is not by any means a quiet place to be, with servants scurrying this way and that, and Lucienne clears her throat in order to lift her voice to an easily audible volume. "Please, a seat. My lord brother is preparing to be wed, and it has been difficult to pin him down of late. I'm certain your matter is already being considered, but if you would be so kind as to explain to me what sort of a structure you seek to build? Is it purely for residential purposes?"

Moving inside, Loree does not hide her admiration for the structure. But its a familiar look of appreciation, nearly a sense of pride. The smile on her face speaks to fond memories of days long past. "As I noted to Young Lord Jaremy, I cannot express how much I enjoy being here. I lived in the Roost for about ten years and the interior of the Tower never ceases to make the heart sing, m'Lady," she notes in whispered, humbled words. Given where all she has likely been, those are still honest sentiments given. She takes the offered seat with a noted thanks and crosses her legs beneath the subtly fine skirts. "Ah yes, his marriage. I'm aware and it is understandable. Well I suppose I should preface by saying that my family, specifically myself, has recently purchased the Rockcliff after notifications and permissions were granted. I have been staying there but I wish not to bed there but would seek to build a small home. I intend no commerce to be conducted out of the structure, though I would be doing some book keeping from there as well, m'Lady."

Lucienne dips into a seat also, her smile tending warmer at Loree's opinions on the tower. "It's rather a lovely place, isn't it? Welcome back, then, Mistress Brooke. When exactly was it, that you spent time here?" Her attention is given, undivided, to the businesswoman. "Ahhh, I did think your name sounded familiar - no doubt I would have seen it in our ledgers recently. I don't anticipate there will be any opposition to granting the permissions you seek, and I can certainly understand that you would wish to reside separately to your place of business. A single-storey dwelling? Is there a particular place you have in mind for it?"

"I lived here from two fifty-six to two sixty-six. Lord Jerold was a young man. Pardon a Mistress' indulgence on how handsome he was and my hopes that he still is." She beams her smile inward but it still shines on her face. "But thank you much. I will tentatively find someone to work a design for approval. And yes, a single level but a shade larger than most dwellings. Nothing flashy as my father may prefer, though. I was considering a position near the sept on the cobblestone road. But part of my interest in building is also a token of my good faith towards this town, as I told Young Lord Jaremy." Loree holds her pleasant air. "I retain control of the Brooke's construction groups. I could easily have my own men perform the task for cheaper but I would prefer to hire members of your town for the design and build. Over the next several months, if I and others like what we see, we may be looking to bring much more trade to the Roost. I will be hosting these Misters, Sers, and Lords, in my home. I wish to show them the quality labor that I know your smallfolk can bring to long-range trade, m'Lady. That is, if your family wishes us to bring such trade. I will abide the wishes of your family of course."

Lucienne is highly amused by the admission regarding her father. "The Lord Jerold is fair and just," she praises, humoring Loree with the double meaning. She pauses for consideration, and a shade longer for appearance's sake. "Well. Your suggestion sounds more than fair, and I am sure my father will welcome your returned presence in the Roost, Mistress Brooke, as will our smallfolk. I have heard of your endeavours myself, having spent some time in Seagard. I will tell you now, I will see your request to my father personally. On the proviso that you utilise local labour, I am most certain you will be extended official permission for the build quite promptly." The Terrick daughter is seated at the shady table used to recieve guests in the courtyard with another woman, several retainers hovering nearby.

Lucienne is highly amused by the admission regarding her father. "The Lord Jerold is fair and just," she praises, humoring Loree with the double meaning. She pauses for consideration, and a shade longer for appearance's sake. "Well. Your suggestion sounds more than fair, and I am sure my father will welcome your returned presence in the Roost, Mistress Brooke, as will our smallfolk. I have heard of your endeavours myself, having spent some time in Seagard. I will tell you now, I will see your request to my father personally. On the proviso that you utilise local labour, I am most certain you will be extended official permission for the build quite promptly." The Terrick daughter is seated at the shady table used to recieve guests in the courtyard with another woman, several retainers hovering nearby.

Loree smirks at the return from Lucienne. "You're too kind, m'Lady." But as the youngest daughter of the house continues on, the visitor dips her head. "I cannot tell you the depths of my appreciation on the matter, Lady Lucienne. I would never take the question to Lord Jerold myself as such things would be far too inappropriate. Your favor to me is in keeping with my hopes and indeed my memories of this House." She lifts from the bow in her chair and looks to Lucienne once again. "There is also another matter of which I was hoping to speak, specifically a matter of business. The political outlay of the land has been briefed to me by those who are aware, but I was most interested to find out about some sort of arrangement with House Camden and the construction of docks. Would that be a topic I could broach with you, m'Lady?"

"Tomorrow, Susan," Anais is saying to the dressmaker as she leaves the tower, holding up a hand in forbearance. "I really can't stand still for one more fitting right now. In the morning if you like, but I'm afraid I'm finished for the day." The words are softened by a smile, and she even pauses to press a kiss to the older woman's cheek in apology. "It's lovely so far, Susan," she assures. "And I can't imagine it's going to be any less lovely on the day. Thank you. No one could do it better." And so the seamstress is off with a smile of her own, her helpers trailing her like ducklings.

There's another polite nod from Lucienne, to acknowledge the gratitude of the businesswoman she sits with. Right on cue, another handmaiden returns with a tray hosting some sweetmeats, two large pitchers (presumably summerwine and water) and several goblets which she sets down upon the table gently. Lucienne peers around it all to raise her brows at Loree again. "Oh? What exactly do you wish to know, Mistress Brooke?" The arrival of Anais is not unnoticed, Lucienne's eyes flicking that way briefly.

Loree drifts her gaze to see Anais and the Brooke's smile grows familiar once again. She dips her head towards the woman graciously before looking back to Lucienne. "I was hoping that I might be able to speak with someone about investing heavily in the contruction of these docks. I understand that the Camdens are providing lumber?" Loree is careful with her tone not to step too far. "I wish to see if I might be able to secure investment in the building of those in return for my own interests in potentially bringing in more investors. Should this be a route that the Terrick family be interested in, I might be interested in getting into or sponsoring the Roosts' first seafaring trade house. Of course, not only would this be more than a few months down the road, but this would also be subject to your wishes, the benefits applied to my own interests, but.." She inclines her head. The woman's voice is very carefully held right here, the words precise and even. "But also we need to be sure that House Terrick is secure and standing tall. 'We' would be both myself and those I represent." And all their coin.

Once the seamstress is out the gate, Anais lets out a heavy breath, her shoulders loosening ever so slightly in relief. No more fittings for the day! Only then does she take a moment to look around the courtyard, and noting Loree and Lucienne, she starts in that direction, smile returning to an easy curve. "Luci, Mistress Brooke," she greets lightly. "What a pleasant surprise. I hope there hasn't been any more trouble at the Rockcliff?"

How very interesting. Lucienne's expression shades thoughtful as Loree speaks, and she nods along. Anais' approach buys her a few more moments to formulate a response, and she invites the other lady to sit with a gesture of her hand. "Anais. Mistress Brooke and I were just speaking about some construction and investment plans. That which you ask," Lucienne turns back to the businesswoman in question, "Is rather beyond something I am able to treat with you. However I would be happy to pass along your expression of interest, Mistress Brooke, to my lord father?"

Loree smiles to the approach of Anais, standing from her chair. She curtsies, bowing her head to the woman. "Lady Banefort. Its a pleasure to see you again." Hands folded, she rises and meets the woman's eyes with a shake of her head. "No, there is nothing of trouble. I have come here seeking permissions for trade and personal interests. You are kind for the hopes." She dips her head again before looking to Lucienne once more. "Again, you have my thanks, Lady Lucienne. I wish only to express my interest in these matters to you. Who you are inclined to speak with in regards to them is none of my business. The Brooke family is in the habit of not involving itself in the affairs of nobility. We respond to the winds which are guided by the hands of those our better, m'Lady." There is another dip of her head with the words.

"Construction and investment," Anais echoes, with a certain sort of savor in the words. "Aren't those lovely terms? Full of potential." She clasps her hands lightly in front of herself, smile bright as she looks between the women. "And it's nice to hear words of positive potential, isn't it, Luci? Honestly, it's nice to be able to /move/ without worrying about a thousand pins, though, so I might be a bit biased right now," she admits with a laugh.

"It is," says Lucienne, with much relief in her inflection. "More dress fittings?" She reaches to pour herself a glass of water, adding to Loree, "You're very kind, Mistress Brooke. I will tender your interests with the appropriate parties."

Anais' words seem to fully brighten the smile on Loree's face and even have her stand a little more relaxed. "I come here with full and bright hopes for Terrick's Roost, Lady Banefort. My intentions lain bare: Your town is ripe for growth and I wish to make money here. However, that also means that the Terrick family stands to collect tax from my family and those that trade will bring. However, as with any trade and the gracious permission of the noble homes we are provided space to perform our business from, there are negotiations to be made eventually. There is no hurry on the end of the Brooke family, especially seeing that the Terricks are about to bring on a beautiful new Lady to their ranks." There's a mirthful smile to Anais before turning to Lucienne. "Your gratitude is welcome but not required, Lady Lucienne. My intention is coin, but I see absolutely no reason why the Brooke family of Seagard cannot have such a wonderful relationship with the Terricks as we share with the Mallisters," Loree nearly sings, her voice lifting with the hopes of her mind.

"Endless dress fittings," Anais smiles ruefully to Lucienne. "There's the wedding dress, of course. But it wouldn't do but for Father to see that there's a new wardrobe for after the wedding as well. Which is fair enough," she chuckles, glancing down at an oft-mended cuff on her sleeve. "I've been terribly unkind to my things, and half of them weren't mine to begin with. And you are too kind, Mistress Brooke," she adds with a smile for the other woman. "I'm sure Lord Jerold will want to speak with you on those matters."

It's all rather promising isn't it? Loree's enthusiasm must be catching, for Lucienne's mood seems to lift, even if she has nothing much of import to add. "I agree, Mistress Brooke," she says with a breath of a laugh - which could also be construed as being for Anais. "Ahhh, lucky you, my dear. Keeping the seamstress busy, indeed. How is 'the dress' coming along?" The emphasis is clear enough.

"If Lord Jerold honors me with his presence, then it will be at his bidding." Loree says it gently as she once again curtsies and bows to Anais. Rising back up, "However, I will make no such requests on your family. I have but two requests and both, I believe, will be beneficial to your home, m'Ladies." She clasps her hands again and looks between them. "My first humble request is that with the nature and breadth of trade, that if I should ask on a matter of politics, I would appreciate an answer as honest as it can be given. I offer no advice on politics, nor do I wish to insert myself, so I understand when the truth must be kept within a family. However, I use such information to help guide business." She pauses, breaking before the second. "I also request that should House Terrick require anything of myself in the performance of business, that it not hesitate to approach me. I may move slowly with the request, but I am methodical. However in the end, I am a humble servant with no place to make demands." She bows once more. But as the two discuss a dress, Loree settles her eyes on Anais, sparkling in their own right. Weddings. Dresses. Pomp. Mistress Loree loves it and there is no hiding it by the look on her face.

I know almost nothing about /the/ dress," Anais rolls her eyes with a good-natured smile, shaking her head. "Susan makes me turn around and not look at anything when she does her magic with it. So I'm quite certain it's going to be appropriately breath-taking. I'll know when I walk in, of course," she adds, smile softening just a little as she glances to Loree. "I still get these…just attacks of nerves every now and then, when I stop thinking about it in the /practical/ sense."

Those requests of Loree's are met with a nod each from Lucienne, her tight smile re-iterating: they will be relayed for her. As for the dress: "That's quite a feat, being fitted for a dress without seeing much of it. I'm not sure I'd disobey Susan for a peek, though." If Lu were the winking kind, she might wink here. Instead, her smile dimples. "We're all very excited, the atmosphere in the tower is wonderful at the moment." You know. When everyone's not busy running around gossiping about the various disasters running in the leadup to the auspicious event.

The tight smile on Loree's face has her show her age a little, but the expression to Anais is alllll fond memories. "M'Lady, I might suggest that there is a common thread with women everywhere: Weddings make us all doe-eyed and bonkers. Men trifle over their swordplay while we dream about our future husbands. How many times have you run over the sound of 'Lady Anais Terrick' in your mind? Perhaps practiced your signature, m'Lady?" Her eyes nearly twinkle. "Surviving your wedding day is like going to war. Its a bonding experience for us and for the man and his wife as well." She preens a bit despite her age, shoulders lifting in a small shrug while she twists her shoulders with the thought. "I've had to see two of my four daughters wed. It is never easy. But it is always spectaular. Seeing both you Ladies atwitter about it just swoons my heart." She can't help the grin plastered on her face.

Anais giggles at Loree's words. Yes, the Banefort lady who is reasonably respected for her wits giggles. She is, after all, a girl of eighteen under everything else. "Can I confess that I've been thinking about decorating our room?" she adds, looking between the other women and taking a step closer so she can lower her voice. "Oh, and I did want to talk to Ser Jerold about that. I know Jaremy has his own room, but I do think it would be nice for us to have a room that is /ours/ from the beginning, rather than where he grew up."

And Lucienne is doing alright with all Loree's gushing, right up until the sound of… 'Lady Anais Terrick'. A series of tiny gestures ensues from the dark-haired girl; she swallows, and blinks rapidly thrice in succession, and lifts her glass of water to hide the drain of colour from her face behind as she sips. Her smile doesn't fade, though, and as she lowers her glass she bestows it on Anais with a soft outward breath. "I think that sounds like a sensible idea," she murmurs. "Ah, would you ladies be so kind as to excuse me? There are… some matters I need attend to." A weak excuse, but one all the same.

Loree grins. "Decorating. I love it. My husband used string to hang roses from the rafters of our room on our wedding night. I weeped. It was horrible. He thought I hated it." She rolls her eyes, laughing in spite of herself and wiping at a tear with the memory in her cherished memories. "The poor man was apologizing before I could explain myself," is gently laughed. She wets her lips, sighing happily as she looks up and around the courtyard. So many years. But as Lucienne excuses herself, Loree steps back and bows one more time to her. "Thank you for the words and conversation, Lady Lucienne. It was time most well spent to my mind. I bid you enjoy the rest of your day." She rises with the same precise, practiced speed.

Anais quirks a brow at Lucienne's sudden retreat, but doesn't press the issue in front of Loree. "Of course, Luci," she replies with a small, reassuring smile. "No doubt you've been busy today as well, and with another busy day tomorrow. It never ends, does it?" To Loree's tale, she sighs softly, smile warm. "That sounds /very/ kind of him, Mistress Brooke. Personally, I think I will be glad no matter what happens. Jaremy is a good and gentle soul, and I have no doubt that he will care for me well."

"Thank you, you both are most gracious," are Lu's departing words, given even as she's dipping her farewell curtsy. She makes for the Hall with haste, disppearing behind the large doors to who knows where.

Loree smiles, nodding once to Luci and then to Anais. "It was. And yes, Jaremy does seem just that. He's a man to carry on the Terrick name well. He does remind me much of the men I knew when I was here so many years ago. Outgoing, ready to lend a hand, gentle. It is traits like that which drew me to my husband and my whole hearted devotion to Four Eagles during the time, m'Lady." She looks over Anais with the gentle eye of a mother to a daughter. "Women to woman, if I may be so bold? This is a union you welcome? You seem quite excited. Hearing a 'yes' would not surprise me."

Lucienne has left.

Anais' smile is warm, her cheeks flushing ever so slightly. "It is a union I sought," she confesses, reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear. "My father sent myself and three sisters with the intention of securing an alliance, if we could. And I did everything that I could to be best positioned for it. This is…a very nice place, as you know, Mistress Brooke. Better than I could have dared to hope for. And to marry the heir, and know that our children will rule here as well…And /then/ to find that the heir is not at all difficult to look upon, and so very kind. I have been a lucky woman."

"Sought," Loree repeats with a surprised grin. "Well, you certainly carry the banner of your bloodlines, m'Lady. No challenge shied from?" she needles gently in only the way life experience can temper a soul. "But you are most correct, of course. You and he will provide magnificent heirs. I should only hope I am still around your fair town to see them grace this land. I can also tell you that this wedding has quite a few talking in Seagard as well. Many are quite happy. I will not tell people you sought the union on your own, as that shall remain between us, but I believe these voices may be more right than they know, Lady Banefort." She inclines her head knowingly, the grin still there.

"I should hope you'll be here to see them," Anais smiles ruefully. "I suspect if there isn't one within the year, there will be some concern, and you seem to be settling in for some time, Mistress Brooke." She brushes a hand briefly over her stomach, letting out a soft breath. "I'm glad to hear that there are others who are pleased with the union, though. I've heard some…less pleasant things as well."

"Children have a way of happening when they are ready. Not when you are." That same mirthful smile takes over Loree's face. "But you are most kind to say as you do. I am settling in. I had actually considered taking on someone to run my businesses for me and retiring. The Rockcliff sort of fell into my lap, as it were. I'll see to my interests here and then I may well find my retirement here as well. Spend the rest of my days yelling at your children and waving a cane from my window." She laughs softly at the idea, but the expression seems to come around a bit more interested. "Less pleasant things, m'Lady? Might I enquire as to what and from who?" She does not sound -too- surprised, but that's probably on purpose. She admitted she is methodical.

Anais glances away, lifting one shoulder in a slight shrug. "A few accusations that my family was grasping. Implications that there was some sort of nefarious cunning behind it all, rather than a father with four daughters looking for a place to find them homes of their own." She looks back then, smile crooked. "Honestly, only Gwyneth is younger than I am, and we're all unwed. Shayla's widowed, of course, but I'm afraid Father is running short of time."

Loree listens to all this, her hands unclasping and refolding the other way. She's thoughtful for a few long moments. "Lady Anais, may I break and speak as a mother to you?" She waits for the response before bidding a thank you. "Anais?" Bold, indeed. She takes a breath. "Your father's House stands at an important point in its life. Lord Banefort has many sons and in our lives, we, as women, are often traded as anyone would shift around assets. But being a parent, I can tell you that those mouth breathers who think that your father only wants to maneuver for power are not worth listening to." At least she seems sincere, just a bit of sweetness. Its a very mothering tone. "All weddings involving two homes will have detractors. But I am very sure your father loves you all very much and just wants you all to have good homes. Sure, there is always the aspect of power to be gained, but your father would not have sent you all here if he was not concerned for your outlook. I do hope that is understood. One day, when you have a family of your own and likely a few daughters, you will smile back at all those naysayers and roll your eyes at them. Besides, many fear women like you and I. They hate us because we know what kind of power we can wield." She arches a brow at the last, smiling conspiratorially.

"Ah, well, I know he loves us," Anais waves a hand, smile crooked. "I know my father, and I know where he stands on his children. It's hurtful, though. I mean, it isn't as though he /isn't/ considering the benefits of each marriage or alliance. But he's hardly as /evil/ as some people would make him out to be for it. He loves his children. He wants to see us happy, and well-provided for."

"I'm sure he is. He is a Lord and knows how to post his House. But I am of the opinion that there are very few evil people, m'Lady. Those perceived as evil are more often just moving with hidden motives or those others disagree with. The most heinous are obvious, though. I believe your father is hardly evil. When you have many children you will understand." Loree's happy little smile is back. "I have had to work hard to be sure that my daughters and my son have been well taken care-of and that others did not seek them out simply for their stake in my work. You will do the same. Even if you are not able, the beating heart of the Roost will perform what is required."

"I'm sure you raised your daughters to understand all of their options," Anais smiles warmly back at Loree. "So that they could make good decisions, and be prepared to deal with even the most recalcitrant of husbands." She reaches up to rub a hand at the back of her neck then, letting out a soft breath. "I should probably be getting back to the tower, though. I'm tired, and it seems it's harder to sleep the closer we get to the wedding. I have to take advantage of it when I can."

"My first daughter came at a very young age and out of wedlock. I had to raise her during those first years through grit and determination, m'Lady. The others were more lucky.. but it was more my husband's parents doing with their options. I would be remiss to say otherwise." But hearing the words from Anais, Loree dips her head. "Of course. I shan't overstay my welcome. It has been a pleasure speaking to you again." She seems about to ask for dismissal, but stops herself to say one more thing. "I mean what I say, Lady Banefort. I hope that my family can find favor with your own so that we might both profit immeasurably from an earnest alliance of trust. I will make the first steps willingly over these next few months. In time, I will welcome those of the Terricks when you feel it is right. But the Terricks may call upon me for anything without fear of off-setting my business intents unless you all bid me cease." She turns up her face with an easy smile, bowing with her curtsey. "I beg of your leave, m'Lady."

"Thank you, Mistress Brooke," Anais nods to the woman, smile broad. "One of the things I really do love about Terrick's Roost is the faith that the people here have in the Terricks. I'm sure Lord Jerold and Jaremy will be eased to hear of your offer. I'll be sure to pass it on to them. Please, have a good evening," she adds, taking a step back with another nod. "It's been a pleasure speaking with you."