Dyonne Groves was born an intelligent girl, and as a result, even from a young age, she was aware of a destiny trying to settle on her shoulders. The Groves as a family have a history of making bad decisions, and though Dyonne was born a happy, bright little girl, she realized early on that if the family-her family that she cared for so deeply-was to return to a place of honor and happiness, she was going to have to do her part to make sure that their reputation gained an impeccable quality. At home, Dyonne was an affectionate child. She loved her brothers, her parents, her septa and even the hounds that lived under the table. She was a bright little butterfly that fluttered through the gardens, perched in the stables, trailed after her mother, and constantly, but gently demanded affection. Especially from her elder brothers, who she idolized. After all, her brothers were learning to fight with swords, and ostensibly, were intended to some day go out into the world and have adventures. When Dyonne was a mere girl of three, her favorite brother was fostered at Heronhurst, and the little girl became depressed for a time, retreating dutifully into her studies, and keeping mostly to herself. Of course, her good spirits eventually returned; One cannot live forever in the doldrums. The birth of her little sister also helped. Many years passed, essentially into obscurity without note, but eventually Nikolus (her favorite brother) reached Dorne, and began writing her letters. She wrote him religiously (she was probably around 14 at the time) and was enchanted by tales of his adventures. His recent troubles have nearly devastated the gentle soul, but she is glad of his return.

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Lord Kolton Groves, father.
Lady Dyanne (Grafton) Groves, mother.
Ser Hartigan Groves, eldest brother.
Lord Nikolus Groves, brother.
Ser Danyel Groves, brother.
Lady Hallianne Groves, little sister.



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