Page 373: Duty A Fine Thing
Duty, a Fine Thing.
Summary: Alys and Cherise have a talk bout current events, and share their frustration a few things that have come to pass.
Date: 30/07/2012
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Alys Cherise 
Terricks Roost: Rockcliff Inn: Guest Room
The Guest Rooms at the Rockcliff are slightly more than modest. Each has a spacious bed with clean sheets and some generic artwork hung above the bed. Each room has a vase of fresh flowers replaced daily as well as a water basin and mirror. Trunk space is provided for those staying more than a night or two and wooden pull-tab by the door operates a pully system of bells that will summon one of the women of the house to take food orders or resolve anything required. A large window overlooks to surrounding town though shutters stand ready to block out the sunlight as required.
Mon Jul 30, 289

Alys is sitting her her rooms, having sent a message to Cherise she chose to wait in her rooms this day, with a book, until she arrives. Hair half pulled up in a neatly braided bun, the rest of her curly red tresses are cascading down her back as she sits in a chair by the window. Her maid is milling about, arranging the vase of flowers at the table near by. The room is warm and there is a flagon of wine and two cups settled on the same table, one cup is half full nearest to the lady. She turns the page as her maid leaves the table to arrange the coverlets on the bed.

Cherise allotted some time between receiving Alys' letter until her soon arrival. Standing behind the door, accompanied by a pair of guards her husband insisted on keeping close. One hand would smooth over the red silk garment accented with golden yellow embroidery. A knock was given to the door as the trio waited for the Charlton on the other side to answer.

A piece of ribbon is placed in the book to mark her spot before she closes its well worn covers. A smile brightens on her face as she gestures to her maid to open the door. A curtsy for the lady from both women in the room before the Charlton girl straightens her sunny-yellow silk gown and takes a seat. Gesturing to the chair opposite of her she pours a cup of wine for Cherise. "Good-cousin, I am happy you came." She says politely.

The Charlton guards were abandoned in the chamber's hall as Cherise proceeded inside. "Alys." Her tongue was laced with pleasant familiarity. The hushed whispers of layered skirts accented each step as she furthered herself inside, the door closing behind her. "At least someone is." A summary of just how many happy faces they have encountered since their entourages arrival. "I believe they treat you well here?"

Alys nods with a bit of a frown, "Does Lady Anais' tongue get in her own way again?" her brow lifts in question. "That woman is incorrigible. She must not have spent much time learning the way of politics. But what do I know, I am but a girl.. no?" Alys sniffs and looks away to her maid. "Fetch me some bread, that is, if they have it. If not day old bread and some broth." Alys sighs, "This place is a hole of sorrow, my lady, I have not been treated unkindly, no. But to be treated unkindly one must venture out, something I dare not do. There are more beggars here than one would think, noble and common alike, it would seem." she smiles brightly. "How is my little cousin, Aerick, I miss his little smile."

Cherise's large blue eyes gave a brief sweep of the guest chambers, for inspection likely or perhaps curious about it's upkeep. "She bears a great weight on her shoulders. The Lord of the Eagles withdrawn from the light of day, her husband and his supposed ailing injury…" A shoulder shrugged with the assessments. "Could you balance the load any better? With starving serfs?" She soon comes to claim a chair across from Alys then lays both hands upon her lap. "Hopefully the Terricks will accept my huband's terms and improve their township. Then you should not feel so assailed by outstretched hands." Cherise smiles a touch even as her son is mentioned. "He is beautiful as ever. So curious. And hungry."

"Yes I could cos. As I said, diplomacy and kindness should have times where they should meet and marry. When my lands and its people are burned and starving, I do not jump to ill-advised conclusions. Grace, is not something that comes easily to her." Alys takes a sip of her wine as her maid leaves to search for bread. "Wariness, I understand, inwardly. But sometimes we must do what is right. Aleister did it right, he remained unimposing while reaching out to lend aid, remaining on the boarder and not imposing some form of undue duress to the townfolk or the Terricks. Come now, if he wanted to take the town he would have. Seven knows there is not much left here to offer defense." Alys grins just a touch before turning to a soft smile. " That is good to hear, he is such a sweet little lad. Getting bigger by the day I bet."

As Alys ranted the blonde Charlton smiled, laughing softly even while lowering her gaze and directing it elsewhere. Whatever thoughts were within had been kept locked and sealed. "In truth the Terricks have no reasonable cause for concern with House Charlton unless of course they have acted in a manner that will do so. It was my understanding that prior to the bastard's death, they supported him. Perhaps they are bitter that we lended aid to my cousin Danae before they had the finances and strength to do so.." Again the lady shrugs at the thought. "And heavier, though Mistress Darra seems to handle him well. He has taken to her in lew of my absences within Highfield."

"That is what I mean cos, they have no true reason. They smile as we enter their township, and relish in us spending our coin at the shops. But when we come with food and aid of other sorts, they lift their hand and protest. I think you are right, personal feelings are overriding duty. Enough to make a Tully blush with shame." Alys laughs, "If they were wise they would accept our aid with a smile and barter some form of trade with my dear cousin. But it would seem wits may just be lost." she grins. "I see no other noble houses helping here, do you? It would seem the Terricks have been forgotten, or the other lords hovel in their holes of keeps, holdfasts, and castles." Alys lightens her features a touch at talk of the babe. "My how they grow, I miss him. I will be going back to Highfield with the host when they depart. All this traveling has made me long for the familiar."

"There was certainly no smile present." Cherise had recalled upon their arrival, it wasn't until after the poor Eagles had noticed the food that demeanors had changed. "Well Highfield may not be an exact replica of Hollyholt." The Lady Keera had her own particular tastes there. "But it is coming along nicely. My husband has permited me a building request. Perhaps a temple where the Fallen Oak's keep once stood… or a grand dress shop."

"Indeed my lady, I always knew you had a knack for sense." Alys smiles and nods. "Lady Anais, well, it is obvious she is pressured, but how long until she cracks? Strong women make strong leaders, ask the Tullys, they have had a Lady of Riverrun who was no soft woman. Tough as any Lord. I idolize her, have, ever since my teachers told me about her." Alys smiles, reminiscing momentarily on her younger years. "He has? Hmm, a Sept would bring people peace and something to look to instead of the Lord when they have woes. There is that. Though a good seamstress would be nice." Alys nods agreeing with Cherise.

Cherise chuckles softly, "Lady Anais is no Lady of Riverrun." A little too much pleasure had been taken in voicing that aloud. "Yes, both will have it's benefits. Perhaps one more than the other. Or an Inn… there is still much time to decide."

"Is it not great to have a place of your own? I am proud of Aleister, and of you. You will be a great lady, I know it." Alys smiles, "Seven knows my cousin needs a strong lady with strong wit to be by his side. He has gained that, I make no mistake." she laughs at Cherise' comment. "No, she is not, if she were, she would have brokered peace for the sake of her people, while she planned the destruction of others when she is strong enough. Lady Tully was nothing to scoff at, though the menfolk tried, they found quickly they were wrong, especially when she decided to burn their lands. That is a lady to be looked up upon." Alys nods curtly. "An inn would be nice, but a Sept wiser. Perhaps I can find cause to gain funds for one myself, if Aleister permits."

She cannot be nighted, Brienne

Against the chair Cherise had shifted in her place, adjusting her level of comfort. "I am still learning, though Aleister has taken to the seat far easier than I." She admits without faultering in her tone. "I knew he was destined for greatness ever since I first laid eyes upon him. A deep hunger within them." The link between father and son had brought the woman to small laughter. "Ah and where would you construct such a thing Lady Alys?"

"Aye, my lady. He does, and that is why Father favors him so. He is wise in the way of politics and warfare. My father would let me sit in on some of his more important meetings. When he told me of what Aleister had to say later on, I knew he would go far." Alys nods with a smile. "You are doing well, my lady. Remember that, so long as you keep personal feelings out of it, it will go well with for you. It is why I asked you not to confront Lord Riordan at the Dance. You were upset, as was I, but I hide it well when the need arises. You had no reason to, nor the want, I saw that in your eyes. You are brave." She sips at her wine. "As to the sept, well, I do not know, it would not be a large thing, just a few pews, seven walls and modest idles. Hope, faith, those are things the smallfolk feed on, no?"

"Given the recent insults made upon our House to attempt to shield our personal feelings may take more strength than the Seven could provide." She murmured distastefully. "Be that as it may, I have yet to know how our standing. Clearly we are no friend of the Naylands, and they ours." The mention of Lord Riordan earns a scoff. "They are fools, utter fools who, to add into insult, allow a woman to masquerade as a man." She rolls her eyes while pressing to the arms of her chair, the anger rising within had forced her to rise. "Yes.. yes. Faith and all that." Cherise waves dismissively at the suggestion. "The Naylands need friends and I am more than certain they cannot count the Flints among them, nor the Tordanes." Her cousin specifically.

"No doubt, the Seven are behind a lot of it. The drive to meet my father's ends the rest. I can paint a pretty smile, or pretend to be the daft fool, even the well wishing informant, my lady. But I do so with my family in mind." She nods to Cherise's anger induced rant. "I do not disagree, they are, in my mind, fools and lambs for the slaughter. If done right. At least Stonebridge." Alys muses on that a moment. "Rowenna, aye, I heard about that. How she got away with it, I dare not know." Alys scoffs and allows for the dismissal of the faith. "The Tordanes lose faith with every single one of Lord Riordan's follies. Lady Valda, well, she is a tough one too, no? No doubt she is insulted. Naylands will not hold stonebrige for long with such a person in charge. He cannot think for himself, nor did he want the position. I can count that bit of words from him as truth."

"No matter if he desired the seat or not, it is his and their future grows dim." The blonde Charlton stole a gaze out of the window, casting her eyes to scenery below. "I had believed once the Lady Valda and I may have been friends. She had taken a strong interest in my husband's affairs."

"I do not disagree. I intended on hastening that, but father placed a betrothal on me." Alys sighs, "Not only did that dampen personal endeavors, but it put a block on my political moves." she shakes her head. "What is done, is done, and will remain as such. I can only work around it. Lady Valda, I think, wants to be rid of the Naylands, yes. But she also wants her daughter to be Lady of Stonebridge. -Not- Lady of Stonebridge of Nayland, or Charlton. I cannot blame her for wanting her daughter to succeed, but she is not daft enough to believe she will have that, she gave that away on her own. I think it wise to make a friend in Lady Valda, if anything she hold her daughter's ear." Alys nods at this and sips her wine, following Cherise with her eyes as she glances out the window. "It could be beautiful." She cracks a smile, "Terricks Roost, I mean."

"Political moves.." Cherise recited on a slow drawl, questioning the young Charlton's intentions. "If that is true, we share a common goal, the Lady Valda and our House however that is the exint of our smiliarities."

"Aye, I had thought to put myself in the position with the Naylands, at first genuinely, to bring a bit of peace. But I quickly found out that the family would not allow that. They are greedy. Lord Riordan, is.. was, rather, friends with my brother. I wanted to help, which I still can. If the need is there." Alys smiles brightly. "I think we are. I think it is time we work together, as a family, not apart. Divided… it will not work and we end up working against each other. Albeit accidentily, together, we can do what needs to be done." Alys nods and rises. " I shouldn't keep you from entreating with Lady Anais. No doubt Aleister needs your presence there."

"That and you are a Lady, the only politics you should be inserting yourself into is in the raising of your children." Cherise relayed after turning away from the window. "I'll give the Roost that, it does have a scenic beauty." One hand was laid flat against her abdomen, the other gave one small correction to the lengthy braid resting over one shoulder. "Your usefullness will come cousin. I'd not rush it." With that said, she offers a nod, "Yes, of course. We will inform you upon our departure hmm? Enjoy yourself goodcousin, however you may in these lands."

"To that I know, my lady." Alys smiles, "Cannot blame a youthful heart for wanting to do well and more for their father. He may have hurt me, but even that wont stop me from pleasing him. Let us hope he feels the same way." She spies the way Cherise carries herself, and her hand on her abdomen, she makes no comment on her thoughts though the soft smile tells all. "Yes, please do. I would like it if you come to see me again. I feel we do not talk enough, dear cousin." Alys smiles as she ushers her out of the room. "I will try, good day, cousin." With Cherise out, Alys closes the door and goes back to her chair and her book. Humming the hymn, "Maiden. Mother, and Crone" a sort of prayer one might think.