Page 251: Dual Shadows
Dual Shadows
Summary: Cherise calls upon Ceinlys to arrange her Namesday celebration in Stonebridge
Date: 30/3/2012
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Ceinlys Cherise 
Guest Suite, Tordane Tower
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Sun Mar 25, 289

While in Stonebridge Cherise had alternated her time between the Tordane tower and the Inn, the latter proving useful whenever desiring to visit the markets. However today, as a still lingering guest of the Lady Isolde, she was expecting the Lady Erenford's return to Stonebridge for another one of their encounters. In her chambers, a guest suite suitable for her tastes played host for the Charlton handmaidens all seated within while minding their noses to the task at hand: dress making. Particularly a garment that would accommodate Cherise's enlarged belly. The lady herself remained seated for now, surveying over the progress of her handmaiden's work with the occasional razor tongue slicing an opinion here and there.

There truly is no rest for the wicked. But then, Ceinlys always does seem to prefer being busy than standing idle. Having arrived back into Stonebridge in the aftermath of dawn, the young lady has had time for a famished, hurried breaking of fast with those accompanying her and a swift change of clothes - a riding habit would likely not be well received, given the length of the journey. And so it is that, smoothing freshly washed palms absently over her olive-green skirts as she mounts the last of the spiral steps, then raking the fingertips of one back through her raven tresses, the noblewoman arrives outside the suites afforded the Lady Charlton without much time having passed between the summons and this moment.

With a gentle nod to the guardsman lingering out here in the hallway, and a slow drawn breath to steady herself, following that quickened pace, Ceinlys waits for the doors to be opened before her, and her name softly announced, before venturing into the chamber proper.

In maintaining the expectations of comforts a small fire occupied the stone forged hearth, it's musical crackling filling in the rounds of quiet. The three servants sat all facing one another with Cherise on the outside, occasionally lifting a pair of bright blue eyes upon their progression. In her own affair of a pale blue simple robe, tailored for comforts in her pregnancy the lady Charlton, along with her servants, had cast their attention towards the door. None of those within held a change upon their features.

"Lady Erenford." Cherise greets passively while gracefully gesturing to a nearby seat, a small knee high table separated their chairs. "How is your plate of tasks set before you?" A few weeks had passed since their last encounter so the Castellan's activities as of late have been a mystery.

"My Lady." comes the response in kind, accompanied by a gentle inclination of Ceinlys' head; not quite a bow but a passably respectful nod, blue eyes cast downward. Flitting her attention in the wake of Cherise's absent gesture of invite, the Castellan moves without much haste toward the indicated chair thereafter; with a glance of bare interest wandering the garments being so dilligently crafted here.

Easing herself down to her seat, Ceinlys rouses a weary, but fairly convincing curve across her lips as she looks once more to the pregnant woman before the fire. "..your husband's interests progress well, Lady Charlton. Slow, but steady, which is all one can ask for." No doubt, this impromptu venture to Stonebridge has reason other than Cherise's whim.. otherwise it simply would not have been made. Supplies, perhaps? In the weeks since their last.. 'discussion'.. Ceinlys has found ways, it would seem, to avoid Aleister's wife, for whatever reason it serves. And with the men all departed for the Isles, the rumours and whisperings have quieted, if not altogether halted. So what is it now?

Cherise folds the book in hand to a close, a glance upon the cover and tawny spin in burned ink may recognize the letterings and symbols of a prayer book, for the Mother. "I suppose it is. As long as some progression has been made then he should be pleased. I would not have my husband return and have him disappointed with your efforts." She admits while stretching before her to set the prayer book on the nearby table. In doing so the lady's brows knit together, grimacing in her shifting until she may return to inclined seating. "So in that, I will employ someone to assist you. There is no reason to have so many waiting on me when there are more pressing matters concerning House Charlton." Cherise levels her gaze upon the dark haired lady seated across from her, now approached by one of the the lady's handmaidens with an offered goblet of wine. "The sooner these tasks and efforts are finished the sooner my husband is a step closer to seeing his goals met." The Lady Charlton had her own goblet, half drained and still remaining on the small table before her. "Will that be suitable?"

The Lady Erenford offers no obvious response to the noblewoman's concern of disappointment in progress, perhaps quietly confident to the contrary. She simply holds that calm half-smile as she regards Cherise, taking in the increasing difficulty of movement for the pregnant woman, as well as her choice of reading material. "..I would take no issue in having a spare scribe or runner to hand, my Lady. Such things are only practical, of course."

The approaching servant is waved away gently before ever really drawing close and without Ceinlys shifting the level gaze of her cerulean eyes from the blonde opposite her. "..I was already granted a serviceable retinue of guards and such. But far be it from me to deny an aid to Lord Aleister's cause, when it is so generously offered, Lady Cherise. You must do as you please." That curve tugs, fleetingly, a touch further upward at the corner of her lips. "Within reason, obviously."

Declining the drink the retainer said nothing else after turning away to dispose of the poured vintage. Cherise remained indifferent. "Good, for you will need him. My nameday is soon to arrive, so seeing to the celebration will be another task upon your plate I am afraid." She pauses in her words to wave for her mid-wife. The middle-aged woman draws close, offering her aid in Cherise's ascent onto her feet. The whole affair caused the noblewoman to become a bit winded. She stole some moments to regain both balance and breath. The woman at her side had guided her lady's poise until no longer needed. Strangely Cherise was tickled with a fit of laughter before regaining her composure.

"You will need to make arrangements with the Lady Valda. While this celebration will not be wholly ideal, it will give the ladies who remain something else to focus their attentions on." Whether that was herself or just joyful company Cherise didn't specify. "Nothing too immensely extravagant…" She continues while careful in her steps she is headed towards a small chest resting one of the desks. When opened the lady retrieves a folded slip of paper before extending it towards the Lady Erenford. "A list of certain provisions that should be met along with the ladies for you to invite." Not that she was expecting Ceinlys to rise up and retrieve the folded parchment however Cherise made no effort to return to her seat.

In spite of herself, the dark-haired young lady actually laughs softly, though it's little more than a harsh exhale, really. Giving the Lady Cherise a moment to stand and take those few careful steps, Ceinlys rises with contrasting easy grace. Ahh, the luxury of not being knocked up. Lightly shaking out her copper and green skirts, she tilts her head a little askance, looking equally perplexed and amused as she contemplates the task required of her.

"While I do appreciate my Lady's faith in my abilities.." she begins, with a smile in her voice, "..I am afraid that such a celebration, undoubtedly enjoyable as it will be, rather takes second place, in lieu of your husband's interests to the North." Still, she takes a half-step forward, lowering her gaze to the sheaf as she unfolds it and scans the etchings with the faintest of sighs. "I will do what I can in the next two days, Lady Cherise. But I regret to say my departure can be put off no longer than that. Perhaps this paragon of virtue you so kindly offer to my service would be better placed in overseeing this matter..?" Well, it's worth a shot. She flicks the blonde a glance through ebony lashes.

After Ceinlys has taken the letter Cherise uses that hand as a brace when leaning against the oak carved table. Shaking her head after Ceinlys had spoken, "There are tasks that are suitable for men and those for women. As this is my nameday I will see that you take the reins in orchestrating it. The aid I offer is best suited for tasks not requiring a woman's touch. Besides…" Her attention cants elsewhere upon the desk that supports both her various feminine trinkets and the pregnant Charlton. "Should something befall you, the Seven Forbid, another should be able to assume right where you left off. Am I right?" She asked the Lady Erenford after making a minor adjustment to a vial of scented oils.

And some tasks are better suited for a handmaiden than a Castellan." Ceinlys' counter is gently spoken, but firm in conviction. Refolding the parchment absently in her hands, she regards the blonde with an air of collected thought. "I do not say so with intent of avoidance, my Lady. Only as a reminder that I have already been commanded by Lord Aleister in what is expected to be done, in his absence. I am sure you understand how deeply invested your husband is, in these matters. But still, as I said.." Clasping her hands loosely against her skirts, still with the list gently held, she affords Cherise a faint smile. "..I shall endeavour to see to your needs, also."

Shaking back her dark tresses, Ceinlys cants her head a little to one side, giving the Lady's enquiry some consideration before replying, quietly. "Should anything befall me, madam, then I expect it would be to you that these matters would fall. So, surely women are not entirely incapable of managing them, in their Lord's stead. I am certain I am placed only to ease your own burdens and worries, while you are heavy with child. I have no wish to displease you, in this."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ceinlys=Deception Vs Cherise=Alertness
Ceinlys: Good Success Cherise: Great Success
Net Result: Cherise wins - Marginal Victory

Cherise had erupted into a small fit of laughter with a hand quickly raising to muffle the majority of her movement. While shaking her head, "Pardon me." She manages to say after pressing her lips tightly. After a moment the lady continues, "That was rude, I do apologize, I am sure you meant every word." Still the lady's cheek swelled, reddened in their heights as she soon took to fanning herself. "I have no doubt that you will see my requests through and balance those of my husband's as well." A small pause, "The young aid is Bertrand Goodfellows. Allow him to learn from you. You may find him extremely useful."

By appearance, the Lady Erenford is entirely unruffled by the blonde's amusement.. though her calm smile doesn't quite touch the glacial hues of her eyes. Neither one of these women ever does anything without reason, at least under observant eyes. So there's a purpose in that laughter, even if only to bait her. Fair enough. "Oh, certainly most of them, my Lady." she replies, pleasantly, leaving it to Cherise to decide for herself just which part may not have been entirely genuine. Or perhaps Ceinlys is merely toying with her, in return? "Bertrand." she echoes, moving smoothly onward. Setting her shoulders back a touch, she inclines her head in a slow nod. "Very well, madam. I shall task him with a few duties of the masculine sort, while we are here, and then he may accompany me North when I depart. Assuming he does not mind bunking with the rest of my men." A subtle glance wanders toward the doors of the chamber. "Will there be anything further, Lady Cherise? I am afraid I have several missives to draft, if I am to have any hope of beginning preparations for your celebration before sundown.."

With nothing else to discuss or task the woman with Cherise briefly shakes her head. "Nothing else Lady Erenford." Carrying herself a few steps closer to the chair one of her handmaidens was all too swift in offering their assistance when Cherise was trying to sit. Too much energy and effort was spent in simply standing or seating one's self. "Do be safe on your journey. And when you return we shall discuss what has been accomplished. Good day Lady Erenford." The words stated after the lady was somewhat comfortable in her chair.