Page 541: Drink This
Drink This
Summary: Dania tries to break Einar's fever
Date: 15/Jan/2013
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Dania Ciaran Einar 
Flint Camp
Large clearing with lots of tents. A big pvaillion and multiple smaller ones, also a cook fire and the foundations of a small manor.
Tue Jan 15, 290

It is raining today, a light mist causing water droplets to form on the leave of the trees and then slowly the water drips from the leave and on to the leaf littered ground of the forest. The sweet scent of the rain mixes with the scent of the coast. In the camp folks are huddled in their tent or in the pavilion. Dressed in old patched gown with her hair primly bound up, Dania makes her way towards the noble's tent. She is also wearing a cloth mask, sleeve guards and an apron. She is carrying an ornately carved wooden box.

Having mostly stayed with Dania is Ciaran. So when the healer is moving for the noble's tent her apprentice follows along over. Wearing the same of protection for himself. Carrying a few more things along. Not saying much for now as he just does his duty and following along.

It may be nice and cool outside the tent, it may also be cool within it as well, but Einar is certainly not. Maybe the fever is particularly bad today, or maybe it's just the contrast with the cool, either way it seems that the young Flint is fair burning up. He's been in and out of consciousness for the past day or so and not always fully with it when awake. For now though, while his eyes aren't open, that's because of a spike of pain, not an indication that he's asleep.

Entering into the tent Dania looks at the young lord sprawled out on his cot. She puts the items she had brought with her and she then looks over at Ciaran to see if he has come in with her. She reaches down and strokes the sleeping man's hair off his brow. "We are going to need cool water and lot of cloths. Add mint and roses to the mint. We will need a draught of the barley water add honey and the mineral salts to it. We also need hot water for tea." She adds.
Then she looks back down at him. Her blue eyes kind and gentle though tired. Her voice is equally gentle. "Lord, how bad are the cramps?" She asks him. This close he can smell the scent of rough strong soap on her.
Looking back up at Ciaran. "Thank you, and do you know what we are going to be doing?" She asks him before her attention is drawn back to the Lord.

Ciaran does come inside along with Dania. Nodding to her words as he will move to try and prepare it all. Going outside if needed, but never gone too long. At the question, he shakes his head. "Most likely try and get him cleaned as well as try what we can to try and cleanse the system?" He suggests.

While Einar doesn't seem to respond to their entrance he does flinch ever so slightly away from her touch on his forehead. Possibly he hadn't heard them come in and the physical contact was a surprise, or maybe its the temperature difference. Either way it's a definite reaction. After that though he stills for a few moments, eyes screwed shut and jaw clenched until the pain passes. It's obvious when it does as his whole body relaxes and he squints tiredly up at the healers present, although all he can manage speechwise is a quiet and dry, "'m sorry. What?"

"The barley water honey and salt will keep fluids in him and help balance his humors as he has lost too much water from his body. The mint the roses and the water will help cool him. The hot water is so that we can work on given him a draughts to aid him in drawing out the fever or breaking it." Dania says to Ciaran. "But he will get cleaner as well." She says.
She looks back down at the lord. "How bad is the pain, and have you started to have diarrhea? I am going to give you something to drink, you are going to need to get it down. I know it is hard, but we are here to help Milord."
She then goes to get the cloths and the water that was brought. She mixes the roses and the mint into a little hot water first as she creates a fragrant tea. Then the tea is dumped into the cold water. She takes a cloth and dips it into the water. "Take a cloth good Master." She tells him and then she places the cloth cool damp cloth on the back of the lord's neck. The blankets are moved and she begins to place cloths on the back of his elbows and the back of his knees. "The key is work with and against the fever. You also do not want the water to be too cold or it will shock the patients system."

"Worse," Einar starts, his voice sounding thin and pained, "than getting stabbed." While stabbed might not be the entirely correct word for the experience he's referring to, the scar on his chest being the result of a sword slash across him rather than into him, it's about all his brain can think to say. Even though few words seem to be an effort though as he screws his eyes up once more. Then the tension returns, a sure sign of the pain. Fists clench, his back arches ever so slightly and a low moan escapes through his lips.

"When the pain passes I need you to try and sit up and drink this." Dania tells him. "We will help you drink." Dania explains to him. She reaches for the barley water and pillows to prop him up on. She is a strong sturdy woman with long arms and legs. "I need you to try and drink this, I know that putting anything in you is not what you want to do, but it is the only way to try and keep your humors balanced." She says to him. "I know you do not know me Milord, but I need you to trust me."

Einar manages a slight nod to indicate that he has heard and understood what is said to him. As it passes he stays still for a few moments, taking several deep and steadying breaths before he accepts the aid in sitting up. While only a few days ago he'd still been on his feet, now he needs that help and he's with it enough to know that that's not a great sign. Blinking a couple of times to try and get adjusted to the light level he reaches a shaky hand out for the offered drink, determined at least to manage that himself and croaks back, "we met, before, Mistress Dorsey." There;s a brief pause as he leans into the pillows a fraction more, "you, came back, too?"

"I felt guilty and told myself that the others can go to the others, I am needed here." Dania tells him. She then helps steady his hand if she is allowed but she lets him drink on his own. "The honey will help take the taste out. You are parched. I will be giving you wine that has herbs steeped in them to help draw out the fever. I will also be continuing to use the cloths." She says to him.

Einar is trying to listen and take it all in, he honestly is, but right now keeping his arm from shaking and his grip firm enough to hold the cup is taking all his concentration and effort. It seems that in this too he needs all the help Dania is offering though, for on his own more is making it down his shirt than his throat.

Dania moves to steady his hand. "My lord, when you are done we will work on your fever. Yes I am tending others. If figured I would stop in and check on you. The disease is going to have to run its course." She says gently. "I brought some wine with me." She says. "But I need you now to have hope, just a little." Her words are very soft.

With the added help, what's left in the beaker is slowly but steadily drunk, although there is a brief pause shortly before the bottom as a wave of nausea hits, probably from a combination of the fever and the change in position. Fortunately it passes quickly enough though and Einar is able to finish the barley water. It was obviously quite an effort though for once it's done he slumps back into the pillows that are propping him up, eyes half closed as he just nods silently to Dania's words

Taking the Cup from him she sets it aside and goes to change the cloths. The tent soon fills with the scent of mint and roses. She continues to bath his skin with the cool water. "I am sorry that you got sick, it will soon pass." She tells him. "Just have hope and do not despair." When she is done she draws the blankets up to his chin and leaves the cool cloths on his brow and the back of his neck, elbows, knees and ankles. "Do you know what a wasting potion is?" She asks him. She opens the ornately carved box and takes out potions and herbs and dried peppers. She starts to make a mixture. Her movements are deft and practiced.

Einar makes no move to either aid or resist the ministrations of the healer. If he actually makes it all the way to unconsciousness isn't clear, but he's certainly not far off it if he doesn't. Her question brings him back though and he blinks in the same confused manner as when she'd first entered the tent. He knows he was spoken to, but isn't in anyway sure what was said so replies with a simple, yet slightly less hoarse, "what?"

"A wasting potion, do you know what they are? In the meantime I am going to give you something to help with the fever." The mug that contains the hot water she dumps the concoction into it. "This will help a little bit with both the stomach and fever." She sets it aside for a moment, letting it steep.

Einar has to take a moment to think on that, and even that in it's own way seems to be a struggle. Eventually though whatever thought process was occurring finishes with a positive result and he nods slightly. A small part of his brain is not exactly looking forwards to the after-effects, but the rest of it is too fogged up to care and so he just lies there, listening and trying to follow.

"I am not giving you the wasting potion just yet, but might." She tells him, before she picks up the cup and moves to help him drink it. This one she does not let go of. She makes sure that she the one holding it and not him. "This hot I need you to sip it is and sip it slowly, just a little bit at a time." She tells him. "Also you are not to hold this one. I have no desire to have to treat you for a hot water burn."

Einar does start to reach up for the cup, but at the words of warning he lets his hand drop back down to the cot. It's disturbed the cloths, but they're easy enough sorted. Another cramp chooses a moment between sips to hit, but thankfully this one is short and light compared to some of the others and causes only a minor delay in the process. "How, are the, others?" he manages to ask once it's down, rolling his head over a little so he's looking in the vague direction of the big pavillion.

"I would not worry about that right now, they are in good hands." Dania says to him. "Sip the drink. I will have them wake you in a another hour to have you drink the Barley water again and more of this tea." She smile a little. "Concentrate on resting." Her voice remains quiet and gentle.

Einar glances to Dania briefly as she deftly avoids his question, then rolls his head back up again to finish the drink. He doesn't question further, or call her on the evasion as the soothing tones of her voice send him back to sleep once more.