Page 053: Drink, Dice, and Dames
Drink, Dice, and Dames
Summary: Caytiv, Thea, and Veris hang out and discuss vices. And possibly enact some.
Date: 04/09/2011
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The Green — Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline.
Sun Sep 04, 288

As the sparring seems to come to an end, Thea moves to set up the picnic for the rest of them. She hoists her skirts and starts to hum a little song as she tosses her blonde hair back behind her ear. She spreads out the food again on a small blanket. Her gaze lifts to look back at the two and then to Caytiv. "What would you like, Cayt?" She asks, giving him the choice first. She waits, slowly drawing out the meats and cheeses and gets a goblet of wine ready for Veris.

"Aye, Ser," is Very's response, along with a grin. As Jarod strides off, he moves over to where Thea and Cayt are sitting to finally grab a bite to eat. The mock-glaive is balanced over his left shoulder, his right arm still hanging limp at his side. That shoulder-check was such a bad idea in retrospect. "Never do battle on an empty stomach, Ser Kirin always told me," he says, sitting himself down. "Now I know why."

Caytiv watches while the truth of the matter between Very and his Ser comes into the open, not exactly approv ing, but at least seeming well with everything being laid on the table, as it were. "Ah— give me some cheese and that salt pork with bread. And… some of those olives," he adds, "Thank ye, lass," he smiles, leaning back onto an elbow in the grass. "Ay, laddie, well fought," he tells Very. "No need to make excuse. 'Tis no shame to fall before a Ser Knight. Mine does beat me into the ground nigh every time we spar," he chuckles. "They have been doing this much longer than we."

Thea does that, handing off the food piece by piece to Caytiv and even going so far as to toss one of the olives at him. Smirking some, she hands the goblet of wine back to Very and sets out a plate before him. "Ahh now now, let me see that arm of yours." She tells him and shifts forward to help him remove the jerkin. "Just relax for now..I brought some herbs to loosen worn muscles. I figured you would take a few bruises."

Veris accepts the wine gratefully and drains half of it in one gulp. "That they have," he grunts to Caytiv, shifting into a better position for Thea to help get the jerkin off. "But I thought I'd get more'n two hits in before he knocked me down. No shame in the thing, but a slight of disappointment." He finishes off the wine and starts on the food. "But all's the same in the end as I'm a squire once more. That's the important part, eh?"

<FS3> Caytiv rolls Reaction: Success.

Caytiv fumbles at the olive a little bit, but doesn't let it fall into the grass, bringing it to his lips, instead, and biting the half of it into his mouth, looking with warm amusement to Thea before his attention returns to Veris. "Ay, I reckon that was your target. Well done, laddie. And well done, so, for speaking plainly of your problem. I knew no small number of folk on the pass who got caught up in the drink. Can be a dangerous sport, ay, for all its joys. Wish me to keep an eye on ye, on that score?"

Laughing a little at Caytiv, Thea tilts her head to see to the lacings of the jerkin. Slowly it is undone and released and waiting for his hands to be free, eventually it pulls it from Veris. "There we go, roll up the sleeve of your shirt or just take it off." SHe makes a move first to refill his goblet to the rim before setting the bottle down. She stands and starts to gather the salves she brought, laying a rag over her shoulder.

"The drink weren't the problem - I've got that under control," Veris says in between bites of the meat. "It's my take of the dice when I've the drink in me, if you ken. Let's just say that I might've ridden to the Roost on my very own steed had it not been for that." The meat gets washed down with some newly-refilled wine before he takes the shirt off. He's totally rocking the farmer's tan. "Are all the swordsmen at the Roost like Ser Jarod, then?" he asks.

Caytiv sprawls out in the grass, turning to his side so as to eat with one hand while propped on the other elbow, watching Thea tend to Very. "Drink an' dice…" he murmurs. "Not the best of bedmates, ay? I don't reckon I know what ye mean, 'like' him— as in, his manner on the field of melee, or just his very manner?"

Thea returns to Very's side and kneels down again, setting aside the wooden containers holding the salves. The chambermaid looks to the arm that that was limp at his side and lifts her slender fingers to brush at his arm. She presses into the tendons and muscles, trying to find where he was strained first. She twists her hand and hooks fingers on the underside and then finds a pressure point to settle against. She smiles faintly, "From what I am heard it is better to dice, then pair the drinking with girls."

"Like his technique and his maneuver," Veris clarifies. "I'm trying to figure out if he's exceptionally good or if I've just been sparring shitty warriors. Out where I - " His words are interrupted by a hiss of pain as she pokes and prods at him - looks like the pain is coming from his collarbone and shoulder, and there's a nice bruise forming there too. The bruising on his back is also starting to become visible, as well as a nice big spot on his ribs. "Well, there might've been a bit of that too," he mumbles. "Just seems a natural progression - drink, dice, and dames."

Caytiv thumbs a chunk of cheese down into the soft of some bread, folding the crust around it and gnawing on it for a while. "A lass is less like to be off with thy things than the dice is," Cayt points out. "'Least, not a good, fine lassie like our fair Thea," he smiles at her. "With unknown dames met drunken at the tavern, ay, best to be wary. Hear what befell that Howard fellow, ay? The lass was atop him a-ridin' along, an' cut his throat, took his coin. But for Ser Jarod's technique, it seems fair to sort of the way they fight here, ay. One thing as yet I've been able to tell causes 'em grief in the melee is when you keep in close to them… I know you wish to fall back and use your reach, but they are dangerous when they can get some room. Crowd 'em on the ground an' you'll have a better go of it."

As Veris response, she opens the wooden top and dips her fingers within. Taking a healthy amount of the mixture, Thea begins to rub it generoulsy into the skin and bruised area. A sort of minty tingle will begin to spread through the limb. "Might 'ave been. If you are anything like Caytiv. It most definitely was." She smiles, thumbs working gently and then slowly increasing pressure. There is a look to Caytiv as he compliments her but there is a faint snort from her as she leans in to look over Very's back. "Move your arm slowly…" She takes hold and begins to move it to help guide it.

"And that's why I take to my vices in proper order," Very jests as the tingle spreads through his arm, raising goosebumps on his skin. "Drink first, then dice, then dames. That way, there's nothin' left for 'em to thieve if they're so inclined." He starts to slowly rotate his arm backward with Thea's help. "Keeping in close, eh? That's not a technique what works well with the glaive. I'll have to try some new things, perhaps." He takes in a sharp breath and exhales slowly as some of the pain dissipates from his shoulder. "That's magic, that stuff there is," he says to Thea, referring to the salve.

"I like to fuck sober," Cayt gives his opinion on the matter. "Drunkenness makes me sleepy, an' I'm as like to fall asleep atop a lass as have good fun with her, do I drink too much aforetimes." Mm. Cheese. "I'm a fair hand with a staff, in a melee, an' I find myself using m blade as I would a staff. I reckon't it was wrong, but Rowan told me, well… it does work, and so, do as you know. You'll find a way. It only takes trying at it."

"Merely just some mint mixed with camomile and arnica. Simple thing and I will give you the rest to take with you to apply it later this evening. I suggest you stay away from the dicing and dames tonight til you can handle them again." She jests. Thea works a bit more in as she keeps his arm raised, working in around the lay of the shoulder blade in particular. "Well done though." She says softly and then eyes Caytiv again. There are some silent notes taken.

"I prefer a polearm to a staff, and a staff to a blade," Very says, agreeing with the gist of Cayt's sentiment. "I've heard of some techniques that use a hand-and-a-half sword like a staff, but I've never seen it done proper. Not a lot of folk who deviate from standard blades in the outskirts." Yep, Veris served the equivalent of a redneck knight, out in what might be considered the boonies. "Thanks," he says shyly to Thea, both for the salve and the compliment. "An' don't you worry your pretty little head - a bit of soreness won't slow me down none. Like Ser Jarod said - tonight's my last of freedom." He grins and rotates his shoulder forward a few times to show that it's already starting to feel better. "Gotta enjoy freedom while it lasts, eh?"

"I don't rightly know whether it's a whole technique or not. I'm just sort a' wingin' it out thar, ay?" Cayt chortles, enjoying another olive. "Think on your feet an'… well, like I say, I find to keep in close is a boon. Ay, lassie—" he calls to Thea, "I reckon Very's tryin' a' make ye an offer," he notes on the back of all those hints about being up for it and needing to enjoy the night.

"The Ser enjoys freedom quite readily, I do not think you will have to worry for more than two weeks." She smiles and looks to him as she dips her head though. Capping the salve, she shifts and wipes her hands on the rag on her shoulder. "Take the rest of it with you.." She presses it across the ground, sliding it in his direction. As she cleans her fingers off one by one, they are tingling from the mint and irritating her burns from earlier. She grimaces and sighs, wiping them as clean as she can. It is Caytiv's direct point that makes her look up at Veris. "Is he now? I have heard no request." She smirks a bit.

Veris chuckles, shaking his head. "Sorry. Ser Kirin was always goin' on about this technique or that technique. He shoulda been some sort of scholar instead." At the mention of a proposition, though, he flushes and looks anywhere but at Thea. "Well, I, uh, I don't even - still gotta get all the - not that I don't - " Shutting up, he gulps down the remainder of his wine and clears his throat. "This is why drinks and dice happen 'fore dames," he mumbles sheepishly.

Caytiv tips his head back, laughing aloud at all of Very's bashfulnesses. He can't help it, even if it probably isn't helping the situation. "Ay, Very, lad—" he begins, trying to catch the newly re-squired squire's attention, pushing himself up on his hand so as to sit further up and be able to look directly at him. "Say after me, ay?" he lifts both brows briefly, giving him a second to catch onto what he's being asked to do. "Ay, bonnie lass," he begins, "Thea, dearie," is the second portion, and he gives Very a moment to repeat it before finishing off: "Fancy a poke?"

The reaction she receives makes Thea beam and study Veris. The chambermaid tilts her head and hesitates before she shifts and settles the rag to the side. "Goodness me.." She starts. "He's embarrassed.." Her smile presses tightly and she tries not to grin. As Caytiv begins to lead him through the cadence of words that has her laughing and at the last part she nearly covers her mouth. Instead she leans in if allowed and plants a kiss square on the center of his cheek, lifting her chin to do so. She draws back to rest on her heels where she kneels. "Aye, I wouldn't mind one.." She looks to Veris with that but then back to Caytiv with a bemused curve of her lips before she starts to sway and push herself up.

Veris's face turns an even brighter shade of red as Cayt laughs at him. "I know what to say, dammit," he sulks, "I just… can't say it 'til I've got some strong drink in me, is all." And it's not hard to imagine how a drinking problem arises from that. He lifts the glass to his lips again only to realize he just drink it all and sets it down again. Then picks it up and just holds it, uncomfortable being empty-handed at the moment. "I just don't - I'm not - " he starts to stammer. Then Thea kisses him on the cheek and he lapses into another silence. The brag and innuendo come easily enough, but die away on his lips as soon as the game gets real. "I'm not embarrassed," he manages quietly.

"Oh I don't think he likes me, Cayt." Thea pouts a little and turns to grasp up the bottle of wine, uncorking it as she tips the edge of it to begin filling the goblet. "There there, drink some more if that is what it takes to look at me." She winks to him and sets corks the wine again, slamming it into place. The chambermaid brushes a hand through those wild curls before she shifts and scoots herself to her knees and then hands to lean in towards Caytiv to offer him a kiss. "I know Cayt likes me." She giggles at him.

Caytiv watches Veris, mirth fading into something ore like concern as he tries to fathom what might be wrong. "Ay, me, laddie, I ne'er meant for't to be sich a hard thing on ye. If it's not a thing you fancy to do, why… " he trails off, finding his head tipping to meet Thea's lips with his, giving her a long, grazing, languid kiss, the seal of their lips breaking several times with a wet noise only to be re-established again quickly thereafter in all but the last instance, which just leaves Cayt smiling crookedly. "You need not force yourself to it, ay? Ah, lassie, I'm sure you are much admired. Some blokes just like to get to know a lassie, first, afore they poke her. Say; I'm very much like in your way— why not let me back to the stables, and you two may get to know one another at your leisure. And if still there's nothing going, after— why, Thea, come to my bunk, you will not lie alone tonight."

"Okay…" It seems Thea has lit up at the last and she beams at Cayt, a hand lifting to brush her thumb to his lips and cup his cheek. She brushes a kiss to his nose, it is a loving thing almost and she releases her hold on his cheek before she sits back, perching on her heels to look at Veris. "That is if the lad like to talk to me. I could at least tell him how to take care of his sore muscles." She settles her hands to her lap and looks to Veris.

"At least you're getting enjoyment out of this," Veris mutters into his cup before downing it in three gulps. More drink means more confidence! Or something like that. "Not forcing myself…" he mumbles, still being shy and defensive. "I'm talking to you, I been talkin' to you!" he protests, finally looking up at her again. "You're making it sound like I can't look at or talk to a lass without burstin' into flame or something. I've been around my fair share, I have."

"Calm down, laddie," Cayt rolls up to a knee, and then stands, finally, stretching his back. "It's a fine evening. Enjoy yourself," he encourages gently. "But the sun is nearly down, and I should be to bed." Cayt does tend to observe a somewhat ridiculously early bedtime. "Now, remember to help our Thea pack up all of this and take it back to the kitchen— do not leave her to carry it on her own," he warns. "Good-night to the both of you, and you, lassie, if I do not see you this night, I am sure I will find you again soon."

"I always do find you.." She winks to him. Thea smiles to him and then looks to Veris. "Aye, I will tell you what to do and bring you some hot compresses as well." She regards the squire for a moment before she shifts and pushes herself up. Caytiv takes his leave and she moves about, gathering a few things up with a hum. "Very, I could show you to the Rockcliffe this evening, you can dice there and mix with the other women." She offers warmly. "Nice place, the Rockcliffe." Perhaps she is not his type, fair enough to admit that.

Veris gives Cayt a nod as he leaves. "I thought you two were… y'know," he says as Cayt walks off, getting up to help Thea pack up. "So what he - you - both of you - said caught me off-guard." He says it like he knows just how lame that sounds. "The Rockcliffe? Well, I'm still all new here and figuring out where everything's to. How 'bout I get all this stuff back to the kitchen for you, and you can show me to where I'm to bed down above Ser Jarod's stable, and… well, if you're still…" Nope, even with another glass of wine in him, he can't finish that sentence. So he helps himself to another. "You won't need to seek out Caytiv or anyone else tonight, and after I'm done, you won't ever want to again."

"The Rockcliffe is the tavern in town. Nice girls there…" Thea supplies without ceasing her gathering of everything. "Ahh..Caytiv and I.." That slows her and she grins a bit. "We are spirits. I like him well enough, more than most. So I favor him.." She winks and then she turns back to her work. As mostly everything save the blanket is put away, she catches his last words and then grins, laughing a little. "Is that so?" She asks and sets aside the blanket. "I look forward to you proving yourself right then.." Her nose wrinkles a little with her smile, creating dimples in her full cheeks. She looks to his wine and then him before moving over to gather the last of the plate that is left from the men munching.

"Hey, nothing wrong with that," Very says to her description of the relationship between her and Caytiv. "I'm a free spirit too, just… more free after spirits." He flashes her that big grin again, even though he still has a bit of that tense awkwardness to him, and helps her pack up the last of the supplies. "So, uh… I guess I've got a lot to learn and get used to in the big city, huh?" he asks with a laugh.

"I am from the Crag originally, this is no big city, Very." Thea says with some sympathy. "But there are enough of us to show the ropes around the Roost." She winks to him and takes up the basket. "Gather the blanket, unless you wish to stay?" She asks and tilts her head, watching him as she stands there, gazing down at him. "Free spirit better be moving then….if he wants another tart." Double meaning?

Veris wraps the blanket once around his glaive and slings it across his shoulders. "Hell of a motivator, that," he says with a chuckle, motioning for her to slip the handle of the basket onto the shaft. "I love the taste of a sweet tart - I could eat one all night." There goes that grin again. "Gets my fingers all sticky, though. Not that that's a problem, mind."

There is a fiendish grin as she releases the basket to the handle of the glaive. She steps back than and considers him. Thea beams, "You will be staying in the stables, with the some of the retainers. There are rooms overtop." She tells him and then makes a move to step closer to him, leaning in to kiss the corner of his mouth if allowed, a hand resting to his bare chest, still smelling of the mint that was rubbed into his muscles.

"Then I guess they won't be getting much sleep tonight," Very responds, leaning in to return the kiss in full, not just on the corner of the mouth. His chest rises and falls under her hand with a slow, deep breath. "Or hell, I'm sure there's plenty of nice spots elsewhere," he says quietly, drawing closer to her. "We've got a blanket - the world is our stables." Either her touch is getting him going, or that wine is finally starting to have an effect on him.

There is a flush to her cheeks, a healthy one as he finally responds. Thea purrs faintly and looks to the blanket resting over the glaive. "We have enough wine and food to find a nice little sparse of trees…" She offers him with a hint in her voice. Fingers trail up his chest and to the scruff at his jaw. She takes a step back and winks, turning on foot and takes a few steps away towards the further fields and the outline of a few patches of trees and cover. She bites at her lower lip and then continues onward.

Grinning, Very gets his shirt and jerkin on the glaive as well before starting to follow after Thea toward the treeline. All in all, the day turned out as well as he could have hoped: he got the squire position he wanted and now there was a girl beckoning him after her. He was on a streak, so it couldn't hurt to break his usual routine and jump ahead to the dame before the drinks and dice, right? Mouthing a silent thankful prayer to the Seven, he chases after the tart, planning to fully enjoy every moment of the last of his brief freedom.