Page 023: Drill The Ranks
Drill The Ranks
Summary: Isolde and Ryker discuss recent events with Rygar.
Date: 04 AUG 2011
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Main Hall — Tordane Tower
The entrance to the tower opens into a larger common room for receiving guests. Effort has been made to bring warmth and light to the interior, as well. Rugs have been hung from the stone walls as well as placed on the floor to bring at a welcoming ambiance. There is a large table with several chairs off to the left of the door, a cooking hearth against the back wall, and a wooden staircase that leads up. An antechamber behind the stairs is where the servants live and bed down.
August 4th, 288

The news of the murder has clouded the previous days celebrations and the Lady has called to Lord Rygar to hear of the news. There is a piece of parchment and ink with a quill as she waits in the main room for him. A breath draw, she rubs at her face and fixes the intricate braid of her hair before it is pushed back over her shoulder. The soft blue dress she wears is light, meant to keep her cool in the warming air of the tower. Wine and water is set out and she looks to Ryker as they have gone over the count of the treasury and spoke lightly of repairs to the tower itself. The Maester has been sent away and at her side she pets the hound that sits beside her.

As before, though Ser Rygar is not immediate in his attendance he does not keep the Lord and Lady of Stonebridge waiting long. Perhaps a quarter hour after the page was sent off to find the gentleman, Rygar's long, purposeful steps bear the knight into the common hall. "Lord and Lady Nayland," he greets evenly, upon entry.

Ryker has been busy most of the morning with seeing to some of the businesses around town and speaking with them as to how things are going. Questioning some smaller issues and probing into different areas of the local economy. Finding himself back at the castle and finishing the discussion over the treasury, sipping at a cup of water. At seeing Rygar, he gives the man a welcoming smile and nods. "Cousin. Welcome. Sit with us?"

"Lord Rygar…" Isolde motions to a seat near them. "Yes, please." But her welcome is just a hair less warm and more businesslike as her head bows to look over the accounts. A breath is exhaled and she slides them away as she reaches for her wine. Green eyes look to her husband and then towards the other Lord. "There are some concerning matters regarding the river and a boy that we need to learn more of."

Rygar nods once to the invitation and steps toward a chair facing the newlywed couple. "As you like," he concedes stiffly to the offered comfort. As Isolde speaks up, his stern stare meets the Lady's eye. "Of what does Your Ladyship wish to hear more?"

Ryker glances between the two but settles his gaze on Rygar. The man doesn't hold any apprehension but rather appears fairly neutral after his cousin sits. He says nothing, though, watching and waiting for Isolde to voice her questions. His may come later.

"Firstly, the name and his importance that may have given rise to his untimely death.." Isolde starts, "If that is even know. Perhaps an approximate age…" She wets her lips and then draws another sip of her wine before she sets it down. Slender fingers run over the goblet before drawing back, the sleeves of her dress dusted with a smearing of ink from her work. "Lord Rygar. I wish to know how he was killed and your thoughts on this matter."

Rygar draws an unhurried breath through the nose to answer as Isolde posits her questions. "A common waterfront boy. Aged perhaps thirteen years. No family has come forward to claim his remains, though a Silent sister interred the corpse at sunset, yesterday. The boy had been slain by a single cut across his throat, made with a broad and keenly edged blade. There were no other wounds upon the corpse." It is all recited with the same cool detachment with which he might discuss the minutae of providing feed for the Tower's horses. "There were a number of silver stags found with the body, well above the station of such a common boy, which would indicate illicit dealings of some type. There is nothing of the matter that need concern the Lord and Lady."

Ryker quirks a brow at the end. "Considering the circumstances I'd say that was worthy of concern by us. A child carry stags was cut by such a blade?" He glances to Isolde. "Is such a thing common in this area? Any of it?"

The furrow of her Isolde's brows would say just as much the same as Ryker's statement. "I think perhaps this is not quite the daily occurence…so I would like to know if we have anyone near the docks, workers or the like that knew this boy. Give them a reward if their information proves pertinent to the death of the unfortunate." She says slowly, "With the tourney just over, I would curious to see who might have been near."

Rygar notes in looking between the two, "With the number of nobles assembled for the tournament, as well as the discontent among certain factions-" he notes in oblique reference to the Terricks, "-It is only to be expected. Whether for crossing some river smuggler, or for cutting some noble's purse, one dead peasant is hardly cause for alarm." A freshly drawn breath. "If it please the Lord and Lady, suitable inquiries shall be made. Though a peasant about illicit business would no doubt have taken care to go unseen."

Ryker nods his head a few times. "I would like to see this pursused," he notes grimly. "As my wife said, place a reward for the capture of the murderer if you must. I won't have these people cut and dumped as if they were vermin, cousin. It does not set a tone I appreciate for the Nayland family to join with Tordane and allow these items to go unpunished. Bring in Wallace if you need to."

"Whether or not they are commoners, what surprises me is that the silver remained on his body…if it was a matter of a scuffle or a disagreement amongst the smallfolk, the silver would have been taken." Isolde pauses, her hand moving forward to rest againt the table as she looks up to Rygar, narrowing her gaze to study, "This leads me to believe his death was that of someone who had no need of the silver. If this has a chance of being true, find us witnesses to such an occurence."

"That would be unwise, cousin," Rygar advises bluntly on the subject of Ser Brennan. "The smallfolk of Stonebridge will be discontent enough at the mandated weekly muster, without the sheriff's singularly heavy hand applied to the search." As Isolde speaks on, Rygar gives a sharp nod. "This is a possibility, Lady. It shall be looked into. My Lady would be well advised to consider this:" he notes, drawing a further breath. "If on behalf of a noble, the perpetrator is likely gone. If a reward is offered and never collected, it shall send the message that Your Ladyship is incapable of securing justice. If no answers are forthcoming, the good Lady may be placed in a position to coerce answers. Or," he adds, "You may avoid a public declaration of reward, and permit more discreet inquiries to be made."

"My Lord has a point that I will not ignore.." Trailing her nails on the table with a steady thrum, she sighs. Isolde nods her head, "Do what needs doing. Save face as you must, but I find it odd that such things remained on the boy. It speaks of uncertainties that I do not wish to let rest. Do all that you can and keeps us appraised." Her green eyes flicker to the accounts on the parchments about them. "I have also heard that the Terrick contigent has returned safely. And that they have an announcement of marriage." She says and sits back a bit, straightening. "I then guess their return was safe and uneventful. A congratulations is in order I believe." Moving on from the murder.

"What needs doing shall be done, Lady," Rygar answers with a sharp nod to Isolde's instruction. As the topic shifts, he nods again. "Indeed. A courier is to be dispatched to Four Eagles tower today, with Your Lord and Ladyship's missives to follow on the next. Any sentiments, or gifts you wish delivered may also be accomodated."

"I will have a personal note to be delivered to Ser Jaremy and another for Ser Jerold." Ryker keeps his words even, but short.

"I have one for both as well, but perhaps we should join ours to the two so that it seem we are of like mind, my husband. To send separate accounts would show…us split." Isolde watches Ryker for a moment before she turns back to Rygar with interest. "Is there any other news to be had from the town? I had planned to ride amongst the people early this evening, has their mood changed over the past days?" She asks. "My Lord has a different view of things that I will draw on if he will offer it."

"The mood of Stonebridge has settled, Lady. As is natural after eight days of revelry and sport," Rygar returns. "Spirits seem high, and the display at arms of the Nayland levy appears to have had the desired effect. While there will of course be complaints, I expect no resistance to the declaration of drill, whenever the Lord and Lady see fit to issue such." A drawn breath as he muses onward, "If this declaration i issued before Sunday, that shall mark the last day I would keep the Nayland levy in Stonebridge, to assist in the first drills. A community under arms is a community united, Lady. Unity is something, more than aught else, Stonebridge shall benefit from."

Ryker nods to Isolde's suggestion. "We should join the one for Lord Jerold if you wish one as well. As for Young Lord Jaremy, I have personal items I wish to reference to a discussion he and I had." He takes a long breath. "Though I suppose that can wait until I see him next in his person. We will have our letters sent as one." He then looks back at Rygar and doesn't even make a point of waiting for Isolde this time. "Consider it ordered. Begin drill within two days and see that the smallfolk are properly brought into the ranks as necessary."

"Good, that is well to hear. My Lord…" The idea of training still sits uneasy with her and she gives a faint nod. Her gaze returns to Ryker as he speaks and she adds, "My husband, keep your letter to Lord Jaremy and I will to mine." She says and dips her head to him before she faintly smiles as he takes over the direction of the drill. "We are choosing those that will be drilled by the ability to handle such weapons, am I correct?"

"Drill will begin four days after the announcement. As all able-bodied men, excepting those who labor at trades that directly support martial endeavors- such as smiths and chiurgeons- will be summoned to training, some time shall be required to order their professional affairs to the point where several hours may be spared for this service." A fresh breath drawn, "Quartermasters and serjeants will be chosen from among the most suitable men of the populace, while clerks and pikes are being ordered up from the Fortress of the Sevens, muster rolls shall be drawn up so that any smallfolk shirking their duties may be reprimanded. Be assured this shall proceed at earliest opportunity," the stern knight voices, primarily to Ryker. To Isolde, he notes, "All men between fifteen and fifty will be called to train, unless excused by Your Lord and Ladyships."

Ryker shakes his head and looks to Isolde, voice firm. "No. You were right the first time and I failed to find why initially. Jaremy needs to understand that you and I are one. When we spoke last he was still very bitter about his failings and it is necessary we do not cater to his woe. Honestly, I am unconcerned for his feelings on the matter except that there is no confusion on the point of our union. This is especially important considering the issue of those letters. No gifts will be sent." He looks back towards Ryker but does not seem to be talking to the man for his last; "What I have to personally relay will be said in person." He then nods to what has been said. "No exclusions will be made except personally by me. The only reason people may refrain is if these men are out of town at the time of the announcement and word cannot be sent for them in time. The rest sounds excellent, cousin. I am sure you can provide us with a well-trained militia."

Ryker is considered as he speaks and a understanding fills her gaze, though she makes no comment of the gifts she replies, "As my husband wills it." But Isolde's gaze returns to Ryker. The details are mostly understood, but the Lady gives a nod of assent. Her dark hair dips along her back and the circlet in place gleams. "My Lords are far more versed in such affairs, but as the Lady of these lands, I would like to listen and learn." She tells them, looking between, her chin lifting. "If my Lords would see to bring me along when addressing the smallfolk upon their duty, I think it would be a proper thing for me to be familiar with. And once the men have been gathered insofar as to serve, I would then like to see of pardoning those that are not fit to learn or of ill health. If that would suit my husband?"

"Words are free once spoken, Lady. All may hear them equally," Rygar states. "The last census has been ordered, and the Household Sworn will be prepared to patrol the town, as a visible deterrant to any who seek advantage from the Stonebridge menfolk being at drill." Someone has handled this manner of thing before. "The Lord and Lady shall be kept appraised. Is there aught further?" he prompts, inviting any further business to be raised.

Ryker nods to his wife. "Agreed. You will accompany when it is to be addressed. You will learn to lead this house at my side, thus you should be versed in the affairs required." He seems to want to say something more but carefully chooses his words regardless. The man then looks to Rygar and shakes his head. "There is nothing else, cousin. Take your leave."

Settling her hands to her lap, the inkwell left open for the letter to be writ from them both. "I think all is well. We will have the letters for you by the eve. Thank you, Lord Rygar for your time." She dips her head faintly to him before offering a glance to Ryker, as if he would have want to say more to her. The heart is regarded and then she stands. "If my Lord's will excuse me..I must see that Milicent has the evening meal underway." She steps out from her chair and dips a bow to both, "At your leave, my husband."