Page 325: Dragons on the Green and Harpies on the River
Dragons on the Green and Harpies on the River
Summary: Kittridge, Sofya, Dania, Katrin, and Martyn all end up on the green over the course of the morning and end up discussing recent events.
Date: 09/06/2012
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The Green — Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournaments, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Sat Jun 09, 289

The late morning breaks bright and clear over the Green with few clouds dotting the sky, none of which hint of rain to come. The air off the sea is sweet and sharp as breezes curl across the long grassy lines of the Green. Having laid out a blanket in the sweet scented grass, Sofya has taken the gentle morning's opportunity to persue her work outside of The Roost's walls. A small basket of thread and needles at her side, she carefully picks a intricate design into the sleeves of a doublet. The dragon's scales gleam in the sunlight as she shifts the fabric in her lap.

Kittridge walks up from the direction of the village, not appearing to be headed anywhere in particular, or certainly not in any real hurry. The glint off Sofya's embroidery catches his eye, and he wends his way towards her, head tilting to look at the needlework in progress. "Are there some Targaryens around here I haven't heard about?" he jokes lightly.

With a basket on her hip, Dania moves towards the beach. She is dressed in shades of brown and green today. Her hair primly bond up and a straw hat sits on her head. Her cheeks have color in in in them as she has been out here for some time. The basket is filled with her herbs. She pauses when she sees the lord and Sofya sitting on the blanket. A curtsy is offered. "Good day to you both."

The needlework is quite impressive with a pair of dragons spiralling down the sleeves and curling over a set of towers on the back. A smile slants over Sofya's mouth, eyes noting the make and manner of Kittridge's clothes before her gaze settles on his features, dark hair slipping from her forehead to show the still yellowed mark of her retreating bruise. "None that I would lay claim too. The only drags here are cleanly quartered by towers, my Lord," she answers cheerfully. The garment is turned to reveal said towers. Vances. If he knows his heraldry. "Good morn, Dania."

"Ahh, and towers," Kittridge says as Sofya reveals the rest, smiling, "Vances, then. Ser Inigo Vance?" he asks, "By any chance? Not to rhyme," he grins, "Intentionally." He turns to look as she greets Dania, nodding politely, "Miss Dorsey."

"It is lovely Mistress Dale." Dania says to her as she eyes the masterful needle work. "Breathtaking to be honest good Mistress." She looks to Kittridge. "Lord Ser, I hope you are having a lovely morning." She says to him. She leans back on her heels and looks at the two of them. "Looks like we could get some rain today, most likely in the midafternoon if the winds do not change," she says as she shifts the weight of her basket.

"Are you certain it was not your intent, my Lord? I should hate to demean your stalwart handle on verse," Sofya drawls with amusement. "Yes, Ser Inigo Vance. Do you know him?" She inclines her head with a soft look towards Dania, beaming at the praise for her work. "My thanks. It will be quite striking when it is finished, I hope."

"No, I am sure," Kittridge confirms, "I would have added at least one more line, if I were pretending to poetry. Ser Inigo Vance, by any chance, I hear he loves to dance, or something like that," he jokes. He glances back at the work again, and nods, "It does look promising. Are you an embroideress by trade, miss?" To Dania, he looks at the sky, and tilts his head back and forth. "Do you think? I'd put my money on it staying clear."

"Ah, I see. I have little practice in poetry, so you'll have to forgive my ignorance," Sofya answers with a mild inclination of her head, smile sunny as the day. "Sofya Dale, my Lord…" There's a pause there, gently inquiring without prodding, then she continues, "By skill and practice alone, I'm afraid. I am in the service of Lord Vance as his retainer." She joins the other pair in regarding the sky for a moment and lifts her shoudlers in a shrug.

"If it looks this nice at this point it will be breathtaking when it is completed." Dania tells her with a warm smile. She looks between the Lord and Sofya. When asked about putting a bet on the weather she raises an eyebrow at him. "Only fools bet on the weather Milord. Now betting on the outcome of a game or race is another story." She says unabashed. "Though I have no coin to spare on such things at the moment, are you both enjoying the morning?"

"Now you know," Kittridge replies to Sofya, reflecting her grin back. He lifts a brow as she is named, "Ah, Miss Dale. I have heard your name from Ser Inigo, this week past. Ser Kittridge Groves," he introduces himself, "I believe you are already acquainted with my sister Lady Rosanna." To Dania, he lifts a brow, surprised and amused, "Did you just call me a fool, Miss Dorsey?"

"No, I just implied that if you did bet against the weather then you would be a fool. No, bets have been placed that I am aware of; therefore it is a matter of perception. Pure and simple! At least in my eyes," Dania says as she smiles sweetly. "I should most likely go before stick my foot in my mouth and therefore will be explaining to my brother where my comments came from."

She looks to Soyfa next. "Mistress, you are far too honest with you skill you create works of art with your needles and thread. There are not many that can do that. Yes there are those that have nice stitches, but the creativity behind the needle is what creates what you are working on there."

"I have heard much of you from your Lady sister as well, my Lord," Sofya answers, dipping her head and shoulders in a short bow at Kittridge's introduction. "The Lady Rosanna is of a tenacious personality and seemly carriage." That is a compliment. It caries in the manner which she pronounces it with a smile. Dania's comment causes her to lift her brows in a sharp arc — did she just call a noble a fool? The Mistress's glib answer cause Sofya to cough slightly into her sleeve, hiding a brighter grin. Ahem. The further compliment simply leads her to smile. "That is kindly of you. I admit serving a Lord gives me littler cause to work so than my time serving the Lord Vance's sisters, although I do enjoy it."

Kittridge chuckles at Dania, and swipes a hand through his hair, replying, "You may want to consider speaking a bit less freely in the future, Miss Dorsey. I don't really mind, myself, but other lords probably will, and I doubt they'll be less insulted on a technicality. Just some advice." He smiles, and then looks back to Sofya to say, "She will be very pleased by that description, I think, Miss Dale. I will pass it along. And I do agree, your work seems very skilled, to my eye. Not that I have much of an eye for needlework," he admits, "But it looks like a fine doublet, and I flatter myself I know something about that. Have you served Ser Vance long?"

"If they are going to take offence to what I say then there will be little I can do about it." Dania points out. "Because that means anything that comes out of mouth will be seen as undesirable." Another sweet smile, "I will leave you two be." Dania offers a curtsy and then heads towards the cliffs.

Her clever fingers briefly slide over the work, tying off a stitch while Kittridge offers his suggestions on appropriate manner in speaking with nobility. "Good day, Mistress," Sofya offers in farewell, directing a smile towards Dania as she departs. Her grey-blue eyes flit uptowards Kittridge from beneath the cover of dark lashes, smiling at his mention of Rosanna's pleasure. "That is good to hear, I am glad to have such resonance to be retold," she says, lifting her chin with a brighter expression. "You have the look as if you know such things, my Lord." He cuts a rather fine figure himself. "I have. Since just after the end of the war, nearing on half a decade. I've been in the service of the house all my life, though."

"Surely you could just… not say such things," Kittridge suggests to Dania, clearly somewhat bemused at her reply. "Good day, Miss," he says politely as she takes her leave, turning back to Sofya to chuckle, "Thank you, miss." He listens to her answer and nods, "Quite some time, then. He seems a pleasant fellow, your lord. What brings him to the Roost?"

"He is," Sofya agrees with the corner of her smile angling in a crooked twist. Inigo is surely a pleasant fellow and a pleasant Lord besides. "Family business and goodwill, my Lord. My Lord Vance is blood kin and cousin to the Terricks, the Ironborn hurt them most miserably."

Ambling along the Green is Katrin, followed closely by her Septa, maid and a guard wearing the colors of House Haigh. The trio allow the noblewoman a bit of privacy, though she just seems to be enjoying the afternoon, head tilted back as she observes the sky.

"Ah, of course," Kittridge nods, "I had forgotten there was kinship there. You know, I think he may be my cousin as well," he says, "Several times removed, or however that works. My older brother is the keeper of the family tree, he would know." He stands near Sofya on the Green, she stitching some rather fine and slightly shiny dragons onto a doublet while they speak. "They do seem to be in bad straits," he agrees of the Terricks, "We thank the Seven every day to have been spared the worst of what was done to their lands. Is he to be a knight of the household, then, Ser Inigo?"

Sofya tilts her head inquistively at that mention of kinship to the Groves' own house, fingers darting as they tug the needle through the thick material with a gleam of the needle. "There are many branches in the family trees, it is difficult to remember where all the roots stem at times. If your roots tangle with those of the Terricks, that seems likely then, how nice," she offers with a touch of a smile. Connections are ever a good thing. "It is a large thing to be thankful for, I imagine that many Houses feel the same. Was Kingsgrove only lightly beleagured then, my Lord? We missed much of the immediate news of the attacks," she inquires, shaking her head a moment later. "I think not. You would have to ask Lord Vance to be certain."

"M'Lady," her Septa warns as Katrin begins to amble within range of Sofya and Kittridge. She looks around her and nods an acknowledgment to the warning and smoothes out her dress. A polite smile rises on her lips as she dips her head down in greeting toward both. "Good afternoon to both of you," she says warmly.

"My grandmother was a Vance," Kittridge tells her with a nod, "Probably sister to your lord's grandfather, or something like that," he says, head tilting as he thinks about it for a moment, and then shrugs, "Oh, I'm sure we have some relation to the Terricks as well, though I couldn't tell you what it was off the top of my head. Some cousins somewhere," he waves a hand vaguely. "Good afternoon, Lady Katrin," he greets the Haigh with a polite bow, "I had heard someone say you and your sister might be visiting the Roost. I hope you are enjoying your stay in the area?" To Sofya he turns back then to nod, "Yes, we were left mostly alone. Not as much a prize as the Roost and Four Eagles, which for once served us very well indeed."

"I did not know," Sofya admits with a lift of brows, quickly following the gesture with another light and sunny smile. "Certainly a cousin to some number of degree, I am not so learned in the family trees to say how either." At Katrin's arrival she folds herself into a respectful bow from her position, lap too filled with embroidery to rise and curtsey properly. "Good afternoon, my Lady." Turning back to Kittridge, she nods in approving turn for the news, picking back up her stitches with ease. "You are also rather more inland, if I recall my Riverlands geography somewhat correctly? All things that stood you to good stead then, I should prefer to be the lesser prize in such an attack."

Seems that Martyn has been out and about. He comes from the direction of the coastline, looking a little lost in thought. He's followed by Xander, his squire, who's carrying a few things with him. Seems like some kind of instruction has happened here. "I know it might not sound like I mean it every now and then, Xander. But you're actually quite smart, you know…" the Mallister offers after a few moments, before going quiet again. Not having noticed the others present at the moment.
<The Roost> Muirenn says, "We totally should be on a reality show"

"Lord Kittridge," Katrin says with a nod. "Yes, my sister and I are both exploring the beauties of Terrick's Roost for a time. It seemed time to have a break from Stonebridge. Seeing the same locations every day can be a bit of a trial, especially when all you want to do in life is see new places and meet new people." She beams happily. A hand lifts to Sofya so she doesn't try and rise. "Do not get up, Mistress," she says, but eyes the budding creation curious. "Might I ask what you are making?"

"I completely understand," Kittridge smiles to Katrin, "And the Cape is a beautiful area, if I do say so myself." To Sofya he nods, "We are… sort of? We're further from the coast than Four Eagles, but our lands are further out the Cape. So… yes and no. Ser Martyn, good afternoon," he calls to the Mallister knight as he spots him.

"I see," Sofya answers with the slim angle of a nod for Kittridge's answer. She lifts her chin to look towards Ser Martyn when the Groves Lord calls out, offering another slight bow. Katrin's gesture stills any motion to rise on Sofya's part before it has even begun, a smile warming her freatures as she ducks her head agreeably. "Of course, my Lady. I am embroidering this for my Lord, Ser Inigo Vance." She carefully pierces the needle through the garment, lifting the doublet so that Lady Katrin might inspect the dragons which coil down the sleeves and the twin towers on its back at her leisure. All symbols of the house Vance.
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Hearing his name, Martyn comes to a stop as he looks up. "Ser Kittridge," he offers to the man. Nodding to Sofya as well, before he offers both a polite nod and a smile to Katrin. "Lady Katrin. Always a pleasure." Another brief pause as he approaches the trio. "I hope you all are doing well today."

"I am, Ser Martyn, I hope you are as well," Kittridge replies to the knight, "And may I inquire after your sister? I hope she is recovered from her bout of illness?" he asks.

The piece is offer duitifully until Katrin finishes her inspection, carefully displayed at all angles. The mention of Lady Muirenn's health perks Sofya's ears.

Katrin twists about slightly, "Ser Martyn," she greets with a smile. "A pleasure. You do look much more rested today. Are you well?" She nods to Sofya, "It is a beautiful piece, Mistress. I am sure your Lord will be proud to wear such a thing."

"She's doing much better now," Martyn offers to the part about his sister. "Thank you," is added, before he nods a bit to the question about his own well being. "I'm well today. A good night's rest helps for most things, it would seem."

"I am glad to hear it, ser," Kittridge replies to Martyn, and then nods his agreement, "Yes, it definitely does. I think I slept for a good half a day at least, myself, and everything seemed much better afterwards." He smiles, and then scratches at his cheek absently and says, "Lady Katrin, I'm curious whether you know much about the situation in Stonebridge? Having been so recently come from there. Is it true that the Charltons in the town have all been arrested?"

"I do hope that he will, my Lady," Sofya answers with a grin. Kittridge's question of Katrin garners a mildly interested rise of her brows, she turns her head back down towards her work, leaving the nobles to speak while she listens.

"My party and I departed just as things were beginning to transpire," Katrin replies lightly to Kittridge, "So unfortunately, I could not be as good of a source of information as those who remained. But I did hear the rumor that the Charltons had been arrested." A small frown appears. "I do not know /why/, of course. That is always the question that we must ask ourselves. Why bannermen would turn against each other." She looks over to Martyn and nods. "I am glad to hear it, Ser Martyn. A good night's rest always brings clarity of mind and better spirits."

Martyn smiles a little bit as he listens. Nodding to the talk about Stonebridge. "Whatever the reason, I hope they will manage to solve it somehow. Less stability is not what the region needs now." Otherwise not saying much, although he nods to the mention of the good effect of a good night's rest.

"Ah, that is too bad," Kittridge replies to Katrin. He listens, and then shrugs, "I couldn't say, I have no idea what the Naylands were thinking. We have to assume there was some justification for what they did, whatever it may be. Where does your house fall, in that question?" he asks curiously, "Should there be a true conflict between Charlton and Nayland. Does House Haigh have a preference between them, I wonder?"

Stitch. Stich. These dragon scales are really coming along as Sofya works.

"It will be a dark day if that were to happen, Ser Kittridge," Katrin says with a small frown resting on her lips. "However such decisions would not be for me to make, but for my Lord Uncle and leader of my House." She shakes her head, "I imagine it would be a difficult decision, no matter which side he chose to support."

"From my experience, they seldom do anything without any kind reason, the Naylands," Martyn observes. "Whatever the reason is, it will be interesting to see how thins thing works out," he adds, before he goes quiet again, listening with interest to Katrin's words.

"Their reason seems plain," Kittridge nods to Marytn, "I suppose I just wonder what justification they will give. It's quite a thing, to arrest a half-dozen nobles, and Lord Ser Keegan's daughter besides, if the rumors are true. That's starting a war, it seems to me, unless they have some excuse up their sleeves." He shrugs, and nods to Katrin, saying, "Of course, a matter for your uncle," he agrees, "I was just curious whether there was any obvious choice between the two you were aware of. You expect they will not get involved then?" he asks, "Even with the recent betrothal announcement?"

Katrin shakes her head, "I /hope/ more than believe that the Naylands will have justification for their actions," she replies. "But I have not heard from Stonebridge since we left." Her lips press together with mild concern. "Our presence here should show the level of trust Haigh has in Nayland's actions but perhaps fathers are less trusting when it comes to their daughters safety." Her lips quirk into a smile. "I suppose with the betrothals and past experience, Charlton must be taken into account, but as I said, who can know the inner most thoughts of a House leader."

Martyn nods a little bit as he listens now. Keeping quiet as he seems to be thinking at the moment.

"I am sure your safety and your sister's is left less to chance than other things might be," Kittridge agrees with a smile, before he sighs, and chuckles, and shakes his head, "You have learned your part very well, Lady Katrin, you deflect with admirable politeness and subtlety. I see I will not be able to weasel a more interesting tidbit out of you, so I will leave the matter be. Ser Martyn, have you any idea who all we might have the good fortune to see ride at your Lord Cousin's betrothal tourney? My sister is eager to hear which knights of the Reach are likely to attend. As, I have to admit, am I."

With a polite smile, Katrin just inclines her head to Kittridge. "Your questions are marked with years of practice at uncovering information, Ser Kittridge," she replies. "I believe Haigh will do what it must to survive the situation, whether that be neutrality or choosing a side. As a simple daughter, my greatest concern is not for politics, but for the continued safety of my sister. If Nayland has arrested Charlton for reasons unknown, who is to say that Haigh is not next. I would not wish to see further harm befall her."

"Something that is very understandable, Lady Katrin," Martyn offers after a few moments of pause. He then pauses at Kittridge's question. "I'm afraid I don't know, Ser Kittridge. I have not heard anything about who we will be seeing there."

"Of course, Lady Katrin," Kittridge inclines his head in turn, "And I hope your sister is well, and recovering from the trials of last week?" he checks, with what appears to be genuine concern. To Martyn, he snaps his fingers, "That's a shame, ser. You will tell me if you hear anything? We've a bit of a bet going about whether or not we're likely to see any Tyrells make an appearance," he says with a grin.

"She is doing well, Ser Kittridge, I do thank you for asking," Katrin says with a nod. She smiles. "Will you be planning to compete, Ser Kittridge? I was saddened that I was not able to see you compete at the last tourney." Looking at Martyn, she tilts her head. "Do you suppose your House will be hosting a dance afterward? I was grieved by the fact that I was not able to dance with either of you at the last one."

Martyn nods a bit, "I will let you know if I hear anything, Ser Kittridge. You're planning to be here for a while?" He pauses for a few moments at Katrin's question. "I would hope so, Lady Katrin," he offers, with a bit of a smile.

"I am glad to hear it, Lady Katrin," Kittridge replies, and then makes an ambiguous sort of half-shrug, "I may, I haven't decided yet. We'll see when the time comes, I usually wait until the last second before I choose for sure," he says with a smile. "I was disappointed as well," he says, "That we weren't able to get in a dance. Hopefully you won't be stolen away quite as early in the evening this time." To Martyn, he shakes his head, "Yes and no, ser. Kingsgrove is a few hours' ride, so it's likely we'll stay at the Rockcliff sometimes, but I expect to be traveling back and forth some as well."

"The Naylands and their continued scandals," Katrin muses with a light smile. "Best to try and avoid them wherever possible." She dips her head down. "But I will ensure it this time that we might get at least one dance." She chuckles softly. "I do hope you plan to compete, Ser Kittridge. It is so much more fun to see those you have had the pleasure of meeting compete.

Martyn nods a little as he hears that, "Let's hope you have safe times on the road, Ser Kittridge," he offers, before he nods at Katrin's words. "True words, Lady Katrin. I'm sure both Ser Kittridge and myself will be looking forward to that dance."

"Thank you, Ser Martyn. Thus far the bandits seem to've mostly troubled the roads to the east of here, hopefully it will stay that way. Or, of course, they could just not trouble any roads, obviously that would be better. I expect we may not see much of them for at least some time, now," he says hopefully. To Katrin he chuckles, "The do seem to have an unending supply of scandals, don't they? Best to keep a few steps back, it seems to me, if possible. And I will certainly take that under advisement," he grins, "It is always nice to know one has an eager audience."

"How is your sister, Ser Kittridge?" Katrin asks politely. "Has she begun recovering from her own struggles with the kidnapping? It must have been a terrible thing for her." She shakes her head. Smiling at Martyn, it is warm and genuine. "I will be truly honored if I can coerce you to the dance floor, Ser Martyn. I remember how uneasy you seemed at the notion of dancing."

"The best would be if they would not trouble anywhere, yes. But I fear that won't happen at any point, sadly," Martyn offers, before he adds, "It will be interesting to see if we will be without much of it for a while now." He then nods a little bit at Katrin's words about how uneasy he seemed. "It's true that I've never felt easy about dancing, but I'm starting to understand that it's not really as dangerous as one might think." It's about this time that Xander, who had left earlier, comes back and says something quietly to Martyn. "I'm afraid I need to go," the Mallister offers to the other two now, sighing a bit. "Need to take care of a few things. I hope you two can forgive me."

"She is well, Lady Katrin, and recovering as well as might be expected, thank you for asking," Kittridge replies with a smile, "She journeyed with me to the Roost, actually, she wished to say hello to a few of you other ladies, I believe." He chuckles at Martyn and says, "I am glad you are coming around, ser! I quite like dancing, myself. Though I suppose I should be glad so many other gentlemen hate it; more partners for me," he grins.

"Hardly dangerous," Katrin says with a cheerful smile. "I will be happy to show you how little danger it presents you should you be in good enough condition after the tourney ends." The mention of Martyn leaving does have her looking a tad disappointed but she nods. "I wish you the best, Ser Martyn. Please do pass along my best to your sister, and that I do hope we have a chance to truly meet and talk someday soon." Looking back at Kittridge, the Haigh nods. "I quite like your sister, and hope that we have a chance to speak sometime soon."

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears that, "I will, Lady Katrin," he offers, before he nods to Kittridge as well. "It can be, yes," he offers after a few moments of pause. "I hope the two of you will still have a nice day." And with that, he heads off after Xander.

"Hardly at all," Kittridge agrees of the non-existent dangers of dancing. He smiles, and adds, "And mine as well, I wish her a swift recovery," he says to Martyn before the knight heads off. To Katrin, he smiles, "I hope you do as well, Lady. I will make sure to mention it to her, perhaps you two could arrange time for tea or something like that in the next few days, I know she has been eager to visit the Roost with me as business brings em here."

"That sounds lovely, Ser Kittridge," Katrin replies. "The entire Haigh party is currently residing at the Inn. I will be sure to send word to Lady Rosanna as soon as I have a moment so I might invite her to join me some afternoon." She watches Martyn wander off before focusing her attention entirely on the Groves man. "What has brought the two of you to the Roost?" she inquires curiously.

"Perfect," Kittridge smiles, "I'm sure she'll be pleased to receive your invitation." Her inquiry draws another smile, and he says, "Oh, a little of this and a little of that. Plus we'd just heard there were quite a few people visiting these days that we're either acquainted with or would like to be, so it seemed like we ought to take advantage." He suddenly says, "But forgive me, speaking of that, I've an engagement I ought to be off to. It's been lovely speaking with you, Lady Katrin, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. And you, Miss Dale," he adds to Sofya with a smile, "Good luck with the dragons. If you'll excuse me," he bows politely.

Katrin chuckles softly, "You are as skilled as I then at deflecting questions then," she muses. "A pleasure, Ser Kittridge. I do hope that we will meet again soon." She gives a polite bow and then turns to continue on her own way.