Page 171: Do Me The Honor
Do Me The Honor
Summary: Danae asks Riordan to carry her favor.
Date: 3/01/2012
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Danae Riordan 
Hallways — Tordane Tower
The parts in between rooms.
Wed Jan 04, 289

It is late enough into the day that the Lords who are staying at the tower have returned from the talks of war; candlelight beginning to paint the halls in flickering light of gold and sweeping sheets of shadows. Dressed in pink with red scratches on her hands, Danae quietly moves through the halls looking for a particular room. It is not one where she has been before and her footsteps are followed by a patient maid.

Wearing his normal leather jacket, beige shirt and sword and sheath, which attach around his belt, Riordan is off to his room after a day of meetings at the various pavilions. Rubbing the nape of his neck, he lets out a soft sigh. He's glad to be out of those meetings for the time being. Rounding a corner, he catches sight of a familiar face. "M'Lady Danae?"

The small blonde freezes in her path, a touch of surprise on her features as she looks up at him. "M'Lord Riordan," Danae greets warmly, the spread of her smile slow and genuine as she looks over him. "Are you just returned from the encampments?"

Riordan bows slightly to Danae, offering her a smile of his own. "Yes. It has been a busy day, but productive, I think." He says softly. "How do you fare today?" He, for the time, ignores the maid that walks with Danae, as she is far from his main focus at the moment. "Is there anything I might help you with? Or are you just on stroll, or already with purpose?"

Danae sinks into a graceful curtsey, rising in a smooth motion as she looks to him with an inquisitive tilt of her head. "One may only hope that the planning might be productive," she offers tactfully, hands folded at her waist. All things considered. The maid recedes to the edge of the conversation as the two speak, not out of sight but at a proper distance as to not interfere. "I fare well enough, helping out what little I can with your Goodsister well in grasp of preparations. I…" Looking down, Danae's smile grows to a soft thing before she looks to him again. "Only a slight purpose, I should enjoy your company for a moment if you are not too busy."

"Ah…ah yes. My goodsister. Good woman, Lady Isolde." Riordan clears his throat. "I am sure that the two of you are quite excellent at making preparations. I imagine both of you are quite skilled in many a respect." He takes a deep breath in and lets it out slowly, his face becoming full of curiosity as Danae speaks of spending a bit of time with him. "Of course. I would quite enjoy spending some time with you. I am completely free. Nothing to take care of until tomorrow, thank the Seven!"

"Yes, an excellent one," Danae agrees, brows rising slightly as he clears his throat. The look she gives him is inquisitive, but little more than that, blue eyes keen and curious as they trace over his features. A slight smile turns her lips at his answer, fingers gesturing towards the twisting hall. "Shall we walk a bit then, as to not block anyone's comings nor going?" Pressing her hand to her lips, only a small giggle slips out for his praise to the Seven, eyes bright as she moves down the hall. "You must have been very busy, my Lord. There is much to do with the banners being called, I would imagine."

"Ah, yes. I wouldn't wish to block the passage of anyone else. Let us away on a walk and we can, as you say, enjoy the company of each other for a while." Riordan smiles sweetly at her. "I am sorry I've been been able to see you much, but with all that is going on, I'm afraid my time is often limited. I wish it were not. You are such a nice person to be around. I really enjoy being with you." He looks at her with a soft gaze as he starts to walk down the hall again, motioning for Danae to walk beside him. "Ah, yes. We're all quite busy. The banners don't get called upon very often, so when they do, it takes a fair bit of planning on the part of everyone involved."

"Please," Danae accepts with a gentle smile, almost shyly joining his side for all that it was her idea. The flickering of light is almost enough to hide a touch of the flush that rises to her cheeks. "Time is always the thing that there is very little of, isn't it? I very much enjoy spending time with you as well, my lord," she murmurs, looking up at him through her pale fringe of lashes. "I know not much…but I know a call to banners is most often a call to war. Do you yet know when you are to ride?"

A glint from one of the candles catches Riordan's face, showing a sign of actual happiness and joy. He seems to enjoy the presence of the noblewoman, in all honesty, as his face would suggest. It is more than just mere words. "Time is a most precious thing, and I wish we had more of it. Perhaps, when this is all done, we shall be able to spend time together much more often. I hope we will, anyway." His voice full of hope. To the question, he shrugs. "In the next few days we ride."

That same glinting light causes Danae's hair to shimmer; she favors Riordan with a brilliant smile as they ease their way along the corridor. "I should like that, if— /when/ this is all finished," she says, carefully correcting herself. It would not due to dim hope. "When you ride — oh." Losing a note of her composure, she flutters and pulls something from her hand before folding her fingers over it again. "This may be too forward but —" She stumbles and pauses again, looking up at him with a touch of hesitance.

"You've got beautiful hair. Have I told you that before? Though, of course, you're a beautiful woman." Riordan smiles to her as they walk through the corridor. "I'm glad. It would be very sad should we not be able to spend more time together…when this is all done and over with." He offers a solemn nod. He glances to Danae and gives her an encouraging smile. "What is it? I do not mind. Tell me what you want to say."

"No, my lord. Although I believe it did lead to a discussion on prospects," Danae replies with a grin, lightly teasing as she reminds him of an early conversation. "Thank you, Lord Riordan. It is kind of you to say." She sweeps a lock back behind her ear, somewhat self-consciously waiting for composure to return. It will be over and down with when it will. There are still many Ironborn waiting to harry the keeps of the Riverlands. "When you ride — would carry this with you?" She wonders, lifting her hands to offer him a small token wrapped in cloth. The lady's favor.

Slowly, Riordan lets his gaze drop to look at what Danae holds in her hands. Slowing to a halt, he reaches his hands out tentatively, one covering the toke, while the other covers the opposite side of her hands. "It would be an honour and a privilege to for me to carry this with me as I ride. I shall cherish it." He offers in soft tones, though his expression holds both surprise and care.

Breath caught between heartbeats, Danae watches Riordan's movements with pale eyes that have been cast dark by the uneven curl of the candles flame, light flickering in the hallway. It is released tremulously as his hand coverers her own, trembling beneath the touch. A gentle, glossy-eyed smile curves her mouth at his acceptance. "May the Seven bless that ride and guide you back, safe and successful," she whispers.

Eyes raise to meet Danae's as Riordan allows a smile to cross his face, gently and ever so slowly the sides of his mouth raising to said smile. "May the Seven bless the ride, and may the Seven guide guide me back not only here, with success following the tail of my horse, but back to you and to your side." He speaks softly, almost in a whisper, but not quite. He gazes intently into the eyes of the woman next to him, caring and thanks utmost expressed.

The blue eyed gaze that meets Riordan's is as solemn as her smile is warm, both softened with concern. "I will pray for it," Danae promises, thumb brushing against the side of his hand.

"As will I. I believe the Seven shall hear our prayers and will answer them." Riordan bows his head. His hands gently resting on either side of Danae's. "Know that you will be in my thoughts when I am gone. I feel blessed that we have met and that we have had the chances we have had to spend together."

Danae's expressions softens as Riordan bows his hand, gaze unwaveringly watching him as he does so. "You will be so in mine as well, my lord. I am glad of the time we have shared, I will look forward to more on your return." The reminder is slight and sweet, thus he must return so there are to be more chances.

Hands lifting up reluctantly, the token with them, Riordan gently notches it on his belt, opposite side to his sword. "I'll make sure I do not loose it." He murmurs softly, as if to reaffirm. "Thank you, once more, m'lady. This means much to me. I honestly does."

Token from her hands, Danae's fingers have little to do beyond fidget and clasp together as she. Her smile shades brighter, a flush creeping into her cheeks as she admits quietly, "I am just happy that you would accept it. You are all too welcome to it, my lord. Do try not to lose it."

"I would not dare think of objecting to a gift like that, especially from you." Riordan smiles at her. "My lady, would you do me the honour of joining me for a little bit to eat on the top of the tower? I would very much enjoy spending as much time with you as I can, before I must leave."

"Well…" The word trails off in a whispered drawl as Danae is not quite sure what to say to that. The curve of her smile is unmistakeably pleased, though. "My lord, it would be my honor and my pleasure to join you," she replies as they turn, looping back towards the stair to do just that.