Page 456: Discussions before Departure
Discussions before Departure
Summary: With Anders and Einar in the same place briefly they take the time to catch each other up on developments.
Date: 22/Oct/2012
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Einar Anders 
Guest Chambers, Four Eagle's Tower
Einar's room.
Mon Oct 22, 289

It's morning, shortly after breakfast in fact, but being a habitual early riser, Einar has already been up for several hours. His morning archery is done, he's eaten and now he's preparing his kit to depart back to Highfield. He might have stayed a few more days, but it seems a party of Terricks is also heading that way so they've agreed to share the road. Especially since one of the Terricks is a Lady and there's still bandits about. What stuff he had in the chambers offered to him is now just about ready to be taken down to the stables and saddled to his horse, but the call to move has not yet come so he's taking a moment to watch the sea from out of his window.

It's been near forever since Anders has had a talk, a chat even, with his own squire. There's no concern regarding duties or loyalties, no. But there does need come a time to compare notes, and move 'from there'. So with rolled up maps, Anders is behind the younger man. "With the agreement, this will open up Terrick's to trade.. and you know I've wanted a port in the south for some time. Now, our eyes need to look for defenses.. which is why I brought the maps. I need you to know all before you return to Highfield."

Einar turns back to Anders as the older man speaks and nods once and notions to the table off to one side of the room that he figures will be big enough to display the maps. "Are you tied to a specific location for the port, or should I be sending Master Vis out into the woods again once we get back to look for suitable sites?" The 'you' rather then 'we' at the start is possibly a poor choice of words on reflection, but since Anders has already told him that he'll be free to join the church once knighted it's a subtle distance that has developed in his mind when it comes to long term plans.

"We have a spot, and we're two weeks or so into building. It's slow going with the mills," (and lack thereof), "but the men ate rising to the challenge. We look to have a roof over our heads in a few months. Then, we build the shops to support the port, farmers will have the first crops.. and the real work begins." Anders turns about to put the maps on the table. "Master Vis will be useful keeping a watch to be sure we don't fall too far behind."

Einar looks mildly surprised at the progress reported, but then when he takes a moment to think about it, he has been away from those things for a while now. "I'm glad to hear it," he offers as he looks down over the maps and takes his time in studying them. "The plans look good Cousin," he offers when he eventually lifts his head again, "are we assured of the manpower though? The distance may not be the greatest, but we are still in Tully lands, not the Finger."

Anders watches Einar as his cousin studies the plans, nodding slowly. "We have a hundred men, total, and we are assured of Lord Aleister's aid as much as we will grant aid to then in their need.. for trade, farming, hunting and the like." It's good to have friends. "If more are needed, perhaps we can prevail upon friendly neighbors until we can bring some stalwart few from the North." His hands roam behind him now, fingers entwining. "Have you seen Lord Justin, speaking of 'friendly'?"

Einar listens carefully, as is his want, then nods again once the details are explained. The query regarding Justin though raises a faint eyebrow. "I spoke to him when we arrived back a few days ago. Told him what we had found and the circumstances surrounding it all. This hasn't been the easiest of weeks for him I would imagine so I've just let it be known that I'm around for further talks if needed. I would imagine though that he's been kept busy."

Anders nods his acknowledgment, his expression pensive. "We need someone to fill Master Fen's spot here. It's been too long without and with all that goes on, I have need of such counsel." He chuckles and puts a brief hand to his cousin, "As well as you serve as a sounding board, there needs to be more than one. If not Lord Justin, I'd hesitate but wish to speak with Ser Bruce Longbough.."

"And one for when I am gone," Einar replies with a faint smile. He takes a brief moment to mull the two names over for a moment then shrugs uncertainly, "both would do a fine job I am more than sure. I must admit though that I do not know what Justin's long term plans are. There is a certain amount of shock, given the changes here this past fortnight and I'm not sure what he intends to do." Bruce's situation being an easier one he leaves that for now and simply states in relation to the young Terrick, "If I see him again before I depart, do you want me to ask him, or should i send him to talk to you? In fact cousin, how long are you planning on remaining her yourself?"

Anders grimaces at the reminder, and shakes his head in an attempt to dispell the thought. "I came specifically to speak with Lord Justin, though it may not necessary, and I'd like the chance to speak with Lady Liliana." After all, its the old Camden land they'll be settling. "Then, I'll follow you back."

Einar doesn't exactly grimace, but he does share somewhat in his cousin's expression. He nods once before his features lighten somewhat, "Just make sure you're back in time for the wedding though, I doubt my good-sister would forgive you were you to miss that." Given there's a couple of weeks to go though he doesn't actually figure it'll be an issue. "What about the new Lord Terrick, Bolland I believe his name is, will you be talking to him too?"

Anders actually laughs at that other reminder, and goes to stand beside the maps. "She would never forgive me, and that lady has a big heart." At the mention of the new Terrick, he shakes his head, looking a little abashed. "I've been caught up in the plans for the port and Corrine that.. such things have passed my notice." He gives his cousin an almost pleading look, "I've come to rely upon you more than is fair.."

"She wouldn't," Einar replies with a grin, "and given as I'd be there, it'd be me that got it in the neck. So, for the record Cousin, if you miss it, I will never forgive you either." And also because then it'll also be Anders who gets to give the bride away. As for the rest, that just gets a shrug, "I understand cousin, don't worry, what with the baby coming. You're just going to have to find yourself a new me at some point." He reaches out gives Anders a friendly pat on the shoulder before he starts to roll up the maps again, having committed what he can of them to memory.

"'A new me'?" Anders laughs at the words. "Tell me, cousin? Are the available at the market? I've put work into you, though not as much as come out I will grant you.." He let's his words trail off before he nods his assent regarding the maps. He doesn't comment on them however, instead preferring to remark upon the upcoming. "So my Lord Uncle is not making the trip?" He tsks but doesn't seem to pass serious judgement. "It is a trio that one truly needs to want to make." Gesturing towards the door, Anders is ready to see his cousin out, and he following. "I'll walk with you."

"A new me Cousin," Einar reply with a jokingly reproving expression a Anders, "not a new you. You're stuck with you I'm afraid." As for who is or is not attending the wedding, he can only shrug at that. "I have heard no word from him, or at least none had arrived by the time I rode from Highfield last." He's not expecting to see him, but he could be wrong. After handing the maps across he moves to collect his gear and then heads for the door himself, "I have already passed on condolences of the House to Lady Anais, if we should have opportunity to talk on the ride is there anything else you want me to convey?"

"And you escape me.." is said laughingly. "Tell me how fair is that to me?" Anders takes up the maps and puts a hand on the door in prelude to departure. "As for the Lady Anais, you know such things.. 'Ever kind, kindnesses will be recalled fondly, should anything be required if in our power we will attempt to give it..'" and he rolls his hand encouragingly, knowing full well his cousin understands.

"It's been what, six years now cousin?" Einar comments, utterly failing to keep a grin off his features, "you can get less than that for banditry these days." He nods that at the instructions, he's basically said as much already, but will do so again should circumstances allow. Something else occurs to him then and he states earnestly, "also, should there be any change in Corrie's condition I'll be sure to send the fastest rider I can find for you." He figures Anders probably has someone ready and waiting, but it never hurts to back it up.

Mention of his wife usually has one of two effects on Anders.. either a smile or shadowed concern. This time there's no attempt at hiding the latter. "I'm praying to the Gods that she survives this. She falls weak, then rallies.. and then she feels like a felled songbird in my arms again." Emotions are high on this, and the best thing for him is to keep busy and away but near enough to be summoned. "Knowing that it'd come from you," the message, " actually goes far to calm my worries." But not all of them.

Einar uses his free hand to clasp Anders on the shoulder and looks his cousin in the eye. "She's strong, even if it isn't always so obvious. Besides, with you praying to your gods and me to mine, what could possibly go wrong?" Offering him a smile he says seriously, "I'll keep an eye on her, two, whenever I can spare them, but she'll get through this by shear stubbornness if nothing else."

Anders turns round to give his cousin a quick bear hug.. there, with a thump on his back and done. "What can go wrong then," is repeated. “She's North through and through. Stubborn folk, the lot of us. She'll be well enough soon." Taking a deep breath, he gives a bracing smile.. "Here goes again." Public persona. "Safe travels, cousin. Be safe and your aim true."

Einar returns the hug with his free arm, the one not carry his gear. Breaking the hug he gives Anders a smile and a brief nod before he also slips into his public face. "Hurry back to us, we'll need you at Highfield soon enough. The wedding, and the birth both cousin."