Page 149: Dinner in the Inn
Dinner in the Inn
Summary: Lady Elinor and Ser Kell are having dinner, Lord Dafydd, Lord Sarojyn and Ser Bruce wander into the establishment for drinks and a meal.
Date: 11/Dec/288
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Crane's Crossing Inn, Stonebridge
While Crane's Crossing is technically an Inn, it caters to the traveling nobility almost exclusively. The floors around the hearth are finely crafted stonework, as are the slate blocks that the firepit is constructed of. The rest of the floor is done in stained oak that matches the few long tables and the chairs. The rest of the main room is furnished with plush couches and seating to entice visitors to delay their leave. A full service kitchen provides food of all kinds as well as high quality ales and wines. Also available are several women to provide hospitality to the lonely or those in need, the quality of them to be beaten by but a few in the Riverlands. A hallway near the kitchen leads off to the rear of the building and several up-scale rooms.
December 11, 288

The appointed hour for dinner Elinor had asked Kell to join was undoubtedly still early where the sun was still out though near setting in the west. The Inn had it's share of lively occupants: the higher caste exchanging pleasantries while seated at tables or in passing to one another. As prompt as ever, Elinor was seated at one table while her maidservant, Thalia, accompanied her. There were still enough room at the table to seat more should be needed but for now the two had their cups of tea, flavored with honey, while quietly conversing with one another.

Instead of wearing his usual daily outfit, for tonight's dinner invitation that was extended by Elinor, Kell has on something that slightly more formal, though that would be in the Hedge Knight's standard. To most rich nobles, his clothes is still very common less worn, but common. What separates him from the other commoners though is the sheathed sword at his side, lacking house colors. Arriving on time, Kell pushes the door to the Crane's Crossing Inn and steps inside before letting the door shut gently behind him. Eyes scan the tables before they stop upon Elinor and Thalia and that is where the knight's feet carries him, upon arrival, the man dips to a bow before righting himself, "Good evening, Lady Banefort… Miss…" Addressing both ladies at the table before turning his attention back to the noblewoman, "Thank you for the invitation to dinner, you do me much honor, M'Lady."

"Yes, brother," a man enters, his head turned to converse behind him. "I'll get us a table and get us some food. I hope there's room available. If not," the strawberry-blonde smiles tightly, "my skills for camping have been honed." Once the words are finished, the Camden, if one recognizes the house colours that adorn his clothing, enters fully and stops to speak to a server, pausing his words with her to search the room for a likely table. Once an empty one is found, a gesture towards the free table is made, and both nod, each going their own way. Now, Dafydd begins to navigate the tables and people, with a quiet, 'pardon' as he moves around. He slows at the sound of 'Banefort', blue eyes flicker towards the identification, but nothing is said.. not yet. Still, it is fortuitous that his table is within reasonable proximity.

Thalia dips her head in acknowledgement while Elinor smile warmly, "Good evening to you Ser Drakmoor." Her open palm gestures to the vacant seat at her right, "You are quite welcome. I should also express my gratitude in your patience as the date of our departure has been most unstable." She would wait for the Knight sit before continuing, her eyes do briefly look about the room. Captured are the colors of houses of note, all sealed in memory and easily recognized. Even those of House Camden to which the noblewoman nods should eyes meet. Naturally, when speaking to Kell, Elinor would look upon him. "I am eager to return to the Roost. How soon can the arrangements be made?"

Never let it be said that the youngest brother of the Lord of Tall Oaks doesn't acknowledge ladies, particularly when they've been so kind as to greet him, even silently. There are a few stares at the man, even though he's not really done anything— it's just still a little odd to see a Lord from Tall Oaks out and about, and out of their woods. If they'd have remained sequestered any longer, there are some who would think their existance was just all myth and legend. Still, the flesh and blood Lord Dafydd Camden is there, and looks to be a mere man.. "Lady.." is given as he passes the table to be seated at his own, and not to be rude, a nod to the knight with a quiet, 'Ser', not expecting at all to be addressed again. The ale is soon to follow, once Dafydd is seated, and carried in a bucket, along with 2 cups.. and next, the bread. Once done, it will be some time before the fruit arrives.

Dafydd's entrance is not seen by Kell as his back is currently turned to the entrance and his attention focused on the two ladies at the table. With the gesture by Elinor, the knight moves to the empty seat and pulls it out to seat himself before nodding understandingly, "It is of no problem, Lady Banefort, urgent business can come up for anyone." When she continues to speak and asks him the question, he takes a moment to make some quick calculations in his head, "The arrangements can be made in two days, if it is urgent, I can try to convince the driver and guard to be ready for tomorrow." Though it may not be an early morning departure.
When Lord Camden approaches the able and greets them, Kell turns his attention to the other man and inclines his head respectfully to the new arrival, "Lord." Though that is the extend of the greetings as no conversation is initiated by the knight.

She could spare another two days easily, the consideration is a silent one. A nod from the woman solidifies her answer, "We can leave in two days, I would prefer to travel in the early morning hours. Less likely to encounter unsavory types." She tacks on there for her 'reason'. When a peer of the realm nears Elinor returns the greeting, "My lord Camden." Noble blood was noble however there were some defining degrees within that caste its self. At least she would sound pleasant enough. In Dafydd's passing the servant does arrive to take their requests. Elinor would mention the need for more tea, bread, honey, and other bits to start their meal. As for her dinner companion the servant was encouraged to ask Kell herself for his choice. "Drink what you wish Ser Drakmoor, I do not have the taste for ales and wines." No need to drudge up that unflattering memory.

Still Lord Camden was in sight and noted were the dinner settings. No dining alone it seemed. Never the matter, while in Stonebridge she was bound to become familiar with more than just the Westerlings. When, and if Kell would relay his wishes to the servant Elinor murmured to her maidservant Thalia to relay a message for Lord Camden.

The ale thus delivered, it is the first thing poured into a cup. Certainly, there are degrees of nobility, and anyone with enough heraldry and the time to concern oneself with the Camden line would know that he is the youngest male of the now deceased Lord and Lady Camden, and that his eldest brother Sarojyn Camden now sits upon the Seat. So far removed, due to marriage and children, Dafydd is contented to serve as Captain of the Guard.. such as it is in a poor land. It's not more than a swallow that is taken before the maidservant of the Lady Banefort is beside his table, and delivers the message. Blue eyes watch the woman carefully as the message is relayed, and with a nod of his head and smile, he gives his reply in a sotto voice before turning to the pair and inclining his head. He rises to his feet, the .. bucket of ale and cups taken. "My lady.. Ser.. thank you for your invitation. It's nice to sit and relax with others while on the road— get a feel for the ride ahead if traveling in the direction just passed."

Kell inclines his head to Elinor as she confirms her wishes, "Very well, M'Lady, and I understand, it will be much safer as traveling at night is… not the wisest." Unless one was just by himself on a mount, not in a carriage, even then… As the servant moves to him for what he wishes, "Spiced ale will be fine if you have it, thank you." He says with a smile to the servant, apparently being common born, he tends to be nicer than necessary to other common folk. Heraldry isn't Kell's strong point so he is trying to recall the colors of Lord Camden but he doesn't seem to be able to recall, so when Elinor tacks the name on to her greeting, the knight keeps the house name in mind. As Dafydd comes to join them, the Hedge Knight nods his head respectfully once more, "Thank you for joining us, M'Lord. Indeed, road travel can get weary at times, especially if the distances are long."and inclining his head. He rises to his feet, the .. bucket of ale and cups taken. "My lady.. Ser.. thank you for your invitation. It's nice to sit and relax with others while on the road— get a feel for the ride ahead if traveling in the direction just passed."

"An evening of good company shall rectify that, along with a stately meal." She adds to Kell's words, inclining her head to both the lord when he joins her table. Thus arrives the breads, honey and fruit, obviously more would be needed to account for recent additions. Thalia soon returns to her seat, quiet and studious as the lady Banefort plays hostess. "It surprises me to encounter you within Stonebridge my lord Camden." Or any Camden. She starts while reaching for her mug of tea then pours into the heated beverage more honey for flavor. "I should introduce Ser Kell Drakmoor." A hand graceful hand gestures to him, "My dinning companion for the evening and my maidservant Thalia Whitmores." Dining with commoners, so even inviting the Camdens to join her was a step up in prestige.

"Distances in pleasant weather go a great deal more pleasantly than rain.. and I think I saw clouds to the north when we arrived." Ah well.. "Perhaps it'll pass us and we'll not suffer from it." Dafydd can always hope. Nothing worse than a wet ride and a wet horse. Taking a seat, he puts the cups down, and sets his filled one at his side. "My brother will be joining us shortly, I'm certain. He's checking on rooms while I promised him I'd have food ready for us." He does chuckle at the observation at the chance meeting of a Camden in Stonebridge, and couples it with a shrug. "We do come out on occasion. This time was a happy one. Back from the Roost and on our way home." With all that needs to be said there, Dafydd looks to the knight, and inclines his head briefly, "Ser Drakmoor.. mistress Whitmores.."

Whether Kell is uncomfortable with the increase in the number of nobles is unseen as he maintains his poise of a proper knight, not a lowborn thug. ELinor's words does have the knight nodding his head as he knows Camdem is farther to the north. When introductions are also made, Kell once again inclines his head to the Lord but remains silent, either he has no words to speak or chooses not to interrupt a conversation between nobles.

Having seen to the securing of rooms and the storage of their personal effects, Sarojyn makes his way from the hallway and into the common room of the inn. One inside, he steps to the side of the door and then pauses, eyes shifting about the room as if looking for something, or someone in particular. It takes a moment of surveying the crowd, but it becomes apparent that he finds what he's looking for, for he begins to move amongst the patrons, his movements beginning to carry him over to the table in which the trio have claimed.

Elinor idly stirs the mixture of tea briefly then waits for it to cool. "I should hope it does and that is it very brief to not delay our travel plans any further." She glances to Kell before return to the Camden. "Your brother," The lady ponders. One in two chances of guessing which one it would be. "Let me see, you must either be Lord Mikah or Lord Dafydd." This is what happens when people can only whisper of the Camdens being a myth. As for their recent departure from the Roost the lady smiles a small one, "Ah yes, the arrival of the young lord Patrek Mallister. I deeply regret I could not attend. Were you a witness to it?" She blonde does happen to notice the arrival of Sarojyn, one Camden she has seen before. "My Lord Camden," she greets and gestures to a vacant, "A pleasure to see you again."

Realizing that he hadn't actually introduced himself, Dafydd looks.. a little sheepish. "Dafydd." He shakes his head soon after, "Actually, no. My brother was securing a match for our niece. And should all go well, announcements will be made."

At the approach of his brother, Dafydd rises from his seat, his cup of ale present in hand. "Brother," as if Saro couldn't see him? Still, he's on his feet. "My lord, may I introduce Lady Elinor Banefort and Ser Kell Drakemoor.." He pauses, and adds the maidservant, "and Mistress Thalia Whitmores." He turns it around soon after to say, "My lady, Ser Drakemoor, my brother Sarojyn Camden, Lord of Tall Oaks." Sounds impressive, doesn't it? "But.. you know each other then?"

Kell shakes his head slightly at Elinor's concerns as if Dafydd was able to see the storm clouds, they should pass in day at most unless it was some eerie magical storm that was intent on making them all soaking wet. The knight doesn't know the Camdens as he hasn't fought at their side before so Elinor's best guess is better than his. When the brother noble arrives, Kell also inclines his head respectfully to Sarojyn with an added, "M'Lord, it is an honor to make your acquaintance."

Reaching the table, Sarojyn inclines his head a touch in Elinor's direction before he's looking to Dafydd, a hint of a smile playing across his lips as the introductions are made. "Yes, brother. We've crossed paths at the Roost, before." Then, he's looking back to Elinor, this time so as to offer a bow of his head, "Lady Banefort, the pleasure is mine. I trust you are enjoying your stay at the Roost?" A look to Kell is given and a polite nod, one that's followed by, "Well met, Ser." And then to the maidservant, "Mistress." The offered seat is taken with a shift of his cloak to one side.

"Only in passing my lord Dafydd and brief." Beyond that nothing else besides rumors and whispers. The serving girl of the Inn returns with Kell's spiced ale which is set before him. "Who might your neice be?" Her curiosity probes Dafydd before taking a small sip from her mug, no ale for this woman. After Sarojyn is seated then confirms their acquaintance, she nods to him, "Yes, I am lord Sarojyn, I am eager to return in, hopefully, two days time and should the weather permit." Elinor smiles a small one, "It has been… just about a week now."

"Ah.." Dafydd sits down after his brother takes his seat, and once he's down, he empties his cup and puts it down. "I didn't recall hearing of it. Then it's certainly well met." He looks between the knight and the lady Banefort, his tones conversational, and he quirks a lopsided smile. "That would be telling. The announcement, when everything has worked itself out, will come." Now, it's his turn for curiousity, and it's offered such that either the lady or the knight can answer. "Are you two travelling together?" Nothing more meant than is Kell offering escort.. really! (And even then, a single maid?)

When the serving girl gives him his drink, Kell accepts it with a nod and a warm smile though no misbehavior accompanies the gesture of appreciation. As the nobles begin to discuss their subjects, the knight observes silently as he takes a sip of his ale, making sure it isn't an inappropriately long sip. One can tell that Kell takes extra care of his behavior while in the presence of nobles, due to his common birth. As the question is directed towards him and Elinor, the Hedge Knight nods his head at Dafydd, "Yes, M'Lord, I have the honor to escort Lady Banefort back to the Roost in two days. The roads are not safe for a lady to travel alone though I doubt we will encounter and trouble." The latter added to reassure Elinor.

The serving girl gets a moment of Sarojyn's attention so that he can request an ale for himself and then, he's turning his attention back to the others, so as to listen, the smile holding light upon his lips. Elinor mention of being away from the Roost for a week draws a slight lift of a brow as he offers, "Indeed? I do hope that your time away from the Roost has been enjoyable, then. Or are you here at the request of Lord Terrick or, perhaps, your sister?" Daffyd's refusal to announce the name of their neice has him giving a shake of his head, though he doesn't intrude into that. Rather, his attention then goes to Kell. "So you are one of the Banefort Knights, then?"

"Then I should wish for best fortune for House Camden." A pity then, her features may suggest while another sip is taken from her mug. Still warm and tastefully so. Elinor relays to clarify for the pair, better to avoid a scandal. "Ser Drakmoor will be in attendance yes, along with the guardsmen of House Banefort and my maidservants. We met one another at the Roost and then surprisingly here in Stonebridge just after the Day of Rememberance." Innocent enough, "As we would both make our return there is certainly no harm in securing an additional sworn sword to accompany my retinue." Her gaze changes between both Sarojyn and Dafydd. That should certainly be enough as Elinor would then respond to the elder Camden, "Originally, my lord, I was accompanying the lady Lucienne Terrick here however she was suddenly recalled to the Roost. I prolonged my stay once meeting the lady Danae Westerling."

"We've just come up that way, and the roads are clear. There's nothing that might cause issue." No bandits worried them, though their retinue is just a little bit bigger. Dafydd falls silent again, taking some of the ale from the bucket.. and he gestures towards the 'house brew' before them. No accounting for taste.. even if he agrees that Stonebridge's isn't quite as good as the Roost's. The explanation of the last few days and how they've traveled elicits a nod from the younger of the Camdens, a sip taken from his now refilled mug. "And now it's time you started to head home. And your new friend?"

When Sarojyn's last question is directed at him, Kell puts his ale down on the table and shakes his head, "No, M'Lord. I have no House, just a Hedge Knight." He starts with, though when he says the term Hedge Knight, he doesn't say it with embarrassment or worry, as if he is proud to carry such a title even if some may consider it a degrading term when it come to knights. "I was lucky to run into Lady Banefort here in Stonebridge and was more than willing to lend my sword for her protection."

Seated within the Inn at a table is Lady Elinor, one of her maidservants Thalia, Ser Kell, Lord Dafydd and Sarojyn. Each have their drinks, the men with ale and the females with tea. Bread, fruits, honey and cheese has been set in the middle of the table ready for consumption.

The roads were clear then, however a day or two may change that. Elinor would reply to Dafydd, seeming to have an answer for everything. "Perhaps the Seven will guide his fate to honor proudly the colors of Banefort or perhaps the Terricks." Speaking of Kell's future did not require her to gaze in his direction. "There are plenty of able body men lacking the privilege to honor a house by heart and sword." Is said to Dafydd .

"Then it is lucky. Coin can be difficult to come by." With the Seven invoked, Dafydd says nothing— nothing to encourage, nothing to scoff. Being from Tall Oaks, it is the last true holdout of the Old Gods, of which the Camdens, and Tall Oaks, are adherents. "It all really depends upon the prize, right Ser Kell? Unless you place a high price on honour, which, in itself, is.. noble." A server comes over again, and offers a whisper to the Camden men. Dafydd nods and rises, as does Sarojyn. "If you would excuse us.. my lady.. ser…" And the Lord Tall Oaks echoes his brother this time. "If we can return, we will.. apologies."

A tired looking Ser Bruce Longbough enters Crane's Crossing, moving slowly and with a purpose towards a vacant fireside table. He's already got his short wooden pipe out and is packing it as he moves, his attention quite focused on the task.

There is no reply from Kell at Elinor's words though he does incline his head in a respectful and appreciative manner before he turns his attention to Dafydd, "The only prize I seek is to uphold my vows of knighthood, M'Lord. No price will change that for fortune has graced me when I was knighted after the Battle of Trident and I intend to honor my vows to my death." When the Camden men asks to be excused, Kell nods his head at possible important business pulling them away.

"Of course my lords." Elinor bows her head respectfully when the Camdens are given reason for departure. With the pair departed, which she observes, then notices a new comer into the Inn however nothing stands out to mark him familiar. Visibly Elinor exhales deeply, what ever thoughts were in her mind they cause her brow to wrinkle while reaching for a ball of cheese. "I truly never believed I'd meet one of the Camdens though I do wonder just who they may have secured a match with at the Roost."

The new knight that enters is observed by Kell for a moment and recognition can be seen on his face. However, he does not rise to greet the other man as he has a destination which turns out to be by the fireplace. The Hedge Knight is having dinner with Elinor as well, so he does not want interrupt Bruce's pastime or leave Elinor's table. Kell does bring his eyes back to Lady Elinor as he listens to her words, "That is the first time I have met their House… I don't believe I saw their colors during the Rebellion." On either side as he tries to recall and cannot do so. "Well, it looks like a union may be occurring soon if things go smoothly for them, which is nice." The political intricacies not exactly Kell's forte.

Bruce has a clay pitcher of beer brought to his table and sits quietly by himself, facing the fire and smoking.

Quietly Elinor eats her bit of cheese while Kell speaks. Her thoughts may float elsewhere but she is listening however. "No, you wouldn't have." She resigns to educate him, "They do not involve themselves in matters of war. Instead they seek to improve diplomatic relations, avoiding actions of war." Another awkward ball of cheese is taken from the dish. It was now she looks to Kell, catching his glimpse of the man near the fire, "Do you know him?"

Bread is taken from the table as well as honey as Kell takes a bite, enjoying the warmth and taste before washing it down with some ale, taking in appropriate portions so that he isn't stuffing his face. When Elinor shares the information of the Camdens with him, something he did not know, he nods his head at her words, "I see… that is… commendable. Though sadly, sometimes peace is not an option." As for the lady's question, Kell nods his head and answers her, "That would be Ser Longough, Captain of the Guard for House Nayland."

"It is an ideal option." She returns regarding that particular subject. The woman then drinks to her tea, Thalia quietly nibbling on some bread, and takes another glance at the sworn Nayland. "Are you well acquainted with him?" Elinor probes, now curious about the relation between the two and how far it went.

After finishing his first piece of bread, Kell reaches for another though as he does so this time, he manages a very brief wince, apparently some muscles still stiff and deciding to protest now of all times. Upon closer inspection, one would see a slight bluish bruise under his right eye, though it was worse earlier today but not completed faded. "I have met him once. I was in the hills above the Northern Flood Fields when Lady Nayland rode up there, followed by her escorts. We had a brief conversation and she invited me to dinner."

Interesting, her features remark while another cheese is plucked from the dish. Then, as they no longer had to provide for a larger group, the meats came. A roasted haunch of pork, pre torn and sliced, and three pheasants, for the each of them, smelling of perfection while seasoned with herbs and various things that stuffed. Elinor may as well be the first to begin eating, pulling meat from the bird she asks, "She has an interest in you?" Perhaps his sword services as well.

The food's arrival captures Kell's attention for a moment, especially the scent as his pheasant is placed in front of him. The aroma is excellent due to the herbs and stuffing, though the Hedge Knight composes himself and slowly prepares the bird first, pulling meat away from bone instead of just picking up the bird to chew on. "I think she was more curious than anything else at first, since I was a knight she did not know, so she wanted to know more about me. Turns out Ser Longbough and I fought at the Battle of Trident so we spoke a little on that. She did ask me if I was interested in being a Sworn Sword of her House but I had to decline, as I had given my word to you that I would escort you back to the Roost." Plus he did not want to immediately accept since he wasn't sure if he was staying in the Riverlands for a long period of time and he knew there were some… conflicts between some of the Houses here.

Elinor's gaze is downcast while separating the meat in a dainty fashion, just by the very tips of her fingers. It pleased her to know that he remained duty bound, a sort of victory over the Naylands if house relations with them were a top priority. A small smile appeared, "And your word has been kept thus far." A compliment in not so many words. "Would you assume then from their interest in your sword that they are in need of increased protection?" Elinor is careful to not speak in such loud tones, just enough for her table to hear.

Kell isn't that careful, being a man, but most of his hands are still clean as he brings a chunk of torn pheasant to his mouth and eats it, careful to keep his mouth closed as he does so in the presence of a lady. The morsel is very tasty, enjoyed before he swallows, followed up by a drink from his cup of ale. As for her mention of his word, the Hedge Knight does nod to Elinor, "I will always keep my word, M'Lady, unless something out of my control prevents that." Either death or some other circumstances, natural or otherwise. As for the possibilities, Kell does pause before shaking his head, "Not necessarily, Lady Nayland seems to have gotten a sense of the kind of Knight I am and that may have piqued her interest, despite me being just commonborn and all."

Elinor is quiet when she eats, which will take some time before another word would be heard from her again. When most of the meat had been devoured, along with the occasional slice of bread, some fruits and stuffing scooped out, she was satisfied with the meal and waited for a washbowl. On occasion the lady would eye Kell's progress, just after finishing her own dish she says, "Eat to your fill Ser Drakmoor." She encourages.

As Elinor takes the time to eat, Kell does so as well, the pheasant eaten in a quick manner though not as quick as he would've usually devoured the bird since he was eating with manners. But having been a soldier, quick eating seems to be a trick learned by some. At her words though, the knight nods his head appreciately though he doesn't eat much more afterwards, only a few pieces of the sliced pork which was also enjoyed. With his own eating finished, Kell releases a quiet sigh of contentment, feasts like this rare for a Hedge Knight.

The servants do bring the washbowls, one for each of the three. Elinor proceeds to clean her hands, "Had someone disagreed with you Ser Drakmoor?" She asks, a small gesture made by her hand motions to the bruise beneath his eye. Something she had not mentioned earlier when he first arrived.

Kell also takes care to clean his oily and unclean hands, after working with the pheasant and while he is doing so, Elinor's question catches him off guard. At first, his facial expression amounts to a 'Huh?' before he realizes what she is asking about. "Ooh… um, something like that, M'lady. It was… I was in a tavern with another knight and a lady," He calls her a lady since that is who she is to him, even if she wasn't a noble, "And it seems like a disagreeable group knew the other knight. They insulted us, including the lady, who was most offended." There was a pause as Kell seems to be trying to choose the right words, "I had to help them learn what proper ettiquette and honor was, especially when it comes to a lady."

She shouldn't reveal her amusement in this, which she doesn't. Elinor nods slowly in understanding, "I am sure the lady is most appreciative of you correcting their slander." If placed in that situation but perhaps not in a tavern. The noblewoman glances over the remains from the dinner, "I will take my leave now Ser Drakmoor." Having her fill although not ridiculously stuffing herself, Elinor takes care in rising from her chair, Thalia shadows her movements. "I do offer my gratitude once again Ser Drakmoor, I trust this meal was to your liking?"

Kell decides not to fill Elinor in on the details about how the lady also got into a little tussle herself since it may be misinterpretted to him being remiss of his duties. "It was certainly an interesting scene, M'Lady." When she rises from the table though, Kell does the same, whether because he is also finished or just doing something appropriate, "The gratitude is mine to give, Lady Banefort. This meal was most excellent and I am most grateful for the invitation." He says with a slight bow given before straightening again.

"Mm." Was all she said in response to the scuffle that resulted in Kell's healing blemish. "Then I bid you a good night Ser Drakmoor." Her head inclines to him while Thalia does the same, both females would depart for the rooms of the Inn, specifically Elinor's to turn in for the evening.

Good night to you as well, M'Lady." Kell says in return to Elinor and then he inclines his head to Thalia as well, "Miss." He adds addressing the Lady's maiden. When the ladies depart, the knight does sit back down at the table to rest and enjoy the rest of his ale.