Page 358: Dinner and a Show
Dinner and a Show
Summary: Ser Justin meets with squire Hugh and the ladies Katrin and Ilaria at the inn where they go in for tea and end up having dinner and a show.
Date: 15/07/2012
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Outside, then inside the Rockcliff Inn, Terrick's Roost
It's an Inn, with tables, food and drink.
July 14th, 289

Having concluded his business with the Charltons, Justin quietly rides his grey gelding back into the town. He rides leisurely, it getting late enough in the day that evening is coming on and he'll be going back to the tower soon to sup and study. But not quite yet. The black clad knight with a touch of his house colors to set him apart from being mistaken for a man of the Night's Watch, turns his horse with intent to tie up and check on things at the inn.

Hugh nods to both sisters about fathers. He's got one of those. "Yes, and sons aren't totally excused. My father is always trying to give me advice, even though I left home five years ago." And then he laughs at Ilaria's comment. "Umm…I can't really remember much what we talked about, actually, My Lady, so I couldn't be sure what you might have said about me," he admits. He runs a hand through his hair and purses his lips, "Yes. We came up and the Charltons, Ser Harold and the Lady Serica, who is a friend of Lady Jocelyn. He sees Justin arrive, and gives the man a bow. "Good day, Ser!"

"I think nobody must be safe from their fathers," Ilaria murmurs, looking from Hugh to Katrin and back again. When he sister inquires after the others who have paid visit to Terrick's Roost, she fixes the squire with an intent gaze. In fact, she is so focused on the boy and her own thoughts that she jumps in surprise when Hugh addresses another person. She turns her head to spy Justin, but having not yet met him formally, can only offer him a slight curtsey.

Justin swings a leg over the back of his saddle and steps down from the horse, mindful of his mending ribs. But they don't seem to be giving him any trouble. The reins are taken into hand and the horse offered to drink water from the trough by the inn's stable. The grey isn't really thirsty so a moment later, Justin is tying the gelding to wait.

Turning, Justin inclines his head back to Hugh with a slight bow, his ribs still bound beneath his clothes. "Good evening, Squire Hugh.. Lady Katrin, Lady Ilaria." Yes, Justin does remember Ilaria from their all too brief meeting at Seagard, "I trust you are having a pleasant evening?"

Katrin startles as Ilaria startles, looking over toward Justin's arrival with a smile. "Ser Justin," she greets warmly. "I believe you showed your true colors yesterday at the sentencing." There is no small amount of admiration in her voice. "Lari, might I formally introduce you to Ser Justin Terrick of the Roost. Ser Justin, my sister, Lady Ilaria Haigh."

Hugh looks back and forth between the Knight and the ladies, his dark eyebrows hinting at his own disagreement with the sentencing. Sure he is trying to be subtle, but he should never play poker. "Have you sent the bandits on their way, then, Ser Justin?"

Ilaria's eyebrows arch upward at being greeted, and she glances sideways to Katrin as her sister introduces the man. Memories of Seagard are cloaked in a drunken fog, so she is politely puzzled as she dips a deeper curtsey for Justin. "The Terricks are not in a place to grant the Night's Watch any boon they desire," she explains to Hugh in a subdued tone, gazing at the young squire from beneath her lashes. "The least they could do is offer up servants who will spend their lives protecting all of us from greater dangers than desperate smallfolk." Her attention flickers back to Justin accompanied by a smile. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Ser Justin."

Katrin's statement sets Justin at once to being wary of her meaning. But the hesitation is brief and barely notciable before he offers the ladies something more of a bow, "We have met, though briefly and not formally. A pleasure, Lady Ilaria." Justin looks aside to Hugh, "No, I am informed a raven has been sent forth to see if the Night's Watch will send men to collect them. Apparently that is more common, though I had not been aware of it. It does make things easier." With a flicker of his grey eyes back to Ilaria and Katrin, Justin then adds to Hugh, "My brother likely commands a unit as a Ranger by now. He will see that they serve well, whether they wish to or not." Honor of the Roost and all that, even upon the Wall.

Katrin squeezes Ilaria's arm lightly, casting a sideways glance to her sister before she gives a small smile. "It was a great and just thing that you did, Ser Justin," she clarifies. "Force them to pay their debt for the harm they caused. Not let their lives be wasted by shedding more blood."

Hugh bows slightly to Justin respectfully, because even if he doesn't agree with the sentencing, Hugh is of the impression that all Knights are AWESOME! And he is learning something, like everyone keeps telling him. He straightens, though and tries to look a little more mature. "I suppose that opinions can differ. If the reason was to pay a tribute to the Night Watch, I guess it was appropriate, though it was a waste to build the gallows, Isuppose. I don't think the excuse that they have families is a good one, though as I said before. But it's not for me to say, is it?" He peers over at Ilaria.

"On the contrary, I think the building of a gallows sent the perfect message," Ilaria answers Hugh, meeting his gaze. She glances back to Justin, quirking an eyebrow as if inquiring whether or not she is allowed to hypothesize further. She does not wait for permission, however. "It tells others who may feel wronged that desperate transgressions are still transgressions, and that while Ser Justin has been merciful this once, he may not always be. Those would consider such treacherous acts in the future would merely have to glance at the gallows to recall what happened to the last lot."

With her hazel eyes wide and focused on Justin, Ilaria reaches up to tuck a stray lock of auburn hair back behind her ear. "Or perhaps you just changed your mind at the last moment. Am I granting you with too much foresight, Ser Justin?"

The Sheriff of Terrick's Roost draws a slow breath and might let it lay where ever it seems to fall but for Ilaria's inquiry of him. Justin frowns faintly, "Actually, as offering them the Black was so very unpopular among the nobility I had questioned, and particularly most of the ladies who had been abducted with whom I had been able to ask, I -had- intended to hang them." he answers gravely.

"But it was my father's order that Jensen be offered to take the Black. And it was Rolf who had been the helpful one, willing to aid us in taking Jensen and recovering the horses. So how could I not offer it unto him, as well?" The Terrick knight makes a faint shrug, "I suppose this is better. Most of them were put to the sword and the two who gave themselves up to our mercy, get some small measure of it."

Hugh suddenly jumps and realize, "Oh, shhhh…darn!" He changes his choice of curses, mid steam. "I've forgotten, Ihave to take care of something for Ser Riordan. Will you excuse me for a bit?" His brow furrows, "Will you be around, My Lady? My Ladies?" He looks at Ilaria and then includes Katrin. "I had a question for you." That was to Ilaria. He bows to all of them and prepares to jog off, only waiting for Ilaria's answer.

"Whatever the matter, it is at least done now," Katrin offers with a nod. "With luck, you needn't worry yourself over it again. Those who wished to gain a quick coin by attacking ladies will learn that they will be dealt with swiftly, and the ladies are safe and sound." She inclines her head to Hugh, though a grin is fighting to not form on her lips as she looks aside to Ilaria and she leans in to whisper into her sister's ear.

Startled, Ilaria stares at Hugh as he stammers his way through his excuses, but she offers him a smile that is far calmer. "Of course we will be around for some time, Lord Hugh. I would not want Ser Riordan wroth with you for neglecting duties for my sake." For a moment, she stares at the squire, but her sister's whisper causes her cheeks to flush a brilliant red and she looks away. Her gaze settles on the ground while she clasps her hands together tightly. Nothing more is said upon the subject of bandits and punishment.

What a curious reaction. Justin watches the ladies more than he watches Hugh, whom he gives only a nod to, "But of course, Squire." How could anyone miss Ilaria's blush when she's so pale and fair? However, to be polite, Justin too looks away back to the inn, "I suppose I should check for any messages left for me, then head back to the Tower." Before he turns away, Justin glances back to both women. He hesitates, uncertain, before he inquires, "Lady Katrin tells me you enjoy study, Lady Ilaria. And that you know something of law? You would be welcome to come up to Four Eagles Tower and see our library."

Warmth and affection lie in Katrin's eyes as she watches her sister, inclining her head slowly. "Perhaps you might be able to spare a few short minutes, Ser Justin, and join us for a cup of tea?" she inquires of the Terrick, smiling back at him.

"What?" Ilaria murmurs, coaxed out of her sudden silence to blink up at Justin in surprise. "She told you that, did she? Yes, I—I do study quite a bit. Septa Shiella had me locked away in our quarters during the sentencing, or I would have been in front of the crowd." Recovering, the girl reaches up to brush her fingers through her hair and offers Justin a wide, warm smile. "I would love to visit the library. I have not seen it yet, and I do miss my own from home… Oh yes, of course, tea! Would you like some? Please say yes, Ser Justin."

He opens his mouth but for an instant, says nothing. No, don't admit to not liking tea. Justin changes tracks mid breath, "Of course, I would be pleased to join you both." For tea. "I need to check for messages left at the inn anyway, ere I go." He smiles and half turns, then pauses to let them lead the way.

Innocent looks the whole way. Katrin is quick in starting to walk again, tugging her sister along to keep pace with her, the entire time whispering into her ear. She glances over her shoulder at Justin for a brief moment, and then goes back to her hushed words meant for no ears that are not Haigh.

Justin is not so stupid as to not realize that it's dangerous waters to be a man in the company of not one, but two women, who are sisters. Both of them single. He watches them go, still smiling, then looks to the inn. Where they will be serving ale and wine, and delicious food to eat brought from Stonebridge and sold for a small fortune to rival the Crane's Crossing, even if it's just stew. Justin tightens his belt another notch, getting a bit leaner with the passing days and quietly steels himself to go on in with the lovely ladies.

Ilaria is ushered along by Katrin, and her face is an unreadable mask - locked down like a vault of secrets. She stares intently at the ground to be sure she doesn't trip, and only when they are safely within the inn does she extract herself from Katrin's side. "Of course, since we are keeping you from your business, Ser Justin, you are to be considered our guest," Ilaria offers to the knight, pausing to locate an empty table with enough chairs for herself, her retinue, Katrin's chaperones, and Justin. "I insist on it, and my mind will not be changed. Heolla, tea and wine." The last is an order barked in the familiar tones of a girl who may appear diminutive but does know her way around servants. "Is this table suitable, sister? It isn't too close to the fire, is it?"

Katrin watches with a careful eye as her sister steps away and just nods with what could be approval. "Yes, Lari, that table will do quite nicely," she says in agreement. She gestures to hers to have a seat and then the elder sister takes one herself. "I do hope that we do not keep you from matters too pressing, Ser Justin," she murmurs with a smile.

Eh, it's the gentleman's job to draw out the seats for the ladies, isn't it? Justin will move to do so once they choose which table they want, /if/ the handmaiden or Septa will allow him. Well, maybe not, but he'll try. "Please do make yourselves comfortable and order whatever you like. I'll only be a moment."

Justin does not yet take a seat himself. He goes on up to the bar, "Any messages for me?" The barkeep nods and goes to get them, a small sheaf of papers, or scraps of papers, rolled up and tied with a thin piece of leather. Justin thanks the man and gives him a copper penny or two while he unbinds them and takes a quick look. Hmmm, nothing pressing, only replies or reports upon various matters for the rebuilding or as concerns him as Sheriff, but nothing that can't wait until tomorrow. Justin ties it back up and returns to the table to take a seat himself.

Until a crowd of a likely size arrives, Faulon's been using one empty chair of many that surround a sizeable table in a respectable area of the inn's common room. Only for his feet, though, as he's bodily occupying the space of a table meant for a small group of one or two. In his hand is the small, blonde lute he favors. Fingers twiddle the strings idly. Nobody's paying for music at the moment and there's not yet a crowd to entertain. When the door lets in a couple of ladies and a familiar knight, though, he moves his feet quickly and puts a little more focus on the instrument.

"Good news or bad?" Ilaria inquires quite nosily, tucking her skirts beneath her as she takes a seat. She pulls her chair forward a bit, and then clasps her hands together in her lap. The sound of a plucking lute catches her attention, and she spares a glance for Faulon - one of great interest. "I do not know if I have seen a bard in the inn since our arrival. Have you, Katrin? It bodes well for the people of the Roost, you know, that they are back to finding ways to make merry."

Settled in comfortably, Katrin awaits her tea, chin lifting in the direction of the bard. "No, I do not think I have," she replies. "How wonderful it would be to hear a few tunes. Nothing brightens the heart faster than music." She gives a smile, pleased enough to let herself fade into the background.

"Nothing really bad, but some good. Progress is slow, but steady." Justin looks to the musician and tucks the messages into his belt before he looks back to Ilaria. "You haven't heard him play? He's really quite good. Lady Muirenn and Lady Anais I think have paid him a little to stick around. Man deserves better than we can afford to pay him, just now. But if he comes back around when things are better here, we will not forget that he shared his music with us when times were lean." Lean enough that a relatively poor knight like Justin can't even afford to buy the food in his own town's inn. So he orders nothing and steadfastly will ignore the dishes being served. Music would cover any rumbling his stomach is want to make anyway. Ah, there's the tea and wine even now.

It's a bard's business to read his crowd, and Faulon does this through a few sideways glances and an ear tuned to whatever snippets of conversation filter over his way. For any other commoner, it might be rude to simply get up and stroll over to a table of nobles without straightforward invitation, but Faulon's not the usual lowborn man. After all, he's wearing very nice clothes. Bright and loud, sure, but well-made and richly textured. Plus: he has a lute. Formidable weapon of his trade. "My good lord, and ladies," he dips a bow, "I was dearly hoping I might entertain a few fine folks tonight, and it seems my wish has been granted, if it pleases."

Heolla returns to the table with one of the inn's women in tow, both bearing trays of food. Ilaria gestures to Katrin before flicking her finger toward Justin, and so dishes of fresh food are placed in front of everyone. Heolla pours tea for Ilaria before circling around to pour wine for Justin, offering the knight a glimpse of her ample cleavage as she bends over farther than necessary. Ilaria clears her throat, Septa Shiella darts a glare toward the tawny-haired girl, and Heolla scampers away before she can hear a word in punishment.

Ilaria unfolds a napkin and drapes it in her lap, smiling at Justin as she picks up a utensil and prods at steaming vegetables. Her lips part as if to speak, but the bard draws her attention as he addresses the group. "It truly pleases me. What say you Ser Justin? Sister?"

Hugh bursts into the inn as though he is late for something. Seeing that there are many people here, including several that he knows, he slows down immediately. Calm cool collected is what he is going for now. He looks around and pretends to only now see the Haigh sisters and Justin. He smiles a little when he sees Faulon as well. And he makes his way to the table. If he's timed this right, there might be food in it for him.

Oh my. They really are giving him the royal treatment, aren't they? Even gratuitous clevage. Justin quietly thanks Heolla for the wine when she pours it, then lifts his baritone slightly, "I thought you asked me in for tea. I did not expect you to share your supper with me." He lifts his gaze from the spread upon the table to look to Faulon, and then Ilaria, "I will certainly not object to good music. There is never enough of it." Oh, and there's Hugh, just in time for the meal. Justin glances around to see if Lord Riordan is about or coming in behind his Squire, but the Nayland doesn't appear to be here.

Katrin takes the time to snort her amusement behind one hand at Heolla's antics but keeps to herself. "It all looks quite lovely, Ilaria," she replies and then steals a glance in Justin's direction. "My dear sister has an excellent eye when it comes to meals and overseeing their preparation," she comments. "She is quite gifted, I would dare to say."

The cleavage wasn't meant for him, but that doesn't stop the bard from stealing a glance. A smile curves across Faulon's face as Heolla skitters past, but the main thrust of his attention is on the guests at the table. He bows again once the votes come in, and in his favor. "Good music it shall be," a chuckle escapes, "Though I hope for all of our sakes I manage a cut just above good." He turns a little askew, then, as he starts the intro to a well-known Riverland song. This way he's not playing directly in their faces and overriding what conversation they intend to make. It affords the bard a chance to catch Hugh's appearance, which prompts the man to nod a smile in his direction.

Ilaria's eyes widen a bit and she stares pointedly at Katrin while patting her lips with her napkin. "Of course, I decided it is closer to time for a real supper than tea," she replies to Justin, smiling and motioning toward his food. "You are our guest now. It is the least we could do for the work you have done apprehending the bandits and sending them on their way." She takes up her cup of tea and sips from it, catching sight of Hugh as he approaches the table. With a twinkle of amusement in her eyes, the young girl gestures toward an empty chair between Septa Shiella and Katrin's septa. That ought to be comfortable for the young man.

Hugh would be annoyed if he knew that he had missed free cleavage. But what he doesn't know won't hurt him. "Good evening. See! I came back." Ta da! He offers a bow and sees the chair offered to him between to Septa's. He flicks a look to Faulon. And then he smiles to the Septa's and has the intense urge to fidget….just because. "Don't let me intrude," he says once he already has. "Have you heard the bard? He's very good. He was in Stonebridge for a while." Hugh acts all knowledgable.

Hugh's antics despite his association with the Naylands, makes him such a likable fellow. Justin smiles, "Welcome back." He gives Faulon an approving nod and picks up the wine to take a light sip before he turns his attention back to both women. "It is very kind of you. I'm quite certain this isn't the last of banditry we'll have to deal with here. But I do not believe they'll be so brash or so foolish as to target our noblewomen again." Not unless they have a very nasty death wish. Justin inclines his head to Ilaria and likewise lays a napkin over his lap. He starts into the meal that has been so generously offered, "Do you then have some administration experience within the Haigh household, Lady Ilaria? Are you not one of the younger daughters?" Justin glances to Katrin to see which of them will answer. Meanwhile, he samples the supper slowly, to savour the meal. It isn't soup, thank the Seven.

"It is vital that any woman understand the administration of a household, Ser Justin, whether she be a younger or elder daughter," Katrin offers. "For she will not be able to fall back upon her siblings when she finds herself running her own household." But then she goes back to her nibbling at her meal with that innocent look. A quiet, Lord Hugh," is offered as the squire joins them.

It's an easy song, this Riverland standard; the bard's rich tenor lends depth to the sweet notes he coaxes from the lute. People sing it most often to boost morale and engender comraderie as it names many of the prominent, and lesser, house words for its lyrics. Faulon nods meaningfully to each contingent represented here when their mottos are mentioned. He even spares a wink to Hugh, fidgeting over there.

"Sit," Ilaria practically orders Hugh before her attention is drawn back by Justin's question. She allows Katrin to answer for her, instead sparing a moment to take another bite of food. "Lady Katrin has the right of it, my lord. Most daughters should be given proper instruction on the matters of running a home and managing the people within it. And so yes, I do have quite a bit of experience; also, yes, I am the youngest daughter."

Hugh listens carefully to Justin and to Katrin explain administrative matters, trying to show the same level of interest between bandits and administrative matters. He grins at the wink from Faulon as he covers Asterholm as well as Nayland. And he allows himself to be 'managed' by Ilaria easily enough. He sits when she says sit. He leans forward in his chair a little as Ilaria speaks. "Have you more sisters, My Ladies?"

Justin has certainly used, or heard, his own House motto a good deal the past few days. He eats quietly as he listens to the music and to the replies each of the Haigh women care to make. Justin gives a nod, "You will forgive me if I'm not very well informed of a lady's expected duties before she's married. I have but the one sister and I have been away from my own house for a good number of years. Ser Haffrey was a knight who did not tarry overlong at Riverrun proper if he could ride the roads, woods, and mountains to serve his House better." Pausing occationally, Justin makes certain he does not speak with food in his mouth, taking a sip of wine to clear it. "Lady Katrin says Haigh girls are full of surprises - and indeed she surprised me when she told me that she was not only a good rider, but had trained her own horse as well. Do you like to ride, Lady Ilaria, or hawk?"

"We are certainly full of surprises, Ser Justin," Katrin replies with a dry smile. "And we are always revealing new secrets with each passing day." She tilts her head to the side, eying Ilaria for a moment to see what her answers will be. She has another bite of her meal, but her attention seems to be more focused on those at her table.

Tia, for the record, is staying at the inn, as is her good brother, Einar. So, it's no surprise that after her walk down on the beach, she returns to the inn. She comes into the main door, her guard and maid along as is appropriate, and glances around to see what is going on.

Ilaria offers Hugh a warmer smile as he seats himself, and she answers his question first since it is offered first: "No, I am afraid not, Lord Hugh. Lady Katrin and I are the only daughters, although we do have an older brother still residing in Stonebridge. He tends to our family's business. I am not sure if you have met him while in attendance upon Ser Riordan, but his name is Lord Ian Haigh." And now she turns to Justin, lowering her hand to rest it atop her teacup while she considers his questions as well. "I find I am passing fair at both riding and hawking, although Lady Katrin is far better at both. She is much more daring and adventurous than I in such matters, I think. Have I had the pleasure of meeting your sister, Ser Justin? What is her name? Does she live at Four Eagles?"

There is a rather large group of nobles clustered about a table eating supper - two ladies accompanied by Septas and maids (that would be the Haigh girls), Lord Hugh Asterholm, Ser Justin Terrick, and a bard with a lute taking time to entertain the group.

Faulon always puts a spin on the last notes of any song, and this one is no different. He finishes with a strumming flourish as he ambles slowly around the table. It's not an intrusive circuit he makes, but it keeps the show focused on those who invited it. He stops just as he starts his next piece, which places him just behind Hugh, and this time the song features a fanciful story of an unlikely hero; a lucky squire, as it happens, and a damsel in distress. Everybody loves a song like that.

Hugh doesn't take much of the food. But he does get himself a drink, limiting himself to beer. He nods as Ilaria answers his question, leaning back in his chair as Ilaria speaks to Justin, seemingly relaxing and drinking his beer, sandwiched between the two Septas. At Faulon's choice of songs, Hugh laughs loudly and easily. "That's not me, Ithink! Not yet!"

Martyn opens the door, entering a bit quietly from the outside. Moving towards the bar a bit slowly, he leans towards it to speak a bit quietly with the barkeep, exchanging some coin for a mug of ale. Turning to look around for a place to seat himself, while keeping rather quiet for now.

There is a pause for Justin to clap lightly for the muscian, "Oh, you'll like this one, Hugh." The Sheriff looks amused, then goes back to his meal. There is a twist of his mouth with amusement to Katrin, "I see, and if I am very lucky I might learn a few of these mysterious secrets, perhaps?" He grins, lifting his wine glass though he does not finish it off yet, "My sister is Lucienne, and yes, she yet lives at Four Eagles. There is some discussion of a possible future betrothal with House Groves's Heir, Lord Stafford. But I do not know if that will come to pass." To Ilaria he adds, "Perhaps we can encourage you to enjoy the more outdoor pursuits more oft, if you but have excellant company to do so. The lady Anais I am told is an excellant hawker. And if you have a mind to swim or dive, we have some of the best of each here. Many of the ladies enjoy spending time upon the beach to gather muscles, or to wade for seaweed, or to check the crab pots." Talk about delicious.

There is a small noise of delight at the mention of uncovering secrets and Katrin just gives Justin a patient smile. "Only the lucky are able to do so, Ser Justin," she replies sweetly. "But given time, and the right lady, you may very well be able to do just that." She looks at Ilaria and nods. "The ocean is quite fun. Ser Kamron was kind enough to orchestrate a dive for both the men and women a while ago. I do wish you had gone, Lari, but perhaps we can go out one day. It was quite fun."

Music. There is … music. Tia's gaze goes around the room until she spies the source, her gaze strongly on the man playing the lute. In fact, her steps stop as she locates him, almost run over by Martyn's entry, except that she stepped to the side. With the music playing, she drinks it in thirstily, and moves to sit nearby, not even really noticing anyone else at first. It's just - music!

"Diving? I am not so sure…" Ilaria shakes her head quickly and sips at her tea, glancing around the others gathered about the table. Her attention lands on Hugh just as Faulon starts up a song about a squire and a damsel, and her lips curve upward in an amused grin. "I would not mind spending more time ahorse, to be honest, Ser Justin," she continues conversationally.

As Hugh leans back, Faulon must step aside—the swing of his lute narrowly misses clocking a septa. No harm, no foul, and the practiced bard so used to playing crowded sets doesn't miss the beat, though an apologetic smile does cause his voice to quaver on a note. He turns easily on a heel to position himself nearer to Ilaria, this time. The damsel of the song is at the mercy of a spooked and wildly riding horse. The knights of her entourage give chase, but only the squire, unencumbered by knightly gear, is light enough upon his steed to gain ground.

Harlyn comes trotting down the stairs, and a pleasant, easy trot it is, the trot of someone without a care in the world. Surely, it is a put-on, this trot. Or is it? After all, who doesn't like a common area filled to bursting with good company, right?

"The lucky, or the persistant, Lady Katrin?" Justin prods back. A good meal and unwatered wine has helped to put him at his ease. He finishes off his glass and pours himself a second. Then he's lifting a dark brow at her implications. His gaze goes fron one Haigh lady to the other though instead of saying more, he takes a sip of his glass. Justin has finished his meal and due to being used to half rations, he didn't eat nearly as much as one might expect to get his fill.

"Oh, the ladies only dive off of a very short drop into a deep pool within the protection of the cove, Lady Ilaria. It is we foolish menfolk who like to climb up 100 feet or more to dive from the heights." Justin smiles though in most pleasant memory, "I've been doing it since I was a boy. One must be careful to dive only from certain places where the water below is not strewn with rocks, and when the tide is deep enough." He gives her a nod, "I would be pleased if you might come riding with me." An offer he had made for them both, though Katrin may be otherwise distracted. Justin has kept his baritone low in volume, quieting now to listen to the song and savour the wine.

Hugh finishes his beer rather quickly. It's warm in here,and the young man, from the looks of him has been working hard. He's dressed well enough, but his trousers bear the signs of the dust of work. Another beer will find its way in front of him, and he seems to be struggling to add to the conversation. After Faulon almost takes out a Septa, he leans forward again, all four legs of the chair on the ground again. "It's a good story, but perhaps it's not about the Lady, because surely she would be skilled enough to get it under control herself?" He looks over to Ilaria. "You should come visit your Lord brother and we can, you can ride." He casts a glance over at Justin, as Hugh almost repeats the knight's offer. He then finds his beer very interesting.

Martyn remains standing where he is at the moment, leaning back towards the counter behind him, as he takes a sip from his ale, studying the rest of the room rather absently for the moment. He notices the group of people, but makes no move to head in their direction, or any other direction yet. Pausing for a few moments to take another sip of the ale now.

Rafferdy wanders down the stairs from the guest rooms. He's wearing brown leather pants and a matching leather doublet, his muscular arms left exposed in his trademark peasant look. He glances around the room, taking everyone in, and then makes his way first to Hugh, slapping the young squire on the shoulder, "How's my favorite squire this evening? Behaving?" he jokes to the lad.

Katrin seems ready to respond to Justin but suddenly sits up straighter on seeing Rafferdy approach their table. Suddenly, her meal is so very interesting and she begins to eat with absolute fascination in each bite. But beneath the table, she reaches out to grasp at her sister's hand.

Harlyn is incidentally passed by Rafferdy. What fortune! Something comes over his face, something vulpine and predatory and sharp. He follows the bare-armed man table-ward.

"Both, ser Justin," Ilaria chimes in for Katrin, casting a curious glance at her sister before laughing merrily at her own joke. She is taken up once more by the song, turning in her seat to watch Faulon with glittering eyes as he continues to croon the ballad. As she does so, she misses the sight of Rafferdy and Harlyn joining the growing party. "Oh! A hundred feet or more? I think you are exaggerating a little bit, Ser Justin," she murmurs in reply, tearing her gaze away from the bard to smile warmly at the Terrick knight beside her. "Yes, my lord. Yes, I would very much enjoy a ride." Pleased, she returns to her meal, looking up at Hugh from beneath her lashes when he, too, offers to escort her around Stonebridge. "Of course, Lord Hugh, you will be the first person upon whom I shall call when we are lucky enough to return home."

Hugh takes a slap to his shoulder, only spilling a little of the beer. Hope it doesn't splash the Septa. He grins at Rafferdy, "Of course, My Lord Cousin! I always behave myself!" He gives Ilaria a pleased look as well. Beer's starting to work!

Tia slowly begins to relax, just listening to the music. She glances to her maid and guard, and then orders some tea and dinner for herself, a small plate, just something to nibble on, more than anything, as her gaze now does take in the rest of the folks around, even while her ears drink in the sound of the music.

Rafferdy smiles at Hugh, "Good." He looks to the nearby servant wench, "Another round for my cousin," he orders. "One for me, as well." He laughs, and nods in greetings to the others at the table, remaining standing behind Hugh for now. "When we get back to Stonebridge, what do you say to starting some archery lessons?"

Still sipping his ale, while watching the crowds, Martyn's gaze pauses on Rafferdy for a few moments as the man makes his entrance, but keeps quiet for now. There's one long swig, draining the rest of the ale, before he pushes off from the counter, turning to ordering himself a refill. That done, he makes his way a bit over in the direction of the crowd, finding himself a table nearby. Keeping quiet for the moment, though.

Faulon's song finishes with the squire saving the day, which earns him knighthood on the spot—and then the lady's favor for the next day's tourney. Of course it's happily ever after from that point on. That's how it works in the songs, at least. Another strummy punctuation to mark the end also marks intermission in this short set. Faulon bows to the table and, when a natural pause occurs in their conversation, he interjects a quick, "Good lords and ladies, thank you for listening. I shall continue playing in just a moment, but I fear I must find myself a drink to wet the whistle, as they say, first." At this, he hesitates a moment, leaving anyone the perfect opportunity to offer up payment for said drink. Y'know. Like you do, when you're him.

Harlyn recovers his bet-taking paraphrenalia from where it's been stashed behind a table, still watching Rafferdy, Martin, and his lady cousins in turn. He makes a few marks with his stylus. Hmm, hmm.

"I wish he was exaggerating, Lari," Katrin says, finding her tongue again. "When the good lords and sers jumped at Ser Kamron's party, it was… absolutely amazing to watch." She beams brightly. "Lady Roslyn, Lady Saffron and I managed a jump from a lower height and it was no less fun, to be sure." Her gaze returns to Rafferdy on occasion but now it's slipped beyond him and toward Harlyn's approach with concern.

Justin lifts his chin to give Lady Tiaryn a nod of greeting, but he hasn't seen Martyn as yet since he has such company at table. He turns his head as Rafferdy comes up, "Good evening, lord Rafferdy." If Justin notices Lady Katrin's sudden focus upon her dinner, he as yet says nothing. Instead, he looks back to Ilara, "I do not exagerate, Lady Ilaria. Some of our cliffs are more than 200 feet to the sea below, such as over by the Sept. Not all such places are safe to dive. And you must know how to hit the water. If you hit it wrong, it will break your bones from a great height - be they your feet or your neck. So it isn't something to be undertaken recklessly." Justin shrugs, "I have dived over 100 feet into the water but I do not think any of the higher cliffs around here have safe landings. Too much beach below, or rocks, or the water isn't deep enough."

Ah, and there's Katrin chiming in. The Sheriff turns slightly to follow Katrin's gaze to Harlyn, whom Justin does not know.

"Truly? A hundred feet?" Ilaria shudders visibly, shaking her head quickly and poking at the food on her plate. "I do not think I could do even the smallest dive." The last is murmured, and the girl takes a bite of her food, chewing contemplatively while scanning the inn's common room. Of course, her cousin's face is familiar enough for her, and upon seeing Harlyn she thrusts her hand up in the air to wave and signal him. "You must meet my cousin, Lord Harlyn Haigh."

Hugh looks over his shoulder at Rafferdy, "Thank you! And yeah! I'm ready when you are. I to practice. I'm stronger with a sword." Hugh's gaze falls on the man who has followed his cousin. "Who is ….?" But Ilaria answers his question.

Harlyn waves back to Ilaria, stylus pinned between two fingers. "Greetings, Lady Ilaria." He lowers his hand long enough to make another mark. "Don't mind me. Just tallying results of some rather large recent gambles."

Well, it was worth a try to score a beer as a tip—but the nobles at the table are quite caught up in their talk, so Faulon slides away with his lute in hand. He can pay for his own drink, of course, and does so near the table at which Tiaryn sits. To her he makes a slight bow and smiles while waiting, "Did you enjoy the song, m'lady?"

Justin is, alas, rather caught up in the table conversation else he might have noticed their unintentional slight to the bard. He moves to stand, briefly offering Harlyn a half bow even if the other man is otherwise occupied, "Lord Harlyn, pleased to meet you. I am Justin Terrick. Welcome to Terrick's Roost." The mention of bets has Justin arching a dark brow as no doubt, some of that betting may well have been upon his decision concerning the bandits just the day previous.

"Cousin Harlyn," Katrin greetes with a more than innocent smile in greeting. "I did not realize you were in Terrick's Roost. I do wish that you had said something earlier." And now she's finally taken note of Martyn in the crowds of people and there's an almost resigned sigh as she looks as if she would very much like to just slide beneath the table and hide there.

Overhearing what's being said now, Martyn seems to be considering something for a few moments. He then gets to his feet again and heads over to the main gathering now. "Yes, you ladies seemed to enjoy that jump, Lady Katrin," he offers, with a bit of a smile in the lady's direction. Turning towards Rafferdy, he offers the man a bit of an easy smile. "Lord Rafferdy. It's good to see you alive and well, after your recent… adventures." There's a hint of a grin as he raises his mug of ale as in a toast to the man. Harlyn is the next he looks to, offering a bit of a grin to the man, "Always on the job, Lord Harlyn?" He offers a bit of a nod and a smile to the others by the table too, before he adds, "Would you fine Lords and Ladies mind if I join you? It's far too nice a time to be drinking alone, you know."

Tia catches Justin's nod, and returns it, but she's for the most part, by herself and quiet. Song over, and the air already cries for the lost music, at least in Tia's head. As the bard comes her way, she inclines her head. "I did, indeed," she replies with a hint of a smile. "You play very well, thank you for sharing the music." She pauses for a long moment, and then she suggests, "Might I buy you a drink in order to hear another?"

Harlyn bows rather around his paraphrenalia toward Justin. "I hope you do not mind I've been taking advantage of your hospitality. My gold has been good, at least." More generally, "I am monitoring several ongoing games for my father, if you like. And I think the outcome of all of them are likely to be thrilling. Profitable, well, that is another matter." And to Katrin. "It has been no secret, dear cousin. I'm sorry you did not hear of me. I am a quiet sort, especially when close by."

Rafferdy glances back at Harlyn, who has apparently taken up to hovering behind him. He smiles, "Lord Harlyn," he offers, before looking back at Hugh. "That sounds fine." Then Martyn addresses him, and he grins, shrugging a little, "The life of an adventurer is often difficult, Ser Martyn. But it keeps me young. They tell me I nearly died, though, thankfully, that didn't happen." He smiles fully then as he looks to Katrin, "Perhaps to celebrate my lack of death, I could persuade Lady Haigh to dance?"

Leaning over, Ilaria turns to her other side to murmur something to her handmaiden. Heolla listens carefully, nods once, and then separates herself from the table. The girl fetches a beer from the counter and carries it over to offer it to the bard. The youngest Haigh lady would probably be offering the bard a smile if it weren't for the growing awkwardness surrounding their table. Her fiery gaze settles on Rafferdy for a moment but she turns her attention to Hugh instead, eyebrows arching upward. "Anything more to drink, Lord Hugh? I am thinking of taking a glass of wine for myself."

Hiding under the table is seemingly like a better and better idea. But Katrin offers Martyn a smile in greeting. "Good evening, Ser Martyn," she says. And then she shifts her attention toward the Nayland, somehow managing to offer a smile that contains murderous intent. "Why, my Lord Rafferdy, a tavern hardly seems the place for a dance," she points out lightly. "And I believe our bard has run off for the time being."

Dancing would be nice, though Justin notices how Katrin looks about half way to hiding beneath the table. He looks back to Harlyn first, "Of course I don't mind. You have me curious about what you are working on in more specific, though you may not care for me to pry." Justin looks back to the table, then retakes his seat, "Do you dance, Lady Ilaria?"

Hugh downs his beer and is watching Rafferdy ask the Lady to dance when Ilaria offers him more. He laughs a little, and nods, "It would be rude to refuse, right?" But his attention switches to Justin and back to Ilaria.

From famine to feast; beer as far as the eye can see—now that puts a bright smile on Faulon's good-natured face. The kindless of Lady Ilaria makes its delivery just as Tiaryn's offer is given, so the bard plays the field as best he can. "As to that, m'lady, I cannot exactly accept. You see, the kind innkeeper and I have a certain arrangement about room and a meal for playing most nights… but that doesn't stop me from accepting gifts from pleased customers." He gestures with said gift from the Haigh-run table. He drinks generously from that gift, too. "Perhaps after my next set you may still find it in your heart to refill a working man's mug."

"Oh, little things for my father. Small notes of no import. I am his eyes and ears and occasional coinpouch, after all. I've had words with a cousin, perhaps? of yours, one Ser Dmitry." And then Harlyn's eyes are slipping over to Rafferdy and his smile just widens. He calls over to the bare-armed Nayland, even though he seems to be still answering Justin, context wise. "My father is /fascinated/ by Ser Rafferdy and his readily-nude arms, for one thing."

Martyn nods a little bit at Rafferdy's words. "Being in that state when one nearly dies is rather uncomfortable, I know," he offers. Pausing for a few moments at the exchange between the Nayland and Katrin, he nods a little bit to himself. "I'm sure that the bard will be back at some point," he offers to them, before he takes a sip of his ale. "So, I hope everyone is having a good time?" he offers, with a bit of a smile.

Faulon murmurs a gracious comment to Heolla, to be passed back down the line to Lady Ilaria, as well.

Rafferdy laughs, moving around the table to extend his hand to Katrin. "Come now. A tavern is the PERFECT place for a dance. I figure, if everyone is going to make threatening glances my way, and Harlyn here is going to take notes because they believe I'm sneaking around with you, the least we could do is show them that if we were to ACTUALLY be meeting, we'd have the courage to do it here proper in public." And then he offers quite a charming smile to Lady Katrin. "Shall we?"

Tia grins at Faulon, especially as the beer from Ilaria. "If that is the case, I shall listen most critically," she says, with a nod of her head. "Though after you rest your fingers and your voice, I am sure. Are the strings on the lute as hard on one's fingers as harp strings?" she asks softly.

Maybe Hugh was talking about getting more free beer, but Katrin takes his words to heart, or at least uses them as an excuse. "Your Lord cousin is right," she says, rising to take Rafferdy's hand. "It would be rude to refuse." A glance to everyone else at the table, "Excuse me, everyone." And she's not even going to look in Septa Mira's direction for fear of actually dying from the look she's being given. "Do lead the way, Lord Rafferdy."

Justin is drawn to go and look and see just what it is that Harlyn /is/ working on. He picks up his wine glass and drawls, "Oh yes, I'm sure he is most enamored of Lord Rafferdy." Yes, very. Justin is not fooled. He gives Martyn a nod for greeting and with wine cup in hand, stands up to walk over and see if Harlyn will actually let the Terrick see what the other man's notes might be.

Ilaria pales a bit, swallowing back the rest of her tea before signalling for a glass of wine instead. Her attention is diverted by Ser Justin for a moment, and she conjures up a smile while nodding her head in agreement. "I dance." But the lure of gentlemanly pursuits calls the Terrick away, leaving her seated. So she turns once more to Hugh. "It would be rude to refuse, Lord Hugh."

Harlyn happens to handily put his paraphrenalia down as Justin approaches, drawn to action by Rafferdy's and Katrin's escalating actions. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much /in/ the way of legible notes, Harlyn's handwriting all running together and what is discernable is either code or gibberish. There are check marks, though, and doodles. Of very ugly horses. "Ser Rafferdy," Harlyn calls out. "You are no true lord, treating my cousin this way. It matters little what my father thinks today, for /I/ think it rude and unchivalrous. My patience is at an end."

Faulon makes quick work of the drink; there's been more than one mention of dancing that has made its way to the bard's ears. "There aren't as many strings, of course, but depending on the size they're just as demanding as a harp," he answers Tiaryn, then bows again. "M'lady, the crowd grows restless—I must return to my duties. I can only hope that I maintain your good opinion as the night goes on." Quick as that, he downs the rest of the beer and moves with a quick step to the bar. There, he can change out the small, blonde lute for his larger, cherry-stained one. One of the sons of the innkeeper's there, too, and the bard nods for him to take a small hand drum from whatever else hides behind the bar. "Did I hear someone say dancing?" he asks of the room at large.

Hugh presses his lips together into a thin line as he, the only other Nayland here, watches Rafferdy and can feel the heat from the Septas beside him and the tension in the air. "I'm learning to dance," he announces out of the blue. "Not well, but I'm learning to improve my foot work." He looks at Ilaria and immediately regrets his announcement. He looks at Harlyn. Uh oh.

Martyn offers a bit of a grin in Hugh's direction, offering the young man a bit of a grin. "Not only would it be rude, of course. But I've found that if you do something like that in the company of certain ladies, they may start to worry that you are planning something," he offers, before he shrugs a little bit, taking another sip of his ale now. Looking at Katrin and Rafferdy for a few moments, before he looks over towards Harlyn at the man's words now. He keeps quiet for the moment, though.

"of course, I should like to hear more." She does eye the bard for a moment, but manages to refrain from asking if she might also join in. Instead, her tea arrives, and Bethy pours for Tia first, before she and Jacob also get some. Tia turns in time to watch Katrin and Rafferdy move to dance. Oh. How intriguing. She still doesn't say much, instead just watching the bard.

Rafferdy leads Katrin a few steps from the table, his hand remaining holding hers, as he looks at Harlyn. "You will address me as Lord Rafferdy, or Lord Nayland. I am not a knight. To call me Ser Rafferdy is an insult to all knights who are here." He stands a bit straighter, "As to your feelings," he begins, clearly a bit of disdain in his voice, "I'm sorry that you feel a Lord asking a Lady for a dance in a very public place is unchivalrous." He looks at Faulon, "We did, bard! Play for us!" And he takes both of Katrin's hands and prepares to dance.

Ah well. Justin has no interest in gambling but notes that might concern information about Terrick's Roost on the other hand, that does interest him. He glances over what he might, but it doesn't make any sense to him. He sips his wine and looks back to Ilaria, "Then perhaps you will save one for me sometime, Lady Ilaria." Justin walks back to the table and sets his wine glass down, "Thank you both ever so much for the fine meal, and the even better company. I am not however keeping up my own responsibilities if I do not retire and go to my own studies for the remainder of the evening."

Katrin's fingers tighten around Rafferdy's as they are stopped by Harlyn. She remains quiet for now, her eyes downcast, but there is no doubting which side she has chosen as she keeps a close position to the Nayland. And when the opportunity to actually dance presents itself, she follows along.

There's only the briefest of pauses upon Lord Rafferdy's confirmation, and it's just so that Faulon can make clear his simple expectations of the innkeeper's son and that drum. When he strikes the first note, it's the beginning ofa well known song ripe for dancing. Instrumental, but intricate enough that even if one is not part of the dancing, it's an enjoyable listen. The boy on the small drum keeps time moderately well, if a bit behind the proper beat.

"Ah, but it would be a graver insult to nobility to call you a Lord, Lord Rafferdy," Harlyn says, taking up a position with better vantage for their dance. "May the lords in this inn stop up their ears, then. For you have been warned and you have been pleaded with, and yet you do as you will, preying on impressionable daughters of our house. Preying and boasting of it. And now we have an end of warnings, Lord Rafferdy."

"Oh, are you?" Ilaria appears unusually interested in Hugh's attempts at learning to dance, and she leans in while sipping at a cup of wine (thank the gods for Heolla). "Did Ser Riordan decide it would be worth your while to know some dancing? It is good for encouraging the attention of the ladies." Perhaps it is a combination of tension and the wine that she has begun drinking, but she stares up at Justin and giggles at his words. Inappropriate. Oops. Covering her lips, she smothers a smile and clears her throat. "Ser Justin, you are leaving us? More the pity for everyone to be deprived of your company. Thank you for entertaining us, and for sharing our supper. Perhaps tomorrow or the next day I will pay a call to Four Eagles and take you up on the offer of visiting the library."

Martyn pauses a little bit as he listens to the words between Harlyn and Rafferdy, nodding a bit as Rafferdy mentions an insult to all the knights who are there. "Too true," he mutters, mostly to himself, as he takes another sip of his ale. Looking back towards Harlyn now, watching the man carefully, although Justin's departure causes him to look to the Terrick instead. "Always a pleasure, Ser Justin. Good luck with the studies."

Rafferdy sighs, and he stops dancing, turning to fully face Harlyn, stepping just inside his personal space. "You have not warned me. You have certainly not pleaded with me. In fact, you and I have never met before tonight. To go one further, the only member of your house I have ever spoken with beside Lady Katrin was the head of your house, Lord Leslyn, and he made no such warning." He furrows his brow, "You're offended by me asking for a chaparoned dance. I'm offended by your lies. Go home, before you dishonor knighthood further, Ser."

Hugh also stands as Justin takes his leave. He gives a bow. "Ser," is all he says. And then to Ilaria, it was Ser Jarod's idea, but Riordan approved." He remains standing. "And perhaps at the next ball, I will be good enough to dance with you." The drink she got for him is gone. The young man swallows and stands, watching his cousin and Ser Harlyn.

Harlyn's tone of voice draws Justin's attention so that he almost doesn't pay attention to Ilaria's reply. Almost, but he turns his head back to her in time to catch most of it, "I was thinking I might. Though if there might be a … strong disagreement here, perhaps I should not depart quiet yet." He is Sheriff and all the rest of that. Justin glances to Martyn but it is to both Rafferdy and Harlyn that he raises his baritone, "If you /gentleman/ would care to disagree, it may be wise to take it outside. The inn will not care to have anything broken in here, nor I, especially with the ladies present."

They were not the only pair to attempt a dance. The full room and lively start to the music had enticed two other couples to try their feet with the music, thus Faulon continues to play—albeit with an apprehensive eye on the commotion brewing from two men and the Lady Katrin. He exchanges a glance with the son, who shrugs and manages to keep up the drum while murmuring something to a barmaid near him. The maid disappears into a back room.

Katrin tugs at Rafferdy's hand, trying to draw him away from Harlyn. "Cousin, please," she speaks toward the male Haigh. "This is not the place for such a thing. You make him to see him prey upon my innocence which is not the case in the least bit." Tug. Tug. "Rafferdy." Her voice is quiet, meant to go no further than the three of them. "Do not cause a scene here. It will do us no good."

Ilaria exchanges glances with Hugh, and she too scrambles up out of her chair. Her wine sloshes over her hand, causing her to gasp and shake it out over her plate. Ah, well, she was finished eating anyway. Plucking up her abandoned napkin, she dabs at her hand while looking between Harlyn and Rafferdy. "Kat," she calls out quickly, using the nickname to catch her sister's attention while gesturing for Katrin to come away and stand beside her. "Lord Hugh, it is getting quite warm in here, do you not agree?"

Harlyn is not a large man, but he seems, at least for the moment, unintimidated by Rafferdy's crowding. "I think you mistake the 'we' in this case. I am the voice of my house in the Roost, and I know your dealings, Lord Rafferdy." Over to Justin. "I am not a man of violence in /inns/, Lord, never fear. I only send a message which I fear this lord remains deaf to." He glances over the man's bare arms. "He certainly dresses as if he were deaf to all messages."

Justin looks to his fellow knight, the Mallister, but he hears Harlyn say he intends no violence in here. He gives a faint nod to the Haigh and otherwise does not look about to interrupt so long as the peace is observed. Justin stands over by Ilaria and simply reaches over to pick up a napkin to offer it to her, "You have spilt your wine, dear lady."

Hugh says, "Warm, yes. It is." He moves around towards Ilaria, trying to whisper to her, then more loudy saying, "Should you and your sister get some air?"

Martyn seems to be one of the quieter persons at the moment, glancing from Rafferdy to Harlyn, and back a few times, before he takes another sip from his ale, draining it now. "Now that the two of you say it," he offers to Ilaria and Hugh. "It does seem to be getting a little… temperate in here, doesn't it?" Words spoken rather calmly, although he doesn't look away from the two disagreeing noblemen at the moment. Watching them almost lazily for the moment.

Rafferdy doesn't move. He continues to stare at Harlyn, "You know nothing. You know nothing of my dealings. And you clearly know nothing of what messages I have or have not received." He finally looks at Justin, "Sheriff, I have done nothing wrong here. I've made no dishonorable move. This knight however accosts me with threats and lies, and now insult." He looks back at Harlyn, "I have no desire for trouble with him, yet he continues."

Tia finishes her tea, enjoying the music, but too soon, she gets to her feet and heads back to her room. That beer for the bard will have to wait for another day.

One conspiratorial glance is shared with Hugh before Ilaria is distracted by Justin's attentions. "Oh, thank you, Ser Justin," she breathes quietly, accepting the napkin in fumbling fingers that have ceased to operate properly. The linen square flutters to the floor at her feet, and she stares down at it wtih her mouth forming a round 'o' of surprise. "How very strange, what is it doing down there?" the girl murmurs again before her eyes roll up into her skull and she drops in a dead faint.

"Lord Rafferdy, I do not know what may or may not be lies in this matter. And it does not concern me in any event. However, a man of House Haigh, and a brother as well, has authority over and protection for his sisters in the absense of his father or their husbands. Ser Harlyn has every right, no matter his reasons, to ask you to desist and depart the presance of these two ladies." Justin has no sooner said this than Ilaria starts to crumple. The Terrick knight moves to try and catch her to keep Ilaria from falling!

<FS3> Justin rolls Reaction: Failure.

A glance over her shoulder toward Martyn and then Katrin offers him a pleading look for assistance as she continues to try and pull Rafferdy back. "Raff, come on. We could all do with some fresh air. Please." She adjusts her position to place herself between the two men. A thud on the floor does turn her attention away from the quarreling pair. "ILARIA!" she shrieks loudly, as only a sister can.

The music meant for dancing comes to a natural end. It may be an odd counterpoint to continue playing while an argument heightens in one corner, but the bard's not given room and board to stand around and listen. He's here to entertain and, if need be, insulate. The innkeeper's son leaves off that drum to discuss something with a large man who's entered behind the returning barmaid. Faulon keeps playing, only this time, he strums out a soft song—which comes to an abrupt stop when the Lady Ilaria drops in a faint.

Hugh also tries to catch Ilaria as he sees her fall. "Oh shit!" The filter is gone..

<FS3> Hugh rolls Reaction: Failure.

Hugh calls a Septa over, "Too much excitement!?" He does not try to revive her. But wouldnt that be something if he did.

Harlyn places two fingers on his forehead and takes a deep breath. "Let's put this in smaller concepts, then. Lord Rafferdy. Private rooms. My cousin. Rumors of my cousin's voice coming from your room. Then announcing how proud you are to dance with her in the open. /Do you understand/ why this is a /problem/ for my /house/." Harlyn's voice goes rougher with stress and he hyperventilates another breath and seems about to go on when Ilaria goes down. Bother. His attention zips that way.

No matter his effort, Justin was paying his attention to the two men and giving reply to Rafferdy. His hands dart out to try and grab Ilaria and Hugh's as well, but she hits the floor despite their efforts! Justin steps over and moves to touch her brow lightly, "Lady Ilaria!" There's a look for her Septa, as well as the others, and then Justin's carefully putting one hand around under her near arm and the other beneath the skirts of her gown to lift her, "She has a room here, does she not? Hugh, you should go to the tower and tell them I want Maester Pyrs, unless you know where Mistress Dania might be." Or who she is for that matter. Didn't Faulon just sing about a fast little Squire without armour on who could go the quickest?

Rafferdy looks to Justin, "He has not asked me to do anything, Sheriff. He's only spewed lies and insult at me." Back to Harlyn, "I wasn't even in the Roost until this morning, how could—" Then he, too, stops to look at Ilaria. He sighs, but stays clear of everyone moving to assist her. He has no medicine skills nor familial connections to offer, so he leaves room for those who do.

Martyn looks between the others for a few moments, pausing for a few moments at the pleading look from Katrin, offering a bit of a shrug and a 'what can I do?' expression back to the lady for now. His expression turns a bit more expressionless at Harlyn's words, but he doesn't comment. As Ilaria starts to fall, he, like both Hugh and Justin, tries to get to her before she hits the floor, but being seated, he is unable to even get out of his seat in time, unfortunately. Wincing as he sees her hit the floor.

Hugh nods, barks out a "Yes, Ser!" And he is on his way.

Faulon slings his lute back over a shoulder to pick his way more quickly through the gathering people gawking at the fallen lady. He's there just as Justin's making arrangements; the bard steals a glance at Hugh who's hovering just as close. As fraught as the situation seems, he smiles. And quickly covers his mouth with a hand, feigning shock.

"I went back to my rooms last night, Harlyn, after the sentencing," Katrin announces loudly. "People have been dragging my name through the mud in regards to Lord Rafferdy for weeks now. Those who have nothing better to do than try and slight another woman's name for the sheer fun of it." She gently pushes backwards against Rafferdy's chest with her shoulder, trying to force the Nayland to take a few steps back. Her worry is more toward Ilaria, however. "Is she alright, Ser Justin?" she calls over. She's not leaving her position until she knows that no one's going to be taking any swings at each other.

And so Ilaria drops. Like a sack of rocks. Right there on the floor in front of how many men? Septa Shiella cries out in shock, launching her ample body out of her chair to hurry forward as Justin carefully collects the Haigh girl from the floor. No doubt she'll be feeling the sting of this for another day, but at least she has toughed it out so far. Ilaria dangles limply in Justin's arms while her Septa leads the way to the girl's quarters.

Rafferdy lays his hand gently on Katrin's back, and he leans to her, speaking softly, "Tend to your sister. It's okay." And he turns, quietly making his way to the door to exit the inn.

Goodness, she's such a little, light thing, weighing seemingly nothing at all. Justin is very careful with Ilaria, and no trying to grope anything he should not. He is a gentleman. Well, most of the time. There was that rumored kissing of the Lady Roslyn after the bloody slaughter of bandits, if you believe all the rumors. "I think … she has only fainted, Lady Katrin. But her Septa and the Master should tend to her to be certain." Justin gives Lord Harlyn a nod and then moves to follow Ilaria's Septa to take the young lady to her room, gently.

Harlyn goes briefly over to Ilaria to make sure she is still breathing, and when he looks back over his shoulder, he just looks worn. "I have nothing else to say. If you still, even now, cannot consider appearances, there is nothing more to say. Save this. If I should hear of these rumors in this inn, I will be forced to break down doors. With apologies and numerical recompense to the Terricks," he appends.

Katrin leans in against Rafferdy's touch for the brief moment that it is there before she nods and crosses to follow Justin up toward the room the sisters share. She glances over her shoulder toward the Nayland, expression saddened.