Page 154: Dining and Breakthroughs
Dining and Breakthroughs
Summary: Elinor and Sarojyn enjoy a meal and each other's company.
Date: 17/Dec/2011
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Elinor Sarojyn 
Dining Hall and just outside the Castle, Terrick's Roost
Dining hall and outdoors
December 17, 2001

She was tempted to follow one's senses when lured by the enticing aromas riding the air from the kitchens. Elinor gave an approving smile for Thalia who offered her aid in this dining arrangement. The pair of them stood near the fire hearth, lady Banefort keeping her hands exposed to the heat while her maidservant, Thalia fed the hungry flame a new log to lick and singe. "And those honey cakes. Is it too late to request it from the kitchen Thalia?"

Having arrived at the Castle a couple minutes ago, Sarojyn had taken pause so as to speak to one of the House Retainers, no doubt to quietly ask for directions or an escort, which the retainer seems happy to provide. Moving through the halls, blue-green eyes shift amongst the decor, taking it in with a quiet appraisal and when the dining hall is finally reached, he's offering a murmered thanks to his escort. Stepping into the room, he looks about and when his eyes come to rest on Thalia and Elinor, there's a soft smile that hints across his lips. "Good evening, Lady Elinor. Mistress." The words are accompanied by a slight bow of his head. "I hope your day has treated you well?"

Those servants belonging to the tower moved with purpose. The house colors, displayed by duty, were worn upon the pair of guardsmen in leathers near each side of wooden door. Heads dipped in reverence when the Camden lord had passed them. From the kitchen and back, servants of the Roost were preparing the table after so many had chosen to take the evening meal in their rooms. Thalia's eyes rolled upwards, "Yes it is too late." In that sarcastic dismissal she noticed the arrival of the noble lord and lowered her posture into a courtesy. Elinor bewildered at first turned a gaze over her shoulder, 'oh' her face may read before replicating the same gesture for his reception. "Good evening to you, my lord Sarojyn." Elinor relayed prior to answering in kind, "Very well and my lord is kind to ask. May I ask to it's treatment of yours?" Thalia quietly shoved another log into the hearth before taking a few steps out of direct sight however she will hover as a hawk.

Moving a couple of steps further into the room, Sarojyn's hands come to clasp before him, the right craddled within the left as the smile holds upon his lips. "I'm pleased to hear that it has gone well." There's a momentary flit of his eyes to Thalia as she moves aside, but he's quickly looking back to Elinor as he begins to move forward once more. "The day was kind to me, I must admit. I tended to some minor work with my men and then took to some archery practice in the Green." A pause is given as he moves to stand near to the hearth. "How is your sister and the Lord Jacsen? I hope all is well with both of them?" It seems like a geniune question, rather then one borne of simple politeness.

Elinor was quite used to Thalia's movements all about her, once out of sight the maidservant was easily forgotten. The placement of her hands are almost an identical mirror image of his own while standing before Sarojyn and permitting his nearing proximity. She would smile warmly after he shared a brief summary of his prior happenings, uneventful and common place. "Upon the Green? How did my lord's skills fair against those of the Roost?" She wondered for there must have been a friendly competition of some sort. Men were strange that way. "My dear sister and her lord husband are well for what a new marriage awards them." Her eyes sweep towards the fire momentarily, shoulders rolling back before the lady continues, "She was quite interested in your invitation to the Tall Oaks. She speaks with her lord husband over the offer. One that we are, that she is hopeful for."

A soft laugh escapes past Sarojyn's lips as he gives a shake of his head, "I'm afraid I couldn't say how it compared against those in the Roost. I did not cross pathes with them while tending to such a thing." The mention of Anais and Jacsen has him giving a nod of his head, "Good. I wish them all the best and hope that they encounter much happiness together." It's the mention of the invitation that has his brow perking a touch and the smile deepening upon his lips once more, "Then I hope Lord Jacsen sees fit to accept. I think you, and they, would find Tall Oaks to be quite relaxing."

"I am sure they would be disappointed at the missed opportunity." She smirks then, taking sound of his laughter as a good thing. As he continued Elinor would wait until after Sarojyn had finished speaking before taking a glance to the table after it has been prepared for the two of them. "I should hope so. As it would be a great practice for their upcoming years. They would be better for this. As the weight a lord bears would be deserving of such a reprieve. I am curious how, as beautiful and calm the Oaks are described you are not one to become lost in it's alluring design?" She asks some how, while interested in his answer the lady Elinor had taken a step closer and further from the hearth. Perhaps just too warm. "My sister, Anais is skillful with the bow."

"Indeed," comes the softly murmered reply from Sarojyn and at her glance towards the table, he's looking that way for a moment as well. Then, he's looking back to Elinor, the smile warming a touch as he gives a nod of his head, "Even without, they will find their way and have many a good year for it." The mention of the Oaks and it's alluring design has him looking back to the table and when she moves to take a step from the table, he's moving to follow. "It is easy to become lost amongst the Oaks, I'm afraid. One can forget the troubles around them and hear nothing but the soft sounds of the animals if they so choose." There's a pause given, enough so that he can look back to her, his brow once more arched in silent questioning, though it's quickly spoken as well, "I would not have thought that. Is it something that you have taken too, as well?"

"That would be a new experience for me my lord Sarojyn." She shares as the extend of her knowledge of terrains were limited to coastlines and mainlands, hills and rocky cliffs. "To be enchanted by such an environment." Elinor then pauses, a small blush of embarrassment colors her cheeks, still she holds a naturally worn smile. "I am afraid my sister would be the better for I am not so gifted with the bow." Practically pathetic. "I have tried it once or twice." The lady laughs softly then, "I do not suppose that is something displeasing to you my lord? Where the House of Camden are known to be skilled woodsmen I am afraid that those prized qualities are regrettably unfamiliar to me."

The smile remains upon Sarojyn's lips as he offers another nod of his head towards her, "Then, it is something that you must experience, Lady Elinor. It truly is worth the trip." The mention of not being gifted with a bow and the following question has him giving a shake of his head, one that comes with the hint of a laugh, "No, I do not find such a thing displeasing, my Lady. It is something that one learns, if they so desire. My people learn it, because we live amongst the wood and use it to provide for our families." Now, there's a slight incline of his head, "I would imagine that you have learned something of ships, where I know nothing of them or of the sea."

"I would be willing." She starts before adding, "When abroad, should my lord be willing to lend his expertise. I am certain my sister would appreciate the kindness. As I would I." Elinor relays as the table was now finished and their conversation continued, " They are magnificent my lord. They demand a requirement of dedicated hands to function properly both in building and management. While I have never taken to the seas due to the threat that remained in the near waters I have heard when abroad it too creates a calming environment. There are some who prefer to live aboard the waters as opposed to residing upon solid land. It is quiet and beneath the waters there are some of the most amazing creatures that you are lucky to witness take in the air." The noblewoman turns partially towards the dining table, a graceful hand extends as a gesture for the pair to sit. "If it would please you, my lord. "

"I would be happy to lend my expertise in any area, my Lady." There's a measure of truth to the words and when she comes to describe tne ships and the sea, the smile softens upon Sarojyn's lips as he gives a nod of his head, "I can not say that I have ever taken to the sea, nor have I explored it's depths. Or the depths of a lake, for that matter. It truly does sound like it could be a calm and wonderful experience. Something to perhaps look to the future, for." When her hand comes to gesture forward, he's looking to the table and then moving to one of the chairs and with a slight shift of his cloak, he's lowering himself down to it. As that is done, he's offering, "Thank you, my Lady."

Elinor nods her head to him after he is seated then appropriately claims the chair across the table from Sarojyn. Once their bodies are placed a servant emerges from the kitchens, either watching or Thalia had quietly gained their attention, to place before the Lord Camden a mug of ale. The lady receives her warmed cider afterwards. "Perhaps someday my lord you'll know the taste of salted air, even if the vessel should not leave the docks." One hand lays in her lap as the other reaches for the cup of cider. "Might I inquire of your family my lord, I am told you have a son. Lord Seryl and a daughter Lady Alyse. How is their wellbeing, did they not arrive with you?"

The placing of an ale before him as Sarojyn shifting his attention to give a slight nod to the servant before he's looking back to Elinor, "Only time will tell, though it would be an experience that I would not let pass by." His left hand lifts, moving to curl his fingers around the mug, though it's not lifted for a drink as of yet, for the mention of his children draws a smile to his lips. "You have been told correctly, my Lady. Though neither has traveled with me, I'm afraid. Seryl is busy preparing for his journey here, for he'll be spending some time under the care of Lord Jerold. Alyse had intended to come, but there were a few matters that required her attention."

As Sarojyn shares Elinor is drinking from her cup. One of the servants, a middle-aged woman, clean in appearance arrives with a large tray of various foods to pluck from its polished surface. cheeses, small rolls of bread, and some fruits waiting to be plucked. Of course the lady doesn't outright reach for something from the dish. Her eyes did linger though, a mental effort had beaten down the aggressive hunger rising in her belly. "I would like to meet them as not yet having the pleasure previously." She says before lifting her eyes from the tray, focused upon Sarojyn now. "I am afraid their familiarity to me is by name only." The cup near her hand is pulled a little closer though not yet raised to her lips.

The servant who delivers the trays of food is given a slight nod of Sarojyn's head and when he looks back to Elinor and then follows her gaze, the smile returns to his lips. Nothing is said about the food, though he does reach for a piece of cheese as he offers, "Such a wonderful spread of food." The cheese is lifted to his lips, a small bite taken and when he settles back in his chair, he's offering a slight cant of his head to her. "I would be happy to introduce you to them, Lady Elinor." The piece of cheese is quickly finished and it's then that he takes a small sip of his ale and when the mug lowers to the table, he's following up with, "I fear I must caution you that the Lady Alyse can be a little carefree from time to time."

"I am glad it pleases you my lord." Word spreads quickly when the subject of noble women was in the air. Those who were proper against those deemed a bit wild. Elinor grins inwardly, reaching for once of the breads and dish of honey to set before her. "As one who comes from a family of four brothers and three sisters, I can say with honesty that I am not ill prepared for our encounter." Not as large as the Freys however still an even bunch of males and females along with the various personalities of each. "My dearest Anais had a bit of a carefree spirit. Still does on occasion though taking a husband has tamed that nature I believe. Does the lady Alyse share that spirit with another of her kin?" Bread is torn, a small morsel dipped in honey and then slipped inside her mouth.

Listening to that, Sarojyn allows the smile to warm upon his lips once more as he gives a slight nod of his head, "I'm pleased to hear that, for if that's the case, then she will not be such a shock to you .. I hope." The last is said with a hint of humor, but it's clear the he doesn't hold the carefree spirit against his daughter. "My daughter takes after my sister, the Lady Tiaryn. They are both quite similar in nature and don't at all mind a run through the tree's or the grass." A pause is given and a slight arch of his brow once again. "I'm afraid that it's a trait that runs well in the Camden family. When one lives amongst the tree's, away from the other Houses, one tends to let some aspects of .. properness be set aside."

Elinor's eyes are downcast, listening as another bite is torn from her bread. Another wild Camden she has yet to cross paths with. For a moment the lady's brows rise as a thought rolls through the mind but soon enough she has returned her attention to Sarojyn once more. "Anais would have loved being a ward of your house. " Herself not so much for the proper mannerisms suited her. "In your company my lord I would not believe one has cast aside a level of properness."
She complements. The trait, he mentions, perhaps only affecting the females of his house. By now the meats had arrived with three whole pheasants roasted, spiced with herbs and stuffed with various vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. The servant had set the tray of two before Sarojyn and then the single one before Elinor. The aroma had hit the lady quickly, she wore an eager smile.

A very soft chuckle escapes Sarojyn lips as he dips a bow of his head in Elinor's direction, "Thank you, my Lady. But, there have been such times when some measure of properness has escaped me. My youngest brother, Lord Dafydd, see's to ensure I'm aware of such things when they happen." That's said with a slight bit of humor, perhaps an issue of jest amongst the brothers. "I'm sure your sister would have enjoyed her time as a ward, but even we know the necessity of proper training. It is way my neice, Lady Liliana, was sent here." The delivery of the food has him look to it, eyes lighting a touch before he looks back to Elinor. "A wonderful looking meal. Thank you, Lady Elinor, for sharing it with me."

At his thanks, Elinor visibly nods her head, quite impressed with the meal herself for having a day for preparation by the kitchen workers. "The honor is mine my lord." While looking over the various choices of what to take in and satisfy that angst growl of her stomach, she continues on the topic. "Is this often?" She asks, peeling the leg off a greasy pheasant. "I wonder for his lord's efforts have certainly cast aside all doubt." She smiles a some and looks up briefly to Sarojyn. "Would that also be the purpose of your son's arrival to the Roost?"

Lifting his mug to his lips, Sarojyn claims another small sip of the ale before moving to set it aside so that he can tend to the main course of the meal. The mention of things being often draws a smile to his lips as he gives a shake of his head, "No. Not as often as it once was. I believe the duties of my position have tempered me in that regard." His head does dip again, the smile remaining warm and light. "I'm glad that I have not made a complete fool of myself, Lady Elinor." Now, there's clear humor in those words and as they are said, he's moving to remove a leg from one of the pheasants. "Actually, no. Seryl comes to as a courtier to Lord Jerold. To further his eduction and to learn some of the skills that a page and squire would learn."

Elinor plucked and pulled, unhurried to stuff her mouth but the thought was tempting. So very tempting. She smiled all the while, even a little deeper when the lord had poked fun of himself. "If I may ask my lord, and please do forgive me if I am being to bold, but why have you chosen House Terrick to send your niece and now son?"

A small measure of the pheasant is plucked and lifted to his lips, the taste savored and evident with a clear look of delight upon his features. Then, at the mention of his choice of House Terrick, he's giving a shake of his head, "There is nothing to forgive, Lady Elinor, for that is an honest question. I chose House Terrick because Lord Jerold is an honorable man. I fear that the same can not be said of House Nayland. As such, there is much that my family can learn from theirs."

Prolonged until after Sarojyn had tasted and seemingly approved, Elinor proceeded with a small sampling of her own. The rewards of that virtue were ever fulfilling that after the first tear of meat she was enthralled. She had herself another while he provided an answer to her inquiry. "Will or has House Nayland considered this choice to be your stance amongst their feud?" Elinor needed to be careful here while they were in the presence of Terrick house guardsmen, Terrick servants and eating at the Terrick table. Her words were catered by one's curiosity and understanding.

Once he's finished his answer, another bite of the pheasant is claimed and then other and when that question of the Naylands comes to bear, Sarojyn is lifting his shoulders into a slight shrug. "In all honesty, Lady Elinor, I do not know what they think. If they believe that House Camden has sided with House Terrick in their feud, they have made no mention of such a thing." A pause is taken, long enough for the food to be washed down with a touch of ale. "I do not think the Naylands think enough of my House to concern themselves with our thoughts.

"It would be unwise for them underestimate your house my lord. They are blind to see your value. I mean, your house's value." Elinor is taking her time with the meal, occasionally chewing on something different each round. She toasted the meal in silence with her cup of cider that was losing its warmth. She says nothing further, at least for now, on that matter unless she digs too deep and it no longer becomes curiosity but strategy.

Her words draw Sarojyn's brow upwards and after a moment, he's inclining his head towards her, "You honor me with your words, Lady Elinor. For that, you have my thanks." Then, there's a moment of silence, one in which he uses to enjoy the meal that's been provided. After the items have been sampled and savored, he's looking back to her, the smile returning to his lips. "Time has been spent learning of myself and family, but what of you Lady Elinor? What is it that you spend your days doing?"

The dishes before her carried too much for her belly to enjoy, at least she took in a healthy portion of everything. Elinor reached forth, taking another ball of the cheese and smiled under his gratitude. Of course she nods, not being the one to flaunt yet inside she was singing. "compared to the activities of House Camden you may believe my days to be monotonous. However to me I find relaxation in it. Be it needlecraft, the harp, and even song." She set the ball of cheese down on the plate nearest her. "I am a devout follower of my faith lord Sarojyn. I often reflect upon the passages therein the Books of the Seven and how they are applied in my surroundings. Faith is a person's ultimate light of guidance. It is quite empowering." The lady grins widely then, "However I am aware that the House Camden is one of the few if not the only within these lands to still follow the old Gods. I trust they should be kind to you if not merciful."

Elinor laughs lightly then, "My dear sister, the Lady Anais would whole heartedly disagree should she be here before you." Elinor's pleasures were a bane to Anais. The two were complete opposites. Still, the it was not too far to be expected from the house of peace. Open arms was their motto. If not, it should be. "I should like to see her, when appropriate should we visit of course my lord." She was torturing herself over that last ball of cheese and decided against it. A dismissive hand waved to the dishes before her, Thalia knowing that sign, sought out the servant's attention to clear away Elinor's dish. Sarojyn's too should he wish it. Within a few moments a wash bowl was present for the hands to the pair of them. Elinor cleansed away the greasy remains from her fingers then reached for her cider. "If I may say, you have a welcoming disposition my lord. One does feel at ease in your presence."

There's another laugh that escapes Sarojyn's lips as he gives an almost knowing nod of his head, "Such is how it is with brothers and sisters, Lady Elinor. I'm all too familiar with it." There's a slight pause and a welcoming smile before he continues with, "I would be happy to show you when you come and visit, then." When the servant arrives to claim the dishes, he's giving a nod of his head, an indication that he's done and once his hands have been freed of the grease, he's once more claiming his mug. "I'm glad that you think so, my Lady. I would much rather you be at ease, then feel unwelcome around me." The mug is lifted to his lips, a small sip taken before it's lowered back down. "I feel much the same way, I must admit. Even in our few meetings, I have enjoyed your company and our conversations."

Visiting the Tall Oaks held so much promise. A destination a day or so away that waited on the approval of her sister's husband. That caused a small amount of worry, a speck of fear that it was to be denied. The further along in his company she found the rising difficulty of keeping her facial features neutral: cheeks swelled, eyes in the occasional bashful moment averted their gaze elsewhere. "As have I my lord. You stand quite different from the company I have been accustomed to. I should be honest…" Elinor sucks in a breath of air, pulling to her cider and embracing the warmth with both hands. Somehow it lended her some strength. "I expected you to be… a brute."

For now, his eyes remain focused entirely upon her as the smile remains light upon his lips and when she begins to speak, Sarojyn is canting his head a touch to the side. Then, there's a soft laugh at her final word and with a slight nod of his head and a lift of his free hand to his chest, he's offering, "I am pleased that you do not think me such, my Lady." The hand does fall away and with a slight shift, he's leaning forward to settle his arm upon the table, "Knowing that no offense is to be taken, might I inquire as to why you thought such a thing?"

In keeping with the theme of honesty, Elinor's poise raised some. Countering his lean upon the table in the absorption of her pride. "It would not be for the matter of your appearance my lord. For that is… " The lady then clears her throat and schools her features. Another breath allowed her to continue on track. "It was only by how I gained understanding of the House of Camden, by talk amongst the Westlands for how they spoke of your standing of neutrality." Obviously the summarization has been rose colored. "One could almost believe through seclusion and neutrality your House were outsiders. Outcasts. And by hearing of how some outcasts appear I figured you to be disheveled, withdrawn and rugged. Enduring your company has proved this not to be. You are very much the opposite." Elinor took a moment before adding, "Well, perhaps lending a partial touch to rugged." Her hand lifts then, the tips of her index and thumb are separated by an inch. Another second passes after she examines just how much of that wildness has been shared, she increases that space by half an inch then smiling deeply. "It is different."

As she counters his lean, Sarojyn's remain focused on her, watching and waiting and as she begins to speak, he's listening intently. Lips curve back into a warm, welcoming smile and as she begins to finish, there's a warm laugh that begins to escape his lips. "Well, I am glad that I have cast aside the image that you hand before our meeting, my Lady. We may lay claim to neutrality and peace, but we are far from brutes, as you have come to see." Eyes flit to her fingers and the space between and when he looks back up, there's a touch of a grin to his lips, "Only a touch rugged?" There's a look of clear mock displeasure and it's quickly broken by the return of the smile, "You have yet to see me in my hunting leathers, my Lady. I do believe you would the appearance, then."

Had it gone wrongly Elinor, she just couldn't think of that. When Sarojyn laughed she grinned, as he challenged her to witness his hunting leathers the lady erupted into into a quick burst of laughter. Immediately raising a hand to press against her lips she was straining to keep it under control. Her chest rose as she inhaled through the nose and then it fell on the exhale. Sooner rather than later the girl had composed herself and resigned to smirking. "My lord Sarojyn…" She lowered that hand, returning to mold the belly of her cup. Still warm. "My mind was open prior to the acceptance of this dinner which has done for me the honor of becoming acquainted with your company." She chose her words very carefully once more for it was bad enough Thalia had disapproving looks over the last few minutes of their talk. "Then." She raised her hand, those very two fingers held outward, "I reserve this measure upon bearing witness to your 'ruggedness' my lord."

That burst of laughter that escapes from her lips draws a deeper smile to Sarojyn's lips and a slight bow of his head, "One should not cover such a wonderful laugh, Lady Elinor." His head lifts and then he's shifting back to settle into his chair, uncaring or unknowing of the looks that have been drawn Thalia. The smile remains upon his lips, not yet fading and broken only as he speaks, "Then I am pleased on all accounts, my Lady, and I promise not to disappoint." There's a slight pause and a shift in his seat before he's offering, "Might I ask a question of a somewhat personal fashion, my Lady Elinor? One that you will be free to refuse, if you so wish."

Relishing in her amusement freely would undo all the years of back handed slaps upon her hand or those glaring scowls from their septa. Following his compliment the lady idly toyed with the rim of her cup, her eyes lowered in gazing to the remaining contents within. Perhaps she was considering it. The depth of how personal the question would touch drew her gaze upwards, suspicious at first and then relenting with a nod of her head. "You may ask my lord."

When permission is granted, there's the hint of a cough, covered by the back of his free hand and when it lowers, he's offering, "Why has your Lord Father not offered your hand in marriage to another Lord?" A slight pause is taken as the smile returns to his lips before he continues, "Not that I am to complain, mind you, for I would not have had the opportunity to meet you, had he, nor find myself in such good company this evening."

Almost immediately following his inquiry Elinor's eyes shot to Thalia. The maidservant in turn offered a sympathetic shrug, then came the nod of her head. Elinor then summoned a smile, not one of her best before she says, "Would you like to walk with me my lord? Perhaps some evening air will be suitable for us."

When her hand comes to rest upon his, Sarojyn smiles as she rises to her feet and then there's a slight nod of his head, "You will hear no complaint from me, in that regard. I have not often had a chance to simply walk outside the Roost and enjoy the sights." There's a look towards Thalia when the mistress speaks and when Elinor answers, he's looking back to her and then towards the way that leads from the dining hall, "Let us be thankful that we have mild weather this evening. Perhaps the moon will shine in the sky and not be hidden behind clouds."

Elinor was quite used to the routine of guards being pulled, the maidservants called and everyone at the ready to leave once the lady felt an urge to move which was extremely often. Either through the castle halls, around the courtyard, Elinor needed to be somewhere and in this case it was outside of the Terrick's trusted servants. When outdoors, she dawned in her cloak flanked by the two maidens and naturally the guards of Banefort. Her hand was in her own possession again, unfortunately. And with the clear skies, a bright moon overhead, once Elinor had stepped further from the castle doors she casts a look skywards. "For you are in luck Lord Sarojyn, the skies favor your venture beneath the evening light beyond the castle."

There is little doubt that Sarojyn is used to the bustle of servants and guards as the move to accompany those they are charged with and as they make their way outside, his own are lingering about. As they move towards him, a hand lifts and he gives a slight shake of his head, a sign that's taken for them to be dismissed, for they simply move back up to the Castle and courtyard proper. It's then that he looks to the sky, eyes lingering for a moment before a turn of his head brings Elinor back into his sights, "It would seem the Gods, both Old and the Seven, favor this evening." His own cloak flows from his body and one hand lingers on the edge of it, keeping it from fluttering and billowing from his form as he moves. "I must admit that I do so enjoy the peacefulness of evening."

She considers Sarojyn invoking the Gods crafting the arrangement of his preference to the sky and then to bare witness beneath it. Laughed softly, "Perhaps my lord. It grants a quiet not often appreciated here." During the evening most were tucked within buildings either with dinner, drinking, sleeping or socializing. Shops closed for the night hours, as most should have. Ladies were not often along the streets unless flaunting themselves for coin. Those sorts weren't seen this close to the castle unless they happened to be leaving. When they had ventured some distance away and along the road, the town beyond was still quite a bit of distance away. After a moment Elinor said, "I was not ambitious enough." A much delayed answer to the lord's inquiry.

Walking by her side, Sarojyn's eyes drift out amongst the scape before they, playing over the sights and any people that they might come across. Then, when the much delayed answer to his question is given, he's turning his head to once more look upon Elinor. A soft smile touches his lips and with a shake of his head, he's offering, "Such is not a fault of yourself, my Lady, and nothing to be ashamed of. Part of a father's duty is to ensure of proper prospects for his daughters. I was just surprised that he had not seen you wed, already." A pause is given and in that silence, his smile warms a touch. "But by the same token, I know of the burden that it bares upon a father for such a task."

Elinor smirked at the man, "I hold no blame upon myself to be truthful lord Sarojyn. Those were ill matches and the Gods choose to show their disfavor." As their had to be a greater reason beyond the current circumstances. "My… father. " The lady takes a short breath in then laughs softly. "We live for our house and what benefits our house, benefits ourselves. Whomever my father shall accept now I know it will be out of desperation. I am not unwise my lord. Twice promise and both unsuccessful?" She quirked her brows at him as if challenging him to retort.

Listening to her speak, Sarojyn lets his attention flit out amongst their surroundings once more and as she begins to finish, he's looking back to her, the smile still light upon his lips. "Perhaps, Lady Elinor, those matches were simply not meant to be." Then, the smile goes a touch deeper as he gives a shake of his head, "Although I do not know your father, I can not imagine that he would pass your hand off so casually and out of desperation." His steps begin to slow a touch, though he keeps his attention focused on her, "You would make a fine wife, Lady Elinor. Of that, I have little doubt."

Elinor would meet his gaze, "Your words are too kind my lord." As his steps slowed her own came to a pause. "I do not mean to paint my father as a cruel man. Or one possessing a callous heart. I know him quite well and with any man who lords over a house, there comes a time when the daughters are not easy to acquire a match for. Especially those that will benefit both houses and not just one over the other." The lady then pulled the cloak tightly around her, concealing the majority of her attire and covering her arms for warmth. "I believe whole wheartedly in my faith, if they are to see that I am a wife it will happen in the time of the Gods choosing. No sooner and no later." Elinor smiles warmly then, "Until that time I am gaining an understanding of my own person. I walk about in the evening, with escorts of course. Something I would never do many many years ago."

Coming to a pause alongside her, Sarojyn offers a smile and then a nod of his head, "Oh, I did not take your words in such a fashion, my Lady. I was simply making an observation on what I thought and I'm afraid that your words carry a measure of truth in them." There's a return of the smile, but he makes no move to restart the walk quiet yet. "Getting to know oneself is a rare opportunity and I'm glad that you are being afforded such time." The action of her cloak being draw around her was apparently not lost to him, for he's offering, "Do you find it chilly this evening, M'Lady?"

"Ah yes of course." She says at first, "It is unfortunate however we are as we are meant to be my lord." Elinor replies and as for her self being cold she shakes her head, "No my lord, Mistress Thalia has sought to make some improvements upon my cloak for the weather here." She cannot help but laugh a small bit, "To prevent the occasional stray cloak abroad my shoulders."

Dipping his head into a nod of agreement, Sarojyn retains the smile on his lips as he murmers, "Unfortunate? At times, I would say. Other times, I would disagree. It is those things that make us who we are." The smile softens at the mention of Mistress Thalia and the improvements to the cloak and it comes with a soft laugh, "It would seem that your Mistress has your well being at heart, my Lady." Turning, he faces the direction in which they were moving, though he keeps his eyes focused on Elinor with a slight shift of his head, "Shall we resume our walk? It would be a shame to waste such a wonderful evening."

The maidservant would have her moment of ballooning pride for her efforts would keep away unprivlaged hands and close gestures. Elinor took it in stride, "She does." A fond smile is given to the woman quite a few years older than she before her gaze returns to Sarojyn. "Yes, please my lord." Would resume their walk. "I would not chose any other life but this one I was given. I believe myself to have been fortunate with my brothers and sisters, my aquaintences made thus far and the promises they hold that have yet passed."

There's only the hint of a look to the maidservant before Sarojyn is looking back to Elinor and then to the fore so that the walk can be resumed. "It is good that one does not wish to change the life that they have. Were one to regret such a thing, it would be hard to find some measure of happiness." Hands come to the fore so as to clasp before him and as they move, he's looking back to her once more, "I was wondering, Lady Elinor, if I might have be allowed to call on you again before I leave the Roost? Perhaps for a day out on the fields, where my sister will no doubt make you shake your head."

Elinor would agree, "To become an endless search." As the pair walked, Thalia occasionally allowing her eyes to wander for the scenery for apparently she appreciated leaving the castle occasion as well. But after Sarojyn's extremely polite offer Elinor replied a bit emboldened. "I shall take offense should you not lord Sarojyn." Of course he should be able to see the small grin in the corner of his mouth while her eyes remained ahead.

"Indeed," comes the murmered reply and for a moment, it seems like Sarojyn is enjoying the scenary that the walk has to afford. But, his gaze always returns to Elinor and when she speaks and he catches the hint of that grin, a soft laugh begins to escape past his lips, "I would not wish to earn the ire of a Lady, nor draw any offense, so I suppose I must follow through." Silence follows for a moment, his own lips hinting at a grin before he continues, "I do think, though, that you will enjoy meeting my sister and I do believe you've already met one of my brothers, Lord Dafydd, correct?"

She is visably agreeing, answering both inquiries with a nod of her head. "I have, though briefly. Once again upon his recent arrival my lord. I saw him speaking with that.. Captain Nares. He seems to have seen better days." Elinor even saying the name in lew of the man's absence revealed concern in her features.

With a nod of his head, Sarojyn then offers, "Then, Gods willing, perhaps both my brother and sister will be available for a more proper introduction, Lady Elinor." The draw of her features with a touch of concern has him pausing so that a hand can lift and come to lightly brush against her shoulder, beneath the cloak. It's a fleeting thing, with a touch of reassurance as he offers, "You needn't concern, nor worry about, Captain Nares, my Lady."

"A lovely offer lord Sarojyn, yes, gods willing." The woman agrees as it was much easier to gain a better understanding of another within a comfortable environment. The last two encounters of lord Dafydd did not prove to be such. With his touch upon her shoulder Elinor stilled for a moment, a subtle but perhaps visible tenseness beneath the cloak. It was just his hand afterall. "I do not know why he concerns me so." The lady revealed and while Thalia may not see it she did reach a hand upwards towards the opposite shoulder as a muted gesture. Physical evidence of accepting that consoling hand.

It did not take long for that brief moment of concern to return, chilling in the very depths of her chest as his words gave an inkling, hopefully, the unlikely. Elinor stopped suddenly, Thalia knew, the guardsmen knew, however they allowed the lady to remain oblivious of the Captain's nature. "Just what /is/ he Lord Sarojyn?" She asked pointedly. Thalia stepped forth and took an arm across Elinor shoulders. "He is a scavenger my lady. He prays on the kindness of others and as such you best keep your distance." That maidservant looked to Sarojyn briefly before smiling for her lady, "His lordship is right, we best return before unwanted talk surrounds us."

When Elinor draws to that sudden stop, Sarojyn is forced to do the same thing, lest he walk past her. Turning a bit towards her, his hands unclasp from their spot before him and for a moment, he seems to be weighing a choice. Finally, he looks to Thalia and then back to Elinor as he gives a nod of his head and a soft smile, "Your Mistress is right, my Lady, we should return you and not spoil your evening with such conversation." There's a but there and it follows a moment later, "If, tomorrow, this still weighs on your mind, I will speak to you of the Captain."

Elinor is looking between both her maidservant and the nobleman. "Yes, yes of course." She gives in, raising a hand to rub across her forehead twice then lay over her mouth for a moment. When she nods to Thalia is to say that she agrees and afterwards the maidservant's removes her hands however the scowl she bares behind the Lady's back is for the Camden. "No, no it should not." She forced a smile, all plesant once again even if it was untrue. "It shouldn't my lord." Repeating the words would not necessarily make it true. She would take the few steps needed to initate a return to the castle. "Tomorrow, yes." Avoiding the mention of that Nares man, "Your siblings, I am to meet." The lady nods slowly with her eyes to the castle as they had not walked that far. "Properly as you say."

The scowl is accepted from the maidservant without comment, for Sarojyn's attention remains on Elinor and as she agree's, there's a slight nod of his head in her direction. "Good," is the murmered reply and although the smile returns to his lips, it doesn't come as easily as it had. "Come, let us go." When the steps are initiated, he's turning and beginning to move along side her again and at the mention of his siblings, he's offering another nod of his head. "I have hope that you can, Lady Elinor, for I would like you to meet them in a more proper fashion. One thing that comes to our family is the fact that my siblings and I are vastly different from one another."

Moving to another topic was slowly bringing her into comfort. Elinor's gaze was focused ahead, chin raised and her composure regained albiet stiffly. "You have shared a little of your sister." She says, "Though how do you, my lord, and your brother differ?"

Sarojyn's posture remains a little relaxed, though it's not what it once was and as his attention remains to the fore, there's the hint of that warm smile at the question of his brother and he. "Lord Dafydd and I are vastly different and it's why he serves as the Captain of my Guard. He does not share the same ideals of peace and neutrality as the rest of the family." A pause is given, and a shake of his head, before he continues, "Had our parents allowed it, I have little doubt that my brother would have become a Knight, Lady Elinor."

The challenge then became splitting her attention evenly upon the road and to the Camden when she held favor of doing one more than the other. Occasionally she would witness the corner of smile in hindsight, a contagious thing that would spread quickly. "Would you allow it Lord Sarojyn?" She asks as he was the ruling lordship and those parent's edict died with them. Unless the living males sought to honor it.

Sarojyn's attention seems to focus more on Elinor, then on the road, though he does cast the odd glance to the fore to ensure he's still walking along the path and at her question, there's a faint, "Hmm," that escapes past his lips. Then, a moment later, he's giving a nod of his head, the smile once more returning to his lips as it did before. "I believe I would, Lady Elinor. One can still hold to their ideals of peace and neutrality and be a knight. For that, I would allow him to to make his choice."

Coming into her own again, the noblewoman smiled towards the road beneath her feet, "Does he know this? Your brother?" She asks of him with a slight cant of her head in awaiting his answer. It would then be a question of would the man accept this and how could one maintain both ideals. A challange that was not hers.

That second questions draws a slight frown to Sarojyn's lips as he considers for a moment before giving a slight shake of his head, "I .. do not know if he knows it, Lady Elinor." His gaze drifts from her, coming to the front and then to the Castle that looms before him. "At this point, though, it's too late for him to become a knight. No one would accept him as a page or a squire, this late in life. It was a choice that was made for him, by our parents, in the interests of peace. One that I do not think he has ever come to fully accept or forgive."

Elinor nods slowly then, pulling her eyes away momentarily, "It is an unfortunate circumstance." Something she is not unfamiliar with it, parents making the choices. Elinor reaches a hand up, stroking the metal clasp of her her cloak embossed with the crest of Banefort. Even under the moonlight the polished metal winked with arrogance. "I am sure he would have made you proud." She relays softly to Sarojyn.

A simple nod of agreement is given and as Sarojyn looks from the Castle, back to Elinor, the smile has softened a touch upon his lips, "I don't have to wonder if he would have made me proud or not, Lady Elinor. Our differences aside, my brother has been a true friend, even when I've been blinded by other matters or to stubborn to listen to his counsel. For that, he has already made me proud." Hands unclasp so that they can seek the edges of his cloak so that the garment can be drawn a touch tighter around him. "I should see you to the Castle gates, my Lady, and then take my leave." He pauses and looks to her, the smile deepening once more, "I wanted to thank you for your company this evening and to know that I truly had a wonderful time. I do look forward to when we cross paths again and hope that I am able to introduce you, properly, to those of my family that have come to the Roost."

"You are indeed forunate my lord." To hear him speak of Dafydd in such a light had drew another smile upon her face. When they were nearing the castle, some steps still she gave Sarojyn a nod of her head. "Of course my lord." Already long forgotten was his mention of that Captain Nares. "As did I, truly. I am unashamed to admit my eagerness to see what tomorrow will bring. Especially in the company of your siblings." Certainly 'bound to bring some interesting times as the lady took another step in marking the end of their walk as well as their evening.