Departures From Canon

A list of ways in which our game departs from canon as established in the Song of Ice and Fire books, or new developments on undefined material (in addition to PCs and original families, which by definition do not appear in the books):

  • The location of the Terrick family on the Cape of Eagles, and the name of their town and castle.
  • The Nayland crest, and name of their castle.
  • The ruin of Oldstones being awarded as a holding to the Valentin family.
  • Stonebridge.
  • Tall Oaks.
  • Baelor Blacktyde dying in the Greyjoy Rebellion.
  • In their duel at the Siege of Seagard, Rodrik Greyjoy kills Jason Mallister, making Patrek the Lord of Seagard.
  • House Haigh: Ser Donnel is the second son in canon, where-as on the MUSH, Aron is the second son and Donnel is the youngest.
  • Rodrik Greyjoy dies in the storming of Castle Pyke, and Maron dies after the battle, rather than on the walls.

More to come.