Page 342: Departing with News
Departing with News
Summary: Ser Justin is departing Seagard and requests news of Lord Brennart while others overhear.
Date: 27/June/2012
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Encampments, Seagard
Here the knights of Riverlands and Reach (and a few from the Westerlands, but they're not alliterative) have set up their pavilions, in as many and as varied shades as the heraldry displayed prominently before them. From a single undyed canvas tent beneath the arms of a hedge knight to the veritable forest of azure and burgundy fronted by the grapes of the Arbor, this cloth maze is always abuzz with activity.
June 27th, 289

Kell's final destination appears to be the Terrick Camp but on the way there, he spots the small gathering of nobles. Part of him would prefer to skirt the area around them and continue on but he has a feeling that snubbing them might not be the best of ideas, especially when he might have been seen. So he does what any proper knight would do and as he nears the group, Kell bows his head respectfully and offers greeting, "Good day, Lords, Ladies."

Otto makes his way out of the Erenford campsite, leading his horse. The man is fully armored and armed, and not with tournament weapons but live steel. Behind him is a young squire, leading a pack horse with the provisions from his campsite. Looking about he notices those gathered, including his cousin. With a wave of the hand, the young squire takes the reigns of the warhorse from Otto and awaits for his knight to be done with whatever business he had at hand.

Another of the Terrick pavilions has come down and more of that group is taking to the road. Justin leads his horse, a pale dappled grey that is mostly white with darker grey points at legs, mane and tail. The gelding is saddled and Justin himself is garbed in partial maile with his usual black surcoat for mourning. His head bared with steel cap secured to his saddle, he pauses to glance back before he approaches the group.

Alric listens to the words betwenn ladies, grinning and chuckling at parts. Though Nedra's last had him just nodding. Still not noticing Kell, until he actually greets them. "Ser." Is offered along with a dip of his head to the man. The Erenfords get a nod for now and he will speak more to them when they are closer. No point in yelling after all. Same goes to Justin, who also receives just a nod for now.

Brennart gives the gathered nobles nods as he closes up the gap between him and them, "Greetings m'lords and m'ladies, just wanted to stop by and see how everybody's day was." He absentmindedly runs his hand through his hair to try and straighten it nervous tick perhaps?

Ah, and there is the very man Justin wanted to see ere he departs. He slightly alters his course to intercept a particular individual of the group. The Terrick's baritone is lifted to carry the short distance, "Lord Brennart, do you have a moment, Ser?"

They were starting to gather a larger group nobles and she takes a step back to widen the group just a small bit. She bends a knee and drops into a curtsy with a lowering of her head, "My Lords." she greets as each new male Noble approaches. To Nedra she turns her head and laughs softly, allowing the smile to linger on her lips even after the sound stops. "I'm glad I'm not the only one to have noticed that it has become a pattern. Hopefully one that does not continue. For my guards that follow will only soon start to increase in number for protection." (Jocelyn's pose)

Otto makes his way over towards Brennart as Justin is calling his name. Placing a hand on Brenn's shoulder, he comments, "We should get on the road, cousin. There is much to do."

Nedra turns slightly in time to see Lord Justin approaching, garbed in partial maile and leading his horse, "My lord, greetings," she offers aloud with another dip of a curtsy, rising in time to see another Erenford approaching, this one - even to her eyes - clearly not garbed for light tournament and jousting. A gleam of curiosity is kindled in her eyes but she doesn't voice the question, as it's not hers to ask after all. To Jocelyn's remarks she gives a quick laugh, "Two does not - necessarily - set a pattern, no. But if it happens again, i would say that we are all courting fate." She glances back to Lord Brennart and smiles, "Well enough, thank you my Lord. Yourself?" she asks in return.

Ilaria emerges once more from the Haigh tent - yet to be disassembled, sadly. She returns to the gaggle of ladies and gentlemen loitering about and conversing, sweeping back stray locks of hair to tuck behind her ears. She looks from Nedra to Jocelyn, smiling cheerfully. "I apologize for my abrupt depature, ladies," she offers apologetically, and then bobs curtseys to the men in silent greeting. Her own gaze strays from face to face, counting silently those she recognizes and those she does not; on the tail-end of her sweeping survey she offers Brennart a cheerful smile before turning back to the women. "Oh no, don't tell me you're discussing disastrous tea parties."

Justin catches Nedra's greeting and splay of skirts in her curtsy. He smiles and bows slightly to her, his own ribs still bound snugly beneath his maile. "And to you, lovely Lady Nedra. Do you return to the Roost with us or do you remain here at your home for a while yet?" Justin glances over the man who arrives to put a hand on Lord Brennart's shoulder to urge them to depart, studying Otto. His grey blows out his nostrels and suddenly shakes his head, mane flying and bit rattling - and hopefully no horse slobber slung upon the ladies.

Alric offers a nod to Brennart "My Lord." Is offered to him before Justin seems to seek the man and he instead continues listening to the ladies, as well as glancing to Kell once in awhile. Though the Erenfords does get a look as he studies Otto and his equipment. When Ilaria returns he offers her a smiles and a bow.

Brennart glances back at Otto and nods, "That we do cousin." He glances over at Justin and shakes his head sadly, "We've got to head off on the road ourselves Lord Justin, but it appears that you all are heading out of the camp yourselves perhaps we could share the road for a bit?" He glances back at the noble gathering he'd walked into and gives a nod back to Alric and gives a grim smile before he addresses the gathered, "I was just stopping by to give my farewells things at home aren't as they should be and my cousin and myself must depart Seagard much to my dismay."

Jon has arrived.

"Indeed, we are." Responds Jocelyn to Ilaria's return. "I was just remarking that I hope it does not become a pattern. What do you say? Should I hold a garden party and see what happen at the end of that one?" Her eyes glances toward the men, looking over Otto in his gear and then glances at Justin. Knowing the face. Before she says anything about it she glances back to Brennart at his comment.

With the nobles busy with their own topics of interest and Kell having dutifully given respectful greetings to all, the Terrick Knight bows his head to the gruop again and excuses himself quietly as not wanting to attract too much attention. He turns back towards the Terrick Camp again, continuing on towards his original destination.

Ser Elrick Otto Erenford, or Otto to those of his family, looks from Brenn to Justin. "Forgive my intrusion, I don't believe we've properly met," he says, "but proper introductions can be done some other time. I am Otto Erenford, nephew of Lord Mariz Erenford," he says. He then glances back towards the young squire holding the reins of his horse as if telling him to hold on for a moment longer. He then turns back towards Brennart, taking a moment to adjust the coat of plates and the hand-and-half sword on his side. "Friends of yours, cousin?" he asks of Brennart.

"Disastrous is perhaps a bit harsh," Nedra says with a smile to Lady Ilaria, "perhaps.. unexpected or eventful, or maybe calamatous and fraught with..unexpected mishaps," she suggests in lieu of disastrous before she shakes her head subtly at Lord Justin at his compliment. "That is yet to be determined," she admits. "My lord father and lady mother are still.." she pauses and settles for the word, "considering allowing me to return with Kamron and the others to the Roost." Her attention shifts back to Lord Brennart and she tilts her head slightly, "Departing so soon?" she wonders before giving another dip of a curtsy to Ser Elric, "A pleasure to meet you, Sir Elrik," she says as she rises again, "I'm Ser Kamron's sister, Lady Nedra," she offers her name in return.

Coming from the Terrick camp, the tall and lanky fellow doesn't stick out much, compared to all the fine lords and ladies all frocked up with no where to go, but he does seem to be about on some official business. A sword strapped to his side, seems to be more of a precaution than else. Quietly, he puffs along on a bowl of black briarthorn wood, and the sweet sour smoke of sourleaf in the air. He remains aloof, one hand coming up to grasp at his pipe, to remove it from his mouth , to spit.

Grey blue eyes catch some movement from the gathered nobles- and he spits again before the pipe is clamped back in. Jon seems content to watch. And that's fine by him.

"Aye, be my pleasure Ser, in so far as we take the road in the same direction - and I suspect we do not. I needs must head west and north to the coast." Justin gives by way of reply to Lord Brennart. He gives the others a slight bow , "My greetings and my farewells to you all for I am to depart also." Justin need not mention that things are not as they should be at the Roost either. He takes note of Kell and looks to speak up and detain the knight, but changes his mind. Instead he turns his attention to Otto introducing himself, "No, we have not. Pleasure to meet you, Ser. I am Lord Justin Terrick." To Brennart he adds, "I had heard rumor of Charltons upon the road, and some message you received at the dance. I had hoped you might allow me to ask you a few questions, if it isn't imposing?"

Ilaria laughs quietly and offers Jocelyn a tip of her head in conspiratorial understanding. "I think you should, just to satisfy my own curiosity. If you keep us away from large open flames and double up the guard, we might escape unscathed and merrier than ever. And you are right, Lady Nedra - I quite agree that 'disastrous' is too harsh a term. Perhaps we could compromise and consider our parties 'fraught with unexpected eventfulness'? What a mouthful." She laughs a second time and shakes her head before exhaling in a quiet sigh. Her attention flickers briefly toward the men, and she returns Lord Alric's smile in kind; the others seem far too busy for interruptions, however. "Are you leaving for home today, Lady Nayland? Will you do me the honor of conveying my respects to your family - Ser Riordan, Lord Hugh, et cetera? I am afraid I will not be in Stonebridge for some time still."

Alric nods to Brennart's words, "If you may, please look for my sister and see if she is alright." He tells him. Since his sister is married to one of the Erenfords. Kell get a glance as he sneaks off but then he listens to the ladies as they go on. Ilaria smiling back at him seems to be the only form of conversation between the two so far.

"Erenford.", Jocelyn repeats outloud. "My mother is an Erensford." Turning her head to look toward Otto again and look him over, nothing seemed familiar about him. But then again, she had a bad memory. But he does earn a smile. Ilaria drags her attention back with her quiet laugh "A little exageration never hurt anyone." she says simply, obviously joking. As for her plans she shakes her head, "I have not heard as of yet. I know we are packing up, but where to next I am unaware at the present time." Smiling she nods to her request, "I will be happen to deliver that for you. I know that one in specific will be happy to hear it." Giving Ilaria a sly smile, "Though I hope I'll have the pleasure of having you near again. I would like the oppertunity to know you better."

Justin doesn't really know Ilaria and isn't certain if they have actually met. However, he has noticed her dress, red with embroidary and girded in bronze velvet for the colors are attractive and her own coloring in contrast to it. He studies her, briefly distracted while he awaits Lord Brennart's reply.

"Perhaps when you come to stay again, Lady Ilaria I will attempt one of these garden parties and we will cure my and your curiosity." Jocelyn adds (cause the player forgot to.)

Brennart nods towards Alric, "I'll look in on your sister and send word on how she fares, or remind her to write home a bit more often if you'd like?" And a glance back at Justin with another nod, "I've got time for a few questions before I have to go and ensure that my squire and my gear is ready for the road. And I'm sure that everybody else is dying to know what's going on as well."

"Well met, Lord Terrick," Otto says. He looks to Nedra and offers a slight bow to the woman. He was likely an unfamiliar face amongst most of the nobles, as he was but a boy of six when he became a page to a travelling knight and had only recently returned to the Riverlands as a knight himself. "Don't tarry, cousin," Otto says to Brenn. He then walks over to the squire leading his horses, and says something to the man, who then goes back into the Erenford camp to assist Brennart's squire with getting their gear ready.

Jon watches as Kell slides on back past him, the common knight, given a nod, as he looks back over towards the others gathering. A faint snort, before he's puffing away at his pipe again. "Bloody fools." murmured to the man coming up to join him. "War's right in the air for the sniffin' an they don' even see it." grumbled along, before the other Terrick man seems to grunt in agreement. "Mark you." Jon says to the other. "They'll play nice-then stab out their throats."

"A garden party should be reasonably safe enough," Nedra ventures with a smile toward Ladies Ilaria and Jocelyn, "barring some encounter with a unfriendly bee hive or inclimate weather," she amends, another gleam of humor in her eyes before falling silent again. She returns Otto's bow with a glimpse of a smile and a nod, though she is curious enough to keep quiet to hear what questions may be bantered about.

Justin might have smelled what Jon grumbles about, or he may simply be wary of bandits on the road past stonebridge, but clearly he's armed and armoured to ride expecting the possibility of trouble. His gaze has been drawn back from Ilaria at Brennart's comment. Justin strokes his grey's neck, "So tell me, have the Charltons dispatched an armed host? I would know if they are heading for Stonebridge or elsewhere, and how many strong they are, if you know? Or is it some other news you have had?" Yes, others might also like to know.

Alric nods to Brennart. "It would be nice. I just want to make sure she is safe with what's going on." He might have loyalty to the Charltons, but his own family comes first. A bow offered to the Erenfords before they leave and he studies those still around but seems to want to stay silent and just listen to the others. His eyes staying on Justin for a moment.

"One in specific?" Ilaria echoes Jocleyn's words, although hers carry with them a tone of confused inquiry. She allows the moment to pass, however, with a slight shake of her head and another cheerful smile. "I thank you for doing so, and I admit to looking forward to a return to Stonebridge. Of course, I enjoy the company we keep in Terrick's Roost with frequent visits to Four Eagles…" It shall remain a mystery as to how Ilaria plans to end that sentence, because the hairs on her neck prickle. She glances sideways out the corner of her eye and catches sight of Justin. Her eyebrows arch upward, and she blushes faintly while offering him a pleasant smile. And then the moment passes, and she too turns her attention back to her current conversation. "Beehives and weather? Oh goodness, I hadn't even considered those."

Brennart shakes his head, "Sadly those kinds of details I'm not able to give you as I've heard no word on that myself. What I do know is that a small Charlton force has taken some Erenford nobles hostage but I've received no word on who they are and that Ser Keegan Charlton is using them as leverage for the release of Ser Aleister Charlton." Brennart reaches into his pouch and pulls out a message with a broken House Charlton seal as it's already been opened and read and offers it to Lord Justin to read. He glances back at Otto and nods, "I won't be much longer and thank you for understanding cousin."

Parchment Brennart handed to Justin to read follows:

Lord Ser Rickart Nayland,

We have in our custody your son, Lord Rafferdy Nayland, in addition to the several lords of House Erenford already in our care. We will hold them until such time as you release to us our cousin Ser Aleister Charlton and the other men of House Charlton currently imprisoned by your son Lord Riordan. Any harm done to any of them shall be inflicted in turn upon Lord Rafferdy and each of the others. You have two days, after which we will assume you do not want them back.

Lord Ser Keegan Charlton

The other man mutters something, and Jon snorts. One hand resting lazily down on his sword belt before he's taking another puff of his pipe. "Oh Aye, I spect we shall. Someone always tries to get everyone involved, so it's not their arse alone bein' fucked raw." Spit. And he pauses to nod to a passing attendant before he nudges the other man with an elbow. "Mind your talk." Pole warns before eyes slide back to the gathering of varied feathered beasts. "Don' matter what sort of feather you wear. It'll be red afore the year is through I bet."

Ilaria's words coupled with her taking notice of him having been watching her and blushing, is very distracting. Justin looks about to speak to her but, he has more pressing business and returns his attention to Brennart. He accepts the parchment and with his horse's reins in hand, opens it up to read for himself, "But your house aren't the ones detaining Ser Aleister…" The young Terrick knight's baritone fades off as Justin reads the letter, lifting a dark brow. He frowns and looking up, rolls the letter up and hands it back to Brennart, "Two days isn't much time. I have missed something crucial in this. What are the circumstances that House Charlton detains members of your House, Ser?"

Whatever Jocelyn was about to say is stopped in her throat as she glances between Ilaria and Justin. A single brow quirks upward and remaining silent for now. She glances over at the men again, curiousity has her peaking over her shoulder. "When you do find yourself in Stonebridge again, I do hope I will be there to greet you, Lady Ilaria. For now, I think I'll go and check with my cousin about our departure." she glances at the faces still close by and dips into a curtsy of farwell, "My Ladies, My Lords… If you'll excuse me." stepping around to make her way back towards the Nayland Campsite.

Alric listens for a bit as well before having to excuse himself. "I should get moving as well." Being quite curious about it all as well. He hasn't really been given the information, though he will be off with swift steps. "My ladies, my lords." He offers with a bow and smile before disappearing.

Otto sighs as he walks back over, this time leading his own horse as his squire went to assist Brennart's. "The Naylands are our neighbors, along with the Frey's," Otto says. "While I am sadly unaware as to all the politics surrounding, as I've only recently returned home, I believe that the Naylands and Erenfords have been allied somewhat due to trade agreements and the likes. It still doesn't forgive the Charlton's from holding nobles of our family hostage."

Nedra observes the exchange of the parchment between Lord Justin and Lord Brennart and back, her curiosity only growing stronger as she waves farewell to Lady Jocelyn and gives a glimpse of a apologetic smile to Lady Ilaria for suggesting possible misfortunes at a garden party. She glances over her shoulder to where her Septa and one of her armsmen are standing, reads the worry on both faces - as subtle as it is - and back to Lord Brennart. "My Lord," she ventures, her voice a bit hesitant, "if you don't find it to inappropriate," and she glances next to Lord Justin then back, "I'm sure that Lord Justin would agree that the contents of that missive may be something that my brother may find necessary to know. If I may? I can relay the gist therein to my brother," she pauses again before adding, "if that would be acceptable, that is."

One by one they all begin to disappear. Ilaria smiles at Jocelyn and offers the Nayland woman a parting curtsey. She clasps her hands behind her back and watches the others for a while, content to allow her gaze to wander from face to face. The talk of invasion, of politics - surely it must interest her, but she puts forth no questions nor does she inquire after the details.

Brennart shrugs slightly, "I really wish I could tell you why they're detaining members of Erenford and I'm still trying to figure out what would cause House Charlton to detain members of my house perhaps it's to add extra pressure to House Nayland to release Ser Aleister. Either way detaining members of Erenford is unacceptable." And on that note he just shakes his head, glancing back to the ladies, "Lady Ilaria, I did plan on staying to enjoy the scenery and the good company but family matters call. And I must gather my things and be on my way." He glances back at Lord Justin, "I really must be getting on the road myself soon if that settled the questions you had for me I'll take my leave, if not I'll stay a bit longer to ensure I've satisfied your request?"

Brennart also nods towards Nedra, "Of course, the message doesn't appear to be something that the Lord Keegan Charlton wanted to keep discreet as he sent copies of it everywhere."

Nedra nods in return and steps forward, "I have a fair hand," she says quietly, "and a fair memory as well. If my brother has not yet read a copy of it I'll be sure to make as fair a copy from memory as possible," she promises.

Justin twists his mouth wryly at Otto, "I am aware that you are all fellow bannermen to House Frey. Which makes it all the more strange." To Brennart, Justin looses that amusement, "I don't imagine that's any leverage with the Naylands. They care about their own House, Ser." The Terrick Lord nods, "My questions are satisefied, thank you Lord Brennart." Justin watches Lady Nedra accept the parchment to read in turn and as they are so occupied, he turns back to the young woman who'd caught his eye before, "So you are Lady Ilaria? Would that be Ilaria then of House Haigh? I did overhear you mention staying at Terrick's Roost, but I do not recall having seen you there, Lady."

"And those family matters are of a great deal more importance, Ser Brennart," Ilaria replies quickly, startled out of her reverie by being addressed. She offers the Erenford a muted smile due to the seriousness of the occasion. "Do travel safely, please," she continues, stepping forward a pace or two but nothing more. "We shall meet again soon, my lord. Warrior guide you, Crone grant you wisdom to see this matter to a safe end." What else can be said? She bites down on her lower lip and allows the others to continue their talk of exchanging letters. Her gaze wanders over to Justin just as he addresses her, and she smiles cheerfully. "Yes, yes that would be me. My sister is Lady Katrin Haigh - perhaps you have met her?" She pauses, considering his words, and nods. "I spend a great deal of time indoors. Studies. I am making it a personal goal to venture out more, however, my lord."

Otto reaches into the saddlebag of his horse and pulls out a rolled missive, handing it over to Nedra. "A copy, my lady," he says. "You'll find that it is the same as my cousin's," he adds. He then moves to close the bag he'd retrieved the letter from. "Show it to whomever you wish, this is not something that should be looked at lightly. Today it is the Erenfords, tomorrow it might be Terrick or Mallister." He sighs a bit and walks back over to Brennart. "Where shall we go first? Back to Heronhurst or?"

Nedra hands the original back to Lord Brennart and accepts the offered one provided by Lord Elrick, "Thank you, my lord," she says quietly and offers another curtsy, though this one she holds for a moment longer than the previous one, rising with the copy of the missive in her left hand and holds it against her side, fingers curled protective around it. "Words of warning, my lord, and words to be heeded," she agrees in a somber tone of voice.

The grey horse looks sleepy, standing quietly with only his tail swishing and one back leg cocked. He certainly doesn't look much like a knightly charger, just a saddle horse and not even a courser. Justin smiles a little to Ilaria, "Indeed, I have met Lady Katrin many times. First in Stonebridge, then at the Roost, and more recently here at tournament. I had offered to take her riding and show her the coast and the beach, as well as other parts of our lands. Though we've never gotten around to it. I hope that you find the Roost to your liking, those parts of it we have managed to rebuild so far." And, having noted her well wishes, Justin adds quietly, "And we just reopened the Sept."

As another voice calls out in the Terrick camp, Jon nods, turning to head back, as eyes linger on the gathered nobles. A wave of his hand, and Master Pole creeps back in to aid with some task or another.

Brennart gives a quick nod towards Lord Justin, "I believe the same as you do in the matter of leverage against the Naylands it could be that the Charltons have overstretched their hand and are desperate for results at this point, but for now I'm lacking in enough details to get into deep speculations of the why." He turns towards the gathered nobles a quick bow as he steps away, "And at this moment I must take my leave and thank you for your kind words." He glances at Otto and shakes his head, "Stonebridge for now until we received word of what Herenhurst needs from us." And at that point he turns to head back into the Erenford encampment to change into his traveling atire and to mount up for the trip.

"I was present for the ceremony when it reopened." Ilaria beams warmly at Justin now, considering all of his words carefully before dipping her head. She listens as Brennart bids farewell, glancing up from beneath her lashes to watch him depart. Is that a little sigh she heaves? Slowly she looks back to Justin and refocuses her attention. "Perhaps when all is settled and we are both at the Roost, my sister and I shall take you up on your offer? I have not been given a tour of anything except for Four Eagles. But, of course time is wasting now, and I am sure you must be in a terrible rush, my lord."

"Safe travels, my lords," Nedra says quietly, "may the weather be clear and the road uncrowded to your destination," she offers before the Erenford lords depart.

There's a lifting of his hand that holds the reins to make a gesture of parting, "Gods speed, Ser." Justin looks back to Ilaria and seems pleased at some of what she says, "You were there for the opening? Strange that I didn't meet you then, Lady Ilaria. I would be most pleased to show you and your sister around. You might like swimming in the ocean as well, with properly suitable escort of course." Taking up the slack in those reins, Justin does move to mount his grey. The horse lifts his head, ears pricking and suddenly a great deal more attentive. Settling into the saddle, Justin grimaces as though his ribs yet ached, "But not in a great rush. I must go slowly. All the more reason I should start back now. There is much work yet to be accomplished at home."

As Brennart heads off, Otto bows to the others and follows his cousin. Being so close in age, they had been rather close and quite competitive with each other. He then hops up onto the heavy horse, well hop might not be the best term, he more or less struggled until he gained position due to the weight of the armor he was currently wearing. The destrier was mostly black, with white feet and a white mane, heron feathers braided into the mane itself. "I shall follow you, cousin. I'm sure you remember these roads better than I."

Ilaria moves back a step or two to allow Justin a wide berth for mounting his horse. She smiles up at him, reaching up absently to tuck stray tendrils of hair behind her ears as is her wont when she is searching for words. "The work never ends, my lord, not even when we are dead." This is offered with a smile before she dips a careful curtsey for his benefit. "It was a pleasure meeting you. Be safe in your travels, and the Seven keep you."

Nedra lifts one hand in a wave to Lord Elrick before offering the same to Lord Justin, though she does not interrupt his conversation with lady Ilaria. Instead, with the copy of the missive safe in one hand, she turns back to the Mallister campsite and hurries back the way she came.

Justin laughs, a sound quickly cut off, making him raise a hand to his left side ribs and chest with pain, "Never, not even in death? A man should get to rest at least briefly, especially then." He flashes a bit of teeth in a grin, taking up the reins to check his horse when the grey starts a few steps, "Seven keep you also, Lady Ilaria. Make certain you have safe, armed escort from Stonebridge to the Roost. We have had some bandit trouble and I think that's far from over, yet." With that, Justin returns Lady Nedra's wave and turns his horse to head into Seagard where he's to meet up with a few others to travel the road.