Page 311: Departing the Tourney
Departing the Tourney
Summary: Riordan, Anais and Justin are each making last preparations to depart the tourney and share parting words.
Date: 26/05/2012
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Tourney at the Twins
Frey's twin towers, tourney pavillions, etc
May 26th, 289

As the morning arrives, the great tent city that has risen up for the Tournament of the Twins becomes dismantled, and the great number of nobles gathered prepare to depart. Among these, the Nayland camp has been divided into two parties - those going to Stonebridge, and those going instead to the Mire. The Regent of Stonebridge, despite his title, is rather a part of the latter party. Riordan stands among the servants, guards, and others making ready to depart, looking over the horses and otherwise keeping out of the way of the great bustle that proceeds such a large number of people preparijng for a journey.

Anais is paying the price for a night of fun. That's the only way to put it, really. As people start to pack up tents and gear in preparation for departure, she winces with each bang and clang of the process, and her steps are just a little bit ginger. That's what happens when you dance with everyone, good or bad. And drink to make up for the bad ones. But a timetable is a timetable, and so she and Nina and Kincaid are moving carefully among the chaos of packing, making their way toward the Mire party.

Justin has been up for hours, seeing to various preparations himself as he is an early riser, up with or before the sun each day. As he has been seeing to the Terrick's camp needs, he now draws out his grey gelding. The lamed horse walks well enough, now saddled. Justin secures the horse to toss his saddle bags into place and tie them on. He himself has changed out of his finery and back into black over his partial maile with his head bared, ready for travel that will take him back onto riskier roads home.

Riordan, for his part, is dressed in riding clothes that are both comfortable, and befitting of his station, with a sword worn at his side. He turns, as a servant approaches to ask the Regent a question, and as he does the approaching Lady and her escort are noticed. Riordan murmurs something in response to the retainer, waving him away, before offering a nod of greeting to Anais. "Lady Anais, good morrow," he greets, when he can do so softly. Though he himself does not seem to be feeling to ill-effected himself this morning, despite his own carousing, he seems to recognize the visible signals that proclaims the lady's state of being, and act accordingly.

"Mmmm," Anais hums to Riordan with a faint, wry smile, lifting one hand to shift it from side to side. "Lord Riordan, should you ever find yourself in a situation in which you are offered copious amounts of wine after a goodly period of only drinking it /very/ well-watered, I would recommend you have the good sense to drink /less/ of it," she suggests, her own voice low and a little rough as well. "Thankfully, I think my mount has had enough exercise recently to treat me gently today."

Once his saddlebags are secured, Justin bends to examine his gelding's foreleg. The wound that starts at the bottom edge of knee and wraps to the side of the cannon bone has dried up and closed, no longer swollen or seeping. It is far from heeled, but looks as though flexing the leg will not reopen it easily. Satisefied, Justin straightens and goes back into the stables, leaving the grey gelding to go and fetch and bring out a second horse, a slender bay. The second horse is likewise already saddled and once tied, Justin goes to checking over it's gear and securing his steel cap, bow and quiver to the bay's saddle rather than the grey's.

Lady Anais and her group trails past to head for Riordan and his, catching Justin's eye. He pauses in his own preparations to watch them for a moment.

"I seem to remember you taking that advise until now, my lady, when we had occassion to dine together." Riordan's own voice holds humor for the situation, and empathy both, and still remains softly pitched so as not to assault the lady's ears. "As it is, I suppose I am glad I have been more careful since my escapades with Ser Andrey Charlton after the joust, or I might well be in a similiar state." Of course, Riordan is much more used to partaking of non-watered wine and other heavier spirits, so it is very likely that his careful measures would have still put Anais under the weather. "Especially as there are so many rumors floating around about my family this morning," he adds, a touch wryly, even as he graces Anais with a pleasant and warm smile. And slightly apologetic, since at least a few rumors abound about what may or may not have happened between them last night.

Anais clearly hasn't had a chance to hear the rumors yet, for her look to Riordan is all sympathy. "It will pass soon enough," she assures him. "If only because Lady Rosanna seems rather taken with your brother, and if /she/ chooses not to gossip over it, the flow should trickle up as if you dammed the Trident."

Justin can't overhear what the others are saying as he's not close by and they are keeping their voices down. He turns back to finishing up with his own preparations, then looks to Lucienne's pavilion which has /not/ been taken down yet. He frowns, his sister apparently liking to sleep in and have a slow start, but she did warn him. As he'll have to wait, Justin sets his hand to the bay's haunches and then walks away from the horses towards the Nayland group where Riordan and Anais are presantly.

Riordan studies Anais' expression for a moment, and though her comment about Rosanna draw's forth amusement to his features, he nevertheless speaks softly yet directly on what she has obviously not heard yet. "It seems that we were noted in the Square last eve," he tells her, simply. His eyes remain on hers, watching her reaction, until movement behind her catches his eye, and he notes Justin approaching. When the Terrick lordling is close, he will offer a nod, though again, only will speak when he can do so quietly. "Good morrow, Lord Justin," he offers pleasantly.

"Oh." Well that's not good. Anais winces slightly, but before she can ask just what the rumors say, Justin is arriving. "Justin," she greets her goodbrother, summoning up another small smile. "You're looking better than I am this morning. Is Lady Roslyn about?" she asks, turning back to Riordan and glancing around at all the activity, in case she should be there.

"Lord Regent, Ser," Justin returns with a nod of his own, "Lady Anais. You ride then for the Mire?" And more to his goodsister than to Riordan, he asks, "Do you know how long you expect to visit? Lucienne has returned from Middlemarch and I will ride with her, at least to Stonebridge. I know that she will be keen to speak with you, if she hasn't yet."

Anais's question arches one of his brows, but then Justin realizes that she didn't pose the question of Lady Roslyn's whereabouts to himself, but to Riordan. Rather than be distracted however, Justin says, "Actually, I hoped for a brief word with you, Lady Anais, ere we each depart."

"Indeed," Riordan says, mildly, a one word response to Anais' one word comment regarding the rumors. However, he seems no more inclined to speak of it further right now either, and so focuses on the conversations that begin with Justin's arrive. "She will be traveling with us, yes. She will be along shortly, I am sure," he says, in response to the inquiry after his sister. To the rest, he remains silent, allowing Justin and Anais to converse as they will.

"The Mire and then back home to the Roost," Anais nods to Justin with a small smile. "Where I suspect I will be stayed for a good time. Once everything is set and in motion." Her brows rise at the mention of a chat, and she takes a step back. "Certainly," she nods, glancing to Riordan. "Would you excuse me for a moment, Lord Riordan?"

Justin gives Riordan a polite nod and assumes the other man will not object, "I will be brief and not detain your departure, thank you." With his hands clasped loosely behind his back in a pose unconsciously remeniscent of his father, he then moves to walk with Anais for a short distance. Justin doesn't say anything until he has drawn his goodsister well enough away to speak privately. When he does so, he keeps his voice quite low and his back vaguely to the Nayland group as if he were looking towards Lucienne's pavilion.

"I only wish to pass a word of caution, goodsister. There is already talk of your and Ser Riordan becoming a bit too close. I urge you to keep your handmaidens and guards at all times about you when in their company, and especially at the Mire." Really not caring to have to say this and knowing she may well take serious offense, Justin carefully adds, "If you are with child, or should be in the coming months, the last thing we need in our House is question as to whom the father might be." And before she might haul off and slap him, Justin holds up a hand and adds quickly, "I am /not/ questioning your integrity, Anais. Please do not misunderstand me. But the ground is very ripe for you to do great damage to our House, even if all is perfectly innocent charm in the name of politics. I ask you to think upon that and take great care."

Bowing his head gracefully to Anais, Riordan grants the request with ease. He watches her and Justin for a moment, but soon enough another servant seems eager to draw his attention, and he allows it. Even as he speaks, his eyes occassionally flit to the pair of Terricks, but otherwise leaves them to their conversation, and handles needed business of his own. After the first servant leaves, a guard approaches, and Riordan actually laughs softly about something, before saying something further that makes the guard laugh as well, though much louder. That actually makes Riordan say something to the guard, with the lightest of nods in Anais' direction, and the guard immediately looks apologetic. And, when a moment later, Riordan makes another obviously humurous comment, the chuckle that comes from the guard is much more muted then the first laugh.

Anais listens attentively to Justin's words, and rather than upset, she seems understanding, nodding soberly. "I will take caution," she promises, reaching a hand for his elbow, her touch light. "But I will do so carefully. Trust me, Justin. I can navigate these waters. Reacting too strongly will only lend credence to the rumors. But I will balance things back out. Carefully. I promise."

Her reaction eases some of the tension in his shoulders and face as Justin watches her, "Thank you, Anais. You seem very sensible to me but you understand, I felt compelled to say something." He draws a breath and makes himself smile a little, "Now, you have a safe trip and do what good you may. I won't detain you longer." He turns to offer her his arm to escort her back the short distance to rejoin the Nayland group readying to depart.

Seeing the conversation coming to an end, Riordan says a few more words to the guardsman, who gives another soft chuckle, nods, and then departs. The Regent then settles in to wait quietly for the others to approach, making no comment, and simply bowing his head in renewed greeting to the pair.

"Of course," Anais assures Justin with a small smile. "And I'm grateful for your concern," she adds as she takes his arm with an affectionate sort of gesture. Whatever game she plays, taking offense at rumors doesn't seem to be in the playbook. "Jarod has also said he and Rowenna may come with us," she adds for both men as they return to Riordan. "Which would be nice. I never get to spend as much time as I'd like to with Rowenna."

Ah yes, Rowenna. Justin definately doesn't say a word upon that topic and he even manages not to thin his mouth with an effort. Instead he smiles and touches Anais's hand before taking back his arm, "Please accept my well wishes to you both for your safe trip, and pass my thanks unto Lady Roslyn for her company. Perhaps I shall some day see the Mire for myself. Until then, I've plenty to keep my occupied at home." Justin glances back as he notices some activity finally taking place around Luicenne's pavilion, then looks back to the others, "I believe it's time for us likewise to depart. May the Seven watch over you."

"As far as I am aware, they both indeed will be traveling with us," Riordan says with a nod of his head to Anais' words, offering a warm smile at the sentiment regarding Rowenna. Then, he turns to address Justin, offering an inclination of his head to the man. "I shall bid my sister goodbye for you, Lord Justin," he says, with a pleasant and genuine smile. "And please extend to your own lady sister my apologies once more, that we could not find the time to renew our acquaintance. I hope we all shall speak again soon, when I next visit your home."

"Take care, Justin," Anais nods to the man with a small smile. "And bring my love to Jacsen, please," she adds, leaning up to press a sisterly kiss to his cheek. "I will be home again soon."

Justin gives a nod to Riordan's remarks, "I look forward to your next visit myself, Ser. Until then, Gods speed." It looks as though there is some difficulty with one of the horses being prepared with Lucienne's camp so Justin adds quickly, "I'm quite certain she'll be equally pleased to receive you, Lord Regent. If you will both excuse me…" Ah, and Anais being kind to him. Justin touches her arm and adds low, "I will, Anais." He refrains from adding that he's worried about his brother and instead, he turns to head back and see if he can't help with the contrary animal that just bucked off his saddle.