Deete Terrick



Jerrik, Father.
Dina, Mother.
Darion, younger brother.

Physical Features

Just above average in build. Being rather fit and having both strength and speed. Standing at 5'9" along with long strong legs. Arms showing larger muscles as well. The chest and torso keeping good posture though rather flat throughout. A strong neck creates the good posture.

A squared face that is topped with wavy brown hair of medium length. Straight brows under a big wide forehead and decorating intense and round grey eyes. The entire face rather squred thanks to strong and wide high cheekbones and jaw. The jawline and jaw itself being rounded and going down to a chin that is round and wide as well. Stright nose bridge ending in a wide yet short nose. Sitting firmly above powerful full lips. Wearing a cloak of the Terrick colors and an elegant gambeson that is striped in lighter and darker shades of purple. Though it is rather simple in creation it still shows the elegance. Along with trues in brown and made to be easy to manuever in. Tucked into dark brown leather boots.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity