Page 171: Death of a Septon
Death of a Septon
Summary: An attempt is made by the Ironborn to draw out the Roost's defenders
Date: 04/01/2012
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On and outside the Walls, Four Eagle's Tower
The green and walls.
Wed Jan 04

It's probably about mid-morning by now, the dawn execution has been and gone for the day and the corpse of the Lord Terrick's brother continues to fester on the path. Into this jovial little scene walks Nares, carrying a bucket full of water. As you do. Possibly slightly more of interest to those who watch from the walls is who is behind him. Two of the Orkmont lads drag between them one of the townsfolk who those inside the keep would almost certainly recognise as one of the junior Septons from the town's sept. Stopping a little out of bow range, the Harlaw man sets down the bucket and nods to the Orkmonts, who bring their prisoner up those last few paces and force him to his knees in front of said bucket. "Give me a moment," Nares calls over to the catapults before turning back to the walls before him. Taking a deep breath he calls upwards, nice a loud, "Good Morning. Anyone fancy a bit of a chat?"

With his turn to man the walls for the day, Kell had donned his gear and grabbed his kit before exiting the doors to the Keep, looking up towards the sky immediately to make sure no foreign and heavy objects are about to fall into the Courtyard. With the coast clear and ears open, the Hedge Knight made his way to the walls and ascending one of the stone steps up to the parapets of the wall. Nodding at a guard he is suppose to relieve, Kell takes the position which is by the front gate and keeps watch to the activities of the Ironborn.
Some time has passed and the sun raised to mid-morning but Kell remains attentive, especially when the Ironborn Nares appears with a bucket of water. The knight remains silent, letting the jibes of the enemy perhaps wanting to take a bath unspoken, he focuses on the hapless prisoner, expression turning into a frown. As for the question, Kell is the one to speak up, yelling back, "To hell with your morning and chat, /Captain/." The rank used with sarcasm and disdain, "The only words I will be hearing from you is when you beg for mercy with my sword at your throat."

Mid-morning, and Liliana makes her way up along the stone steps to the room, slow and careful, her steps, a hand supporting herself on the rough wall. The dresses of old have been set aside, the woman clad in her ranger's leathers, one of her bows, the twin of which laps in the hands of the Young Lady of the Roost at her back, along with aquiver of arrows. The allotment given her by Lord Ser Jerold. But she seems not to be coming to aid in the fortifications of the battelements, but rather, it's a set of fresh waterskins she carries, to provide for the men stationed there. The call, coming just as she reaches the top does bring her attention around, but she's careful to stay out of the view of the men outside Terrick walls.

"Ah, Ser Drakmore," Nares replies, smiling broadly as he recognises the voice of the man on the walls, "valiant as ever I see. I'd been hoping for Hardwicke, but I suppose you'll do just as well." He spreads his arms out wide for a moment before continuing, "beautiful day don't you think? You know I think it has to be one of the best since I arrived." He smiles again, obviously enjoying this. "But I suppose you're wondering why I'm talking to you aren't you?" He rests his hands back into their habitual resting place on his sword belt then glances behind him, indicating the young Septon. "I'm sure you, or someone inside at least will recognise this lad here, one of your holy men I understand?"

About to step out onto the steps for a breath of fresh air before going back to tend the patients and help where she may, Muirenn Mallister pauses just within the doorway at the sound of shouting, shying back and lifting an arm to ward off a blow…a bruise upon her forearm indication she has run into the rubble being tossed over the walls before. As no rocks seem imminent her posture eases somewhat and she eases out onto the front step to see what the commotion is about this time. Craning her head and leaning to the left she can just barely make out what atrocities the Ironborn commit this morn. A hand is pressed to her mouth to stifle the cry, though her eyes fill with tears.

Gods only know what's been occupying Anais for the rest of the day, but she's certainly quick to take advantage of the excuse Muirenn offers by pausing near the door. "More pageantry?" she asks the Mallister woman, taking a few steps out toward the courtyard and tilting her head, as though to hear better. One of the Banefort guards is a shadow at her shoulder, and he carries a bow in addition to his usual armaments.

A smirk appears on Kell's face as the Ironborn Captain reminds him, "Ser Blayne doesn't have time to waste with the likes of you, Captain. I'm glad you remember me, this way I don't have to introduce myself again when we cross blades." As for the other pleasantries that are being exchanged, the Hedge Knight ignores them before his eyes looks to the young man who is being held captive, "If you're here to taunt us with a prisoner, save your breath. Your time will come when you and your people receive what is coming to them. And you will wish you never left your longboats and kept on sailing over the edge of the world."

Liliana turns, looking for a save place to stash the water, the commodity a precious thing, in these times of siege. Once they're secured, she moves closer, keeping low, to find a place to watch the events unfold, still moving carefully, but once she's settled, it's her bow that she uses to keep herself occupied. Just a few more steps, that's all she needs. The young man is sighted, but it's the ironborn she knows that keeps her attention.

So far so good. Nares continues to smile broadly as he replies. "You're a religious man are you not Ser? You took a holy vow did you not? Perhaps then you can help me. There are certain.. initiations, that all Priest of the Drowned God must undertake you see and I, being the generous sort that I am, decided that it'd only be polite to give /your/ priests the same opportunities." He pauses for long enough to catch a breath and grin to tone of the lads behind him. "My new friend over here though, he reckons that you'd take it as an insult you see. One so sever that you'd have to come down and deal with the offender. So, can you help solve this debate Ser? Just what would you do if I gave your holyman here to my God? It should be done in the sea of course, but I thought that might rule out us having this conversation."

"Oh Lady Anais…may the Seven feed his cruel heart to the cold ones..that Ironborn..Nares." The Mallister maiden does not even deign use the title of Captain "He holds one of the junior septons prisoner." Muirenn murmurs to her friend, purposefully keeping her voice low. "He taunts us…I wish a pox to shrivel him until he is blind and must hear the shrieks of anguish by all who look upon him." The girl blushes at expressing herself so forthrightly, but does not apologize for her words. She moistens her lips and lifts her chin, jaw tightening, steeling her back.

"Well, that sounds lovely, Muirenn, but if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride," Anais replies, grimacing faintly. "Excuse me. Kincaid." The guard at her side doesn't look /happy/, but he does follow as Anais makes her way toward the walls and the stairs leading up to the parapets.

The question that is asked of the Hedge Knight goes unanswered but the glare that he has for the Ironborn remains locked on the speaker of those outside the walls. In his peripheral vision, Kell does see Lillian joining him and other guards at the wall with the waterskins but for now he pretends not to see her, not wanting to draw attention to the Camden Lady. As Nares drawls on about what is planned for the poor young Septon, Kell has already puzzled together what is going to be done and he can only feel sympathy for the young man, as well as added hatred for the enemy. "Captain, your presence on these lands is an insult. What you are doing to the innocent small folk is an insult. There is no debate, if you feel the need to commit these acts proudly because you find yourself lacking in between your legs, do as you wish. But this I vow, your time will come, Ironborn, and we will show you how we respond to these… insults." Then, Kell focuses his eyes on the prisoner they will be executing as a public presentation, nodding slightly to the young Septon. "May the Seven be with you, young Septon. You will be in our prayers, may the Father judge you fairly on how you lived your life."

"I doubt that his Drowned God would take kindly to his sacred rites being used for sport," comes Liliana's low reply. "But then, perhaps his god has as little honour as they do." Liliana's head turns, catching sight of Muirenn and Anais, expression concerned for the safety of the two women, obviously, as she looks immediately to places close to them where they might take shelter, her own Eli crouching down safe with the waterskins.

Nares listens patiently to Kell's response then just shrugs lightly, in an almost carefree manner. "Oh well," is all he calls back to the walls before he turns to his colleagues, "Guess I win then," he states jovially before dropping to his knees behind the poor kneeling lad. "Sorry kid," he offers, without any hint of actual sympathy. "I guess they just don't care enough about your gods," and with that he reaches up to grab the hair on the back of the priests head and pushes his face down into the water, his other arm gripping round the lad's torso to prevent any squirming.

A discreet 'I am fine' motion is made with a long fingered hand as Muirenn follows Anais muttering, "the poor would ride and the Ironborn would burst spontaneously into flame and my family would be safe." She lifts the hem of her skirt and sort of hunches over, half expecting to be pelted with rocks. There is nothing in her life that has prepared her for the actual sight of one human wilfully and purposefully drowning another and what happens to the young septon causes her to stop in her tracks. Her hands clasp before her and she murmurs softly, tears rolling down her face as she struggles to remain silent.

"Lili," Anais smiles faintly as she passes the woman. "It's good to see you out of bed. I was worried for you." And, back straight, she climbs the stairs to the wall, waiting behind a crenellation just long enough for Kincaid to verify that the catapults aren't firing and the Ironborn are out of bow range before striding out to Kell's side. "Good afternoon, Ser Drakmoor," she greets him, as if it were an ordinary day. "Are we having a problem?"

Even though Kell knows what is coming, it doesn't make it any easier watching an innocent boy being executed in such a torturous manner. If he could, the Hedge Knight would hurdle over the parapet right now and cut down the Ironborn right in front of them but he can only settle with a hand going to his sword and tightening on the hilt. Gritting his teeth, Kell doesn't look away despite how horrid the execution is, instead he watches in silence, not wanting to remember the sacrifice that the young Septon is making as a prisoner.
When Lady Anais climbs the stone steps to the walls with Lady Muirenn following, Kell turns his attention to the pair and looks surprised for a moment, wanting to raise an immediate objection to them being here to the guards escorting the pair. But knowing his manners, the knight inclines his head respectfully to the two ladies, "Afternoon, M'Lady. No problems, just barbarians outside the walls. Please, return inside, M'Lady, I insist. The walls are not safe for you ladies." It is too late to prevent her from looking over the wall to see what is going on, which also grates at the Hedge Knight as well.

"I am growing better, thanks to your aid." It was Anais who helped her the rest of the way into the keep and all. But as the Ironborn man speaks again, Liliana's eyes turn back to the spectacle outside. A follower of the Seven Liliana might not be, but she can still feel the suffering one human being, unjustly murdered. And so, she watches, from her mostly hiding place, a witness to another atrocity Nares will be called to pay for. "His day is coming."

With it becoming obvious that no one is going to be tempted out for a fight, Nares just continues to hold the Septon for a good minute or two after he stops struggling and goes limp. Wouldn't do to mess this one up after all. Relaxing his grip around the torso he shifts his other hand from the hair to the collar instead he hauls the body back up and allows the head to drop forwards. Looking back up at the walls he just shrugs again and calls back, "I guess he fails the initiation. What a shame, I had such hopes for him." He's about to turn back to the Orkmonts that are with him when he spots a new face on the wall beside Kell. He has to squint a bit given the distance, but he thinks he recognises her and smiles broadly again. "Why, Lady Anais, is that truly you before me?"

"Oh Seven be with that boy" Muirenn prays inaudibly as she struggles through her emotions forward and accompanies the Terrick noblewoman onto the wall. A hasty swipe of her hand smears the tears away in an effort to hide her weakness but more only roll down to take their place as the boy struggles against those who work to snuff out his life. As she reaches the top she remains behind one of the crenelations, giving a shake of her head and trying to still her tears as Nares begins to mock.

"I will," Anais assures Kell. "In a moment." There are no tears from the young Lady Terrick, who sets her hands on the wall and looks down. "The Stranger comes for all men," she calls down to Nares in answer to his question. "And foolhardy gods as well, I've heard." The nuances of expression are lost in distance, but her posture is clear, straight and tall, strong rather than brittle. "You seemed to be searching for attention. Are you satisfied?"

As the young Septon finally stops breathing, Kell shakes his head slightly at the needless loss of life, tallying one more reason as to why the Ironborn deserve no mercy." As for Lady Anais promising to return inside to safety, the knight merely nods, not pleased but not voicing anymore objections, not like it would matter. As the Lady speaks, Kell keeps an eye to the field outside of the walls, making sure that the only Ironborn present are the only ones by the dead boy, tense now as there are three ladies of importance on the wall now, three too many.

Once the septon has finally been pulled out of the water, Liliana finally looks away. She's still staying low and trying to avoid being seen, but she's moving, slowly, but surely, to where she might get a better view of Nares and the men with him. or, if she's lucky, whomever might be following behind them. If they can spend their time taunting the Terricks, well, she can try to see what can be seen that they might be giving away.

Were it not for the circumstances, Nares' smile might have been called pleasant. "I'm sorry if I have disturbed you My Lady," he calls as he regains his feet, "I heard you mislaid one of your knights a week ago. Given the deep respect I hold for your House I thought I should alleviate your fears for him and inform you that we found him for you and he is currently a 'guest' of Prince Greyjoy." That said he turns to the nearest Orkmont and notions to the corpse that's now at his feet. "Put him with the other one, they can reclaim him if they ever decide to grow any fucking balls."

The back of her hand swipes again at her cheeks as Muirenn bristles at the treatment of the dead septon. One hand clenches into the wealth of her skirts while the other rests against the cold stone crenilation as she works to maintain her composure…so many brave souls who deserve the proper funeral rites. She murmurs, "My Lady, it is done. Let us take word to Lord Jerold that we have surety where the missing knight is being held."

"If you'll grow enough balls to come within bowshot with him, I'll be certain to dispatch him for you," Anais promises with a stage smile for the Ironborn, voice pleasant. "But I imagine you are planning more of the same. Having seen the daily show, I think I'll skip the next performance. May the Stranger watch over you, Nares. He is a patient god." And with that, she turns to leave the walls, shoulders and back still straight.

Atleast the Banefort knight is still alive, that is something somewhat positive though it isn't that much better since the man is still in the clutches of the Ironborn. At Lady Muirenn's suggestion, Kell nods his head in agreement as he looks from one Lady to another, his attention on Nares at an end now as there are no words the Hedge Knight would want to share with the man.

Indeed, the show, for the time being, is done, and Liliana reslings her bow, moving back towards the waterskins and the maid she left guarding them. Not that Eli has much more than the common knife all and sundry carry for daily tasks, but it's the thought that counts, damnit. Allowing the hedge knight to deal with the ironborn, Liliana will attempt to begin the work of replenishing water, needing none of the attention of the men on the wall to do it, the task easy enough to be done quickly, and allow them to continue their guard without interruption.

Once the body is dumped alongside that of Revyn, Nares kicks the bucket over and allows the water to drain into the ground before picking it up. He gives a final look to the wall, takes a quick bow and heads back in the direction of town. Specifically, the tavern. On his way though he does call to those who had been operating the catapults. "Sorry about that lads, don't let me keep you any longer." And with that he off to enjoy a pint or three with the Orkmonts.

Pressing back against the crenilation, Muirenn allows Anais and her guard to move down first before following. Carefully she picks her way down, lifting her skirts above her ankles to ensure her steps are sure. "You are very strong my Lady. It was well done." she murmurs before moving towards the door and back inside with the patients, hurrying in an attempt to beat the hail of sacred rubble that she knows is coming.

Anais draws a deep breath when she reaches the ground again, walking quickly to the hall once more before answering Muirenn. "Thank you," she says quietly, her cheeks flushing with a delayed rush of adrenaline. "If we're lucky, they'll take it as enough of a challenge to come within bowshot, and we can pick a few of them off. More like they'll fling a few more rocks. And possibly more grisly things."