Page 336: Day Old Bread
Day Old Bread
Summary: Saffron goes shopping and Kamron seeks his betrothed.
Date: 21 June 2012
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Saffron Kamron 
The Market Square, Seagard
During the Ironborn siege, this sprawling marketplace was one of the sites that took the worst of the assault. Fires burned the buildings to hollows and blood stained the cobbles. Now, it stands reborn with freshly hewn stone and wood. Roads like the spokes of a wheel come together to a large open square of flat stone; there are bits of exposed dirt here and there where the cobbles are still being placed. Buildings, all ranging in stages of construction, are neatly mismatched together like puzzle pieces around the open square. The Street of the Ropemakers and the Street of the Clothmakers are in the worst shape, but even they have begun to show signs of returning to business as usual. Such things as the blacksmith and baker shops are the first completed and open storefronts while smaller establishments like the herbalist and commonplace clothiers still working outside their still-unfinished shops. Wandering merchants push about carts of goods from dawn to dusk, but when night falls this becomes the most quiet expanse in all Seagard.
June 21, 289

Still in a state of rebuilding, the Marketplace hums with the sound of builders, patrons, and merchants. The most important shops have had their buildings restored first — including the baker. The shops windows are open wide, allowing that glorious smell of fresh-baked bread to waft out and intice passerbyers. Its interior glows with its sheer rebirth, wood-slat walls as warm as honey. Saffron is speaking in great earnest with the baker, and Hara is already carrying a burlap sack heavy with loaves. Plopped down at her feet is Bear, a twine tied to his ribbon-collar and looped around the belt of her wildfire-green gown. If he had a tail, it would be thumping merrily against the stone floors; instead, his butt just jiggles.

'Walk it off.' That's the advice given to Kamron Mallister. His legs aren't hurt, and so he's been sent out and about. And that's a great excuse to walk through the town he almost remembers. And that in turn, is a great excuse to find his betrothed. And so he leans into the side of the entrance with his right shoulder (his left shoulder hurts way, way too much). "I don't think puppies eat bread." The teasing words lift up easily, a grin on his lips. "I do like that dress on you."

Whatever negotiations the young woman is in with the baker seem to conclude with a bow from the man and a smile from the woman. "Thank you," she says to him kindly as she looks to Hara. Whatever she is about to say to the dark-haired woman goes unsaid as she hears the familiar lilt of her betrothed's voice. She turns to him with a brilliant smile, and she steps forward toward him with a sweep of her wildfire-green skirts. Bear is more than happy to bound alongside his Lady, chasing after those flowing skirts. "Hello, My Dearest," she murmurs fondly as she arches up onto the balls of her feet to press a kiss solidly against his cheek. She lingers just enough to brush her nose across his skin.

Kamron reaches over to point at his cheek as she approaches, accepting the kiss with good grace, and that little brush of the tip of her nose with a growing grin… and a slight goose at her side. "And has your new friend been good company thus far? Has he gotten your whole life story out of you yet?" He deadpans a moment, "I've found he's a very good listener." And then that grin cracks open his lips, "Something I never could get the hang of myself."

Saffron bites softly at her lower lip as she withdraws — her eyes burn like blue flame, though she manages to withdraw from him before the heat is felt too long. She looks down at the corgi who has starts to sniff around her skirts, nudging his nose up under the green hem curiously. She sweeps the silk aside, and Bear gives a slightly reproachful whine as he scoots after them cautiously. "He has been adored by everyone who sees him, and I swear Anais is going to kidnap him if she is given the chance. Master Kain has offered to help me train him properly though." She does smile at him. "I've decided he is here to keep me company when you cannot."

Kamron pushes away from the doorway, stepping outside of the portal so that she (and the puppy) can follow out into the street. "I thought that might be a useful role. I simply can't be around all the time." One blue-gray eye winks shut, "Anais cannot have Bear. If she's really so interested, I can tell Jacsen where I got him, but that's between the two of them." There's a mock seriousness to his words, even though his grin remains solidly in place. He crouches down, offering one hand out to the puppy and then his other hand reaches down to touch lightly at the top of her slippered foot, a memory of the ride back from a terrible time.

Hara follows her Lady and the wee monster out, her bag full of bread. Saffron pauses just outside on the warm, sunlit cobbles and Bear is more than happy to be given attention from the Mallister knight — he would take attention from anyone, really. Little pupwhore. She bites her lip softly at the touch of his hand to her foot, feeling the calloused warmth of his skin against her own. "Kamron," she murmurs softly, looking down at him with a gentle glimmer in her eyes. There is a soft flush rising on her cheeks.

Kamron looks up with a grin, "Yes?" His bruised fingers squeeze gently even as he ruffles Bear's upstanding little ears. And then he drops his hand away from her foot, "I did learn enough to listen for the sound of my name, My Lady." And both hands are on the pup's neck, ruffling at his ears and letting him bite at the sides of his hands. There's a warm little smile on his face, even if it's turned down at the little monster, and he enjoys the memory of the delicate little bones of her foot beneath his fingers.

Hopefully he won't detect the faintest quiver that runs through her. Saffron holds her lower lip gently between her teeth, and she shakes her head a bit before she finally releases a small breath. "I was just making sure you hadn't forgotten. Your name," she soon clarifies. Then she breathes out a steady exhale before she nods. "Perhaps we should walk." And she bends down so she can scoop up the gnawing puppy with ease. There is a soft smile on her lips as she holds out her hand to be taken and slipped around his arm.

Kamron doesn't peek up to see that caught-up lip, oh no, not at all. That, of course, a complete lie. He slips a look up past his scarred brow, and his grin spreads just a bit. As she scoops up his playmate, the knight rises, offering out his arm and collecting her hand to set it atop his arm and beneath his other hand, "So how did you get roped into collecting bread for the encampment, Lady Saffron? Or were you so desperate to avoid seeing me that you would take any errand that needed to be run?"

"I'm afraid I have ulterior motives," Saffron says with a half-tilt of her head. "I've been coming to the baker over the last few days, buying from his day old stores and some of the ill-fated loaves. There's a couple tricks that I've heard of in my studies about ways to cook bread to provide extra meals — shire pudding, fat cakes." She provides the knight with a slightly shy look. "Until we wed, I imagine I will still get my allowances from the Banefort. The Roost should not have to support me." As they begin to walk, her fingertips slide down the interior of his forearm, gracing that sensitive line of nerves and veins.

That little play of fingers is enough to draw gooseflesh up Kamron's arm, and he laughs softly, "And after we wed, it will be Seagard providing that allowance." A little laughter lifts from his lips, although there's a bit of a throaty touch to it, "I do wonder if Lord Mallister thought of that." His steps guide them nearly at random through the rebuilt streets, the walls of the keep providing an easy point of reference should they get lost, "I'm sure that the Terrick-sworn here at the tournament will appreciate it, Lady Saffron. They must be getting a bit sick of soups." By his tone, he's not among the 'they.' Then again, he's always been more comfortable with a nice fish stew than with fancy feasting dishes. "I'm glad you're thinking of that sort of thing. It's more proof than I needed that I made the right choice to request this match."

"I imagine some of my dowry will play into that," Saffron says after an earnest and thoughtful pause. Whatever concerns she still has for the Roost is lightened considerably as he speaks his heart on the match, his fondness, and her own deeds. She blushes softly, nodding her head. "Perhaps I'm merely trying to channel my sister's spirit now and then. If Terras could see the Roost, she would be doing far more than just buying day old bread. She was a champion of causes." There is a soft smile on her lips. As if detached from their words, her fingertips draw up his arm once more. "Would you care for some dinner, My Lord? I think I would like to rest my feet a bit."

Kamron nods his head slowly, "I had actually thought about talking to Lord Mallister, asking if some portion of your dowry might be given to The Roost, either directly or in lowered tariffs on shipments heading to them, since we are both staying there for the time being." His hand squeezes lightly over hers, "And you are doing far more than buying day old bread as well, My Lady Saffron. You need not measure yourself against your sister in any way." That is soft and quiet, intimate even. What follows, however, is accompanied by a fond little laugh, "It's you that I want to have dinner with, and when the time comes, to make you my wife and partner."