Darion Terrick


The Spotted Eagle

This is the story of the spotted eagle of the Terricks. Born Darion Olix Terrick. Son of ser Jerrik Terrick and lady Dina Ryger. The younger brother of ser Deete Terrick. The two brothers being quite alike yet different. Both quite disobediant though while Deete was the one more arrogant and taking use of his noble position while Darion fell victim to enjoying to be a commoner. More or less at least. Associating himself with them far more than seems right perhaps.

Born about a year after Deete and to some degree becoming the forgotten son. Both were of course taken care of the same but their parents would give more attention to Deete and Darion always being in his shadow. Instead getting more care from the retainers of the household. The commoners. Thus his ties to them getting quite better than even those to his own parents. Even so he is still quite close to his brother. Despite their differences. The both of them becoming pages alongside one another and then squiring for two friends. So they still got to spend time along one another. Perhaps planned by their parents, to keep the brothers close, or just coincidence.


Growing up and being a quite good soldier while still being a squire. Though unlike most others he choose the weapon of the common man, the spear. Even if he to a start still got to learn with the sword and bludgeon as well, he still but most time to the spear and to not make it seem too out of place he learned to ride nicely as well. Though this not being so much when training but rather when he found himself alone and able to borrow a horse.

Though he does take in all of the teachings that he was given. Soon enough his knight got called in to go to join Robert's rebellion. Still quite young and not having grown fully. But still enough to be of help. Opting to use the spear as his first choice. Joining into a war that changes his life quite a bit.

To war

Going into war with his knight and serving him in all ways he could. Fighting with him and they managed to do quite well. Beating back their opponents. Though near the end it turned a bit badly. The reason being because of arrows. Striking down in their area and Darion moved to protect his knight, getting several arrowsinto his back. Luckily his armor protected him from dying. But he wasn't far from dying. Losing blood and so on. Lady luck on his side.

It all came to an end soon after and the knight brought his brave squire back to try and get the healers to look to his wounds. Being unconscious for a long time as they tried to save him. They manage to do so, but his back has become scarred with his actions permanently.

Pain & Knighthood

When he did recover it did take a bit longer for him to be back to normal. Though he never became fully back to normal. His body recovered and is almost better than it had been before, thanks to him training hard and being a strong person as is. But at times he still could feel the pain burn on his back. Spirits making it feel less. So more and more he would start to drink to ease the pain. Though most often just enough to be able to move without pain. Though he still came to love booze and despite if he still has the pain, he still likes to drink.

Once he had recovered and move around and such, he was taken back into service. Mostly to let him learn the chivalrous ways and the way a knight should act. Just to let him grow a bit. Though he soon got knighted. Around 18. For the bravery he had shown and that he had acted fearlessly and wagered his own life. Able to come out alive and was thought to be going to become a great knight. And also the etiquette he had shown during the time after his injury in the service back at the Roost.

The People's Champion

Still rather enjoying carrying a spear and using it as his main weapon. Although in case of it breaking he also carries a smaller axe at his side. But with the spear as his main weapon and love for the horses made him quite ideal at tourneys. Riding with a lance and all that. He managed decently at his first tourney, even if he did not win. But he did good enough to want to leave to try and continue doing this. Despite his parents rather wanting him to stay. Though he never was an obediant person so he managed to get his ways and set off on his adventure.

He got to compete at many places around the Seven kingdoms. Even winning some. Taking on the name of the spotted eagle once he had gotten some reputation. The reasons his but soon enough more called him such. Win, lose or whatever. He usually would stay along with the commoners. Even if he was a noble knight. He fought for them really, and soon enough another nickname showed up. If not by all, but some, commoners. The people's champion.

Home We Go

He continued his tourneys for a bit, though he wasn't alone. Along the way he had picked up a girl. A commoner. Having her with him all the time. His lucky charm and his lover. Still being young and stupid perhaps. Naive and wanting to at some point marry her. Even though he knew what was expected from him. To marry a noble lady and so on. That is perhaps why things in the end turned out for the best, even if it left him heartbroken.

Around the time of the invasion on the Roost and Seagard, Darion went on a ride to go homewards. Not in time to push the ironmen back. But he did join in the attack on the iron isles. The iron rebellion. Some perhaps thinking he would be a levy, if it wasn't for his armor. Fighting along the other Terricks there. Pushing in until they defeated their opponents. Then returning to the Roost and getting to know that his love had gotten raped and killed by bandits in the woods outside of the Roost.

Change of Mind

Darion went into hiding for quite some time after that. But he decided to stay. To stop tourneying. Or at least not have it as his full time job. Opting to use his skills first and foremost for defeating enemies. Such as the bandits. So when he finally came out, he was a new kind of man. Still courageous, still close to the commoners, even still quite disobediant and in love with booze. The last perhaps more so for a start.

But he would still also be the spotted eagle. A name taken because of the things he had been through. Being a noble among commoners. A man that has his back spotted by arrows. And a man that has been through fame and loss. He is and will always be the spotted eagle. Having that reminder upon his back forever.

Jerrik Terrick - Father
Dina Ryger - Mother
Deete Terrick - Elder brother

Allies and Foes

Soon to come