Darek Boldt
Ser Darek Boldt
Diego Boneta
Diego Boneta as Ser Darek Boldt
name: Ser Darek Boldt
father: Maxmillon the Minstrel
mother: Jesska
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 18
height: 5'11"
weight: 165ish
eyes: Brown
hair: Fabulously Brown
honorific: Ser
house: Ashwood
position: Household Knight


Born out of wedlock to a traveling minstrel and a barmaid, Darek tumbled around Stone Hedge as a child, helping out and getting into trouble where he could. After facing down a group of bullies to protect a girl, he was taken on as a page, and then squire, to Ser Henrik Caddock, an aged household knight.

After Ser Henrik's death, Darek was sent out to find his son, Ser Jac Caddock, and squire for the now-Charlton-sworn Caddock.

During his time at The Roost with Lady Alys and Ser Jac, Darek managed to find rather a lot of trouble, including being punched by a nobleman. Some say it was for insulting a noblewoman, while others say it was for complimenting her.

His time at Highfield has been colored by rumors about a dalliance with a boy, a barfight over a girl, and his making a little extra coin by playing at the inn now and then — in addition to a rather heavy load of training from the new Captain of the Guard.

Darek marched south to Stonebridge with Ser Jac and the rest of the Charlton and Haigh forces. During the Battle of Stonebridge, he fought alongside his knight, successfully closing with some of the Nayland levies and helping to force them back. He retreated from that push with the men-at-arms when the withdrawal was called.

The change from Charlton of Highfield to Ashworth mattered very little to Darek, and he kept on with his training and other duties — as well as his occasional playing at the Ash and Oak Inn.

When common children began to disappear from Highfield, Darek received permission from Ser Jac to investigate. He worked with Mortimer Trevelyan, one of the Deputy Sheriffs of Terrick's Roost to coordinate searches before any nobles beyond the Sheriff of the Roost were involved. Once Lady Hafwen was taken and noble assistance began to pour in, Darek took to making patrols alone, or with only Master Trevelyan, avoiding the larger group searches. The two eventually discovered the location of the Hunter, the Weeping Woman, the Imps, and the Woman's wolves — as well as most of the missing children.

In the fight that followed, Darek squared off against the Hunter on his own, holding him off and then getting the best of him before Master Trevelyan and one of the nobles came to assist. The three finished the Hunter off, and Lady Hafwen, Mott, Inna, and two boys from Heronhurst were rescued.

Lady Ceinlys Erenford, mother to Lady Hafwen, sent Darek a jeweled sword in thanks for his efforts, and Ser Jac knighted the young man. He had a single day theoretically as a hedge knight, and then swore his sword to Highfield as a household knight.


Maxmillon the Minstrel: A traveling minstrel who makes rounds of the Riverlands. Known as a fiddler, singer, and seducer of women.
Jesska: A barmaid at an inn in Stone Hedge, seat of the Brackens, a mostly uninterested single mother.
Ser Henric Caddock: The knight who took him as page and squire, Ser Henric was more a father to Darek than any other man in his life.
Charlott Caddock: Ser Henric's wife, a warm, motherly woman with a talent for feeding people very well.

Physical Features

The first thing most people notice about this young man is his hair — luxurious curling locks of dark brown splendor. Beneath that wealth of hair tumbling around his ears and the back of his neck, he is an athletically-built young man, with an open face, sharp features, and broad shoulders that slope downwards a touch as they spread. His nose is straight and clean, his eyes dark and topped with even darker brows, his chin is sharp and cleft, but the crowning glory (besides his hair) are a pair of thin lips that blossom into brightness when he smiles, casting dimples about them. The young man stands right about six feet in height, and has a narrow frame hardened by lean lines of muscle.


Afraid of Large Dogs: Attacked by a hound during a hunt as a child, Darek is skittish around most dogs, and downright fearful of large ones.

Religious: Not quite pious (that doesn't leave enough room for mischief), Darek is nonetheless deeply religious, believing wholeheartedly in the Seven.

Hair Power: Like the legendary Samson, Darek's power is in his hair. Were he ever to be shorn of it, he would be greatly weakened — this is borne out by the few times someone has forced the young man to cut his hair short.

Show-Off: Darek is very good at some things, and likes positive reinforcement. He'll take most any opportunity to show off his skills, be they at fiddling, throwing a punch, or simply making himself look like a fool.

Fiddle Style

Darek is a fiddler, and an enthusiastic and skilled one at that. If rock and roll existed in Westeros, he would be a rock legend — at least in his own head. He likes to play tavern music, reels, and folk songs in particular. Below are a few inspirations for his musical style:

His personal style:
The Dueling Fiddlers, Back in Black
Peter Lee Johnson, Dream On
David Garrett, We Will Rock You
The Dueling Fiddlers, Lose Yourself/Smells Like Teen Spirit
David Garrett, Flight of the Bumblebee
Charlie Daniels, The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Roman Soto, Joker and the Thief (Cello, but close enough)

More traditional sounds:
Gaelic Storm, Slingshot
Ashley McIsaac, Sleepy Maggie
Celtic Fiddle Fest, Laridé De Pontivy Et De Josselin
Mychael Danna, The Blood of Cuchulainn

Allies and Foes

Aleister_icon.jpg Lord Ashwood If you listen to all the stories the squires tell, he's the scariest guy around. Dunno, but then again, I've never actually met him.
Jac_icon.jpg Captain of the Guard My former knight. Not a bad sort, even if he's a bit of an old grump. Shouldn't have expected anything less. He's his father's son, and that's a compliment. His (usually) unasked-for advice on girls makes me feel like a soppy prat, but it kinda works.
Daryl_icon.jpg Lord Seems a good enough sort, for a noble. Pretty down-to-earth, and likes good ale. And at least he helped bring the common kids back from the Hunter and the Weeping Woman as well as Lady Hafwen. That's pretty much good enough for me.
Erik_icon.jpg Sheriff of Highfield Arrogant as all fuck, but he's good at what he does. Which just makes me hope that Sela's always on the right side of the law in Highfield.

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