Danyel Groves


Ser Danyel Groves was born on June 19th in 268. Being only thirdborn son to the secondary line of the House Groves it was a struggle for attention for him from the start, but he managed to live with it, even drawing more and more ambition from it.

But first of all, like most non-titled male nobles he was chosen to page for a famous knight on the battlefield at the age of 10, Ser Isaac Groves, a distant cousin. Ambitious and fierce enough, he was working hard enough to show prowess in the chivalry skills soon enough, spending as much time as his young body allowed him to besides his duties as a page.

Thus it was no surprise that he was no later taken as a squire by the knight once he reached his 14th birthday, maybe helped by the circumstance that the former squire had died of a serious wound suffered on the battlefield. With now even more responsibility on his hands, and further, the expectation to finally see some serious battle action for himself, instead of the boring training, Danyel worked even harder in the sparring, though his temper getting sometimes the better of him, when things weren’t going the right way. His temper was also a reason, why he got himself in more than one brawl and was punished for it, and maybe would have been more severely, if it wouldn’t have been for his noble blood.

Besides all the physical training, he slowly realized he was pretty much at the bottom of the line, considering the power of his family and being the ambitious and cocky one he was, he wasn’t one to stick with this. He knew that brute force alone wouldn’t win him anything in the struggle for power, that’s why he searched for teachers to study the art of the way of words to make people do what you want, instead of simply of putting a sword through their chest.

During Robert’s Rebellion Danyel was merely 15 years old so he couldn’t do much about it, fighting on the Targaryen’s side, sadly, like all of his house, but it still sticks deep within him, hurting his pride, like any defeat would.

Despite the setback, he kept working hard on his battle skillls, and after proving himself again and again on the battlefield he was found worthy enough to be knighted at the age of 18.

After fighting against the Ironmen, where Kingsgrove was actually pretty much unscathed, Danyel finds himself currently travelling to Stonebridge, looking for new adventures, and possibly politics to mingle.


Physical Features

Standing at about 5'10, Danyel appears to be in his early twenties. His hair is dark, almost black. Short in the back, it is yet not so uncommon to have a roguish lock to fall carelessly over his eyes in the front. His eyes happen to be a bright, vivid blue. His gaze is piercing, cunning while at that same time sparkling with intelligence and charm. He has a square jaw, his mouth usually curled in either a cocksure grin or easy smirk.

He carries himself with an arrogant counternance. His body is lean and sinewy and he moves with an almost cat-like grace and agility. He is currently dressed in a flowing, white shirt that laces up the front which is tucked neatly into a pair of black leather breeches.

On his feet are a pair of shiny black boots. He also wears a black velvet cape, which is draped nonchalantly across one shoulder.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity


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