Danae Tordane


Come to Stonebridge by way of Seagard, the Westerling Lady brought with her a small retinue of traders and artisans who glimmered with the trade of the West: refined and delicate metal lacework, precious stones, and larger metal-smithed works as well, all for the asking. The lady cousin to the current head of the Westerling house, the opportunity for ties had drawn her from the craggy shores of the West and the cradle of the Lannisters. Although trade was brokered and new bonds made, the politics of the Riverlands were often uncertain. April of 289 Ser Gedeon Rivers was named to henceforth be known as Gedeon Tordane, the legitimate heir to the late Lord Geoffrey Tordane, and so the Knight of Stonebridge, tearing the hold away from the Nayland House. Upon receiving this letter, Ser Rygar Nayland challenged Gedeon to a judicial duel to be held on the stone bridge on Sunday, April 29, 289. After secretly wedding Gedeon Tordane the eve before the duel, Danae saw him slain the next day. Her husband's body still lay bloody on the bridge, when she rose to claim the sword for her son, making her marriage public, and leaving Stonebridge contested once more.

She had some success, forming a strong ally through her cousin's marriage to House Charlton and making an impression on its Lord Keegan Charlton. An army was raised and Stonebridge was briefly seiged, but in the end it was for naught. In midst of October of 289, the Lady Danae Tordane was found dead on the borders of the Terrick and Nayland lands. She was found sunken beneath the waters of a pond with her body wreathed in waterlilies and fallen leaves. With the Lady's passage, goes the life of her child, as both join Lord Gedeon Tordane in the hands of the Seven.


Ser Ilde Westerling - Father
Josephyne Westerling - Mother
Dyrion Westerling - Eldest brother
Garett Westerling - Elder Brother
Cherise Charlton nee' Westerling - Cousin

Physical Features

With eyes as blue as the skies over the tumultuous western seas, Danae watches the world around her with a calm countenance that matches a solemn self-possession. Her colouring speaks of her Western birth with tawny blonde hair which frames her strong, fair features and a long nose that is scattered with freckles across its bridge. A wide, generous mouth balances the strong line of her jaw and keen eyes and it is given to rare, warm smiles. There is a lingering sweetness to her gestures, gentle and without wasted gesticulation, that softens her direct looks and unflinching graces.

A slim chain dotted with charms in the form of the small shells, delicately sculpted in precious stones of cool hues and knotted with gold, such as those that mark her maiden houses' heraldry, is wrapped around her wrist and coils around it three times. This single piece of jewellery serves as the only contrast to the crisp blacks that make up her mourning gowns.



* The Hardest of Hearts - Florence + the Machine
* The Sea and the Rhythm - Iron & Wine
* Love Love Love - Of Monster and Men
* Heartlines - Florence + the Machine


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