Damien Erenford


Born to Lord Chandlyr Roeman Erenford and Lady Isla Erenford nee Haigh, Damien Brise Erenford is the middle child of the three at nineteen years old. He would often get caught with the blacksmith of the house, learning how to pound metal and form weapons with armor. His excuse to avoid reprimand was knowledge was power and blacksmithing was power to create deadly sharp blades and armor. Along with learning the smithing side of things he saw it fit to learn the laws of the lands to help ensure things ran as they were supposed to even if he didnt have any say he still wished to learn. Lord Chandlyr and his knights devoted much time in training Damien and his brother. His brother usually always bested Damien with the spear but for some reason Damien took a keen eye to the way of a sword and almost always bested his older brother in training. At a rough age of twelve Damien asked his father if he could travel to the House of Frey and learn from their knights to widen his base of knowledge of that for a young knight in training. Both the Lord and Lady agreed and set up an arraignment for him to travel to the House of Frey to train with them until they saw him fit to become a knight where he would be sent back to his house in preparations of being knighted after completing the Knights challenge to prove he was ready. Since his knighting he entered into a couple of tournaments but lost, He has been seen at the forages in his spare time enhancing his armor and helmet. He listens very well and can be seen speaking with everyone that serves the house and seeing how they all fair. Upon his return he asked the maester to show him use of the ravens incase a time was ever needed and the maester wasnt available.


Physical Features

This young man stands just under six feet tall with medium curly dirty-blonde hair covering his head and half of his ears. Darker blue eyes sit perfectly on his face which pierce out from his slightly pale skin. Thin lips hide his white teeth, his jawline is sharp and defined. He has a smaller neck and broad shoulders which show his extensive training along with the rest of his toned torso.
A white shirt can be seen at the neck under his fitting green tunic that has the Erenford crest embroidered upon it. His dark colored breeches are loose to the fit but look comfortable. Brown hard sole boots cover his feet and look well worn in.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity


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