Page 453: Cries from the Rooftop
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Summary: Darion meet the mother with a fussy baby.
Date: 20/10/2012
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Darion Alisynn Kaicee 
Roof Terrace
This is open to the air except for the rookery at the opposite end of the open walkway. Parapets and crenellations are about.
Friday October 19th, 289

The morning is still rather young. Though Darion being up early as usual has already made his trip into town and then back to the tower. Only to find himself moving to the roof to get some peace and quiet. A place away from all the rest.

Uh oh. Lady Anais said as long as Kaicee wouldn't disrupt anything, then she was free to come to work with Alisynn. For some reason, today, she is a fussy baby indeed. So, during a break from the work day, she seeks a place to be alone with the baby and perhaps let her get fresh air at the same time. When she notices the stairs leading up, she takes them, stepping out onto the roof she gently rocks the baby trying to soothe her as she paces around. "It's ok, Kaicee, mama's here.." she croons in a soft voice.

Darion looks over to the fuzzing baby. Though instead of getting annoyed, he smiles. Perhaps it makes him think to his own child. The one who he does not keep around. Not wishing people to treat the child badly. "She's cute." He offers to the young mother. Finding something to lean against as he watches the two. Having recently changed into his normal Terrick clothes, with the spotted crest of the house visible on his chest.

Not expecting others around, Alisynn is caught off guard by finding one of the Terricks. "Oh, I'm very sorry my lord. I had no wish to intrude on your quiet time, I had thought the roof would be.." vacant. His compliment though sends a rush of pleasure through her, "Thank you, her name is Kaicee." Offering, though he hadn't asked and quite unable to offer a curtsey while holding the baby so she settles for a respectful nod. "I'm not sure what's wrong, but she should quiet down soon. If not, I can take her elsewhere."

Darion smiles and shakes his head. "Ser is enough. Darion." He offers. Shrugging. "It is vacant, except for me here." Tilting his head as he looks to the baby. "Hi Kaicee. Are you sleepy? Or perhaps miss something?" He suggests. Smiling brightly. "IT is fine. She will probably calm down soon. How about you? What is your name?"

"Ser Darion, thank you. I'm Alisynn Maison." His suggestions get a brief glance and a light shrug. "She had a long nap, and she ate just before it. She may be hungry again." A pinkening of her cheeks accompanies her words and she looks away briefly. "Or yes, she could be missing someone." Not something, as he suggests. Gently, she continues rocking the baby, trying to soothe her. "I'm new here, at the keep I mean."

Darion nods to her words. Smiling and listening. Though hearing her say 'someone' makes him furrow his brows. Thinking that the father perhaps has passed on. "Ah, that could be it as well. New enviroments I mean." He suggests. Smiling still.

With the frown, Alisynn figures he has realized she's an unmarried mother, so her chin lifts marginally as if responding to a challenge. A slight wariness enters her eyes and as she tries to make Kaicee more comfortable, she turns the baby in her arms to face out more so she can look around. Immediately the fussing stops as the baby stares wide eyed at the man before her. After a brief moment, the fussing begins again to be shortly turned into a sad, sad cry.

"I'm very sorry, Ser Darion," turning the baby to face her once more.

Darion doesn't think about her being unmarried or not. Nor does he actually frown, just furrowing those brows of his. "Her father passed on?" He finally asks. Shaking his head. "It is fine." He offers to the apology. Smiling at the babe though. Even though she is fussing again. "I think she wants her father perhaps." He suggests and looks a bit saddened now.

"I think you're right, Ser. And no, her father has no passed on, he.." Alisynn shrugs, "He's busy. Working in town, I suppose." Not really knowing what Ciaran did with his time when he was away from her and Kaicee. "We're not married." Bracing herself for the insults that usually accompany those very words.

Darion ahs, "I see." He offers and smiles. Not seeming to pay much attention about it being a bastard either. "She is quite a sweet one though." He offers. Glancing around a bit, "Perhaps, if you have time, you should find him." He suggests though still sticking around up here himself.

"He usually finds us when he wants to see Kaicee, but the suggestion is a good one, Ser." Alisynn relaxes when there are no insults offered, even offering a bit of a friendly smile to him. "Thank you, I think she's wonderful." Brushing her lips over the baby's head before looking back at him. "Do you have children?" Not really knowing anything much about the people she works for.

Darion nods to her words, raising a brow but not asking more about that. As for having children of his own, he shakes his head. Though his gaze becomes distance at the question. At least for a short moment. He doesn't speak though. "I hope all three of you are happy." He offers instead.

Once settled against her mother again, Kaicee stops crying and shifts back to only fussing. Unable to find any alternatives, she gives the knight an apologetic look. Though his words do cause a moment of thoughtfulness, her own brow furrows. "I suppose we are, I have never really thought about it. I've only been doing things to ensure the happiness of Kaicee. As Ciaran, her father does. Are we happy? Kaicee and I are. Ciaran and Kaicee are. So, yes, I would have to say we are. Thank you for asking." Her ponderings only lead to more unanswered questions though.

Darion nods to her words, not asking more. Though a comforting smile is given. Seeing as she didn't speak of herself and the father being happy together. "I hope they keep like that and keeps getting better." He offers and moves to look out over the green. Seeing the sea from the roof of the tower as well.
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Caught that did he? Alisynn is only uncertain because she sees very little of him, though instead of voicing anything more on that topic, she smiles sweeetly. "I am sure they will be, though I admit privacy for relationships is difficult to come by in servant's quarters, so we spend little time alone."

Darion nods, "I understand. You can always find yourself privacy towards the cove or in a room in the inn." He suggests with another smile. Though he then chuckles, glancing over to her again. "Or up here."

Alisynn looks around the roof top and realizes they are indeed alone. "Is there many people up here ever? Other than now, I mean?" Knowing it would be good to talk with Ciaran sometime further on what he saw in their future.

Darion shakes his head. "Not that I know. At times perhaps. But at least once in awhile you will be able to find yourself alone up her. At times there will be guards though. Else there are guards inside, as you probably noticed." He offers to her about that.

Alisynn ponders a moment. "Perhaps I should go and find her father then, and ask him whether he is happy or not with the way things are." Offering a grateful smile and manages another polite nod of her head. "Thank you for listening and the offer of advice."

Darion turns and offers a bow, "My pleasure. And if I may ask, what is it you do here?" He asks. Smiling still. Though he will start to move to leave as well. "I should actually get back to working as well." He tells her.

"I am a scribe. You can often find me in the reading room, penning away. I fear I am destined for ink smudges on my hands and face, though I could think of worse. It is a pleasure meeting you, Ser Darion, I do hope we meet again." Alisynn nods, realizing they were both leaving.

Darion smiles and nods to her. Though is gone as soon as they reach the stairs. Heading on before her.