Page 040: Coyn For a Song
Coyn For a Song
Summary: Eyrian known as Deanna trades a song for coin to a Ser.
Date: 21 Aug 2011
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Coyn Eyrian 
Rockcliffe Inn — Terrick's Roost
The Rockcliff Inn is one of the better inns within the town and it shows with the well-lit interior and the relative cleanliness to the other locations in Terrick's Roost. The tables are polished with oils and the floor regularly swept. A set of booths towards a darker rear of the Inn's bottom floor, just beneath the staircase, are where whores generally socialize and eye prospects from when not waiting tables. Signs over the undersized bar area advertise prices for ales and wines as well as several different choices of food to be served at the small eating area by the bar or in the main open area in its comfortable seating. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen and cellar while another near the staircase leads to a private room that would appear to be off-limits to the 'wait staff' except for food and drink service.
Sun August 21, 288

The night is early but oddly an already rowdy one within the Rockcliffe. Eyrian, now known is Deanna coils her way through the bodies pressing here and there, her hands folding tightly to the mugs she claims along the way. "Get me an ale, wench!" Cries a man as she passes and it's all she can do to keep him from balling his hands into her skirts. "On it." She growls at him and then turns away, her red dye fading from those dark near black locks. Her linen kerchief has been forgotten for a quickly pinned do that is all but falling out in the heat, curling here and there about her face in thick waves.

A heavy clink of the empty mugs as they hit the bar sound and then she is leaning. "I need eight more.." The tender eyes her. "Coin." He presses his finger to the bar and then reluctantly she growls, pulling the coins free to set them down atop the bar. As they spin and rest in a lazy pile, he begins to fill the mugs as she leans against the bar.

With another day's work having been completed, Coyn's been released from service for the day and the first place that he's decided to venture down to is the Rockcliff Inn. He's clad in the telltale armor of a Banefort Sworn, obviously not having stopped to change on the way and as he moves within, he's angling almost immediately to the bar. Lips curve to the hints of a smirk as his eyes dart around and when that bar is reached, he's moving to settle some coin upon the wood of it. Heedless that the 'tender is filing another order, he's simply calling out, "Give me two ales and be quick about it."

As the newcomer hops right up, the tender shoves the two first full mugs at him and 'Deanna' bulks. "Hey now! I got patrons waiting on those.." There is a cry from the man who tried to grab her skirts. "WENCH!" She growls beneath her breath and shoots Coyn a look as presses her face to her hand, curling hair back behind her ear with a brush as then her drink order starts to be filled once more, leaning heavily against the bar as she murmurs, "Have a good evening…" She looks him over only briefly, "Ser."

That comment of having patrons waiting has Coyn shifting his eyes in the direction of 'Deanna', the smirk remaining plastered to his lips as he then looks in the direction of where 'WENCH' was called from. When he finally looks back to her, a low chuckle begins to escape his lips, "S'my plan and with drink, I'm sure it'll happen. But, if you'd like to speed things up, I'd be happy to part with my drink if you're looking to pay." There's the briefest of winks to her before he's turning to claim one of the mugs in his hand.

Deanna gives him that long assessive eye and then she narrows her gaze on him. "I paid for mine already…sir.." She says and looks that mug over. "Better to wait and then waste what little money I do have…" A wink. She huffs and then lifts her chin. The tender is sliding the mugs to her and she has to hold up her hand to keep the row of them from falling over, grabbing the first four with her left hand and then reaching for the rest with her right. Waiting for the last two, she watches him and hears the cry of WENCH once more. "Oh Gods.." She mutters and nearly nip checks Coyn to get to her last mug with a grasp of reaching fingers. As she turns, she means to sweep back away with them to start depositing them at tables.

The mug comes to Coyn's lips and after a long haul of the liquid has been taken, he's lowering it back down to the top of the bar before offering, quite simply, "I didn't say anything about paying with coin, did I?" He doesn't look back to her, at least not until that cry of 'wench' sounds out and when his gaze shifts to the source of it, he's offering the man a quick look before turning his head back to Deanna, "May wanna hurry up with that one. I don't think he's going to wait much longer." That near hip check and sweep away has the knight shifting a touch to his side as his eyes wonder down the length of her frame before lifting back up and then there's the case of a wandering hand, one in which would sneak out to try and grab her backside as she moves away.

The Blackbird is a spry thing even before becoming a tavern wench and now she has learned hands wander far more quickly than they had when she had been a minstrel. Deanna slips to the side out of his reach and she shoots a dark gaze back at him. A faint smirk touches her lips. "Gotta be faster, Ser." She says with a quip before she is off, weaving her way back through the crammed tables of gambling and rabble rousing. She is setting mugs down and twisting out of grasps as she can't get away from them quite so easily while caring for the dirnks.

"Aye! Ge' ovah 'ere!" He's crying, the man with his mouth full of wench. She sets the last mug down before him and he's looping his arm around her waist and drawing her close to his lap, he sets her there. "Hey now.." Deanna starts, "We have whores for that…I am serving ale so you best be letting me go." She instructs him as she tries to pry his meaty paws off of her. The larger man just hugs her her close and peers forward. "We wants a song!" He proclaims, "Don't we fellas?" Eyrian looks about at the others as suddenly they cheer out, lifting their mugs upward and Deanna half smiles. "Awww, I know you like it..but I can't right now. I will later?" There is a look of 'now' as one chirps up. "Sing! Sing that song about the North.."

She's fast and that fact draws a quick laugh from Coyn's lips as he gives a shake of his head and as she looks back to him, his brow lofts upwards as his own smirk answers hers, "You got it, darlin. I'll keep that in mind for next time." His mug is then lifted back to his lips, the contents of the first simply drained and the empty set aside before he's claiming the second. That's when his eyes shift to scan about the room once more and when he catches sight of Deanna and the man, a low chuckle begins to sound once more. But wait, there's mention of song and that seems to draw his attention, so he's shifting a bit to settle his back against the bar, lips curved into that smirk as he simply waits to see just what the little Blackbird will do.

"I…I think it's best I not. Later when the place has cleared out a bit, yes?" She asks of them and Deanna looks a right worried now her gaze scanning the tavern even as they find Coyn watching her. There is a moments worry again and she brushes a handup through her auburn hair. "One verse, that is all…and the chorus. Then I have to get back to work." She states gently and jostled in the man's lap, she tries to push up. "Let me stand though.." She says and is released, giving a look about, she hmmms to herself before the words start out soft, then grow.

I was born at the dawn of a cold autumn day
When the wind met the mist on the hill.
A child of the northlands, Im free as a bird
And my bodys as strong as my will.
I laugh at the blizzard and dance in the gale;
From the wild geese I learned to take flight.
My first lullaby was the song of the wolf
And the cry of the loon in the night.

And its heigh-ho, down from the snow,
Down with the hail and the rain!
Down where the thunder crashes and roars!
I am the North Winds daughter!
Wild as the storm, Ill never be tamed,
For I am the North winds daughter!
I am the North Winds daughter!

Coyn doesn't look poised to do anything but lean against that bar, though his gaze does linger upon Deanna and the group at that table. When she's released under the agreement of song, even if short, he's tilting his head a bit to try and better listen to the words that begin to sound over the dull roar of the other patrons. With an almost approving nod of his head, the knight is lifting the second mug of ale in a silent salute to Deanna, perhaps to indicate that he approves of such a thing, not that it's exactly needed.

As they cheer her and the earlier man bids to grab at her, Deanna ducks to the side and twists away artfully, trying to avoid hands and not quite making it out the reach of some as she is pressed back towards the bar to claim more ales that are bid from her on the way. "Does Vanna have any more of that stew?" Is her first question upon reaching the bar, pressing the coin to the top as she bits for five more ales and waits patiently for news from the kitchen. The thought of food sounds rather well and she can hear her stomach gurgle and complain as she shoots a look towards Coyn and then back to the tender, her job pressing in around her rather than the presence of another Ser.

With the show apparently over, Coyn's giving a simply shrug of his shoulders before he's turning back to the bar, eyes finding the tender and giving a nod of his head, "May as well bring me another. No better way to spend the coin then to drink." Deanna's return to the bar has him looking back towards her, the smirk returning to his lips as he gives her a quick nod of his head, "Singing, hmm? Good enough job, I'll admit, though I find myself agreeing with that group of men at the table. Would've liked to have heard more." There's no way he's heard that gurgle of her stomach, but the mention of food does set his own to rumble llightly.

"I think Vanna might have…let me check.." He intones and leaves her yet with need of another mug but another is set in front of Coyn. Her gaze looks from him to her four mugs and then back. "I don't sing..not during hours like these. Only for those I trust to…not really my thing to perform.." SHe admits and then looks away, sighing as she is forced to wait while the tender goes to the kitchens. "Give a girl a break, please..lend me the mug and I will let him know you get one on the house.." She holds out her hand to him as if to ask for it, fingers uncurling.

There's a thankful nod in the direction of the 'tender and Coyn no doubt notes the fact that Deanna has been left with four mugs and not five and when he looks back to Deanna, there's a quirk of his lips to a grin, "You might make more coin if you sang during hours like this. You know that, right? Hell, hike your skirt up just a bit, lower your top down a notch, I'm willing to bet you'd make even more." Wait. She's then asking him for -his- ale and that draws his eyes to the mug and then back to her, to the mug and then back to her where they finally come to rest. "Seems to be a valuable thing. Hows about this. I trade you the mug of this -very fine- ale," Cough, ", and in return I get the .. pleasure of a song."

Looking from him to the ale and then down at her already ample showing of cleavage, Deanna frowns. "I think not sir, at least to the hiking of skirts and movement of my bodice, thank you. There are enough men pawing at me that I don't need that. Besides, I serve, I don't serve on my back, Ser." She lifts her chin and then regards him with a furrowing of his brows. "…a song then for you…but the ale first." She keeps her hand outsretched towards him, an expectant look on her face as she taps her foot. There are hollers after her as the other serving girl is delivering the food and doing so in more timely a fashion.

There's a hearty laugh from Coyn at something that she's said and with a quick shake of his head, he's murmering, "Didn't mean to imply that you did, Miss, though .." His free hand comes to tap at his chin as his eyes drift downwards and when they lift back up and his eyes fall, he doesn't bother finishing that statement. Instead, he's releasing his other mug of ale, but only so the third can be grasped and passed along to her, "Pleasure doing business with ya."

Narrowing her gaze at his open look over, Eyrian sighs and just takes the mug. "Yes…yes.." She says in regards to his comment about doing business. She sighs and turns, moving back into the crowd as she starts to dodge and weave again, setting mugs down one by one as she gets a few fondles and does her best to bear them. She mutters and finally frees herself from the sea of bodies once more to stumble back finally without orders. The tender has returned and she puts out her own coin. "For an ale for him.." SHe says and motions to the Ser next to her as she leans in against he bar and rests her cheek on her arm. "I don't have much time to sing.." She says as if to brush off their deal. "Stew is in the got a break now. Go get somethng to eat." The tender motions to the Blackbird who perks up.

This time, Coyn doesn't watch her retreat into the crowd, for he's far too busy simply enjoying that ale of his his and when the last of it is removed from the mug, he's settling it down and pressing it to the side. It's about then that she returs and when her coin comes to be set on the bar, he's giving a shake of his head towards the 'tender before looking to her, "Deal was ale for a song. Not ale for coin. I won't have you paying for my drink that way, Miss." His own coin comes to be withdraw, settled down onto the bar as the tender mentions food. "Another for me." He's looking back to the Blackbird then, lips curving into that smirk once more, "You'll need to find the time for a song, for it wouldn't do well to break a deal. But, go and eat. I won't press to take your break from you."

"There is no other time to take for me unless you wait….till much later." Deanna tells him, her dark eyes looking over the man as he weasels into that deal of a song again. She collects her coin back to her and she takes a step back and motions for him to follow. She twists away from the bar and moves along it, heading for the back arch that leads near the kitchens. The room still echoes here, loud and full of conversation. "Sit here.." SHe motions to a table near the heart that is more of a wooden bench hooked into a corner. "I will get my stew and join you." She says and as she disappears, she leaves him to take a seat.

"Well, it wouldn't be hard for me to tend to stuff and then just come back to collect my payment, Miss." For once, that smirk that rests on Coyn's lips, but it only hints at a grin before reverting back as she rises and motions for him to follow. He does rise, though, and as he begins to move after, he's claiming the delivered ale and when that 'table' is reached, he's casting an eye towards it before shrugging his shoulders and moving to settle himself upon that bench, "Good enough. Don't worry about me going anywhere, either. I'll be sitting here for when you return." And wait he does.

Arguing persists in back and soon enough Deanna returns and with no food in hand. She gives a smoothing of her apron and then looks up at him before she moves to slide into the bench beside him. "So a song.." She calms the hunger of her stomach with a soft touch and then settles to sit on one foot. She rests there a moment, curiously watching him and then searching for the next verse as she rarely sings the song without interruption. A few looks are cast their way and there is quieting from the men that were asking for a song earlier. "That is what you wished, yes?" She asks, casting her dark eyes upon him in that hooded little corner that is often left for the servers and whores to eat at.

Her return, sans food, has the knight lifts a slight brow as a quick chuckle escapes past his lips, "Forget your food, there, Miss?" But, when she comes to settles to sit, his eyes are watching her rather curiously for the moment. That question she askes draws another laugh and the return of the smirk as he lifts his mug in a slight gesture towards her, "I do believe that was our arrangement. Unless, of course, you're looking to back out of such a thing."

"A song, I will not back out of…Ser. I am a woman of my word.." Sometimes. Deanna half smiles and then arches a ark brow at him that does not at all match the red of her hair. A breath releases and she again strives for the words as her voice lifts in that warm spirited song that beckons and then her eyes are closing a little as she falls into it.

When Winters white cloak lies so cold on the land,
Then I dance on the ice-frozen lake.
To send down the sleet or to send down the snow?
Well I feel it is my choice to make.
I run with the deer in the pine forests dark
When the Northern Lights leap in the sky.
When bonfires are lit to drive off the deep cold
With the hawk and the eagle I fly!

And its heigh-ho, down from the snow,
Down with the hail and the rain!
Down where the thunder crashes and roars!
I am the North Winds daughter!
Wild as the storm, Ill never be tamed,
For I am the North winds daughter!
I am the North Winds daughter!

"Then let us hear, Miss." And that said, Coyn simply goes quiet, partaking of his ale as she arches that brow at him. Nothing further is said and when she finally begins to sing, he's listening to the words that are song and when she draws to a close, the knight offers another approving nod of his head. With that, there's the slight lift of his mug in a salute before he's finally offering, "Well done, Miss. That, I will admit, was worth the cost of an ale."

As he cuts her off, Deanna laughs quite brightly at him as her stomach cramps. "Ahhh, Ser. I was not finished, but if that is well enough for you then that is all I shall give." she says in utter amusement. "A minstrel …I mean a woman does well to see to her songs be more complete than two verses.." She is quick to eat her marking of minstrel and she is slowly rising. "Best not to let my stomach sit as it will..should get back t work."

Leaning forward a touch, Coyn is flashing a quick wink in the direction of Deanna as he gives her a simple nod of his head, "I'll take that verse as payment for the ale." The mention of ministrel is a note that is filed away, though he doesn't comment upon it. Perhaps that's informatin for a later date, "See, gives me reason to come back here. To seek out the additional verses."

Hestiating as she turns to look at him, Eyrian lifts a brow. "You are a troublemaker..that much I can tell. A sly one." She says to him in wariness as she skirts the edge of the table opposite him. Her head tilts and she regards him a moment longer, a faint smile touching her lips. "Can I get you an ale, Ser?" She asks, offering her hand for the coin and the ability to get it for him coming around the other side of the table to dip a curtsey, well practiced.

Her comment about him draws a gruff laugh from his lips and a slight shrug of Coyn's shoulers as he offers, "I am what I am and nothing more, Miss." But with those words, he's flashing another wink towards her and when she angles around the table and extends her hand towards him, he's dipping his hand to his side, only to then withdraw a couple of coins which he's settling in her hand. "Sure thing. Get yourself something when you're off, too." That curtsey draws a quieter laugh and a slight dip of his head towards her, "Can't have you angry at me for claiming a song in return for the ale, after all."

As he presses the extra coin to her hand, she eyes him a moment. "Never met a Knight that simple 'bought' a wench something. I am watching you." Deanna adds and unlike many of the wenches, she doesn't get cozy with him for the coin. Rather she pockets it and takes a step back. "I will return with your drink.." She says to him and then turns on her foot, being yanked at by the men who wished her to sing. "Deanna…come now. Singin' fer a stranger.." THey are drunk but she merely smiles and tries to brush them off before they gather her up again and soon she is reciting another verse for them. Perhaps in those dark eyes there is a longing to do exactly what the North wind's daughter does and be free, but she's not, not until those versus are finished.

"I didn't buy a wench anything, Miss, I'm paying for a song that I'll no doubt come to claim at some point." His mug is lifted back to her in a salute before he's lifting it to his lips so that Coyn can once more finish the contents. Then, he's simply setting that one aside before dipping a nod of his head towards her, "Works for me. Beginning to run a little dry and it's almost time to take my leave." Eyes follow her as she moves and when she gets waylaid by the other group, the knight can't help but give a shake of his head. Then, he's rising from his spot, turning to weave his way through the crowd and towards the door, apparently not bothering to wait for the other ale to be procured and delivered.