Page 137: Courtyard Dalliances
Courtyard Dalliances
Summary: Lady Elinor and Lady Lucienne meet in the courtyard of the Four Eagle's Tower then encounter an old acquaintance.
Date: 29/Nov/288
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Courtyard of the Flour Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
Tuesday, November 29th 288

The halls were a flurry with whispers pertaining to the recent arrival of the Mallister Knight from both men and women alike. From the skies one would see the near constant arrival or departure of ravens as beyond the halls of the Four Eagles Tower, others were just as curious. For one of the few days Elinor decides to take in the air about the tower, she has made the request for Luci, a newly discovered friend to join her for a casual walk with no particular goal in mind. From beneath the heavy layer of her cloak Elinor pulled the shield of cloth about her tighter as her eyes looked to the maidservant nearby expectantly. Had the Lady received her invitation? Those eyes asked where words had not.

The things which make courtly affairs go all atwitter are precisely the things which drove Aeric mad as a youth. Still, he is very much a man now and so his eccentricities have taken upon themselves a life of their own. With morning bread having been broken and his prayers offered to the Seven, the man now finds himself in the courtyard modestly dressed and seemingly taking the measure of the place. He stands somewhat centrally with a scrutiny on the oddest things as though making mental notes.

The lady Lucienne had, in fact, received the invitation. It is for that reason alone that she exits the Entrance Hall and a conversation with some retainers to join the lady Elinor as bid, a tall handmaid of darker hair than her own and olive-cast skin trailing her studiously. "My lady Banefort," comes the greeting from the Terrick girl, loud enough to bridge the distance between them but not projecting to the yard at large.

The handmaiden, not too much older than Elinor herself, made a motion of Lucienne's presence. Relief washed over her features as she moved to greet the female properly, "Lady Terrick, you've come." Small conversations filled in the background, eyes not exactly focused on the pair of them but to the Mallister Knight. Naturally she could not help but follow those glances. Only when close enough does she murmur a few hushed words for Luci.
You whisper, "Who is that man that everyone seems to be enthralled with?" to Lucienne.

Aeric takes a deep breath as though perhaps boredom had set in or his mental task were completed. His hands move to adjust his belt and the seating of his blades then he takes a look about the courtyard at a more personable level of view. Hmm. Women. He seems to make a study of the pair before coming to a decision and moving with an alacritous decision. As he arrives at a conversational distance, he gives a general sort of bow to them and smiles upon his rising. "Lady Lucienne. Truly you have become so. Introduce me to your companion?" He looks to Elinor then and gives her a second gracious nod.

"Please forgive me any tardiness, my lady," requests Lucienne, dipping into a deep curtsy as she approaches Elinor. "I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long?" Only as the older girl looks Aeric's way does this younger, liquid brown eyes sliding over the knight and recognising him swiftly. She whispers back only his name before he's upon them, and she's into an elegant curtsy again. "Ser Aeric Mallister," she greets warmly, "The Lady Elinor Banefort. I'm truly sorry to have missed your arrival, Ser."

"Forgiven and easily forgotten." Elinor pleasantly relays as her hand-servant takes stance some distance behind her though still within reasonable proximity should she be required. There was very little time to probe further as the nobleman had came upon them, Banefort readily awarding the male a customary greeting. "Ser Mallister, I bid you welcome to Terrick's Roost." She offered, matching Luci's warmth.

"And I am welcomed." Aeric answers genially enough. "I would ask how you have come to be here but I think the answer is as obvious as the recent marriage of your kinsman." To wit, he looks to Lucienne. "Tell me, Lady, how fairs your lord brother? I have yet to meet him since my arrival though his Lady wife is pleasant enough and of goodly wit. It would seem the Baneforts make a good match." Again, he smiles to both.

"You are too good to me, my lady," Lucienne half-scolds Elinor, all in good fun. She obliges the Mallister knight promptly with an answer, and a genial tilt of her head. "He is as well as is to be expected, my lord ser. No doubt you have heard of our latest predicament?"

"Your thoughts would lay correct Ser. My sisters and I still remain here as guests, as well as weaving the bonds of new family." Elinor returned, a smile then was for Lucienne before the two would speak. Herself, of course, stilling her tongue as inquiries were made.

Aeric hmms somewhat darkly. "I.. have been informed.. yes." There is then a mildly sly turn to his smile. "It bears.. investigating. Not something to rush into anyway." To the Banefort, he nods. "Bonds of marriage soon becom bonds of blood and so the ancient allegiances were made and new ones formed. It is the way of things. I am curious. Do either of you know of a Mistress Damara Kells? In service to the Camdens."

"I am sure the Lord Jacsen will be eager to reacquaint with you, my lord ser," Lucienne assures Aeric. She's a private little smile for his thoughts on the making of allegiances, but the name of the Tall Oaks retainer rings no bells with the young Terrick girl. She shakes her head. "I cannot speak to a Mistress Damara, though the Lady Liliana might assist you better?"

Demure and stately Elinor remains so, simply eying the flow of the conversation without offering a contribution. After Luci had spoken the Banefort female also shook her head, "I am afraid to that name is unfamiliar to me." Then again most were, especially the help however she does agree with Luci then asks, "If I may ask Lord Ser, is your visit here to be a lengthy one?" She also adds, "As it seems you and dear Lady Terrick here are acquainted with one another."

Aeric ahhs with a mild frown upon his forehead though he allows a nod to Lucienne. "I will do so then." There's another moment of thought and he brings his hands behind his back as he stands somewhat militarily. "That would very much depend upon the whim of my Lord Cousin. I am presently here to assist Lord Terrick with his new acquisition. The war galley that is. As for Lady Lucienne, she was once a guest of the family at Seagard and I am familiar with her from that time. I must say, she has blossomed well. She will make a fine wife to a lucky man someday."

Lucienne's hands clasp primly at her front as she watches the Mallister knight respond to the Banefort lady. "My lord is too kind," she interjects, her chin dipping as she nods. And to Elinor: "The Lord Ser Mallister is a fierce and brave knight, true to his name, my lady. And ever so gallant, of course."

"Kind words that revel in truth my lady Terrick. Ser Anton Valentin (sp?) should be so lucky." An assuring curl of her lips followed afterwards. Elinor's frame remained mostly hidden beneath her cloak—buttons clasped about her to reveal only the lower half of her skirt, warmer this way. "Is that true?" She asked though it need not be verified, "If my lady here should call upon you as friend then I would hope to be honored to do the same Ser Mallister."

Aeric laughs brightly at Lucienne's accolades. "Nonsense. I'm sure you heard nothing but tales of horror and discipline by my hand." Still, he seems good natured enough. "Still. Kind words and I thank you for them." He bows his head to Lucienne. t"It does a weary soul good to hear that there are yet redeemable qualities within me." He looks to Elinor and gives a humble shrug. "Truth? Truth is perception more than it is fact. Judge me with your own self and you will have the truth which matters to you." He smiles then bows to both ladies. "But, if you will excuse me? I have duties to attend which are pressing."

"All the squires and pages of Seagard did fear your very name, Ser," allows Lucienne with a twist in her smile. "As you please, my lord - good day." The ladies offer their courtesies as Aeric departs, and continue on the amiable walk that was their original intention; no doubt the Mallister knight features heavily in their conversation.