Page 442: Courtyard Convergences
Courtyard Convergences
Summary: Flints and Terricks converge on the courtyard at Four Eagles Tower
Date: 07/Oct/2012
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Courtyard, Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
Sun Oct 07, 289

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Soon, the door opens and a servant appears with a small table, followed by another with three cups and a tea-pot on a tray. While the first servant follows Nathaniel's nod to set the table beside Kaelea, the other goes first to Justin and Pariston, so that they may take cups from the tray if they wish. Then the servant heads to the table to leave the pot and more cups there.

Pariston gently brushes his hand to Kaelea, to be comforting. Though focusing mostly on Justin. As for the wounds, he just studies them. Guessing what might have happened. But such things do happen after all. "Just be careful with the cats." Teasing still. Guessing that there is more to it, but wanting to keep it light. "I understand. I am here to help then. Unfortunately the young lord is not with us. He is with his wife." In her state she might need that after all. Grinning a bit at the last words. "Well, we have gone after bandits before. I would think the same now. I'll find them. Dangerous beasts are often more arrogant." Nodding as he get tea. "Thanks." Smiling a bit to the servant as well as to the courier. Though still keeping most to Justin for now.

This time, Pariston's jibe about cats gets Justin to raise a hand to touch his clawed face and twist his own mouth wryly, "One who will soon find her days spent with the Silent Sisters to claw and conspire no more." Whom the lord Sheriff does not name.
His hand he drops to lightly clasp behind his back. If it is tea that is offered unto him, Justin quietly refuses it. "Has Lord Anders's wife then given birth to child? We have had no word. We hope his house is blessed with a strong and healthy son." Jerold's son looses a hint of his good humor, Justin's gaze to turn a shade more cold, "Not simply bandits this time, Master Vis. Veteran mercenaries, we think. And foolish ones for they make demands that can not, and will not, be met but with steel. If we can but find them, I will hang their bodies along the road for welcome to all who come into our lands who think to take to banditry in the future." Aye, his Lord Father will not be pleased with that but Justin's words suggest Jerold will have to stuff it, this time. /Something/ is brewing in this House.

Einar has taken advantage of being this close to the sea and taken his horse for a ride along the beach. Arriving back at the inn to find Pariston and Kaelea gone towards the tower he figured it was probably time to head up there himself. Taking the road at a trot when clear enough and a steady walk when not, he passes under the portcullis still mounted and steps out into the courtyard a only a moment later.

Nathaniel nods and remains silent while Justin and Pariston talk, and Justin alludes to someone needing the services of the Silent Sisters, and because the sheriff omits the name, the prediction actually bears more weight. The sheriff named the last bandits to face execution without hesitation when their time came on the green. A dark frown clouds the courier's face.

Pariston nods to the sheriff's words. As for there being a child born by Cordelya, he shakes his head. "Soon I think. But not yet. Unless I missed it." He offers. As for who they will meet, he nods. "I see. Then it should be fine for us to track them. If we find them we still have superiour numbers, I think. Though we need to be careful." Studying the man for another moment before nodding slowly. Einar isn't spotted right away, since he focuses on the sheriff. Though he does hear sound coming from the portcullis.
There is a glance to Kaelea as well, as he smiles brightly. Keeping her around for now. Though she seems a bit shy and quiet so he will let her be. But keeping her from feeling uncomfortable.

The lord Sheriff thins his mouth, "There are a dozen of them, moderately armed and armoured, /if/ a messenger who refused to bare his name is any reliable source. Calling himself Raven, he did send two men's heads by way of token." Which seems to have pleased Justin, by his smirk. Aye, that did. "Though we know not for certain if those he sent word of are, infact, the same men we hunt upon this matter of my missing brother."
A man riding into the courtyard is not missed. Justin pauses to turn his head and slightly his body though it's not the man he was hoping to see returning. Nonetheless he raises a hand in greeting to Einar.

Once his eyes have adjusted back to the brightness of the courtyard, Einar does not fail to spot the very people he is here looking for. Dismounting he hands the reins of his horse to a stableboy who's come running and then heads towards the small gathering. "Lord Justin," he greets with a smile, but nodding to the others. "Do I take it that Masters Vis and Corbitt here have already informed you of the reason for our presence? I am afraid that I do not know how long we can stay for, but while we are here then our talents are at your disposal." At that last bit he does glance momentarily to Pariston, it's almost as if the man has a reputation.

When the lord arrives, Nathaniel steps forward toward the man on horseback and bows before turning to Justin. "Lord Ser Justin Terrick, may I present Lord Einar Flint, of Flint's Finger." Then the courier steps back into place behind and to the left of Justin.

Pariston nods to the sheriff's words. "Okay. We should keep careful then. Though I think if he knows where they are we should be able to track either him or them directly." He suggests. Then falling silent as he bows to the Flint lord. Nodding to the question. But is glad that Einar came. Now he don't have to talk as much.

Jerold's son goes forward to meet the Flint noble. Justin curls one side of his mouth slightly at Nathaniel's introduction, "Thank you, Courier. We have met." It would seem that the lord Sheriff is pleased to see Einar. A hand is offered to the Flint, "Aye, to offer assistance - which I shall gladly accept. I have seen the skill your man has with tracking bandits. I'll gladly have you both join us and give you my thanks, lord Einar." A pause ere Justin adds, "I await Ser Kell's return and had hoped he would today. If he does not, I would send out a patrol to do further scouting to search for my brother come the morning. I can fill you and he in with further details, privately."

Einar nods his brief thanks to Nathaniel for the introduction, even if in this particular case it is not needed. Listening as Justin speaks he nods at the appropriate points and then replies, succinctly, "We are lodged in the Inn in town. When you have the need you should find us there, or at least close enough to there that we will be easily reachable. I should be available to ride, or discuss details with you whenever you have the time." He pauses briefly to give the other young lord a quick smile, "I understand that things must be hectic for you at the moment.”

Jerold's youngest son twists his mouth, "Aye, that's an understatement. Much to deal with right now and many who wish to meet with me - many whom I have to put off until things are more settled here. As well as House Groves to speak with soon." But that will have to wait for Justin has more pressing matters to deal with for the moment. He draws his riding gloves from his belt and tugs them on.
"I shall come and meet with you this evening if I can, or more likely in the morning. I should also have more information by then to see us better guided." Justin pauses to study the other lord, then glances back to Pariston, "I owe one of you a favour already. When this is done, I should like to speak with Young Lord Anders upon matters between our two Houses."

Pariston just listens and nods along with Einar. As well as nodding about being at the inn. Causing him to look over to Kaelea, who is being quiet and listening while sipping from her tea. "Or check on her parents. Though I should not be far from the inn." He says and nods. Then being silent. Studying each of those in their company. Seeing as the man are busy he looks to the redheaded woman with him. "Perhaps I should be taking mistress Steele back to town. So I can prepare a bit to depart as well." Not sure what else to offer here after all.

"This evening then," Einar replies with a smile, "or the morning." Either options work well enough for him, for if it;s the evening then there is little good they could do in the dark anyway. Pariston is given a nod to indicate that the man should feel free to do what he wishes with the rest of the day but most of his attention is on Justin. "I would be happy to convey any message that you wish though when we return to Highfield. I fear though, that until his child is born, my Lord Cousin may be slow to respond. He two has many things on his mind."

Nathaniel listens while Justin and Einar plan for the next steps in this search for missing persons. Like Pariston, he remains silent, although he does assure the man, "I visit the inn often throughout the day to deliver and collect messages. If anyone in your party needs anything, please leave word with the barkeep."

Faline was approaching the courtyard after passing through the portcullis. Escorted by a handmaiden and a septa, she could not have voyaged too far from the keep. In her casual pace she removed the pale yellow shawl from atop of her crown, lowering its rippled silk upon her shoulders instead as she approached the small gathered group, picking up small pieces of the topic discussed. The pleasant smile was slapped upon her features as she greeted, "Good day cousin." As for the others she could not recognize anything particular about them, save for the redheaded servant boy that tended Lord Bastien's warhorse some days past. "I was not aware we were having guests arrive today."

Justin actually barks a brief laugh, "I have also, too many things upon my mind. It must wait until things are more settled for us both." Amusement in his gaze, the lord Sheriff smiles despite the gouges cut into his face, "Until then, enjoy the hospitality of the Roost." There's a brief nod to Nathaniel and almost Justin adds something further - but not yet for that can wait at least another day as well, and must. "I've men to speak with if you will excuse me, lord Einar."
A parting nod for Pariston as well. Justin turns to walk to his horse as he decides to stick to his morning's original plan after all. He steps up into the saddle and turns his grey in time for Faline's arrival. "Lady Faline." A glance to the others, "Lord Einar and Master Pariston Vis of House Flint have arrived. Do warmly greet them. I must return to my duties until I return this evening."
He should tarry long enough to make introductions but as Nathaniel is here… that Courier is turning into a damned useful man.

Pariston nods and starts moving away to gather his horse and head back to the inn, along with Kaelea. The lady getting a bow as well from him. Kaelea offering a curtsy. "Be well, all of you. Until next time." Up on the horse and then riding off.

"Thank you Master," Einar replies to Nathaniel, "I shall bear that in mind and will do so should the need arise." The arrival of Faline is noted and he offers her a polite bow as she approaches before finishing up with Justin. "Until then Ser," he offers with a smile, remembering how much obtaining that title had meant to the young Terrick.

Nathaniel bows when Justin glances in his direction, needing no word from the lord to understand what he should do. He turns toward Faline when she is advancing from under the portcullis, and he steps forward to introduce, "Lady Faline Terrick, this is Lord Einar Flint of Flint's Finger. He has come here to offer assistance to Ser Justin in his efforts to counter recent … offenses.

Faline bestowed both departing men a farewell gesture, made only by the nod of her head. After introductions she looks from Nathaniel to Einar and politely offers a curtsy for the nobleman. "A pleasure my lord Flint. It feels one with a sense of warmth to know that other houses are so very generous with their time during the Roost's hours of need. I trust your journey here was a safe one?" Given the recent and still occurring threats of banditry the young woman's tone was laced with concern.

"Lady Feline," Einar replies with a bow and a smile. "It is a pleasure to be welcomed so warmly once more here at the Roost. One time though, I promise that we will visit for happier reasons." So far he's been here for war, searching for the missing noble ladies (including his good-sister, his cousin and the Young Lady of his house) and now the disappearance of Jascen. "The journey was short and mercifully uneventful," he continues, "but then it is not so far a ride, and we made what haste we could along the road."

Lothar comes out of the stables stretching a bit from having been hunched over his arrows again, he's wearing a new set of archery vambraces and gloves though flexing and unflexing his hands as he works on breaking them in.

While Faline offers her greetings to Einar, Nathaniel stands quietly to one side, watching and waiting until someone needs his services again, as happens often here. Beside his official role as courier, he helps wherever such help is needed or wanted, without concern for whether the task is something that another servant should perform.

"I shall pray it may soon come to pass My Lord. We must make the best of these cards given to us. And from Flint's finger is that in the Riverlands?" Surprisingly upbeat Faline, at least in her tone, she again looks to Nathaniel standing close by and asks, "Then all the men have returned? Safely?" Noting Justin's and Mortimer's arrival however she lacked all the facts pertaining to the details of their search in Middle March.

With his back to the stables, Einar does not yet notice the arrival of the latest Terrick. His ears pick up the footfalls, but it'd be impolite to turn away from the lady in front of him to investigate, so he doesn't. Instead he smiles at her questions and answers promptly "Not unless the borders have changed Lady Faline. My Lord Uncle is bannerman to Lord Stark of Winterfell and our lands lie north of here. That land that was formerly the Camden's separates us, with their northern border being our most southern." As for the return of those from Middle March, he knows what Justin just told him, but will leave it for Nathaniel to answer as the man is likely to know even more.

Nathaniel sighs and shakes his head. "Not all have returned, lady," he advises. "We are still awaiting one party. They are, intact, overdue. However, I can assure you from my own eyes that the man leading them is quite capable and resourceful." Then he bows to Einar, and mentions, "I have ridden to your lands. They are quite delightful for hunting and pleasing to the eye."

She's quite attentive for the geography lesson regarding the location of the Flint lands. "Oh!" Two halves meeting the realization had suddenly dawned upon her. A little more detail about the region is offered by Nathaniel to which Faline is grateful to be informed. "Are they?" Interested she looks to Lord Einar once again, "I would very much care to hear of Flint's finger." If only for a distraction against metaphorical storm cloud looming above the Roost. "My family and I have recently arrived from the Eyrie. It has been quite an adjustment I must say but pleasing enough that we are amongst family again."
Out of the corner of her eye she spies a familiar form emerging from the stables. Smirking at the sight of her brother who chose to take up residence in the stables rather than a more appropriate refuge in the keep. "Is he?" She asked Nathaniel. "Might you know his name?"

"Thank you for saying so Master," Einar replies to Nathaniel, "I must admit to feeling the same way, but then there are some who might call be biased on such matters." Turning back to Faline he keeps the smile and replies, "perhaps then, once we have finished assisting your cousin I could tell you more." He expects to be busy until then after all.

Nathaniel bows to the lord, and assures, "If it were not so in my eyes, I would have held my tongue. Many places in Westeros have beauties that no others have." Then he shifts his attention to Faline, and he nods slightly, "I do know his name, lady, although I am not sure that you have met him."

"That would be lovely My Lord." Faline tells the Flint man just before addressing Master Corbitt, "And yet I still do not." A small touch of humor was hinted on her tongue since a name was not yet given. She raised a hand though, waving it off. "I wish to be informed once the late party arrives. I shall be in my quarters until then." For the more prominent figure she bows her head, "My Lord Einar… " And to the other she simply states, "Master" before leading her small escort comprised of a handmaiden and a septa back inside the keep to share what little she knows.