Page 409: Courting Danger
Courting Danger
Summary: Nedra, Saffron, Kamron, and Alric talk at Seagard.
Date: 03/09/2012
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Courtyard, Seagard Castle
It's a big castle, with a big, busy courtyard.
3 September, 289

Sunlight fills the courtyard of the castle with warmth that is made even more cheerful by the sound of laughter and conversation, the high clear voices of children and some manner of game being played. With the wedding only a day or two past there are plenty of relatives, extended family, friends and children of friends of allies making games in the courtyard. A small crowd of nannies, Septa's, maids and guards are keeping an eye on the number of children that are running about, some in what has to be sugar induced abandon, while others are in the awkward stage of pre-adult flirtation with others who aren't quite old enough to be really pushed forward to the stage, such as it is.
Nedra is seated on the edge of one of the fountains that decorate the courtyard, a sketch pad balanced on her lap and a small girl of perhaps four sitting - mostly sitting - on a chair with the sunlight warming the little girls face and turning her russet colored curls to cheerful sunfire. Nedra is sketching in quick bold lines, bringing shape to the child's face within a matter of moments, knowing that little ones don't hold still very long and the best she can do is a canny likeness and add the small details after the child has skipped away. Now, to be fair, the child DOES hold still for long enough for Nedra to begin working in the small details before the game being played across the courtyard proves to irresistible for a moment longer. There's a sunny smile aimed at cousin Nedra before she scampers down from the chair and runs, skirts hiked up to show small knees that are smudged with dust, to join the game in process.

Even if he might not be relative or such, he was still around for the wedding to celebrate the occasion. For some reason he is even around the courtyard now. Smiling as he sees Nedra Moving to lean against something. Watching her sketch the child from behind Nedra. Being a couple of steps away. Enough to not be noticed by her right away. Once she seems finished then he starts towards her. "Children are a delight." He offers with a chuckle. His eyes on the young one as she scampers off. Then his eyes goes to the older Mallister, "It is good to see you lady Nedra."

Nedra glances up as the shadow cast by Alric touches the parchment she's sketching on and smiles a greeting, "Good day to you in return, Lord Alric," is said as she shades her eyes with one hand for a moment, waiting for her eyes to adjust so that she can see the young Fenster lord more clearly. "I quite agree," she adds, "and such fun," said with a sudden gleam of a smile as she traces the path of the russet haired little girl that has joined the game being played across the courtyard. Some complicated and hilarious affair involving thrown hoops, a few small tossed sacks weighed with sand and marks made upon the paving stones with chalk. Nedra doesn't quite follow the rules, but since the goal seems to be to laugh like sugar addled loons, the children are having a grand time. "Have you enjoyed your visit to our fair city, my lord?" is wondered.

Kamron doesn't seem the worse for wear after his encounter with the tavern sign the day before, although he might be looking a little tired if one were to look closely and be perfectly honest. Still, he has a rather broad smile on his lips, and the reason for that is on his arm. He keeps his voice low as he speaks to his new wife, escorting her into the courtyard of the castle and the chaos of children both noble and common. His eyes sweep over the assemblage, spotting the two nobles who are out of place in that they are over the age of majority. Kam gestures toward his sister, and then slows as he spots Alric approaching, a faint hint of a frown gathering at one corner of his lips, "Shall we see what Young Lord Fenster has to say, Saffron?"

"He does seem to follow her around with ease," Saffron points out warmly as she is guided along by her husband. She is dressed in violet today, her hair gathered up over one shoulder and secured with a silver ribbon. They are followed by a bounding corgi pup who is still growing into his paws and ears, but seems to be happy to chase his owner's skirts. She glances toward Alric and Nedra, casting the latter a wide and bright smile.

Alric smiles softly to Nedra as he approaches her. Looking to her. Then following her eyes to the children and it makes his smile grow a bit. "That I have. It is indeed a grand city." He replies. "How have you been, lady Nedra? I haven't seen you around. Or well, since the wedding." His eyes moving around a bit until he spots the pair. Smiling softly to them. Once they come close enough then he will offer a bow to them, "Lord Kamron, lady Saffron. Pleasure seeing you both again. I do hope that you both are well." A glance and a smile to the pup as well.

"It is, and I do love it so," she admits with another glimpse of a smile up at Alric, "and quite well, thank you. I wanted to thank you, again, for your gracious partnership during the dancing. I should say that your toes, and mine, were quite safe," she adds with a laugh. Nedra turns slightly, following Alric's line of sight and spots Kamron and Saffron, both of whom are given a warm smile and a wave of one hand in greeting. She has the presence of mind to return the charcoal pencil she's using to the small case at her side and carefully roll up the sketch she was just working on and tucks that into the case as well with intent to find the correct mother and present the sketch at some later point in the day. One more moment is spent with a small cloth to get some of the charcoal smudges off of her fingertips, though misses the ones along the left side of her jaw and once again has charcoal smudged over her left ear where she'd tucked the charcoal pencil. "Good day to you, brother and goodsister," she says as she rises to her feet, and - mindful of the smudges - doesn't resists the urge to hug both in greeting, though the sentiment is plain.

Kamron returns Alric's bow with a nod of his head, "Ser Kamron, please, Lord Alric." It's evident by the correction that he values the title he earned more than the one he was born to. "Good day." He leans close to Nedra to bestow a little kiss on her cheek — mindful of smudges, of course. "Sister dear, did you actually get little Emmi to sit down long enough to be sketched? Whatever did you promise her?" Sudden suspicion flares in his eyes, although it's of the joking kind, "Not some of My Lady Wife's fluffed sugar squares, I hope… she'll be bouncing off the walls even faster if you give her some of them."

Saffron gently embraces the woman in a hug, mindful the same of the smudges. "Hello, Neddie dear." She says with a touch of laughter in her voice. Now she glances back toward her husband with a bit of curiosity in her gaze; it does not last long before she is looking back toward Nedra with a small grin. "They are delightful things," she says with a touch of music in her voice. Then she smiles toward Alric. "Lord Alric… it is good to see you again. Have you been enjoying Seagard?"

Alric smiles and listens to Nedra as she speaks. Grinning and starting to laugh, if though softly, "Yes, I think we managed fine enough." A bit amused as he thinks back perhaps. The smudges on her face and ear get a grin that stays as the pair approaches. He looks to the pair, nodding about calling Kamron by his knightly title. "Of course, ser Kamron." Eyes staying on the three as he smiles warmly to them. Nodding to Saffron's words. "That I have, lady Saffron. It has been quite nice. The people have been rather kind as well."

"I promised that I'd make her a sketch of her favorite horse," Nedra answers with a laugh as she hugs first Kamron then Saffron. "Though the sugar squares are a marvelous idea - only after they've sat for the drawing, though. They'd squirm like mad little toads if they have the sugar first," she adds with a laugh and smiles at Saffron. "Though we should stay away from the sugared squares, I'm still afraid of them in combination with fire," she teases her goodsister with a glimpse of a wink. She steps back and makes a small gesture toward Alric, "Lord Alric was kind enough to brave his toes a few times at the reception," she explains, addressing Alric's remarks with a off-hand remark of her own, "and the dancing was such fun. I'm glad the wedding was here."

Kamron laughs softly at Nedra's response, "And you would know all about how mad little toads squirm, as the back of my shirts well remember." Her further words draw a tight little smile onto his lips, and he looks over to Saffron a moment, then back to Alric, "I hear that you have quite a delight in the company of Mallister ladies, Lord Alric. In fact, I've heard that you've inquired of two different ones for the opportunity to court them." A good liar, Kamron Mallister may not be, but he is very good at being polite.

"Come now, it is no fault of mine that Lady Rosanna got overexcited. Lady Katrin has healed up nicely, I think." There is a flash of amusement in her eyes. And now that Kamron has turned to other business, Saffron steps up close to her goodsister; her arm is linked with hers, and she offers the woman a somewhat sly look. A whisper is offered to Nedra's ear before she focuses back on Kamron and Alric.

Alric grins and listens to the talk between family. Rather amused at the talk at hand, even if he stays out of it. Smiling about them dancing. At Kamron's words, he offers a dip of his head. "Somehow it seems a bit fun that they say in the company of the ladies. As I remember having spent time with your cousin Martyn as well, apart from when he was in Highfield." He offers rather playfully. Though then there is a shrug. "Though yes. As you know I liked your cousin Muirenn, though we seemed to not feel the same and then she got betrothed to ser Otto. As for your sister." He offers and glances to the ladies, seeing the whispering and just looks back to Kamron. "We have become good friends."

"I quite agree," Nedra replies with a nod to Saffron, thinking of the moment and of Lady Katrin. "Though, I am of the opinion that flammable treats should be kept away from excitable noblewomen," she adds, a faint trace of a smile on her face as she shakes her head at the memory. Saffron's whisper is greeted with a quiet word in return, her head tilted briefly towards Saffron so that she may speak in the quiet aside, her eyes resting upon Kamron and Alric while the courtyard remains a merry place of chaotic noise and laughter all around.

Kamron chuckles at Nedra's words, "…and probably children, as well." He reaches out to touch Saffron's elbow lightly, assuring her that he's there, or him that she's there. It's an idle gesture, already subconscious. The knight offers a faint smile to the other nobleman, "Indeed, such good friends that you have asked her to be forward beyond her propriety and give you permission to court her. Very friendly indeed, Lord Alric."

Saffron falls into another whisper to Nedra, and she shakes her head a bit with a halflit smile. Then she squeezes her arm gently before she looks toward Kamron as he speaks to the young Fenster Lord. "We might need more than a flammable treat after this though," she half-murmurs with a small smile.

Alric grins about the flammable treat. Watching them. Then at Kamron's words, he nods a bit. "Well, in a way. Of course I would still ask of such from her family. But all I wanted was if she wanted me to even ask." He tries explaining. "If she does not want me to ask, then we will just remain friends. As we have. Let's call it her giving me permission to ask to court her. I know how it might look, which is also why I have refrained from asking." He explains. Glancing to Saffron at her words and can't help but let a tiny grin create.

"Excitable noblewomen, small children, and anyone particularly unreliable around open flame," Nedra amends, nodding her agreement to Saffron, her head again tilting toward Saffron to catch her words and gives a small nod in answer before she looks back to Kamron and Alric. The rather blunt manner of the topic at hand makes her face color rather notably until even the tips of her ears are faintly pink, though she does keep her voice quietly level, but she is glad of Saffron's arm linked with hers. Her lips part to speak, even draws breath to do so, only to pause again, trapped in a measure of indecisive silence that is genuinely frustrating for her to try to muddle through. that draw breath is exhaled out and she finds the words to say: "It is not mine to say, my lord. It simply isn't. I have greatly enjoyed your company, our conversations, and you are a fine dancer, you give me reason to smile and I do consider you friend, as you consider me, in return. I simply cannot speak to either yes or no on this matter and you have been most gracious to allow me a full measure of a month to consider it already. That I am unable to .. to reach such a decision in the fullness of the elapsed time brings me must consternation."

Kamron glances over to Saffron, shrugging his shoulders a little helplessly, even apologetically. Nedra's clear embarrassment causes him to bow his head, "I'm sorry Neddie. I should probably have spoken to Lord Alric privately." He settles his attention on Alric again, "I must say that I was more impressed with how you addressed your interest in my cousin than how you have done so with my sister, Lord Alric. But we can talk on it later." Smiling at the two women, he changes the topic quite directly, "Saffron and I have been enjoying the peace and comfort of Seagard. How are you liking being back in our second home, sister mine?"

Saffron offers Nedra a gentle squeeze again at the apology from Kamron before she offers her a comforting smile. "And we can talk more about this too, Nedra… if you like." She then settles into ease of the change of conversation, and she releases her goodsister from the gentle grip. Then she steps toward Kamron once more as she is drawn to her husband's side. Now she glances toward Alric once more at Kamron's question.

Alric looks over Nedra, a bit apologetic, shaking his head. "Lady Nedra, it is fine. A month is not a long time. And I enjoy or time together, no matter the reason." He tells her smiling softly.
He then looks back to Kamron, nodding. "Yes. Perhaps. But the difference being that I did not want to ruin your sister's name by trying to court her right away. Those that might have known about me wanting to court lady Muirenn. They might have started speaking behind her back. We are but friends at the moment. I have spent time with her because I enjoy her company. As I have ser Martyn, lady Aralima, lady Aemy, lord Ramsey, to name a few." He explains. Keeping his head bowed to Kamron. Then nodding about speaking of it later. "Of course." Glancing back to Nedra and looking a bit sorry for it all. Eyes going to Saffron as Kamron speaks with Nedra. Offering a nod and a soft smile.

There is a moment from the young Mallister when she looks between the others before she shakes her head a bit. "It is perhaps something that you should speak with Ser Kamron or Lady Nedra's parents about, but it is always better to pace a proper betrothal." She twists her lips a bit, trying to remain upbeat despite feeling a bit uncertain.

Once the conversation begins to shift to a more comfortable level Nedra eases her hold somewhat on Saffron's arm, sending a look of apology to her goodsister once she realizes how intently she'd been holding her arm, even taking a small breath to further push aside the tense set of her shoulders. She smiles to Alric in turn, "A month is not a long time, at all," she agrees before nodding to Saffron, "a nice slow pace is indeed not at all something to consider amiss. Plenty of time," she adds, taking her words with care so as to avoid babbling before she turns back to Kamron with a sudden smile. "It's been delightful, especially now that Mama is no longer fussing over every single tiny detail that might lift it's unsightly head and mar the perfection she'd envisioned," she admits with a laugh. "I find myself most glad that I have no other siblings, happy as I am that the day is come and past and so beautifully too," she hastens to reassure both Kamron and Saffron. "If we had other siblings, Kamron, she'd have it down to some sort of art that would make any Maester envious!"

Kamron's face tightens at Alric's mention of the difference in courtships, but he shakes it off again, offering his left arm over to his lady wife once more, "How long are you planning to stay in Seagard, Lord Alric? I bet Lord Mallister would say you're welcome here, but that he wouldn't want to keep you from your duties." He offers his wife a crooked grin, "You mean something more respectable than three months?" Nedra's words draw a laugh, and he nods, "And would it be a bad thing if Mother got this sort of thing down to an art?"

Alric nods but remains silent. Letting the others speak for now. Offering Nedra a smile as she speak to him, nodding again. But for the most part he will just let the others speak. As for Kamron's question, he shrugs. "I do not know. Perhaps I should leave soon. Or I might be stuck here during the battle. I would want to be trying to plan things with ser lord Aleister. Though I do not know how much he wants my help." He offers and sighs. Glancing to Nedra and Saffron for a moment as well, smiling before looking back to Kamron. Studying all three in his company.

There is a slight frown that threatens Saffron's lips, perhaps a bit overprotective of her new goodsister. She does manage to keep her expression at ease despite that, and she offers a gentle squeeze to Nedra's arm. Now she looks back toward Lord Alric at the question posed. "We are intending to head to the Roost soon, but we will be here for at least a few more days." She then nods a bit to the Fenster Lord's words. "Of course, war is an all-consuming thing."

"I have spoken with cousin Muirenn about this," Nedra admits with a glance toward Kamron as she speaks. "I know she intends to employ her skills to help heal any of the wounded that may end up on the doorstep of the Roost. And I'll be helping her," she says, scooting her declaration of intent into the remark with a careful air of casual confidence. "The least I can do is help her change bandages and feed soup to the wounded, if it comes to that. I've spoken with the herbalist there and we've a list of supplies and herbs that are being gathered already, old linens and such that are being cut down for bandages, small things that can be made in advance are being made. It isn't much," and the look of worry returns to her face, "but it's better to be prepared and not have need than not be prepared and the need be great." She returns the gentle squeeze of her arm with one of her own to Saffron, gland of her goodsister, simply glad that Saffron is her goodsister - in fact - and smiles briefly at Saffron while nodding. "All consuming, that really is the only way to describe it," before she glances back to Alric and slowly nods at his words. "Your lord Aleister seems to make a fine fettle of things all on his own, my lord," she says quietly, "perhaps with your presence to temper his decision making process," she says NOTHING about her opinion as to the merits of Aleister's decision making skills, "he may be more reasonable with regard to how he comports himself with his neighbors."

Kamron lifts his hands slightly, a bit of a shoulder-less shrug at Alric's mention of Aleister, "The Knight of Highfield was not there to hear your input in Stonebridge, Lord Alric. Although I suppose with such weight of numbers, he does not feel the need for cleverness." Nedra's decision draws a faint frown, but he nods his head, "I'm sure that all of our bannermen will do their utmost to see to the people cast aside by the chaos." He nods again to Nedra's description of Aleister's decision making, "He's done a great thing for The Roost, although obviously, it was for political reasons."

Alric nods as Saffron mentions going to the Roost soon. "Then perhaps it would be wise to leave at the same time. It would perhaps make it easier for me to ride around Stonebridge instead of riding through." He says and grins a bit. That he would get more time to speak with them all, Nedra especially, is not mentioned. Just smiling and nodding as Nedra goes on. "Sounds good. I am sure that there is a lot that needs helped. And a lot that you can do to do so. Though do keep safe." Perhaps babbling a bit. But he does have a genuine smile on his lips. Though perhaps some worry as well. Nodding about Aleister as well. Grinning a bit at Kamron's words, "Perhaps. Though I do hope that he isn't going to go with numbers only. If the other side is clever they can stay in their hold longer than he can attack. Strategic abilities are needed as well." He offers, though shrugs. Nodding about the help Aleister offered to Terrick's Roost, but not speaking more about it.

There is a small frown that settles on Saffron's lips, though it is hard to say where the discomfort is coming from. She shakes her head a bit, and she clasps her hands behind her back. "I think breakfast isn't setting well with me," she says a bit dryly. She smiles toward Kamron and Nedra with a tilt of her head. "Please, if you will excuse me… I think I might rest." She begins to step away, leaving the two Talon Point siblings with the Fenster.

"Numbers don't win, or so I understand, but they certainly help," Nedra says quietly but she sends a worried look at Saffron, "wait a moment and I'll come with, Saffron," she says softly before turning back to Kamron and Alric. "I hate to step away so sudden, but I'll go with Saffron. The castle is a bit of a labyrinth at times, and I've promised to take tea with one of the aunts before they start to pack to depart." She gives a curtsy to her brother with a faintly impish smile in the process but a more formal one to Alric as well, "It would be, I should imagine, wise and safer that way, my lord," she agrees as she straightens. "I shall be back in a hour or so," she muses and eyes the games still afoot and the laughing chaos, "there's more than one cousin that I need to finish sketching before they all scamper away," she admits and moves to follow Saffron, leaving Kamron and Alric to conversation without referees.

Kamron shrugs one shoulder at Alric's query, "I don't think it would be wise for Mallisters to be seen escorting a Charlton vassal through or around Stonebridge. I'm quite happy to see you to the edge of Mallister territory, however." Saffron's words distract him quite readily, and he rests his hand on hers for a moment, "Are you sure, My Lady?" Nedra's offer to accompany stills his own, and he sighs just a bit, nodding, "I hope to still see you this afternoon, Saffron." And he releases her arm, "Be well, the both of you." And then he turns back to Alric, resting his hands on his hips despite the cheerful chaos around them. He doesn't speak, merely studying the other man flatly, steadily.

With Nedra on her arm, the new Mallister smiles toward her husband. "I am sure. Please," she encourages him. Now she begins to glide off with her goodsister in tow. "I still get lost in this castle," she murmurs to her as she is lead back to her temporarily rooms.

Alric nods to Nedra, "Indeed." Is all he says before just studying the ladies. Then nodding to Kamron's words, "Of course not. I just meant that I take advantage of them paying attention to you, to ride around. Just like if anyone else would be traveling that way. Be it Haigh, Terrick or Erenford. OR any other house for that matter." He explains. Then he turns to the ladies again. Nodding as they both are to leave. "Of course, it was nice meeting you both again." Bowing his head a bit deeper as well. Having noticed the interaction between Kamron and Saffron as well Once both ladies are more or less gone he turns to Kamron. A glance to one of the kids that is laughing, causing a soft smile before he looks to Kamron fully. Studying the man in turn. Letting there be a moment of silence before he speaks, "I understand if you frown upon the way I've interacted with your sister. But the last thing I want is hurt her."

Kamron arches an eyebrow at the other man's words to him, "Actually, what I frown upon, Lord Alric, is the fact that you have seemingly bounced your affections from lady to lady before lighting upon my sister. You make it seem as if any of these options will do, that your affection is inconstant and as shifting as the breeze, and that you have no respect for any of the ladies save for what marriage to their house will get yours." He glances around once more, his fingers tapping lightly on the leather covering of his axe for a moment, and then he nods his head, "We will speak in private about this at a later date if you mean to pursue a suit with my sister, Lord Alric. I may not have the final say on who my sister is to marry, but I am very, very protective of Nedra."

Alric frowns, gritting his teeth a bit. "I have not been with anyone. I only tried to reach one person, being your cousin. I have said that there was a possibility that it was my place to choose, would the Charltons wish for me to wed an Erenford to turn the tide of war. But I wished to be with lady Muirenn. That never shifted. As for your sister, the first time I met her was at the Terrick festival not too long ago. It was after lady Muirenn's betrothal to ser Otto. I have not been with anyone after that. I appreciated your sister's friendship. It was not planned that I would want to court her at the time." He explains. Studying the man a bit. Noddding to his words, "Honestly, no offense, but your sister's words are the ones I care most for. I know that she cares deeply for her family as well. So it would be important for me to gain your respect as well. If you do not wish that she is with me, then I will try to respect that." He tells him, offering a nod. As for the tapping on the axe, all it get is a glance and a small smile. "I'm glad that you look after your sister."
Then letting the subject drift, if Kamron would rather do so. "I would think that the last few days or so has been great. I hope at least. You two seem to care for each other. It is quite nice to see."

Kamron shakes his head slightly at Alric's gritted-toothed protestations, "Then you should have a care what rumor says of you, Lord Alric. Reputations are important, for lords as well as for ladies, especially when one reaches so far above one's station." The glance down at his axe draws a crooked smile to the man's lips, "Everyone always takes that as a threat… it's quite amusing, really. But to your latter point, Lord Alric, the last few days have been among the happiest of my life, and I do care for My Lady quite a bit. In fact, I should probably check on her. If you will excuse me?" The Mallister bows his head slightly, starting to turn away, although he holds back for any response the other man might have.

Alric nods, "It is. I understand. Though rumors are something people should listen less to and actually talk. Though I understand." As for the axe, he grins and shrugs. "A bit perhaps, though I have seen you do that more often than not. But it is always wise to be wary of an protective brother, when in my spot." He offers rather lightly. Smiling and nodding about him and Saffron, "Of course, ser. Be well. Take care of your family, I do hope to see you again."