Correspondence with the Lady Tordane

Dated the 8th day of June, 289 years after Aegon's Landing.

My dear Lady Tordane,

It has been many months since last we spoke, and for that I must make an apology. It is only fitting that one's friends should offer congratulations on an occasion so fortuitous as one's wedding, but I do hope that given the circumstances, you will forgive me? Please do accept my deepest condolences on the passing of your husband, may the Gods rest him well. Ser Gedeon was a fine man, and he is certainly mourned by many.

Mostly I do write as I had heard word that you may be heading toward the Roost sometime, and I would dearly welcome the opportunity to reunite with you. I have fond memories of our time together, so if you should pass my way, Danae, please do not be a stranger. May the Seven's blessings be upon you and your little one, my lady.


Lady Lucienne Terrick.