Cordelya Flint


Once upon a time… Or no, once upon a swamp, there lived a young lady. She was not exactly what one would call a princess, but she didn't need to be either. Third daughter to house Reed and the youngest child, Cordelya Reed was only a princess by way of being the baby of the house. She grew up lost among the swamps and in the towers of the mysterious, hidden Greywater Watch. Though she was so distant from inheriting her family's lands that she'd be lucky to even grow up to be a lady in waiting to one of the greater houses, Corrie was a happy child. She was spoiled with love, learning from all of her elder siblings and constantly getting into some sort of trouble out among the swamps. She loved to play with the little creatures she'd find among the reeds and rarely went a week without bringing some other lizard or rodent from the swamp into her bedrooms to keep as a pet. She often made up wild stories about the creatures, swearing to her family they were the descents of the Children of the Forest who just needed a bit more love before returning to what they once were. She insisted they spoke to her, along with her other imaginary friends, and told her such things.

At first, her odd nature was considered charming. It clearly wasn't harming her in her studies, as she was always a voracious reader and couldn't get enough of any lessons or tales. She particularly loved the history and folklore of the lands thousands of years ago. But as she grew slightly older, her family realized that she might not be socially acceptable if she continued in the way she was. She spoke to imaginary friends as often as she did her own family. Some said she might be a greenseer and she could communicate with the old Gods. Others just worried she might be insane. Therefore, when the family had taken a trip up north to their liege lords the Starks, and they found Corrie to be acting a touch more normal without the surroundings of her familiar swamps, they decided she would stay behind for a good while to see if the cold north would help ease her addled mind.

The young lady did not cry. She barely whimpered. She watched her family go as she remained behind and tried to figure out how to prove to them she was normal enough to come home. It may have been more traumatic if she hadn't met a ward of the Starks shortly after her family left Winterfell. Anders Flint, two years her senior, was also a child fascinated with books and learning. Though far more practical than her, the pair spent many stolen hours in the Starks' library during their youth together. They grew to be fast friends, and Corrie adopted him as her family away from home.

Of course, all good things must end. As Anders was properly squired with the Starks, there was little else the lady could learn about propriety and elegance in the North. It was time for her to return home and help serve at Greywater once more. She said a slightly tearful good bye to her friend and headed back for a home she only remembered like a distant dream in the fog. Once back home, she was never truly the same. Being properly trained as a lady changed something in her, and while she no longer slipped out into the swamps to catch frogs, her mind was distant and lost in other lands. The Reeds visited with the Starks at least once a year, but Corrie never seemed truly comfortable at home or Winterfell. She learned not to speak aloud of the voices in her mind, but they truly never went away either.

Over the next few years, Corrie truly tried to find herself as a young adult, a person not of the Reeds or of the Starks making but her own making. She delved into the old tomes of the Children of the Forest and all other sorts of folklore she could find. She challenged herself with the use of herbs and medicine, making effective brews with varying ingredients from her swamps back home. She was determined never to be useless, but prove to her family that even as a third daughter she could be worthwhile. Since Greywater was so far out, they never truly kept a Maester, and Corrie did what she could with her sharp mind to replace a Maester's duties. She couldn't ever be one, but she could serve her family as best possible. In her experimentations, she even found a few mixes that helped keep the people in her head at bay. She did not like quieting the Old Gods or the Children of the Forest when they would speak with her, but she knew if she would ever be functional outside of Greywatch, she had to learn to ignore what was in her head. She'd finally found a good use for herself and felt truly settled back in with her family, when her life was shaken up again.

The Reeds and the Flints couldn't help but recognize the bond between their children. Anders, back from war and still unmarried, had never shown any useful interest in any of his possible matches. Fearing their son would never find an acceptable wife, and wont to spoil him, they offered the contract of marriage to the family of their son's childhood friend. Realizing that Cordelya would never have a better chance in life than to marry the heir to a small house, her family agreed without a second thought. And so, Corrie was sent back out into the large world, away from her swamps, her folktales and her herbs, out to meet a man she'd not truly known since they were children together. Hopefully she will find happiness at his side once more, even as war and chaos shakes the lands around them.


  • Ser Anders Flint, Husband
  • Howland Reed, Eldest Brother (NPC)
  • Jyana Reed, Good-Sister (NPC)
  • Unnamed Reed, Middle Brother (Hopeful PC)
  • Lylah Reed, Eldest Sister
  • Unnamed Reed, Middle Sister (Possible PC)
  • Meera Reed, young niece (NPC)
  • Jojen Reed, infant nephew (NPC)

Physical Features

The woman before you certainly couldn't be called a conventional beauty. Cordelya is pretty, yes, but in a strange sort of way. As if everything just doesn't quite seem to fit a normal picture. She's got medium brown hair that falls in soft waves halfway down her back, often pinned messily out of her eyes. A high, wide forehead gives her a look of know-it-all intelligence, and is not softened by any bangs or whisps of cut hair. Her nose is tiny and pert, almost button like; it compliments well defined cheekbones. Her lower lip is far fuller than the upper, and her mouth is often set in a line of distant thought. Lastly, her eyes are a pale jade green. They look far older than the rest of her young, 20-something body. Their distant, tired intelligence gives a wisdom to her features a lady her age should not carry.

Corrie Flint is normally dressed in proper elegance, though she likes colours in her wardrobe - gowns of deep blue, pale peach or lush burgundy. Her body is breakably thin, long arms and legs with frail bones and a delicate chest. She does not have what some would call 'child-bearing hips'. She stands a bit tall for a woman, making her look almost stretched out in form. On her right hand, she wears a most strange ring - a bronze, long lizard. The crest of House Reed come to life in metal.

Allies and Foes

medium.jpg My husband, my lover, my life. I've known Andy since we were children and he has always been the man of my dreams. The hero in the story books. But life is no story book and we are finding marriage to have as many difficulties as it does triumphs. Still, I love him madly. I'll never leave his side until I'm cold in my grave.
medium.jpg The Master-at-Arms of House Flint, Fenrir has been a part of my husband's life from long before the day I met Anders. He's a true believer in the Old Gods, a true friend to my husband, and a true commander to any soldier. One of the best men I've ever known, I trust him with my life and my mind. I cannot imagine a world without his strong, calming presence and often colourful, but wise, words.
medium.jpg My new lady's maid, courtesy of Liselle Flint. There is a small part of me that thinks Orlagh was sent to outshine my sometimes simple ways, but I've already found her an invaluable addition to my life. Intelligent, capable, quick, and very much the proper woman, Orlagh helps me strive to be everything Anders needs me to be, while letting me still remember who I am behind closed doors. I think she and I shall grow very close, especially after her experience in Graywatch.
medium.jpg Oh, Tia, I worry so much about you. My Goodcousin, though only by marriage, she has lost more in her life time that most people ever have. How she keeps her head steady I'll never know, but I admire her strength. I just worry one day something will snap and she'll all fall apart. When it does, we'll be there to pick up the pieces.
medium.jpg Dear young Einar, my husband's cousin and Squire. He's intelligent, resourceful, quick and loyal. We couldn't ask for a better Squire. At the same time, I hope he manages to grow a mind of his own, instead of just taking all my husband says as the be all and end all of life.
medium.jpg A friend from my youth, Liliana and I often stole away together when she would travel north to the swamps. Still, we have not had much time together as adults, and with the loss of her family I don't know quite who she is any more. I don't know if she knows either.
medium.jpg My maid from home, and just as skilled an apothecary as any I've ever known. I will always care for her, but I worry she knows not who she is outside the swamps. If she does not adapt to the courtly life, I do not know how she will survive.
medium.jpg A long time friend, the Lady Cherise Charlton was what I always aspired to be. Beautiful, eloquent, quick witted and and stubborn, I thought she was the perfect lady. But I am beginning to see some tarnish behind the lovely exterior, and it worries me. I don't suppose anyone is perfect, Cherise included.
medium.jpg The Lord Aleister Charlton, a dear friend of my husband's, I never knew him overly well but cared for him for long days and nights after his head injury. A sharply intelligent, ambitious man, I always wondered how he ended up where he did in life. I suspect his reach will be much further than it is now. I just hope the fever did not permanently boil his mind. One can never know after such an injury an sickness. He will be one to keep a close eye upon, for many reasons.

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