Page 317: Conversations Outside a Closed Door
Conversations Outside a Closed Door
Summary: Riordan comes to deliver one of his letters for Lady Isolde. He, Wayland, and Jocelyn all get into some idle conversation for a brief time.
Date: 01/06/2012
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Hallway - Tordane Tower
The hallway outside the closed-off room of Lady Isolde Nayland.
Fri Jun 01, 289

For a long time already, Isolde Nayland has been pretty much locked inside the Tordane Tower. At this moment, only maids are allow to enter the room, bringing food for her or any other sort of items that Lady Isolde may request. Wayland Frey, her loyal bodyguard is one of the many that is not allowed to enter the room; regardless of this, he is still doing his job and therefore, he can be found standing right next to her door. His right hand resting on the pommel of his sword most of the time and it seems that one of the maids took pity on him and brought a chair for him. Said chair is at this moment, right next to him. The calm sound of the wind outside the Tower can be heard, as can some faint chatter taking place inside the room between a Maid and Lady Isolde.

Ser Riordan Nayland, the Lord Regent of Stonebridge, has returned to the seat he holds in the name of Lady Isolde and her unborn child. Arriving just a bit earlier, as can be expected, he has been kept rather busy catching up as to the going ons, and speaking to important personages. Still, it seems he has found a spare moment, not just to wash the dust of the road from him and relax, but also to write one of his letters to Isolde. By now, he is well known to the maids who attend upon his goodsister, and those who guard her chambers as well, so the sight of him, letter in hand, is not uncommon. Indeed, he has been doing such since the very day he arrived in Stonebridge after the victory on Pyke. "Good day, Ser Wayland," the Regent greets amiably, if tiredly.

Oh yes, Riordan is well known by now, but the thing that torments Wayland the most about these letters are not the letters themselves, but the giggling of the maids when they receive them for deliver. The footsteps easily heard, so Wayland moves his gaze to see who comes. A nod is offered to Riordan "Ser Riordan" and then after a pause, Wayland asks "I trust you had a safe trip?" He taps his thumb on the pommel of his sword as he has done many times before; this seems to be an idle action that he take up on doing just to pass the time. It has been easier for him before, because as a companion and bodyguard, he was used to the chatter of Isolde. Now? Being quiet all the time…Meh.

Riordan moves to the door, giving it the lightest of wraps, and then moves back a few paces to wait. Glancing back to Wayland, he nods easily. "Safe and pleasant, yes, thank you." He studies the man, before asking, "How has she been?" He knows full well he hasn't seen Lady Isolde, but maids come and go, and they talk.

Wayland follows Riordan with his gaze to see what he does and when he asks that question to him, he just takes a deep breath and quietly clears his throat. "For what I hear from the Maids, she's been rather annoyed about being locked in there. But then again, the reasons are well understood." The faint chatter inside the room continues and Wayland adds "Luckily enough, she at least has the maids to talk to, otherwise it would be a very, very boring stay" Now, he shifts just a little and tilts his head to the side; there is a cracking sound coming from his neck and he lightly shakes his head afterwards.

Riordan and Wayland are standing in the hallway in Tordane Tower. Both are standing in front of the doors leading to Lady Isolde's rooms, with Wayland standing on guard, and Riordan standing nearby, a sealed letter in his hand. As he continues to wait for a maid to answer the door, he nods his head to the other knight. "I can not say as I blame her. I find it near impossible to imagine how it must be, kept cooped up inside for so long." He does not say it, but it might be clear that it is one reason for his letters to her. "I am told she is expected to give birth in a couple months time, however, Seven willing. Soon enough, she shall be free of her rooms, and I have a feeling that both of us will have our hands full keeping her from rampaging around the entire Seven Kingdoms in an effort to expel all that saved energy." He grins wryly at the thought, even as he raises an eyebrow as Wayland cracks his neck like that.

"In a couple months time, this is correct" says Wayland now, nodding his head. He notices the raised brow but makes no comment on it and while his gaze moves down for just a second to find the letter on Riordan's hand, he makes no comment about that either. "I've been Lady Isolde's companion for long enough to know that it is useless to try and stop her from doing something, at some point I just decided to go along for the ride" Then again, many others have tried to stop her from doing things, specially Valda. "An energetic Isolde is more welcome that a weakened one due to the pregnancy of course" His head nods politely and then he looks at the chair next to him "Have a seat if you want, the maids are known for taking their sweet time to open the door"

On their arrival to Stonebridge, Jocelyn had settled back into the chamber and soon found herself bored. That wasnt unusual. Jocelyn was always bored and wandering about. This particular wander seems to take her down the hall of where Isolde's door is. Finding it crowded by both Wayland and Riordan, she pauses at the entry of it. Staring down and pondering if she should walk down it at all. She was never one to stop herself from anything and so she starts her way down the hall. As she gets closer to Wayland and Riordan, a slow soft smile appears on her lips, looking between the two. "Hello." she pauses to lower herself into an elegant curtsy.

"Indeed. I hope the Lady will enjoy a speedy recovery, with full vigor, even if it shall vex those of us who would keep her safe," Riordan says, and though genuine tones ring throughout his words, there is perhaps a degree of restraint in it as well, as if keeping back something that would otherwise mute his well wishes. "Thank you, Ser Wayland, but I am comfortable standing. I have spent enough time this morning sitting on my horse as it is." He smiles to the other knight, before turning at the feminine sounds coming towards them. "Cousin," he greets the young woman fondly. "Ser Wayland, have you met my cousin, the Lady Jocelyn Nayland? Until recently, she was fostered to your family's seat at the Crossing." He then turns back to Jocelyn, saying, "This is Ser Wayland Frey, Lady Isolde's protector and sworn sword."

Wayland nods in silence after Riordan rejects the seat and his attention turns to Jocelyn. The man moves moves presses his right fist right below his left collarbone and he nods his head to her "My Lady" After that, his hand returns to the pommel of his sword. For a moment he looks at Riordan as he speaks and nods before looking back at Jocelyn "Not formally, no, yet I believe I've seen you wandering around the halls of Stonebridge." A very faint smile shows on his lips and he adds "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Jocelyn Nayland" He lightly clears his throat and finishes with "I hope your stay at the Twins was…" beat "…to your satisfaction"

Keeping herself in the curtsy during the introduction, Jocelyn lowers her head. "Ser Wayland." and when she lifts her head to look at him once more, offering him a smile, "A Frey?" She glances at Riordan and then back to Wayland, "I enjoyed my time with your family very much, Ser Wayland, the kindness they showed me will never be forgotten." Straightening herself up her hands fold together before her and then press against her upper waist. Though some might have blushed at the fact that Wayland had just outted her for her wandering, Jocelyn on the other hand only smiles larger. "That would be me indeed. I am unsettled if I stay in one place for too long. I'm too curious a person for my own good. Its been known to be said." as for the question regarding her time at the Twins, she pauses as if considering the question. Perhaps a moment too long, "The time there was pleasant, yes."

Riordan smiles, nodding to Jocelyn when she glances to him, and otherwise remains silent while the other two speak. His eyes flick briefly to the door, but otherwise shows no signs of impatience at the wait. Perhaps enjoying a moment when he doesn't actually have to do something, after several hours spent catching up on the affairs of his office.

"Kindness…" is the only word that Wayland repeats, the left edge of his lips curve into a bit of a 'larger' smile "Well, I am certainly glad you had a pleasant time, my lady" Oh because he does know his family is full of backstabbing assholes. His attention moves to Riordan for a moment and then to the door; he moves his right fist and knocks twice "Waiting, waiting…one can never wait for too long" He looks back at Jocelyn and offers "Curiosity is, sadly, not something cherished by many…however, I ask you to remain that way and perhaps you'll accomplish something different that what many of the people from the Seven Kingdoms have accomplished…" he nods "…which is simply, to exist. That alone is just boring"

At the repeat of the word 'kindness', Jocelyn smiles. If she couldnt read Waylands mind, she could perhaps guess it. He may be the only one that got what she said when she said that about the Frey's. At the knock on the door, she again looks between the two men. "A lifes tradition, waiting on a woman." she looks at the closed door, no sounds that it would opening in the next several seconds. "I shall take your advise, Ser Wayland and hope to never lose my curiosity. Mostly because I have no intension of ever giving it up." She purses her lips, "Which reminds me, Cousin, who do I go about asking to have my Maid changed? Iulia has made an inquiry of becoming my new maid, and I have no objection to it."

Riordan dips his head in mute acknowledgement of Wayland knocking on the door for him anew, and smirks lightly in response to the man's words. "A life's tradition, and your gender's perogative over our own, to be sure, Lady Cousin," Riordan says in response to Jocelyn. At her request, he smiles, laughter in his eyes. "How ever shall you do without your Gilda's prancing?" Clearly a tease, as he then adds, "I can arrange it for you, my lady, if you like, or you may speak to the Lady Valda. If there is any issue with it, have her bring it to my attention." He then turns back to Wayland, observing of the other knight's observation with a raised eyebrow, "I do support your notion that curiousity should be nourished, Ser, but do you truly think that of so many? I wonder. I think if so many were simply content to exist, that the Seven Kingdoms, while perhaps more boring, would also know much more of peace then it has enjoyed throughout the annuls of history."

"Curiosity has less control over War and Peace than Greed. Greed I think, is the main drive that lead people to seek for more. Curiosity is personal, it's our own thing and everyone can do with it as they will. But greed, well, that affects us all, don't you think?" says Wayland to Riordan, nodding his head afterwards. Now, he looks back at Jocelyn and offers "Good, see that you do not." Inside the room, there's a little more noise now, mainly movement it seems and soon, there is a young maid opening the door just a little bit, enough for both of her eyes to be seen. "Yes?" asks the young woman, looking at Wayland, then Riordan and then Jocelyn.

"Lady Valda? Honest?" Jocelyn hmmms softly and raises a single brow, "Iulia had told me that she was Lady Isoldes maid. Perhaps I misunderstood her meaning?" Jocelyn says, though she doesnt believe she did. A smile is flashed at Wayland, nodding along with what he as to say. Though when the door opens, she takes a step back and remains silent, looking over the young woman that answered the door, then looking to the two men. She wasnt the one waiting for the door open, she had nothing to important to say. Though since the maid looks at her, she asks, "How do you feel about curiosity?" Obviously the question wasnt meant to be serious, but the maid would not know that.

"I've a letter for the Lady Isolde," Riordan says, simply, his attention on the maid when the door opens. He extends said letter in offering. The seal on the letter, as it always is, bears the markings of Riordan's personal crest, the harpy quartered, rather then the quartered harpy-and-crane of his office. "Please also extend my apologies to the Lady Isolde for my extended absense, and thusly my lack of correspondence these past days. I pray and hope she has been well in both health and spirit, and remains so." There is genuine feeling in his words, and he gives the maid a small smile. When the letter has been delivered, he glances first to Wayland. "Greed is not the content to exist, however. It is striving for more, for more's sake. It is often confused with ambition and drive, both of which can be boons." Of course, a Nayland would say that. And then, that Nayland turns to the Lady Nayland. "Ah, she is? Well, I can write the Lady Isolde to see if she does not mind the transfer, then. I had not known she was assigned to a Lady. Lady Valda is the Castellan, however, and so has purview of the staff. Best to at least pay her lip service. I see no reason why she should object, if both the young woman and Lady Isolde agree." And because Riordan will push it forward if need be, because Jocelyn is his cousin. That part isn't said, but it's implied. And at Jocelyn's question to the maid, the Regent merely chuckles.

The maid looks at Riordan first and extends her hand to take the letter. "Of course my Lord" she curtsies or at least attempts to do so and adds "I shall pass on your words to Lady Isolde, I am sure she'll be most glad to hear that you have returned." She is about to close the door but she stops after hearing Jocelyn's question. "I…I do not understand your question, My lady…" He looks at Wayland afterwards as if seeking something from him and then man just offers a faint smile and a nod. She returns a very small nod to him and she looks at Jocelyn again "I think, I think curiosity is good my Lady, because…" beat "…because one learns more thanks to it. Now, if you'll excuse me." And with that, she closes the door and disappears.

Wayland doesn't say anything of what just happened but instead, he looks at Riordan and just shows a 'warm' smile "Of course, Ser Riordan" And that's all he says about the matter at this point. They are Naylands, he's a Frey…while not the most common one, he is still indeed, a Frey.

When the Maid response to Jocelyn, she lifts her brows at her. "Ah, a good obersvation." she glances at Wayland and then back to the Maid before she closes the door, "I think that settles that. Everyon must now learn to live with my curiosity. Inform my brother, will you Cousin?" She grins at Riordan. Wayland recieves a curious look from her when he simply just agrees with Riordan, but then again she is a curious person. I think thats been established. When the matter returns her her Maid once more, she nods to her Cousin. "I'll seek her out than, speak with Lady Valda and see if I miss understood something."

Riordan dips his head in mute response to the maid, and having delivered the letter at last, is content to fold his hands behind his back. He looks back at Wayland, and though his smile in return isn't done with the warmth it is when given to his cousin, it is nevertheless genial and friendly. "Well then, Ser Wayland. Until tomorrow." Because, like as not, he'll be back to give another letter, or perhaps recieve one in return. And then, his cousin's words bring a laugh to his lips. "I am not sure if I know how to tell Ser Rygar that without earning either a sniff of disapproval at the least, or you under heavy guard at the worst," he quips in light retort, a grin spreading across his features as well. And he then nods in regards to the matter of her maid exchange, saying, "Of course. I'll make mention of it to Lady Isolde in my next letter to her, if you wish."

"Until tomorrow, Ser Riordan" says Wayland, not really being one to care how many letters he brings nor how many letters he receive, that is not his job after all. Then again, his job has taken quite a tumble since his beloved cousin Valda decided to be greedy. Now now, this is an interesting development now; Wayland turns his head to Jocelyn and asks "Ser Rygar's sister?" he nods to this and offers "I did not know the man had one" Yep, that's all he says indeed. He offers a soft smile to the Lady now "Why do you wish to change maids, my Lady…if you don't mind me asking of course" Is it because she despises the other one? Is it because the new one would be more fun? What makes this woman, tic?

"I would appreciate that, Cousin. Mention it to Lady Isolde, if you could. I do no wish to cause any hard feelings or make anyone feel I'm trying to steal maids." Jocelyn says to Riordan. Good maids were so hard to find, one did not like to lose them. "I do not believe many know that Ser Rygar has a sister." she says dryly, "I'm a mystery to most and in some ways, its a nice surprise to spring on people. I'm told I'm much different than he. In more than one way. Some.. Do not even recongnize me when they have known me all their life." she grins at her Cousin. As for Waylands question for her Maid replacement she pauses to consider, "Gilda, my current Maid, she's been with me for some months." she starts, "But she does this prancing about." sighing, "She prances like a horse and gets nervous over everything. As I speak here and I know, I can perhaps bet my life on the fact that she is prancing around my chambers in a tizzy that I'm not locked away in it now."

"Of course, my lady cousin," Riordan says, dipping his head in ease. He glances between Wayland and Jocelyn only briefly, before focusing once more on Jocelyn. "And do not torment your maid overlong by remaining out of her sight too long," he cautions, though it is largely said in gentle tease. "Good day, Cousin, Ser." And, with that, the Regent heads back down the hall, heading to wherever he next needs to go to play catch-up.

Wayland just nods at Riordan as he departs and then turns his head to look at Jocelyn now "Does that bother you? Not being recognized as you say" asks the man now in a very neutral tone of voice. "Sometimes people have the wrong image or expectations of others, and the best thing to do is to just…branch out and follow our own steps." That…could have different meanings. "Ah." adds the man now, in reference to Jocelyn's words on her current maid. "Well, whatever fits your needs, my Lady" he smiles gently and nods his head. Outside, the weather is growing just a little colder, definitely noticeable but not overly so.

"Me? Torment my maid? Why I'd never. Tease, well, that is perhaps another story altogether." Jocelyn says to her Cousin, smiling and then sliping into a curtsy, "Good day, Cousin, be well." As she drifts back down the hall, her eyes come to settle on Wayland as she stands upright. "It does not bother me. I'd rather not have expectations be set on me before I've even met someone. Ones I might never be able to live up to at that. Good or bad alike. I believe being the sister of Ser Rygar sets many a thoughts to ones mind." she smirks. "Some of which I hope to set at ease."

"It is impossible to stop the internal process that goes inside everyone's mind, they will think of you what they want…or…well, they would think of anyone what they want" says Wayland, lightly shrugging one shoulder "It's how things work, it's how things have worked in the past" He has known times in which he has fallen under a negative light just because he is a Frey. Does he give a shit? Aha! "If you say that you are your own and you don't try to live under someone's expectations, then you are halfway done"

Tilting her head from side to side, weighing what Wayland has just said, Jocelyn settles on nodding her head, finally, in agreement. "If I could change someones internal process of the mind.. well.." she smirks, leaving the going unfinished. They perhaps had some in common for being in a negative light when it came to family names. "I've said it. Now only time will tell. Its a terrible thing I'm so impatient. Or this might be much simpler."

The Knight nods his head and offers "Only time will tell, agreed. As for being impatient…that comes hand in hand with curiosity. You can't have the good without the bad." A half smile is offered to the lady and then he looks outside the nearby window for just a moment. "Shouldn't you make sure to be back in your room, my Lady? Before your maid decides to alarm everyone in Stonebrige." Because nobody wants that, right? Right? "Tomorrow is a new day and I am sure that you have more places to explore, far more entertaining than a corridor with a closed door."

"She knows better than to alarm anyone." Jocelyn says. Turning her head she glances out the window as well, seeing as the day has passed on more than she thought it had. "Though I should go and stop her prancing before she makes the whole tower come crashing down. Then I'll be in trouble." falling into a curtsy she bids him good day. "I do have a feeling I'll be passing through this corridor again in the near furture." a small smile brightens her face. "Until we meet again, Ser Wayland. Good to have met you." After the words are spoken she continues on her way. But not yet in the way of her chamber.

"Likewise, Lady Jocelyn. Until we meet again" offers the Knight, showing a faint smile to the Nayland Lady before she walks away. His gaze follows her for a brief moment and then he just turns to look outside the window again, lightly narrowing his eyes to shield them from the light the sun is offering. Faint giggling is heard from inside Isolde's room, probably coming from one of the maids, again. Wayland just shakes his head at this and finally decides to take a seat on the chair next to him, resting his sword on his lap.